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  1. Its been happening quite a lot recently. Enemies spawn until you capture the target, then every other enemy just vanishes and nothing but cameras and turrets spawn. Seems to happen more frequently on Corpus Ships missions, usually if a window gets broken.
  2. The rare mods from the Amalgam from secret rooms are glitched for a few months now. If you roll for a rare drop, they literally drop a 'dud' mod that does nothing.
  3. Was doing the second sortie mission (survival), but died at extraction. The other 3 players where there, I pressed revive and we extracted, but I was met with a blank reward screen and my sortie screen didnt mark the mission as complete.
  4. #1911224 Hole in a tunnel in Grineer Sealab. Quite annoying to get out since the room and a bit dark and the hole is hard to find once you get into it.
  5. At first I thought it was related to high ping, but noticed that even on low ping or when I host, the Antimatter Drop wont work like it should. I have noticed it: - Not moving at all, then exploding - Not increasing damage upon being shot - Exploding when hit by a projectile weapon
  6. Watched H3dshot and Prime Time, no drops. Previous drops worked, so I know it wasnt my account.
  7. Are you guys really going to pull the same card on stuff that really needs changes AGAIN? Hema, Sibear, Mutagen samples. The PoE arcanes change was met with lots of praise and even if a few said "waaah, but I spent months crafting each arcane", you guys went with it. I actually grinded the conclave skins and I dont wish anyone to suffer through that garbage of a mode, where you either find NOTHING or the most toxic tryhards that will foam at the mouth if you happen to be playing with a friend to complete challenges. If we are really going to follow this path, I DEMAND the arcanes to be changed back because I crafted them before the changes. I DEMAND that people have to farm fish parts to buy bait. I DEMAND that ephemera and rare mods drop rates return to either old chances. I DEMAND that everything costs only mutagen samples and argon crystals.
  8. Something I have noticed after the update. On extermination missions, enemies now spawn from thin air, literally behind you or in the corner of your vision, usually on rooms you already cleaned. On missions like Capture, they stop spawning after sometime, which makes fissures impossible to complete.
  9. You have early Disruptions that dont give anything special and will probably be overlooked by players in one side. And on the other you have Ash, a frame that only drops sometimes, from a single enemy, from a single faction, in some missions. Put Ash parts as rewards for Rot C, same as Gauss. Bam, two Zephyrs with one large rock.
  10. But what about fixing the problem where 3 of 4 canisters dont register as a 'hit' because of no reason or because they depend on the host connection, kinda like Nova's 2 work.
  11. Yeah, when I first saw this was a 'community effort' I already had guessed the numbers would be automated/boosted like Acolytes/Razorback/Fomorian. Doesnt helps the scanning was boring, required you to hunt for information outside of the game, which still required you to look for the smallest objects in the game on a place that the scanner colors are terribly washed out, and only rewarded the players that bothered with a few ramblings of a mad woman and a "come back in one week" door. Please dont start the second part of the event and say with a straight face that we have to seal more fractures to fight the Exploiter, or I'll burst a nurst.
  12. Well, most of my clan and I had no idea about the K-Drive stuff. Doesnt helps that the thread title has no information about the drops and there was no ingame/Steam news about it, unlike every other Twitch drop promotion. Could we get a second chance on the first K Drive scrawl on the next weekend? Or maybe a chance to get all three on every weekend?
  13. But why though. The Tranq Rifle is awful, some animals require you to shoot more than once and the first shot ALWAYS alerts it (because the rifle is 'ALARMING' for some reason), making it a Perfect Capture impossible.
  14. I do hope we reach that max tier for the third year in a row. And that Corinth skin is pretty sexy, not that the Corinth wasnt already a beauty.
  15. Weird, I managed to do this by using Archwing to reach the Vallis max height, then change to KDrive and dropped into the coolant lake.
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