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  1. The end date is literally in the first line of the announcement
  2. Twitch drops. Prime Time and Devstreams usually have some kind of reward for watching it for 30 mins
  3. Why do people change the color to match the dark theme?
  4. They are not really Lua things, they are Void traps, responding only to primes. He is no Prime, so he doesn't trigger the death balls
  5. Devs don't read General Discussion
  6. Psssht, be quiet before DE takes note of this. To be honest it seems like it shouldn't be the way it is, but I like the way it is, so I won't complain.
  7. It is definitely over.
  8. Being vaulted means that their relics are currently unavailable. If someone still has the relics, he can still use them. If you really want Valkyr Prime now you have to buy her, or find someone who has the relics. If you can wait there will be an unvaulting at some point in the future, making her relics available again.
  9. It's not 1% of the playerbase, it's 1% of people who downloaded the game and started it once. The actual percentage should should be above 10% and is probably even higher than that.
  10. You can rename all melee and secondary weapons....
  11. There are Kurias in the new Gas City. Don't know if they all just got new positions.
  12. Parkour already gives damage resistance and being faster lowers enemy accuracy
  13. You have a weird timing to complain about this, with a gift of the Lotus for 10 Nitain currently up and a twitch drop for nitain just yesterday.
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