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  1. Taken with the F6 function.
  2. I noticed that if I finish a mission and return to the Orbiter while Sevagoth's 3 is still activated, the sound will stay active. Can be fixed by starting another mission or logging out and back in.
  3. Happened several times now. Railjack missions can sometimes reward a really low amount of common resources that dont show on the drop tables. And I do mean a REALLY LOW amount. Pluto missions "rewarding" 2000 Alloy plate and 2 morphics. Neptune missions "rewarding" 2 control modules. Epitaph and Sevagoth parts barely drop, we dont need MORE HIDDEN GARBAGE on these drops.
  4. - Elite Vorac Weavers are dropping MK I blueprints. They also dont show on the drop database. - The new Zetki weapons dont show on the Zetki filter menu. - Forward Artillery still starts with 2 shots instead of 5. When you use these 2 and craft one at the forge, it crafts 3 and increases the 'limit' by 1.
  5. Basically, yes. The more powerful/meta the weapon is, lower the rivens stats tend to be.
  6. Rivens have different stats depending of the variant of the weapon, as seen by the 'riven disposition' stat. The stats you see on the first screen are for the regular Nukor, which has a higher disposition, and so a higher multiplier, than the Kuva version.
  7. I forgot a "back then" there. The derelicts used the old key system, so no matchmaking, only premade squads.
  8. Se você esta falando das coisas grátis que você podia ganhar com o Prime (Ember, Avia Prime, Filigree Prime), essa promoção só ia até outubro do ano passado. Se você esta falando dos drops da stream, você agora tem que entrar na pagina de drops da twitch e clicar para receber o item depois de assistir pelo tempo mínimo. Você precisa fazer o relink da conta caso não tenho feito.
  9. I wasnt giving any names or targeting any player in particular, I just said what I saw back then and still see when an Hema discussion pops up. And I agree, not everything has to be easy to get, BUT something shouldn't be hard to get due overlooked or broken mechanics. If they had fixed the mutagen drop rate on Eris (which is still broken btw) or made the Derelicts accessible to matchmaking, far less people would complain about it.
  10. The Twitch Prime bonuses ended last year. They might return some day, but pretty much every game that gets a Twitch bonus only lasts for a few months, maybe a year. Unless you are Rockstar.
  11. The problem with the Hema is because of far more than just the number of mutagen you require. You see, years ago they changed samples to become a common/uncommon resource instead of a rare one. The thing is, they forgot to change the Mutagen samples on Eris, one of two places that drop them and the only place that had matchmaking at the time. (Derelicts still used the key system) They balanced the costs thinking that every player would have the same average number of every sample, but everyone I knew and myself had 10x more of the other samples than mutagen. Even though a lot, a
  12. Its ok. The main problem is that 90% of the mission is done on foot and the Railjack is mostly a taxi to the objectives. If I had to say, you are basically playing the loading screen before a normal mission.
  13. Question: What happened to the rework of "explode on hit/death" mods such as Thunderbolt and Concealed Explosives? I remember these mods were going to be changed a few years ago, but nothing came out of it. Cannonade is still unavailable too.
  14. There are 5 different weapons. So that's 15 weapons, 24 items total. Unless you count each variant of the Engines/Shields/Reactor as a different item.
  15. Wait, what. Why 30? I have collected and built every single Tier 3 component and weapon, but I only have 24 items. 3 Reactors, 3 Engines, 3 Shields, 3 Apoc, 3 Carcinox, 3 Cyrophon, 3 Photor, 3 Pulsar. If I include the Tier 3 ordinances (Galvarc, Milati and Tycho), thats only 27. You mean we have to buy the Sigma items too? Or build repeats? That's a bit stupid.
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