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  1. Hello there! I've got an idea for a simple, mostly QoL augment for everybody's favorite cultist. The idea is to make Harrow's support quality more consistent by removing the necessity for him to achieve kills to get energy. With said augment, any ally in thuribles range that makes a kill will be funded with the energy granted by the buff instead of relying on Harrow to make the kill. As an example, Harrow finishes channeling at 15 energy a kill, and his Excalibur teammate gets a kill within affinity range, thus giving the Excalibur 15 energy but no one else. I understand why this isn't a feature already due to the design philosophy of Harrow, but that's why I propose an augment rather than a change. In addition to the above feature, I believe the augment should also allow for recasting thurible without deactivating the buff. For example, say the current buff is 15 energy per kill, but Harrow now has the energy to provide a bigger buff, so he starts channeling again. Instead of immediately deactivating the buff on his teammates, as long as they are still within affinity range they keep the 15 energy per kill, but will receive the updated energy when Harrow finishes channeling or the duration of the old buff runs out. This allows for teammates who where in affinity range not to be punished waiting for energy while Harrow gives a buff to the one that caught up. This also presents a risk however as if Harrow channels less energy than before (say 5 energy per kill) it will refresh the old 15. One additional aspect I propose is giving harrow 40% more energy (affected by power strength). 40% is obviously a place holder, but I really loved the inclusion of passive benefits on select augments this last augment update patch, and I think it should be encouraged, especially on augments like this which are more team oriented and don't have as large of an impact on the frame itself. I'm imagining said augment would read something like this: [Name] Any allies within the range of Thurible will receive energy when they kill an enemy. Harrow's energy capacity increases by 40% That's all for now. Tell me what you think, how you would change it, or how you feel this would/wouldn't fit in the game! I look forward to conversation 🙂
  2. Though I too will miss the mega nuke I fully disagree with your last point about removing ways to play the game. Yes, they are removing a niche build and his immortality, but from the looks of it they are expanding upon wukong's abilities quite extensively therefore adding many more ways to play the game and build the frame. I will happily sacrifice the one wukong build I used in a mission a handful of times so that I can build him three different ways all focusing on a different part of his kit.
  3. Wow extensive AND exciting! Can't wait to give Wukong more of a real shot in game, all those abilities look far superior than current 🙂 Only thing I'm confused about is that passive; does the effect last the rest of the mission, or just for the listed times? Sure its probably not a good idea to move players into a suicide meta to get wukong buffs, but these durations just don't look... right. Like sure, I understand that you can't have a permanent invincible or invisible monkey running around all the time but 30 seconds just seems a little off. Furthermore the loot and the orbs should just remain that way the whole mission in my eyes, neither of those effects seem realistically achievable or beneficial on such a low timer, ESPECIALLY if the player has no control over chosing which buff on death. Maybe have a choice between one of two random buffs just so you can make a more tactically throughout decision on death as to better adapt to a situation (which has obviously gone south). There will be times where a period of invisibility will be far more beneficial than loot.. and other times where it won't, letting the player at least have an asembalence of choice I believe is important particularly in hairy scenarios. This too could lend itself into like, "Death Teirs" almost, where you get to choose a single permanent effect on your last of three deaths. Either take sly alchemy, monkey luck, or primal forces as your last buff that will remain for the rest of the mission... so long as you don't die again. That way its somewhat of a risk reward sort of system with a bit more player influence. Overall, fantastic ideas on paper and I can't wait. Thanks in advance for the updated frame and the 3 forma! I hope there is just a tiny bit more polish on the way to such a glowing concept! Keep up the great work
  4. The gamma palette was literally given out because of a change to the lighting that made things brighter, though its a very exclusive item because of how old it is, its hardly like it was 'earned' or whatever. Plus, it looks so much like the classic colors anyway that its perfect for new players to acquire! Totally helps their fashion frame out 100% and as a fan of good fashion I can always support that. As someone who owns the rift sigil, I can't even remember how I got it honestly lol! Maybe thats just me, but personally, it doesn't bother me at all that other people are getting the opportunity to get a neat cosmetic. I really don't think there's much of a problem with any of these rewards at all (at least as filler). The only one I could see a bit of an issue with is the ephemera but like, no one knows what its initial purpose was anyway, and even so its just a little sparkly doo-dad that comes out your feet. Perhaps you can argue that this goes against the principle of ephemera acquisition, but considering how friggin rare it is to acquire one anyway I don't really see the issue. They were never a testament of skill, more so luck and dedication to grinding a mission, this is just another (different) grind.
