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  1. Well now that I have almost every one of my arcanes maxed and both the event weapons I feel I can finally give my two cents for what they're worth. As a disclaimer everyone, these are my opinions, so don't get THAT mad. Honestly, I love the event. Yes, I am serious if you can believe it. While I don't really enjoy running ground missions all that much, space is one of the coolest things I have ever done in this game. To organize my thoughts somewhat, I will state my thoughts over ground missions first and then go into why space missions are so fun to me. To start I'll mention the things I like the most about ground. The different waves of grineer and sentients are a highlight for me. I really enjoy employing a lot of unique weapon and combos to deal with different factions in the same mission (plus its fun to just see how easy grineer are to wipe compared to sentients, feels fairly immersive as far as world building is concerned). I really like the way the condrix takes full use of the Earth tilesets awesome lighting, visually, the ground missions look awesome. I also like that ground missions are the sort of go to for credits as there is a lot less involved, so its much easier to just turn your brain off and grind which I can always appreciate. Downsides include the finger bird guys. Man they can slow down the pace deep in the mission. I also think it would be cool if some elements of the ground mission changed as you got deeper, just something to add some variation, but as I stated earlier the simplistic grind aspect kind of works in grounds favor so it might not be wise to add too much that might disrupt the flow. As for space missions, oh man so much of it is just awesome to me. The towing of the satelite has actually pretty enjoyable as a pilot surprisingly enough. It tests my evasion skills and how well I am navigating a route. I can 100% say that my piloting skills have improved because of this event because I can tell how much smoother the ride is in between runs and I LOVE THAT. My favorite aspect of space is by far the sentient tileset. Holy cow. Like, that has got to be my favorite scenery in the game, there's just so much to look at, so many levels to parkour off of, its so creepy and intimidating, truly some of the coolest art and most fun play I have experienced in my 5 years of experience. Plus, I have finally gotten most all the shedu parts! I think the oplink system works particularly well with space because it allows a team to have a lot of freedom in what they do, but also allows for plenty of tactics and team comp. Once everyone puts down their oplink and you have a couple of defense oriented frames, you're free to do pretty much whatever you'd like. Somehow bored of the sentient tile set? Go out and destroy those pesky cruisers and sentient ships. Heck get a teammate to join you and go wild with the space battles/position yourself for easy satelite pick up. Feel useless on ground and in space? No worries! You can go collect important resources in asteroid clusters or from drops from ships or heck, just explore the murrex some more! The oplink system just compliments team comp and coordination well in my opinion since it allows for a lot of freedom, but still rewards overall team strategy. On that note, as far as the limbo and khora nerfs I am somewhat indifferent to them. Limbo is still king of CC, and I honestly don't notice the stasis nerf much at all. Though I don't approve of a healing move being gutted, I do think that a cool aspect of the event is the fragility of oplinks so anything that can heal them is a no go in my opinion. Makes you a lot more cautious in keeping them safe (which I guess can lead to toxicity but I haven't encountered it much personally, and I've been on at very minimum 50 runs so I'd say its been surprisingly civil). To add to this, I have found a lot of very useful niches for frames I didn't expect to be there! Garuda is nuts in this mode which is super appreciated! More so than just that there are plenty of usefulness in practically the full cast of warframes which is so welcome. Sure there is a meta, which everyone usually employs, but so many of those who hate this event aren't experimenting much with it I feel like. Do too much of any build and its going to make you hate what you're playing. This is seemingly a controversial take for some reason, but I find the flotilla concept to be pretty neat. I enjoy the leader bonuses (because I enjoy the event I run it a lot and its nice to get a big cash out whenever you do well.. makes me feel very rewarded for running it so much) and it makes it kind of a fun race within each flotilla to be the best. I get that people don't like this because those with the best gear and best strats get the bonuses more than anyone else but consider, isn't that kind of how its bound to happen? Might as well reward the dedicated community for being, well, dedicated. I also like how as a collective flotilla you have to shoo away 100 murrex as a total. Seems like a more imminent threat worth