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  1. Something weird is going on after the Sisters update and I have no idea how to explain. What I can see happening is: when there is a button prompt on my side (parazon stab, pick item, open door, self revive) and a teammate is nearby, sometimes that action is made without me clicking said button. At first I thought it was just muscle memory and I wasnt really paying attention to me pressing buttons, but now I have noticed that a LOT of times, I would self revive without holding X or stab a hound immediately after it goes down. I guess it happens more often on high-ish ping sessions, so always as a client, but it always the same thing, a button press prompt will happen when a teammate is nearby, like he was trying to do it and the command somehow happened on my side.
  2. Got 4 duplicates of the same Glyph. Now I understand why everyone LOVES grab bags.
  3. Huh. "Fixed" a long time "problem" with useless mods on Deconstructor, including the ones that coincidentally helps negate the upcoming melee nerf, but at the same time leaving the exact same kind of mods untouched on primaries and secondaries? Curious.
  4. Ok, another hot take. How do you guys expect these 'on kill' mods work on Steel Path, where we are struggling to get kills with guns, when we are sacrificing slots for these mods that give us LESS POTENTIAL DAMAGE?
  5. "I dont know" isnt a good point. In low level content, the arcanes are unneeded. Weapons can already work, so more damage is just overkill. On high level content, like Steel Path, where you need the arcanes, you will take more time to get kills, making arcanes less useful. Unless you are using stale meta weapons, you wont get kills easily. Guns WONT reach melee level on SP with just these on kill mods/arcanes, melee already does that WITHOUT on kill.
  6. So in short: - Berserker is dead, long live Primed Fury - Glaives will be slower and weaker, Gunblades are back in the meta menu - Bad guns will stay bad, good guns will hog all the bonuses and stay meta - Kuva Nukor is getting nerfed because you wanted to buff guns (???) - The avoid stale meta, you will release high drain mods that require yet more forma and arcanes that cant be used unless you pay/grind for an unlocker, which will make people focus on the stale meta weapons even more - Gun mods will have ON KILL instead of ON HIT, which will make them less useful on high level missions (like Steel Path) and completely useless against bosses and hunters - Melee mods will be nerfed because its easier than fixing guns - Holster speed wont be changed, bandaids will stay Basically, melee will get a small nerf, but will stay meta. One step forwards, one slip followed by tumbling down back to where we were.
  7. Taken with the F6 function.
  8. I noticed that if I finish a mission and return to the Orbiter while Sevagoth's 3 is still activated, the sound will stay active. Can be fixed by starting another mission or logging out and back in.
  9. Happened several times now. Railjack missions can sometimes reward a really low amount of common resources that dont show on the drop tables. And I do mean a REALLY LOW amount. Pluto missions "rewarding" 2000 Alloy plate and 2 morphics. Neptune missions "rewarding" 2 control modules. Epitaph and Sevagoth parts barely drop, we dont need MORE HIDDEN GARBAGE on these drops.
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