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  1. ----Legacy----

    if stalker mode cannot be opt out.

    I've met enough players playing conclave mainly for the skins to tell you that pve players will be attracted to rewards. Fun enough, some of them start playing only for the conclave skins and keep playing after getting them simply because they find it fun after giving it a try. Empty claims, i could say that i'm an old school PvPer who has been into it ever since the release of multiplayer pong 42 years ago and that would still have no value for the thread, and even less if i have no way to prove it. That's your opinion, and even if that's a popular opinion, it's still just that. You can be sure that the players who enjoy conclave might find a lot of flaws in the pvp games you enjoy, just like both of us can and will find endless flaws to a game we don't enjoy but is enjoyed by someone else. What a "proper actually well made pvp" game entails is up to opinions. Some players might prefer quake 3, ratz, or even the deceased lawbreakers while others can talk about fortnite, CSGO, etc. And that's only scratching the surface on shooters since someone else can despise shooters but love RTS or fighting games. One of the main reasons why warframe struggles to attract pvpers is mainly the heavy PvE grind needed to get new gear to use for pvp. Add that to how pvpers seek challenge and you'll realize that having a pvp game tied to a mind numbing pve experience isn't a good recipy, since even if somehow you manage to create the best pvp ever you'll be pushing pvpers away by not giving them an alternative route to progress without going through the braindead pve. Yeah, but some might enjoy it and keep playing after getting everything, just like the small amount of players who keep playing conclave, lunaro, archwing, infested salvage, defection (trials back when these were still im game), etc after getting everything from them. Yeah, if you start seeing it that way, you realize that the whole game has been kept alive by dangling carrots on us, and we're used to it to the point of having players who run out of carrots and start complaining about it and claiming that the game will die and blahblahblah. You can be sure it wouldn't happen if the average warframe player saw fun as the reward instead of doing everything for cosmetics or gear. Because the average warfrane player has a completionist complex that triggers some ocd when there is something they can't get neither through pve or purchase that makes them "endure" whatever DE puts on the way as long as that means to get everything, and that's what DE has been exploiting all of this time, which gets quite noticeable on how often we get rewards locked behind layers upon layers of rng, with awfully low drop chances, or both. It indeed isn't one sided, should have made it more explicit instead of simply using "them" in the comment.
  2. ----Legacy----

    if stalker mode cannot be opt out.

    I don't know how many of them actually read comments before replying, and sadly even if they actually read our comments it doesn't necessarily mean that they understand them.
  3. ----Legacy----

    if stalker mode cannot be opt out.

    I'm not sure if you're misreading on purpose or if you actually have issues comprehending what you read. I know pvp players will play pvp for fun, there are already players with anywhere between 10K to over 100K even tough you could probably get every single conclave reward before reaching 2k kills. However, the reason why i'm pointing for rewards is not for the pvp players (who would probaly get them anyways), but as a way to encourage PvE players to opt-in the system in order to give it a try, get them, make an opinion about it, and then decide if tvey want to stay for the fun or opt-out. As it currently stands, you can see how plenty of players in this game have a straight anti-pvp mentality that not only wants to keep them away from pvp, but also makes them spread unjustified hate towards stuff they haven't even tried. I'll say it simple once again: i personally don't care if the mode was forced, however, i see how that upsets people who doesn't want pvp, so i agree with the need of making player stalker mode optional, but i also think that, since PvP players would most likely opt-in for fun, there should also be something to make PvE players not opt-out of it simply because it's a random pvp encounter "with no reason to play it" as you can be sure many will say if it has no rewards. You can already see how players stop actively doing ESO after maxing focus and getting all capturas, Khora, peculiar mods, and then leave it as a way to level up weapons when a new one pops up. You can also realize how many players claim that there's no reason to play arbitrations after getting all of its rewards, just like i'm sure you won't find many players doing defection or infested salvage other than for Harrow or Nidus parts before never going back there.
  4. ----Legacy----

    if stalker mode cannot be opt out.