dealing with (and again getting a big bonus out of completing an objective as a collective is super great). Of course, sucks real bad when a flotilla doesn't get the bonus when we don't reach 100/100, but as long as you had fun for most of the runs it softens the blow a bit (which is why I say you should REALLY try out a bunch more builds during this time). I will say I've added a lot of people to my friends list because of this event because the space peeps seem a lot less salty when things may go wrong. As a side note, I LOVE the addition of flotilla chat. The yellow text can be a little annoying, and as a controller user swapping between chats is also rather obnoxious, but oh man I have never laughed so hard in this game before with some of the hilarious interactions I witness in flotilla chat. It goes a long way. The rewards are great (to me at least). The weapons are cool, love the basmu, new test room is neat and I can finally get the arcanes I WANT instead of hoping for the best in eidolon. That has been the biggest plus so far, finally having max ranked arcanes that I used to have to shill out plat for is now just up to my choice. Also, for all those complaining about the market crash, well... I can be sympathetic to your loss, but also, its kinda whatever man.. I mean its literally just game currency, the prices were mostly scummy before anyway. Biggest downside to this event has definitely been the bugs. The dead kill code bug really sucks in space, and occasionally railjack is prone to its jank, but I have to say in the massive amount of runs I've done I've only encountered only like 3 game breaking bugs where the only option is to abandon. Now that is with the disclaimer that I often host and I have a very stable internet connection so my experience may be a tad separate from others but so far I have been impressed with how little I've bugged out compared to how much I did when railjack first was introduced. The rest of the bugs have been manageable or just a slight nuisance really. Speaking of nuisance, the spawning in a new flotilla randomly is just awful, really just such a noticeable drag through loading screens... I THINK WE SHOULD HAVE THE OPTION TO SWAP FLOTILLA INSTANCES IN THE BACK OF THE FLOTILLA YOU'RE IN. Overall, for as much absolute vitriol this event has garnered I have REALLY enjoyed my time with it, and quite honestly find myself wanting to play it more. Can't really explain it any better than above, but I hope something similar (if not this very event) comes back in the future as I think the ideas are great, mostly well executed, and as always have so much more potential to go off of. Tldr; I give the event an 7.5/10, only things need improving in my eyes are bugs and making ground missions more fun.
  2. If a frame can go into high level does that still mean its a turd? I really don't understand, if its capable of long arbitrations times and good mot stats what more are we judging "viability" on. I mean its not like this game isn't a cakewalk already. Just saying its a turd is not enough of an argument in my opinion, even if the majority of the playerbase says it. So the first piece of evidence to suggest he is trash. Because his 1 is currently broken I can somewhat agree with you, but if we are talking about pre impact change guaranteed knockdown within an over 10m radius for over 20 seconds is NOT useless, just add to the fact that you can place multiple and add armor strip on top of that and I'd say his crowd control is very strong if you understand how to utilize it. Sure, its not limbo or vaubaun levels of CC, but thats what those guys specialize in, thats their whole objective. Sure you can argue that they are so good at it that there is no other reason to even consider Hydroid, but the status chance and survivability of Hydroid outclasses them. Hydroid is far more of a generalist and should be built as such. See this is where I believe the contention is coming into play. His speed is not entirely based on tidal surge. You're Absolutely right in that it needs to be more controllable like rev's, but its still usable if you know what you're doing, but thats not even close to saying ita necessary. When I play hydroid I take the effort to put in mobility mods because his gameplay regularly has a huge parkour focus in my eyes. Puddle is not the antithesis like you make it out to be, if anything its comparable to Limbos rift. Use it when youre in trouble and then set up on the opponent. Once they are CC'd and spawn/hallways are properly blocked continue flipping, bullet jumping and gliding using your AoE weapon of choice to wreck house (personally I find the Lenz ideal as it encompasses practically all of Tentacle swarm's puddle range very consistently). Last time I checked the bulk of the game is still tight corridors and cramped spaces. Sure corpus are getting another face lift soon, but that still leaves more than half the nodes like they've always been. But, tentacle swarm still has use on some PoE and Orb objectives. Defense, extractors, enemy control level, roller sabotage, jailbrake, these