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  1. DE wants you to play the new content, so they reward you for doing it.
  2. Kesheg is the best melee weapon in the game. How can anyone not main it?
  3. To me these statements seem mutually exclusive. Bad frames should be prioritized for reworks.
  4. It used to be a consumable gear item and I believe it still is, so look there
  5. That's not how things work. Prove your point, if you want it to be valid.
  6. I think it would be really cool to have the versatility of your concept, but it would be too time consuming to develop at least 7(?) New abilities, that are at least semi useful,, without being so good, you would only need Vauban for everything
  7. That would be so much fun with infested.
  8. K4RN4


    That's not how this works reread the instruction
  9. Thanks for making a thread I can't read, although I may have wanted to do so.
  10. Please use standard text color. Black font on dark grey background is painful.
  11. Rewards could include unique rewards for unlocking a certain depth, like a Syandana once you unlock depth 10 or something. But you should get different repeatable rewards for finishing a depth, like endo, kuva, upgraded or in deeper missions even multiple relics, slowly increasing the deeper you go.
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