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[Ordis Tutorial] Basic modding

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Hi there fellow tenno.

I was working on a concept for Basic modding tutorial. I was thinking about a NPC at first but @Haldos and @(PS4)Elctrcstel pointed out that it might be just the perfect fit for Ordis.

Thats how [Ordis Tutorial] was born ^.^ .

So here is a basic tutorial on modding i changed from my original one.



Ordis: "An excellent find, Operator. There are hundreds of these mods to locate. If my calculations are correct there are exactly... a lot of possibilities. Install the mod before we can continue."
Ordis: "Does the operator need a little refresh on modding ?"

- Answer Yes : you will be shown a little tutorial by Ordis on basic moding ( no mention about lens here because its not in the starter)
    Basic mod turotial

        Ordis: Allright lets start with warframes !
        Ordis: Operator look at those Numbers right there
        Interface: Highlight Mods capacity numbers
        Ordis: Those are your mods capacity.
        Ordis: It means that the mods installed in this area
        Interface: Highlight the mods area ( excluding the aura and the exilus slot)
        Ordis: The capacity available will reduce based on this number.
        Interface: Highlight a mod capacity requirement
        Ordis: Those little dots indicate the current rank of the mod and the max rank the Operator can acces
        Ordis: Higher is the rank, higher is the cost.
        Interface: Highlight a mod rank
        Ordis: Operator do you see those symbols ? 
        Interface: Highlight all the polarity
        Ordis: Those are called polarity. 
        Ordis: If the polarity match the cost of your mode will be the half rounded up
        Ordis: If the polarity does not match the cost will increase by 25 percent
        Ordis: Now for the Aura section
        Interface: Highlight the aura slot
        Ordis: The aura will give additional capacity.
        Ordis: If the polarity match it will doubled the bonus.
        Ordis: If not it will reduce the bonus given by 20%.
        Ordis: This locked section right there
        Interface: Highlight the Exilus slot
        Ordis: its unlocked by installing an Exilus Adapter
        Ordis: Speaking of upgrades ! There are 3 differents upgrades that can use on a warframe.
        Ordis: First the orokin reactor. It double the amout of capacity avaible.
        Ordis: No matter if the Operator installed it on unranked or ranked warframe you will have no lost.
        Ordis: Second the Forma. Forma can only be used on a max rank warframes or weapons.
        Ordis: It will reset your warframes or weapons to unranked but allows to put a polarity on a slot or to change one.
        Ordis: Third the Exilus adapter. It unlocks the Exilus section to allow the Operator to put more mods on your warframe.
        Ordis: Now lets see the weapons
        Ordis: The Operator can see there is no Aura or exilus here. The same basic logic for mods can be applyed here.
        Ordis: The Operator can upgrade a weapon with an orokin catalyst to double your capacity just like the orokin reactor for the warframe
        Ordis: For melee weapons there is a stance section. If a stance mod is equiped it will give more capacity like an aura.
        Ordis: But instead of having an effect it will actually give multiple melee combo unlocked if the stance mod is ranked.
        Ordis: That's pretty much it ! Have fun !

- Answer no : 
        Ordis:  *Glitch* WHY DON´T YOU LOVE ME? Ahem...Contact me anytime to go through the tutorial if you need help.
        Interface: Highlight the Tutorial button

Once again 

Thanks for reading this ! Feel free to give me some feedbacks. Keep in mind its my second Fan Concept.

PS: This is just a quick draft to get an idea of the type of tutorial. The whole idea is an open concept we can add stuff on the go.
PS2: Sorry for bad grammar and typos ^.^ 
PS3: feel free to share some idea on glitch voice that could be added ^.^ 

Ordis answer to No by @(PS4)SuperShadic445

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6 minutes ago, (PS4)Regiampiero said:

I like the idea, and I would love to shut him up completely. Even preventing him from popping up unless it had something to do with a quest because right now Ordis' only purpose is to bug me. 


Something like this ?

1 minute ago, (PS4)SuperShadic445 said:

The answer for No should be something like;

*Glitch* WHY DON´T YOU LOVE ME? Ahem...Contact me anytime to go through the tutorial if you need help 

ill add something like this ^.^ 

Edited by trunks013
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Good idea. After the basic combat tutorial and how some of the systems in the Orbiter work, the player is mostly left to figure out the rest of the game themselves. I personally spent a couple hours trolling through the wiki to get my bearings, but having more education like this in-game would make for a more fulfilling new player experience, I think.

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