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Hotfix 9.5.3


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Hotfix 9.5.3:



Corpus Void Keys are sellable for 1500 Credits.

Added hacking consoles to locations in Settlement tileset that users could be locked in.




Improved blueprint drop rates for Phobos boss fight.

More loot table changes! All enemies now have a chance to drop Fusion Cores.

Chat window tweaks to assist in readability of chat on bright levels (White text on Sand was problematic).

Tweaks to Grineer Hellion animations and movement.

Rollers have been removed from Grineer Settlements. The Grineer need to make up their mind!

Hand Positions on several weapons have been tweaked.

Kril And Vor have gone through endurance training and no longer attack and fear Sand Skates.

Reduced spawn rate of enemies on prison for Settlement Capture mission.

Buff to pistol Armor Piercing mod.

Buff to melee electrical damage mod: up to 10% from 5%.




Fix for objective marker sometimes not appearing for Spy missions in Corpus Outpost.  

Fixed Trinity blueprints dropping from Grineer Commanders.

Fix for Lech Kril sometimes becoming invincible when fighting him.

Fix for Sand Skate repeating his taunt animation.  

Fix for credit booster not applying to end-of-match reward.

Fix for missing ceiling texture in settlement.

Fix for floating container in settlements.

Fix for Color Picker UI menu becoming unstable after “double clicking”

Fix for the Miter’s holster position.

Fix for “Reputation” UI appearing in defense missions.. more on that later!

Various settlement map bug fixes.

Crash fixes.

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