    I enjoy pvp, hence i wouldn't mind to be forced to face a player stalker (despite not having a single min maxed build) and that's the only reason why i would be fine if the game mode got added without being optional. However, we're not talking about "my" opinion only, but about the one of a heavily PvE biased community, so in order to give random pvp encounters a chance while keeping them optional, i think it would at least require some kind of desirable reward in order to encourage (or straight up bait) more players to opt in to it. Just like in conclave, if it has rewards it becomes "you either play to get them or accept that you're not getting them", even if these are some dumb cosmetic rewards that don't affect gameplay (a stalker accllade, a badge, a sigil, the stalker helmet, shadow stalker skin for excalibur, etc. That's up to DE) and/or stuff that can be obtained somewhere else but making the mode slightly better for it (such as it kuva, relics, resources, whatever).
  5. ----Legacy----

    if stalker mode cannot be opt out.

    I love how you conveniently take my comment out of context. If you managed to comprehend what i'm trying to say, you'd find out that i'm actually trying to find a compromise for a way to let DE make it an optional system but still have a reason to be played without forcing it into anyone, and that the only reason why i said that i would be fine with the mode being forced, is because I personally don't have any kind of issue with facing another player and wouldn't see it as a big deal. But as you can see on previous comments, some of the players who refuse to play this mode, refuse to even give rewards to players who decide to opt in simply because these could end up being "opt-in or learn to live without them". I'd pretty much prefer the opt in system with rewards over a forced meaningless battle with a huge percentage of being against an opponent who simply won't fight backs or straight up quit the mission, alt+f4, plug the router, shut down his PC and cut the power wires to his house and bombard the power plants as soon as the lights flicker of that allows them to never face a player stalker. Now tell me, how is trying to find a middle ground more toxic than taking comments out of context in order to make a point?
  6. ----Legacy----

    if stalker mode cannot be opt out.

    I see that as a good enough reward when playing conclave since players there are playing because of their own decision, and the same apolies if i go to any other game. However, we're not talking about people who enjoys pvp but instead about a community heavily biased towards PvE that also despises any kind of challenge in "their" game, sometimes to the point of toxically spreading undeserved hate against any kind of player vs player interaction in it and trying to hold back the development and growth of the game they claim to love in order to make it remain as repetitive and boring as possible. I'd be fine with the game mode being forced and seeing endless complaints about it, however, i still think that if there's gonna be an opt-out system then players who opt in it should be rewarded for doing it since the rest simply doesn't want to bother with part of the content developed by DE. If opting in gives exclusive rewards, the deal is simple: you either opt in to get them or learn to live without them, but people shouldn't expect to be able of having their cake and eating it too, which in this case would be having a way to opt-out and still not miss out on anything for not playing part of the game.
  7. ----Legacy----

    if stalker mode cannot be opt out.

    You're taking it backwards, if it includes rewards, these have to be good in order to give players a reason to opt-in the mode. Otherwise there is no actual purpose for it.
  8. ----Legacy----

    If you force PVP Stalker onto us:

    I agree with the mode not being forced, but if that's gonna be the case, DE should give a very good reason (aka juicy rewards) for players to opt-in to the mode. You can't have your cake and eat it too.
  9. ----Legacy----

    if stalker mode cannot be opt out.

    Easy ways to encourage the community to opt in would be by adding leaderboards for both, the most successful player stalkers and the players who have repelled more player stalkers and let these leaderboards reset every single week. Give some useless cosmetic rewards to the top x, y and z% of the players (such as stalker helmet for the top 5% of stalkers, shadow stalker body as an excal skin to the top 10%, stalker themed armor for the top 20%, etc. + a badge similar to the skull badges but different depending of in what leaderboard the player got his place) plus something useful such as a forma cache and/or rivens for it. Another option could be just make players who opt-out of the system be unable to face any kind of random encounter (zanuka, G3, stalker) since their main flag of war is the hate towards their game being randomly disrupted even tough player stalker could end up being an even bigger joke than the AI one depending of the player using him. I don't see anything wrong with an opt-in system as long as there's also some encouragement (or straight up bait) to make players opt-in under their own will.
  10. ----Legacy----

