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  1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I hope at one point we'll get an answer.. until then, i continue to try and visit her daily in case it slips through.. Also, is there an Oull Glyph from Grandmother's shop? Not sure.. so many questions 😭
  2. xD Yh idk, I've visited her hundreds of times since the arcana update and.. nothing changes. Going over to son, he literally had new tags on launch day, and days, weeks and months after that, daily.. Meanwhile daughter, like you say, doesn't have anything.. and i have no idea if that's intended, an oversight, maybe a feature? Idk.. I can't remember having this issue with Cetus or Fortuna, but then again, not sure if they ever received more fish to catch.. (i don't think so, but not sure)
  3. Yh i barely hit anything with alt fire.. and if it connects, it's 1 enemy, far from the 6m radius.. normal fire seems cool in lith fissures and that's about it. I'm disappointed as well, since the weapon has basically all existing draw backs a gun can have. Switching modes takes time, alt fire is a charge, long reload.. It looks good and that's about it.
  4. Still checking.. still nothing.. Meanwhile Son has sold hundreds of new pet tags til this day.. 😡
  5. I know I'm the only one who wouldn't care, but I'd be fine if they reintroduced older prime cosmetics into the game for free (though i only have Vauban, Chroma and Saryn Prime's cosmetics from the PAccessoires) But yeah, Baro getting more prime related cosmetics would be cool
  6. Reminds me of what i see with the one kitgun from Deimos.. the.. mushroom thing, i forgot the name. It actually reduces frame rate when shot fast.. I've also seen a screenshot from a weapon (can't remember which but i can try to find the post on reddit) that's a particle fest xD [i mostly run it on low, so i probably didn't see that in the first place] Then again, i love the vitus essence emblem and it's effects on max, but turning it off makes it look like a normal emblem from 2014.. idk :(
  7. Yh that's definitely better, maybe other effects count for those as well? I have bloom and glare off, because they drive me into insanity. I can check later if they affect the bubble. What i noticed as well, turning effects down affects even the Starchart visuals, which get darker the lower i go.. shouldn't that be a brightness/contrast setting? I'm confused, as a console player i never really got into the stuff, so I'm not sure which exactly affects what.. But I'd love a 'on self, enemy cue and overall visuals' setting's because I'd turn it up to normal on enemies, high on the Warframe itself (+ armor sets etc ) but super low for actual gameplay, dojo, orbiter etc. i think I mentioned it in the past, but idk if that's possible to separate them. It kinda works with the new "ally effect reduction", but idk..
  8. For none. Even if DE offered me 1 million dollars to try acquiring these keys to get the weapon, I'd still decline. It really needs to change. --- If i would wait and or acquire a tenet weapon (outside the ones I got via trying the impact ephemera farm) it'd be heat and radiation, those have been my best experiences so far, though, putting magnetic on a certain lich weapon has been one of my best decisions :D
  9. First of all i suck at taking pictures xD so sorry, but I'll try what i mean: I used the simulacrum because it's easier to access and shows exactly what one of the issues is, the lighter the tileset, the worse it gets. First, the standard console setting which is fine: Then with effects turned down, while me being inside the bubble: I tried to be in the bubble in this one but i think the enemy moved (i can't even tell): And here's a good one explaining the issue: if there's an obstruct and or dark coloring, it's okayish with parts being invisible, but if the tileset is bright and or no object, it gets downright invisible: Now, combine this with different tilesets (i could capture in the future but this was easiest and shortest to do) and or other effects, and stuff like noticing the bubble becomes extremely difficult when settings aren't as recommended (on Xbox it's 100) The shivering of the bubble doesn't help as well, most of the time. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes I'm literally not noticing if I'm in a bubble or not. I hope they're in the right oder xD --- I tried the drones, but they're not connecting to enemies in the simulacrum. I'll jump into arbies when i can today or tomorrow :) (or if someone knows an enemy type that does connect pls tell me) --- idk if it's even possible to separate enemy effect cues, Warframe (the frame itself) and general effects..
