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  1. One step forward but still a mountain to go because of years of ignoring the feedback on the lack of information in favor of wasted space and blank screens with giant dioramas and no information. Just wondering where is the part where you guys remove every single stance of "TAB" and "HOVER HERE TO SEE USEFUL INFORMATION" while 90% of the screen is a literal blank space that could easily hold all the item stats while leaving most of the screen unaffected, with the focus being in the item model, which is being hidden by Wisp's COLOSSAL BEHIND because we cant move, rotate or control the camera and the damned thing keeps rotating in this annoying way while your frame keeps playing the idle animation and hiding the item every time the camera moves?
  2. Good changes, but please do take a look at murmur gain or at least increase the Lich spawns. Gathering murmur is the part that makes Liches INCREDIBLY boring and Liches dont spawn enough for you to try new combinations before you fill all 3 murmurs.
  3. Please dont try to fix what isnt broken. The end mission screen is FINE. We dont need more epeen stats, non relevant info, even less item labels and 70% of wasted space. JUST REMOVE ALL THESE "ABOUT/TAB/(I)" AND PUT THE STATS ON MY SCREEN! I dont want to click two buttons and then hover over the "Purchase" or "Blueprint" option to see a weapon stats! 90% of the screen is literally wasted space! We dont need big panoramas and fancy hover text, WE NEED INFORMATION TO BE ON THE SCREEN, NOT HIDDEN BEHIND A HOVER/HOLD OPTION.
  4. Explosion on contact would be a blessing for me. At least I would have to be careful on what I'm doing right now instead of trying to predict the next moment. That or just make the explosions an alt fire.
  5. If they reduced the RNG rolls range from Railjack Reactors from 30-100 to 90-100, they also could reduce the range from Kuva weapons to 50%-60%.
  6. Yeah, I usually go corrosive/fire. And that is the problem, the explosion might as well not exist. In normal leveled enemies, the bolts kill the enemy, then the delayed explosion only makes so you blow yourself if you dont wait EVERY TIME to move.
  7. The more I use this weapon, more I learn to hate it. The delayed explosion and lower damage really doesnt helps me and usually ends with it damaging or killing myself The weapon is dangerous to use at close range, since if you miss a shot and it hits a wall or the enemy just walks over to you, you will take damage. The lower base damage means more arrows to kill, which means more delayed explosions and more chances to kill yourself with. Even then, the explosion damage isnt worth it and you would rather shoot another bolt than waiting for the explosion. I feel like the weapon should get a revision. Maybe change the normal fire to the normal Zhuge (with proper upgrades to the original), then give it an alt fire that costs 5-10 ammo to shoot an explosive bolt.
  8. Cant wait to pretty much every problem with Railjack and Liches being ignored, some talk about "We (didnt) read your feedback", then stuff wont change because "would be unfair to people that did it first", some changes will be "reviewed" but nothing will happen, Steve will talk about some small change to lightning or something stupid like that, then they will hype the "new shiny thing" that noone cares, then a new thing with more RNG stats, low drop rates, massive crafting costs will be introduced to the near future. But hey, watch for a forma blueprint each 60 minutes!
  9. RNG stats dont make your ship any more unique than anyone's else. RNG have no place in equipment. This is not Path of Exile or Diablo. Shields and Engines having random stats its the same as if Warframe parts had "+15% shields" or "+.50 move speed" tied to them. Reactors having RNG stats is the same as if using a Catalyst or a Reactor gave from +1 to +30 mod capacity to your stuff, that also controlled your base energy. Turrets having RNG stats is the same as if a weapon blueprint had a "+10% firerate" or "+40% damage" on them. RNG rolls should stop at Rivens. Lich weapons only had RNG stats so people would keep hunting them, otherwise any sane player would stop at one or two, because its a terrible, boring and broken chore of an unfinished mechanic.
  10. Stealth multiplier and Adaptation is broken for months now, they dont care. Buy more platinum and tennogen, then wait for more deluxe skins and tennogen.
  11. First go back and fix everything that is wrong with the game first, like Stealth and Adaptation being broken for months, doing an actual good UI that shows information instead of wasted space/ABOUT/icons without names, Liches being unfinished, the Universal Medallion still not being usable in conclave and mutagen samples still being rare in Eris. Then you guys have to worry about stuff like: - Scrapping the entire Railjack system, starting from scratch and doing the stuff showed at Tennocon. 90% of what you guys promised wasn't added, what the hell. Since that wont ever happen, you also could: - Make the UI better - Significantly increasing end mission rewards - Putting instant looting in Railjack. Please remove whoever is afraid of adding bigger looting range from the team. - Remove relics from rewards or reward then as radiant/in bulk. - Increase drop rates for parts or add them from other sources - Remove the 30 blueprint limit - REMOVE RNG ROLLS, WHOEVER HAD THIS IDEA NEEDS TO BE SLAPPED IN THE NUTS, THIS IS NOT PATH OF EXILE - Make the UI better - Remove intrinsic limitation, let people per-farm for command - Reduce crafting costs - Instant looting - Make a better way to get repair drones - Remove nerfs from Particle and Cyro guns - Remove nerfs from archguns - Reduce armor and health from units. I dont want to only use meta stuff because otherwise I cant do damage or die instantly - Add shield gating - Make the UI better - Did I said instant looting? Just because someone had fun spending hours picking pebbles one by one, I dont want to do that in a game. - Make the UI better please, you guys already have the mod system, just copypaste it. I expect nothing and I know I will be let down. The goodwill I had from 2018 is gone after Liches and Railjack, all I can expect now is to Duviri Paradox crash and burn what is left of it.
  12. Anything above 100 ping causes several bugs like not being able to enter turrets, infinite death loops, stuck into a grey area, item loss, stuck doors, weapons that lose mods, vacuum stops working, unable to see models of a lot of stuff and infinite loading. Please test your game in simulated 100+ ping situations instead of only testing at 0 ping, connected straight to the game server machine.
  13. The intrinsic gain is way too low and not balanced by role. People that actively destroy ships or pilot get FAR less than people that fix holes. Capping the intrinsic gain to stop people from getting command 10 when it releases in Railjack 2.0 in 5 year is pretty stupid and just shows you guys planned stuff without knowing how long it would take. The stealth farm 'fix' is a clear case of selective fixes, because you can still get affinity and focus from aborting missions. Instead of taking away the crutches, heal the legs first. Most of the skills are bad. There is no point to get level 10 since they either dont work or make it worse for you to play.
  14. The insane costs to craft everything, RNG rolls, not recovering all the resources by scrapping, low drop rates and drop inconsistency (as in, you cant be certain which enemy drops what and how often) is just artificially inflating the play time and wont lead to player retention and increased play time like you guys wish, but cause player burnout faster and cause the playerbase to drop (which is already happening since last year).
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