  5. I mean, you're right, it hasn't been handled the best but I will happily take the opportunity to get nitain again, (along with some bonus rewards in the process) then be completely dry of content for the next few weeks. I'm more satisfied with an acknowledgment of poor preperation and somewhat of a remedy for it than to have nothing at all. Sure the eidolon ephemera is getting dropped here, but as someone who's not a fan of eidolon hunting (of which I'm fairly sure will just be added to the drop table or something) I'll take it. Heck, maybe veterans are a bit mad that newbies will have the opportunity to get a potentially rare ephemera but I say so what? Not like it'll be exclusive in the future anyway.
  6. I was about to get mad like a lot of these players but now realize its not a full season, more like a test run of sorts, and an acknowledgment of night waves absence. In that light, I'm more than down with this filler season, decent rewards to tide over until season 2 is ready and won't have to be released in too much of a rush.
  7. Personally as a fairly long time vet, my stance on nightwave is that its a fantastic (arguably much needed) addition to Warframe. To me it seems like almost all players of different skill levels can participate in the content offered by nightwave which is a very good thing and I think going forward it is important to keep that objective in mind for this system. Some challenges (particularly elite) are not for everyone and that's not a bad thing by any means, but could create an issue if alternative options are not provided. What I mean by this is that some players may come to the wrong conclusion on the intents of this system by saying its too unforgiving. Below I've listed some of my ideas on how to solve that issue/ provide feedback. 1. Make the sigils give players standing. Now, before anyone says thats too generous, let me just say that the first sigil should only provide about 1000 standing a day, and the next/last sigil you get is capped out at 5000 daily. This is basically just a way for newer players to "complete" an elite task they otherwise wouldn't be able to and thus have more of a chance at getting the end rewards. Of course, I pulled those numbers fairly out of thin air, so its very likely they should be tweaked, but a limited sigil system would provide some good to a lot of players in my opinion. 2. Fugitives captured should give 1 cred each upon capture along with standing, while the killing the Wolf provides 10-25. I dont know how much the spawns will be increased later in the event, so this may make things a bit too easy, but I think that giving players another "reliable" way of attaining such a precious resource is important. That way, in between standing rewards every 10,000 players have a way to get some of the very necessary items from the cred shop easier. This would be particularly beneficial to new players or weekend warriors in my opinion and doesn't seem too game breaking in my opinon. 3. Offer more weekly challenges in general. Having more challenges gives newbies a chance to have some alternative options if some challenges are too difficult/gated off from them. Additionally, this makes all the hardcore players who grind through all of their challenges in a day less "bored because they have nothing to do". Overall I think an increased amount of challenges would just give more wiggle room for people like myself who can't play all the time so that they have a better chance of not missing out on the awesome end rewards. All of these suggestions are in response to the acquiring of rewards as currently that is the only issue I see with nightwave as a whole. I think that the idea of 60% participation is still a good and reasonable number to shoot for in terms of player time invested, but I also think that it should be easier to participate across the board (hence my suggestions). Other than that though I believe nightwave is just a good direction for the continued growth of Warframe. I'm loving the challenges as they provide a necessary incentive to play different content I haven't in awhile, the rewards are PERFECT, and the lore is always appreciated. Great work so far DE, hope you can keep expanding and improving this system for years to come. TLDR; Rewards are great as is nightwaves implementation, acquisition of and ways to farm for standing and creds should be increased/tweaked slightly however.
  8. I'd post a more in-depth comment if I knew people would read it but here's the sum of what I think a contingency plan for rivens should look like (for whatever plat its worth) 1. Increase capacity 2. Scaling kuva on kuva survival 3. Changing riven transmutor eidolon drop to a stat saver (on subsequent rolls, keep selected buff or curse, max of 2 stat saves per riven). Stat saved rivens become untradable. As much as I want to keep all my current stats and just have an un-rollable relic from a begotten era, I guess that kind of defeats the (unfortunate) purpose
  9. Name: Chroma Prime Age: lost track awhile back Bio: Hey there Warfemmes, it’s the one and only sentient slayer player here to rock your orbiters. Do you want to get BUFF(ed)? Do you want a FIREY teammate who can be just as COOL as Frost? What about an ELECTRIFYING lover whose energy lasts for days? Well look no further (and don’t talk to my TOXIC ex) cause the one and only multicolored metal lizard this side of the origin system is your MAN! Don’t let me DRAG ON just dm me so I can make you SPECTRAL SCREAM 😉
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