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  1. Thanks for killing the Kesheg. It wasn't a popular weapon to begin with but now the only reason to play it is gone.
  2. But that is already the case. What OP is basically saying is, that you can only use 8 mods in your crit weapon and don't have space for a ninth (due to capacity), which in essence is already the case, because you can already only use 8 different mods on your weapon (due to modslots). It would not change anything.
  3. Because he posted in the wrong section and should learn to not post everything in GD, because that gets really annoying.
  4. And you post this in General Discussion instead of Bug Reports, because...?
  5. Cholistan Europa has the same chances and lower starting level than Despina
  6. You mean you had 6 chances of getting a drop with a 14.29% dropchance and didn't get it? You had a 60% chance to get at least one, just so you know. Your luck was below average, but only slightly, so yes, it is supposed to be "this rare". Ok, I read the droptables wrong, the chance is pretty low
  7. I think this is more of a problem of git gud. Just learn how the icons looks and you can tell the remaining duration in no time. Or you could learn to refresh the buffs immediately after they are gone, by looking at the motes that circle around your frame, or just looking at your health. Btw have you considered that other players get your buffs too? I don't want to have additional visual clutter while playing with a wisp in my squad.
  8. How is it not? You can sink near infinite amounts of time to get stronger. How is that not sustainable?
  9. What do you mean by "ninja patched" it's mentioned in the patchnotes
  10. Sure you don't need to reroll, but you still could to squeeze out a few more points of damage. To me that's something I like to do, so I do it, if it's not fun for you, then I see the point of your post.
  11. That sounds like you got a fair challenge you can use to test your rivens and you can reroll then to go even further. That's replayable content right there. I know arbitrations can be frustrating since you have to wait for a good one to pop up, but they can provide fair challenges and are replayable, so that's my point.
  12. They build up CC immunities really fast and their health scaling is insane. Have you ever done 20+ rounds?
  13. Ever tried disruption arbitrations? The demolysts get tanky really fast.
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