    Lock Conclave Feedback to Typhoons

    Keep in mind: - the amount of forum accounts displayed doesn't relate to active forum members, it jiat shows the amount of players who have logged in to forums at least once. - the amount of players in the server was being used to prove that there is more than 20 people (there was a guy memeing around with that) - not every single player who likes conclave is part of the discord server due to plenty of different reasons. - these subforums are meant to improve the game mode while preventing pvp balance from mixing up with pve's lack of it. It's exactly the same as having ps4 and xb1 bug reports subforums since the ones found there will most likely be fixed on pc or straight up have bugs that don't appear for us.
  11. ----Legacy----

    Winter Solstice 2018!

    Why no Snowball Showdown again? It would be a nice thing to do either with friends or in public even if it had no rewards attached in order to prevent the cries of "I'm BeInG fOrCeD tO dO sOmEtHiNg I dOn'T lIkE tO gEt SoMeThInG i DoN't NeEd".
  12. ----Legacy----

    Lock Conclave Feedback to Typhoons

    There is a huge difference between "38 millions of registered players" and "38 millions of active players"; and i'm sure DE meant the former on the data you're using to make a point, which renders it completely moot.
  13. ----Legacy----

    Lock Conclave Feedback to Typhoons

    Not sure if or how could DE do it, but getting rid of the usual "DeLeTe CoNcLaVe" and "cOnClAvE iS tRaSh" that add nothing to feedback threads would be much appreciated.
  14. I was reading the community made conclave ability write up, and found out why Nezha has become such a common sight after the PvE rework: Blazing Chakram is a really easy to spam ability (25 cost) dealing 140 damage (100 on hit + 40 as damage over time) that knocks down, marks enemies and increases the damage they take for the next 10 seconds, AND can be used to reposition or straight up away. Really cheap since the 100 damage + knockdown is usually enough to make a player become a sitting duck (as every single knockdown does), and the damge increase makes them be finished even faster while they have no way to fight back. Proposed Changes: -Increase energy cost: make it cost 50 in order to put it in line with the rest of every other second power available in the game. If the point of the current energy value is to make it use 50 for the teleport, either remove the cost of teleporting or split the 50 cost at around 40 to cast and 10 to teleport to reduce how easily it can be spammed. -Reduce the damage on hit: 100 damage for 25 energy is simply too much, make it drop anywhere from 25 to 50 damage -Reduce the damage over time: 40 damage split in 4 ticks over 3 seconds is simply too much when put on top of 100 damage on hit. Aside from dropping the on hit damage, something like 40 damage (10 dmg/tick) would be way more reasonable. alternatively remove the damage on hit completely and make it deal 4 ticks of 15 damage each (60 damage) instead. -Remove the knockdown: Self explanatory, knockdowns are the equivalent of unplugging your brother's joystic from the console to prevent him from winning a match since there isn't much to do for their duration. -Remove damage vulnerability phase: Blazing Chakram has way too much going on for a spammable 25 energy power (high damage + damage over time + knockdown + damage vulnerability + optional teleport). If there will be no consistency in energy costs across all warframes, at least make the easily spammable abilities less of a deciding factor when it comes to pvp, otherwise it just becomes who can mash 1 (or in this case "2") faster to knockdown the enemy and kill him. Other possible fixes would be much appreciated.
  15. ----Legacy----

    Revenant and Garuda in conclave

    i guess we haven't gotten them yet simply because the devs can't figure out how to adapt their kits for pvp and the dev who made the amazing rebalances we had before is probably busy working on something else. hopefully they get to it at some point, even better if it's early 2019 since i already don't see them doing it this year.