sorts of mission types where you know where the enemy are going to attack from or at least understand where they are going makes it so that his crowd control isn't straight up useless out in the open. Again, there are better options, but I mean, the game is so easy that I hardly can say I care to use em unless I want to. Really this is the basis of my argument, you and perhaps a majority of the playerbase dont find hydroid to be fun, but as a long time vet I still get a ton of mileage out of him (and only within the past year might I add). I find it fun, and yes, dare I say, effective most of the time. He needs some polish, (we can agree he DESPERATELY NEEDS some polish) but I don't want hydroid to be so homogenized like so many of the frames are becoming. He is unique, he fills a niche, and at least to those playing him, he's fun. I dont want a brand new kit. Maybe at most make his puddle a hold cast where you can run around with a whirlpool at your feet just so people who complain so much about that ability can be silenced, but it will be pretty unfortunate to me if his whole thing is redone. And yeah I'll admit I'm in the minority, but I promise you he's at least feasible. I dont want another nuke the room frame. I was attempting to point out that hydroid has an advantage over some of the frames in usage because he is older. I was attempting to point out how skewed the data can seem. By your rational, oberon prime is trash because its right around the same usage stats as hydroid prime, and we can both agree that's not even close to true (coming from both players with an oberon profile pic). Same goes for chroma, nezha and mirage. Plus, embers stats are massive and this was when she was considered the trash of all trash. Plus, im sure some of that has to do with acquisition of a frame too, hydroid is much more locked off due to a bad boss fight. Im not writing off the data, but I want to highlight that it isnt the be all end all for what "viable" really stands for. It tells us hydroid needs some work, but his usage is healthy enough that I dont think it warrants a full overhaul.
  3. I mean dont get me wrong, there are several things that can be done to make him feel better, and I DO HOPE HE GETS SOME CHANGES... but I guarantee its a matter of how you play him. Its taken me years but I have finally found a build that utilizes just about everything in hydroids kit to it's upmost potential. I feel that the usage stats reflect how different his playstyle is compared to every other frame, but that's not to say he doesn't fill a niche.You are correct in that he is slow and focused around crowd control but that's not to say he is completely useless (even though that seems to be what the majority of the playerbase feels about it since he doesn't have a ton of damage). Also, your graphic is a very poor representative of your argument, as it is very outdated. At least 4 frames are missing, MR rank is not what we can currently make it, and clearly frames that have been in the game longer will have an inherent time advantage over newer ones anyway. Though usage stats are obviously important to extrapolate data, you have to remove a certain amount of personal bias from the chart in order to see what it is portraying. You're totally right in that his 1 is nearly a complete waste without the augment. We can agree on that. But WITH the augment, it is not only a powerful status and armor stripping tool but also a fantastic area lockdown for a long period of time. That is why it is imperative he gets the knockdown status back instead of ragdoll. The most important part about hydroid is effectively utilizing his puddle as it has so many more applications than you'd think on a surface level. It's seriously ridiculously strong, and no, I'm not talking about its scaling damage. That part is slow. You can build for it sure, and its honestly decently effective, but its not at all what makes puddle so versatile and effective. Its all about placement and utilizing tidal surge and weapons to gain a significant advantage over the enemy. Hydroid can go just about anywhere on the battlefield while being completely invulnerable, and set up for his next onslaught with his 1 and even 4 if you want to block off a hallway. His gameplay is extremely tactical and adaptable, allowing a player to analyze what they want their next move to be. Sure, in pubs where a saryn wipes out a whole squad of enemies effortlessly he seems outclassed entirely, but I promise you it is a completely different ballpark for solo play. I have survived hours of mot off of hydroids kit. Sure he is heavily dependent on weapons to do the majority of the peddling but the right set up can have you ABSOLUTELY SHREDDING WITH ITS SYNERGY. His 4 could use some work I won't lie, but what it does for now is at least useful enough to make its way into my playstyle. Dont get me wrong, there is PLENTY of room for improvement, but saying he has no place in the game is a wildly inaccurate estimation of his potential. Hopefully I can post my build here eventually and show you what I mean.
