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  1. The Quartakk started pretty much as a shotgun that used rifle mods, but due how innate multishot works in this game, the damage and status chance was 1/4 of what the stats showed. After some time, they updated it to a REALLY FAST 4-burst fire (Which is the thing affected by fire rate mods), with a delay between shots. I dont think you can decrease that delay, but its been a while since I last used it.
  2. Just had the weirdest glitch happen. I was doing an Invasion capture for the Nightwave challenges, but I pressed tab JUST as I entered the extraction zone. The cutscene played, but I was always hearing the 'whoosh' sound you do when you fall. The screen blacked out, but didnt start a loading for my orbiter. Instead, I was still in the mission, but with a black screen. I could hear the grineer shooting, notice that I'm in the extraction zone in the map. After jumping off the platform, the screen returned, but the end of mission report was stuck in my screen, pressing tab did nothing. I was completely immortal. While I could hear the "out of shields" and "shield recharging" noises, I couldnt die. I also couldnt abort the mission, the button did nothing. Had to Alt+F4 out of the game.
  3. Had that happen twice in a row just now. The thumper jumps and when it lands, it just vanishes. The two times that happened, it jumped into the direction of ghoul site, but I believe there is a cave under it due the resource icons on the minimap.
  4. While doing bounties for the new rewards, the game 'rewarded' me with single neurodes and orokin cells. Besides these not even being in the rewards table, I got those from the hardest bounty.
  5. But what about fixing the problem where 3 of 4 canisters dont register as a 'hit' because of no reason or because they depend on the host connection, kinda like Nova's 2 work.
  6. Yeah, when I first saw this was a 'community effort' I already had guessed the numbers would be automated/boosted like Acolytes/Razorback/Fomorian. Doesnt helps the scanning was boring, required you to hunt for information outside of the game, which still required you to look for the smallest objects in the game on a place that the scanner colors are terribly washed out, and only rewarded the players that bothered with a few ramblings of a mad woman and a "come back in one week" door. Please dont start the second part of the event and say with a straight face that we have to seal more fractures to fight the Exploiter, or I'll burst a nurst.
  7. I just did 4 rotations of Arbitration (Infested defense on Ceres), found a Vigorous Swap mod on the first, a Vaya ayatan on the second, an orta ayatan on the third and Sharpshooter on the last rotation. All fine and dandy, but once I extracted, I noticed that I had 2 Vigorous Swap on the rewards screen. Checking my mods, it turns out that the Sharpshooter mod turned into a copy of Vigorous Swap. Wasnt a problem for me since I already have spares of Sharpshooter, but it could deny someone a desired mod like Adaptation or maybe even the visual effect.
  8. If I could add something, it would be nice to have a way to see where races are (maybe waypoints on the full map?) and which ones I did and didnt complete (The achievement is rather annoying if I have no idea which races I have to run)
  9. Well, most of my clan and I had no idea about the K-Drive stuff. Doesnt helps that the thread title has no information about the drops and there was no ingame/Steam news about it, unlike every other Twitch drop promotion. Could we get a second chance on the first K Drive scrawl on the next weekend? Or maybe a chance to get all three on every weekend?
  10. But why though. The Tranq Rifle is awful, some animals require you to shoot more than once and the first shot ALWAYS alerts it (because the rifle is 'ALARMING' for some reason), making it a Perfect Capture impossible.
  11. I do hope we reach that max tier for the third year in a row. And that Corinth skin is pretty sexy, not that the Corinth wasnt already a beauty.
  12. Weird, I managed to do this by using Archwing to reach the Vallis max height, then change to KDrive and dropped into the coolant lake.
  13. Ugh, I messed up the time zones and missed it. Could the partners extend the twitch drop this weekend?
  14. Did the Twitch Drop Machine broke? Looking forward to the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game though.
  15. Prices on the Dax Nikana and Operator cosmetics are still mental. Nikana costs 4.5x the price of the Nikana Gemini pack and the operator accesories costs 5x the price of normal accesories, while the Umbra mouth cover costs the same as every other helm/mask.
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