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  1. The Hemocyte still doesnt drops relics like it was advertised.
  2. I'm still impressed that the defense sections still take that long and the drone still moves like a snail, even after years of the same complains.
  3. I used the 8DF2-128C-8C56-0251 for PC, thanks.
  4. First, no, you dont need to max weapons to use them as material for other weapons, just make sure you are using the just built one and not the one with a Catalyst/Forma/Maxed. And second, depends. Weapons only give you mastery once per rank until 30/40, leveling again by building multiple or using forma wont give more mastery.
  5. Something related to the Spirex + Glaive combo. Twice I had the game completely glitch out and block every single command other than walk and ESC menu. From what I have experienced, it seems to happen if you are knocked down into a pit, while reloading the Spirex and using the Glaive combo. Upon respawning, you wont be able to do anything other than walk and access the ESC menu to abort the mission. Unstuck or falling again into a pit doesnt fixes the glitch.
  6. It barely helps and doesnt addresses the REAL problem: the drop chance. You can make it drop 100 keys, if you dont get the drop, you are still getting 0. 10 missions, but no drops is still 0 keys. They should either be a guaranteed drop or have a bigger drop rate. Also, 1 key per sister kill is ridiculous. What kind of reward is that? Killing a Sister should give at least 5 or so. Stabbing a Sister should give a few keys like stabbing a Lich drops some Kuva. Maybe also change so Granum Void gives a few keys per completion, or maybe killing a Candidate, like killing a Larvaling drops a bit of Kuva too.
  7. Cant rearrange the favorite colors. Moving them does nothing, they snap back to the place they first were.
  8. Getting the Tenet melee and Ambassador is just a pain in the rectum, so much that they will be the first content that I will never bother with. And I played Conclave, farmed Khora and the Braton/Lato Vandal.
  9. Something weird is going on after the Sisters update and I have no idea how to explain. What I can see happening is: when there is a button prompt on my side (parazon stab, pick item, open door, self revive) and a teammate is nearby, sometimes that action is made without me clicking said button. At first I thought it was just muscle memory and I wasnt really paying attention to me pressing buttons, but now I have noticed that a LOT of times, I would self revive without holding X or stab a hound immediately after it goes down. I guess it happens more often on high-ish ping sessions, so always as a client, but it always the same thing, a button press prompt will happen when a teammate is nearby, like he was trying to do it and the command somehow happened on my side.
  10. I have to add here how much I HATE coloring Yareli. Her color slots are a complete mess, it got me angry. The primary slot changes both her face/body AND the details on the cloth. The body isnt metallic, but the cloth details are. If I want golden cloth, I get piss yellow face. The secondary slot changes ALL metallic spots. I dont want to change the small spots, but they are all on the same slot. I want to keep the small details a different color. The tertiary changes her cloth color, but only HALF OF IT. The other half is controlled by the primary color. The accent slot only changes REALLY SMALL spots. A few lines and a few dots, thats it. Her whole texture looks filthy. Like she rolled on the mud, I cant even make her a light color without looking like she is all dirty. Only a dark/black color can hide the spots.
  11. Got a weird glitch where my Sister leveled up twice on the same stab attempt. Once when I failed the stab and another when I loaded back into the Orbiter.
  12. I feel it would be a good idea to replace the Void Traces reward from Granum Void to Corrupted Holokeys.
  13. Got 4 duplicates of the same Glyph. Now I understand why everyone LOVES grab bags.
  14. Liches are actually taking longer to defeat now. 10 thralls gave me 1/4 of the FIRST murmur, I'm pretty sure they gave far more before the update. Sisters actually feel rewarding and fast enough, but Liches are a complete drag now.
  15. Huh. "Fixed" a long time "problem" with useless mods on Deconstructor, including the ones that coincidentally helps negate the upcoming melee nerf, but at the same time leaving the exact same kind of mods untouched on primaries and secondaries? Curious.
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