  4. Loving the survivability for frames and its funny to see enemies crushed so much easier (not necessarily a complaint). Makes me appreciate the hell out of the enemies in lich missions, though I haven't tried arbitrations yet. Reminds me of the idea proposed at the beginning of last year where we can select the difficulty of the node before playing. An area of ideas to consider for the future, but as of right now, I'm at least having a blast.
  5. So far, I've been really enjoying the changes to status across the board. My shotguns feel.... so incredibly powerful, which was a pleasant surprise I guess. Just remember when building everyone, the status looks really small but looks can be quite deceiving as size apparently doesn't always matter 😂 aside from the shotgun shenanigans, the only complaint I have so far is what happens with Hydroid's tempest barrage. People underestimate Hydroid frequently and so very few people have been talking about this, but the change to impact has severely affected his first ability. Now enemies ragdoll out of both the ability's range and the players range, making it easy to lose track of the foe as well as be a nuisance to the Hydroid and company. Additionally this goes completely against Hydroids current design and for the life of me I can't imagine any useful combat scenarios for this kind of uncontrollable and violently glitchy ragdoll. So far this has been the only change from today that seems very detrimental in my experience . If the old knockdown effect could return, or impact simply not be used in tempest I think it would be for the best, otherwise, great job.
  6. you know at first I was going to say that these are just fine, but seeing as the crit "equivalent" is 150% CC it seems a bit lackluster in comparison. Then again, status is arguably very close to being stronger than crit in this brave new meta, so it would be unwise to buff it too much. For now, I think there are more pressing things to look into, but as a final thought, maybe instead of buffing the 90% status mods just buff Embedded Catalyzer, Nano-Applicator, Catalyzer Link to say 120% or something, just so their conditions and acquisition aren't overshadowed by easier to get and use mods.
  7. people call hydroid complete trash and it is unjustified to say the least, but the ragdoll just makes him tedious to play now. Tempest is so essential to his kit and playing hyrdoid correctly, so having enemies just fly everywhere makes his play-style even harder to accommodate.
  8. The new impact proc throws enemies out of range and ragdolls them so hard that it makes it extremely inconsistent to hit them. This ability was extremely useful when it just knocked down enemies, but now it looks, feels, and acts poorly. Please consider reverting it back to just the knockdown state, thank you.
  9. Anyone else hate how toxic these forums always end up?
  10. Apparently I'm an outlier in this, but I actually really prefer the stagger to self damage. That said, the 90% falloff seems too drastic. I only really use the Lenz as my go to AOE weapon to be fair, but I feel its entire purpose is now undermined by the harshness of the penalty. I have hardly EVER gotten body or headshots on that weapon because that wasn't really the point of using the lenz. Now I feel incentivized to do so, except it doesn't feel like a reward for good accuracy and instead somewhat mandatory for higher level content. ALL THAT BEING SAID, I need to test it more to be completely transparent. I mean I havent even stuck firestorm on there yet which I heard you can do now, so that may affect some things. However, as of right now, i think it would be more ideal to have a gradual fall off from the center outwards. 90% at THE VERY EDGE (like last meter or half meter) of an explosion may feel right, but 90% after like half way through the blast zone does not.
  11. Everything looks good, EXCEPT IMPACT. Ragdolling, I feel, will be incredibly annoying on a vast amount of weapons.
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