  10. I can check later or tomorrow my previous setting and upload some screenshots. I can tag you if you like, it's rough last time I went down by a large amount.. :(
  11. I tried that as well, but nullifier bubbles and arbitration drones Red glow literally disappeared and i couldn't tell if enemies are connected to them (sometimes the drones hide, so i rely on the visual cue).. so up i had to go again.. Same with fissure effects on enemies.. :(
  12. Hi, I would like to ask you guys how you feel about some things in Warframe (mainly if you think that [DE] Steve respects you and your eyes?), but let me first tell you where I'm at right now: Since the launch of Particles there have been more and more changes across the board to all effects, even outside of particles, (like the gold parts change to prime gear) in the game that make effects a pain to look at. Since then, I'm actively constantly pushing settings up and down, (which i didn't have to do at all the first couple years i played) trying to find a middle ground so that the Warframe abilities, weapon effects and especially fashion frame doesn't look like garbage, but the rest of the game also doesn't destroy my eyesight. I once thought I had the setting i needed, just for an update to release and everything looking like.. let me not spell it out.. so it was back to the board again. It's one of the hardest things i have ever done in a videogame. The flashes, the glaring even with it disabled, certain particle effects, the washed out look.. Basically everything gets really hard to look at. I wish we had a "Warframe light" setting that balances everything and only keeps fashion frame (the actual Warframe and it's fashion) at max settings. While reducing and balancing everything else, because quite frankly, it's been a while since the changes released and i still haven't found the best setting for me. Don't get me started on ephemeras.. with certain settings, some literally disappear.. same with emblems etc. :( --- i know the game is ever changing, and that's a good thing. But sometimes i wish we could back (GRAPHICALLY) to old Warframe so i can just enjoy not having a stroke while playing.. 😞
  13. No, either ALL abilities get cool downs, including your other suggestions, or none at all. The "x item needs to be nerfed, or get special rules" is as you would say, sickening to me. All or none, choose.
  14. I'd remove it, I'm pretty sure it wasn't DE's intention for players to (as of now, with the new timer) to wait 5 minutes while doing nothing, and abort the mission if they didn't get the buff. (Previously it was endless waiting) The situation shows that a lot of farming is just underwhelming at it's core, and instead of trying to beat around the bush, S#&$ty farms should get buffed and reworked overall and the charm resource buff removed. -- We have farms that even with the booster from the market and often even if it's stacked with an event weekend, that're so underwhelming as it can get. Keep the random crit buff, make an actual energy buff, keep the reload buff etc. but cut the resource nonsense.
  15. At the times of google I'm honestly not having a single percentage of sympathy with people who constantly complain about this. Information is literally at your fingertips. And waiting until the last 60 seconds to spend the credits is, excuse my language, your own damn problem, and no one else's.
  16. Yh it feels like people don't play other games.. where passes often run around a month.. I'm pretty sure people would die playing other games. Warframe is the most generous in both, offering it for free AND running as long as .. forever. I remember glass maker.. good god.
  17. Any open world frame takes more than that, even some normal variants, especially when you're unlucky. (Vox Solaris, SO, GV) I'd rather wait a few days and get it guaranteed than farm countless hours each day for weeks trying to get something to drop, with a chance for the next drop, and grind and grind without having anything to show for it. Also, your calculation seems off.
  18. As long as people at least try to contribute to the objective, they can do whatever they want. I actually like seeing people either as a frame, mech, in archwing or the K-Drive. It shows how the open worlds should be, filled with possibilities. The only thing DE needs to get rid of are those anti archwing knockout rockets.. they're annoying. Or for consistency's sake, invent anti mech and anti K-Drive rockets as well. DE's call, i guess. 🥴
  19. I'm glad they're there. At least now we can actually fight them after acquiring the sequence.. previously they arrived on random, which in some cases even took me a dozen PLUS missions to get a spawn. I take the Railjack mission over that by MILES.
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