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  1. Heck, no. I already believe the Prime Warframes should just be an upgrade module to existing regular Warframe, adding free polarities in any slot desirable and keeping the level without the need to re-farm it and re-forma it. Keeping people playing based on the fact that "people will always like grinding forever" is going to leave Warframe deserted once newer games take a more progressive approach on player engagement. I say, less farming, more engaging content for long-term (can be, but not necessarily more open, more sandbox capabilities). Besides that, Excalibur Umbra was to give Excalibur an in-line upgrade with the rest of Primes, having noted the fact that Excalibur Prime is locked for Founders, as is Skana Prime and Lato Prime (and as such, there are non-prime different variants for these as well).
  2. I'll be both honest and original by saying that I actually like these changes, keep going and working on further balancing of weapons all across the board, as well as individually.
  3. I agree, and the amount of likes on the post is on point. Even though Warframe has been focused on the grind, the present times are leaning more towards less grindy, casual style, and by the time somebody gets the bright idea to lock some interesting stuff behind walls such as theoretical MR40, MR50, MR60, then new players might quickly lose their interest and shift towards a more modern (not tech-wise, but approach-wise) game. Mastery Rank grind cannot be the 'driving thing' forever, because the times and preferences are changing and grinding will quickly become a really small niche in the future.
  4. I may be late to the party, but as an audiophile (owning two Sennheiser headphones with an amp and a DAC) I'd like to thank you for bringing all of this together!
  5. Hi, As per the thread title, in my opinion regular missions should feature the new, tougher enemies just like how the Corpus tilesets have been reworked with new enemies. I especially like how level makes sense on the new Corpus enemies, eg. the level 30-40 ones are much tougher than the classic 30-40 Corpus (so that the levels don't have to end up in an absurd 3-digit number to pose any sort of challenge).
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