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  1. Well I'm having a lot of trouble posting the image here directly, but this is a link to what I'm talking about. I think it'd fit nicely for ironbride but this is just speculative thought on a forward combo, there are a million ways they could implement something different (and likely better) http://imgur.com/gallery/DE6SMFZ
  2. I don't see what you mean. Maybe weapon stance or something, but I think its a bit of a stretch to claim I want an entirely new warframe with an exalted sword type weapon (when we already have excalibur) just because the only sword weilding mech we have only has one melee combo. I'm only talking about potential melee combos in the post above, I really don't see where you're getting anything else from that 😂
  3. With enough attack speed I kinda prefer the slam, but if there was a forward combo that could cancel/interrupt the slam it's be a non-issue in the first place. Oh man and there could be so many wicked moves they could implement. Like imagine the mech's hand turns into a swivel like grevious (if I can find a way to share the image I've got saved I'll post it) and you just start walking the enemy lines down as a helicopter of death. So many opertunities...
  4. Hello there! So I just finished leveling my first Nechramech Bonewidow and I thought I'd share some thoughts for anyone who cares to read em. I'll start by saying that thus far, I've honestly had a lot of fun playing Bonewidow during the event! It feels fairly tanky and has a very straightforward kit which seems mostly fitting to its "theme" I guess. I know people seem to have a lot of problems with this mech compared to the other and to be frank I can't quite address many of those complaints as my only experience with Voidrig has come from the unmodded ones scattered around the event (
  5. Anyone know if normal Oberon armor (shoulder plates that look like branches/antlers) work on the prime?
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