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  1. Question: This note means Pillage will USE 50 energy instead of 50 shields, or it will RECOVER 50 energy instead of 50 shields?
  2. Rhino - Roar Mirage - Eclipse Protea - Dispensary Nidus - Larva
  3. #2256290 There is a misplaced item spawn on the Corpus Crewship extraction. There is no way to reach it and syndicate medallions, ayatans or rare caches can spawn in there.
  4. Its probably not just me that thinks its a bit too silly and annoying sounding. From when that demo was shown, people started to farm for a second copy of every frame. From this point forward, people will buy/farm two of every frame, only to delete one immediately to get that skill copy. Isnt a bit TOO time consuming? Its twice the time to farm the frame and twice the time waiting to build the frame OR twice the money spent on buying the frames. Older players that sold bps or normal frames after they farmed for the prime ones will have refarm everything, and getting quest parts from Simaris takes 4 days for each part minimum, IF you are MR 29 (30k daily standing). I know that was a demo and everything can change (coughrailjackcough), but wouldnt be a bit more feasible if Helminth just made the frame unavailable for 1-3 days instead? That way primes could be 'fed' to it without problems. Overall, I just wanna say that I'm not going to enjoy refarming Khora/Nidus/Gauss/Grendel/Octavia and farming points to fight Kela/Ambulas/M.Alad and wait 3 days to build, just to immediately throw them into the recycling bin.
  5. Maybe it should be a prize for not having negative points.
  6. I think the glyphs should be increased to at least the first 10000 players, with the sheer number of viewers, less than 0.5% of the quiz players got it.
  7. Rewards are terrible. I know you guys make a big point that this "wouldnt be about rewards and just challenge", but finishing the entire mode and not having enough essence to buy stuff is laughable. 2% essence drop chance is terrible. Missions still using the same drop tables is terrible (Ammo drum and 2k credits for a level 130 mission? Really now). The 6th bounties having the same rewards as the 5th is terrible. Other thing is the armor bonus. Armor scaling is utterly broken and now that Corrosive Projection and corrosive procs got nerfed a while ago, this turns any armored unit into a massive slog. The EHP of grineer units is several times higher than the corpus and infested. Just leave them with their default armor. I know you guys just pretty much went on the excel file and boosted all the armor numbers by 250%, because Sentients are basically unkillable and bosses also become massive tanks unless you cheese them with a Redeemer or the Stropha.
  8. Armor bonus on Steel Path needs to go. Armored units get so annoyingly tanky that I had to revert to old boring meta because my weapons were taking 5-10 seconds to kill one Lancer. Killing Sentients is out of question. Rewards are also terrible. 2% for Essence drops? About 50 eximus units for ONE drop? For items that require 15 minimum?
  9. At first it seemed like I was missing my shots, but after closer inspection, I was dealing no damage to enemies because they were hiding behind a corner or a low cover. While every other explosive weapon does damage around corners, thin walls and chest high cover, the Primary Tombfinger requires a 'line of sight' from the point zero to deal damage. This causes some frustration as I shoot several charged shots at an enemy, only for it to do no damage because the enemy is hiding just a few centimeters away from the dead center of the explosion.
  10. At first I thought it was that one of these common bugs, but even after returning to the orbiter, the Shildeg stays on my frame hand. I have tried changing frames and weapons, but that didnt fix it. It only happens with the Shildeg, other melee weapons are fine. Happens even on the profile screen
  11. These changes a bit too heavy for the Damage grips. The fire rate ones now outdamage the damage grips.
  12. I think there was a glitch where the regular Moa legs were using the new legs model that got added with Deadlock.
  13. I'm having problems with the Adaptive Exposure on the Orbiter. Its WAY too sensible, changing the lights even depending of the colors of your Orbiter walls and the frame itself. Example A: My Titania See that in the first image, I have the mid tone gray selected, but has a red tint. But if I turn her to face the camera (second image), the colors get a brown tint. Now, I put a few black posters on the front of the arsenal to 'black out' the screen. Same gray, but now has a more clear color that matches the gray I selected. Example B: Moa The first screen has white walls, while the second has black walls. The 'gleam' on the material becomes more clear and you can see the shine on the metal parts. At first I thought it was because the moa wasnt gilded, but you can also see how the metal of the Orbiter walls also has a better shine and color, even though I only change the colors of the walls.
  14. As you can see on the left side of the screen, something else gets damage ticks when I hit an enemy with the Stalhta. As far as I have seen, it only happens with the primary fire and happens in every map.
  15. Happens on the Jupiter Spy vault, the one with fire and ice paths. I have all settings but 'High Dynamic Exposure' and 'Adaptive Exposure' disabled.
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