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  1. Yes, I did try leaving the vault. Twice. 1- In the first bounty, everything worked fine. On the second, the Hog would always stop on the first spot and not do anything. I aborted the bounty twice, but every time I tried again, the missions would stay the same, which means the hog mission would glitch again. 2- Each Vault Cleanup tier offers different weapon parts. The sniper is only on the third tier, which was the one I was trying, so I had to redo the 3 Iso Vaults first before doing the Cleanup again, in case it glitched. 3- This glitch is (hopefully) fixed. I havent tried the
  2. I am actually waiting for the inevitable resource pinata that will drop a variation of gems/fish parts, like happened with the Exploiter Orb and the Tusk Domas, but I worry that the Crystal Monoliths are said pinata in Deimos.
  3. Something that has been bothering me (and the builders of my Clan, I believe) If you check the requirements for the newest Dojo decorations, you will see that Oxium costs near the amount of other common resources for Ferrite and Salvage. While my clan had millions of stocked common resources, we only had about 200k in Oxium, and that was drained REALLY fast once we decided to build some of the new decorations (most costing 3k oxium EACH).
  4. This is a rhetorical question, I know why: To increase the "player engagement time". See, both Plains and Fortuna have their arcanes behind vendors. Hok and Zuud, the weapon vendors, sell modular weapon arcanes, Onkko and Little Duck, the Operator Syndicate, sell Warframe and Operator arcanes. Then we go to Deimos, Father and Loid sell.....nothing. The arcanes are behind locked bounties. Bounties that you have to waste 20 minutes to unlock first and then repeat them literally a hundred times because they take 11/21 copies each for max level. And meanwhile, you are stocking on tokens
  5. Still not letting us choose and play the Vault Bounties any time we want, huh?
  6. Oh. Well, I guess I misunderstood. I farmed it for a second Wisp for Helminth (solo and before the Deimos update, mind you) and didnt had any problems. I know that the Ropealoly fight code is held together by overcooked spaghetti and breaks pretty much every other update (even more if you try to do it with a squad), so that might be the case again.
  7. The patch notes for Arcana said: But in reality, they are still using the old "Hide and seek" mechanic from the previous times they showed up. That is, they wont spawn until you enter a random chosen room in the mission. You can spend all day waiting, they wont spawn by time alone.
  8. Apparently the bounty was coded in a way that the spores only shows up ONCE in a spot. If you replay the bounty and have the juggerhog mission again, it will glitch and wont dig more spores. And that forces you to return to the Necralisk to fix it. And that forces you to replay all 3 Iso Vaults to unlock that bounty again. (BEST GAME DESIGN 2020 BEST IDEAS ALL AROUND 100/100) And that is making me REALLY annoyed.
  9. Once you deplete it's life, you have to use the console to activate the big laser before it regenerates.
  10. Title. Basically, while using Raijack to grind for companion affinity, I found that this one debris (maybe others too, although I didnt find any) has a hitbox 10x bigger than it looks. I physically cant fly further than this because I'm hitting an invisible wall, which extends around the entire debris.
  11. The prices are ridiculous. Its 10x-100x the effort you would take to farm the tokens the right way. WHY would I fish literally a hundred fish for 5 Mother tokens if I can spend 5 minutes doing the first stage of a bounty? Why I would mine literally hundreds of minerals to get 4 Father tokens when he asks for literal trash? If it was a few minerals and a few resources for a Son token or something, I would understand, but trading hours of grind for 4 tokens is laughable.
  12. I would give more feedback if I could see the orange targets on the orange background. Or if the tranq rifle would tell me the distance to the TARGET instead of the wall. Or if the beeping told me I am looking at an animal instead of telling me that an animal is nearby in a 200 SQUARE meters area.
  13. Title. Just now I was doing the Alt Vault mission, but had to stop to eat, so I returnted to the Necralisk. When I returned to Deimos and tried to redo the normal vaults to access the alt ones (BEST GAME DESIGN BY THE WAY 10/10 I LOVE REPEATING THE SAME CONTENT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER TO GET MY PROGRESS BACK, DIDNT KNOW WE HAD A ROGUELITE MODE), Mother didnt had the option to do the vaults, only the alt ones, which were blocked because I didnt had finished the normal vaults (BEST GAME DESIGN, etc). Only by returning to Orbiter, then back to Deimos, they were back.
  14. I'm not color blind and I (and more likely everyone else) have problems finding the animals. The animal tracking system needs a complete overhaul, because it still uses recycled codex scanner code since Plains was released. I mean, its obvious they didnt test this (or played their own game aside instantly adding a million tags through console commands), because even the guy with the most miraculous vision wont find a FLYING, rat-sized, ORANGE model in an ORANGE terrain in a 200 SQUARE METERS area, while tentacles force themselves into your every orifice. The tranquilized animal
  15. Title. Every time a text box appears on your screen, it gets auto focused. I'm trying to skip the end of mission screen, but I'm actually spamming space on the text box. I'm trying to open chat to see what someone is taking, but I'm actually spamming T's on the text box. Its annoying. Please change it back.
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