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  1. I think it's fine that Primed Chamber has finally returned. The thing that makes me a bit mad is how when asked about it DE normally responded "we want to make it return at the right moment and in a meaningful way" or something like that only for it to end up being thrown in Baro's inventory. To me it looks like player count dropping is that "right moment" they claimed to be waiting for since recently they made another run of plague star and now the acolytes are running free again shortly after. The only reason why depleted reload exists is because somehow DE thought that adding a second bullet to Vectis' clip was a better buff than reload speed for its prime, but then when players complained about it their response was the addition of a bandaid mod as usual
  2. Huh... do you really think that DE catered to a single player even tough there is a loud group of players against any sort of improvement to pvp? People makimg posts showing their happiness for finally being able to obtain conclave rewards without playing conclave are also offering feedback that can affects DE's decisions. Given how the PvE community has been against conclave having any meaningful reward, DE went the way of cosmetics so pve players weren't missimg out on either power or progression, it's basically DE's attempt to prevent making PvE feel forced to get these rewards while still offering some sort of unique reward on itnto encourage people to play it. This added to the feedback mentioned in the previous paragraph made them decide against the use of universal medallions in the conclave syndicate. But hey! I guess that when people are self entitled to get rewards without climbing the wall locking them it's easier to blame that one dude on twitter for DE's decision than accepting how the entire PvE community brought this upon themselves by imposing limitations in the pvp reward structure to DE and being loudly vocal against any sort of improvement to conclave while constantly looking for ways to get its rewards but completely bypassing the mode. This community ain't ready for anything resembling a mild challenge and that's the reason why warframe is reaching the point of stagnation.
  3. Did you count how many people hated it? Was it a sizeable amount of the 50M registered players that DE likes to boast? Was it a sizeable amount of players from the 5M of registered players in the forums? Was it representative of the 400K players who follow the subreddit? Or were they just a handful of self entitled players going hardcore on the forums in order to appear to be a lot more than they actually are in order to prevent literally every other player who likes warframe but doesn't take part on any of these communities and perhaps not even in the game chats from having a chance to play something new that might have been quite fun? Playing it would be a lot better than being limited to "watch only", but we'll probably have to be happy with nothing but that thanks to people who hated on it. Also, you don't need to say "But wouldn't be so much fun if you are being invaded by a pro PvP Stalker I guess", instead you should say "I guess it wouldn't be so much fun if you are being invaded by someone that has a chance to beat you" which is the main reason why that group of people hated it. It's still really dumb since the biggest risk of being beaten by a stalker is getting downed and he moves away while the rest of the team revives the downed player. Meh, abandonement of content is a non arguement since they abandon all systems at some point anyways. Remember focus? The third orb in the Orb Vallis? Do you have any idea of why they had to increase the NW prestige ranks from 30 to 60? Wanna bet how long will liches remain untouched after getting to their first "good enough" state despite player feedback about them getting piled?
  4. Meh, the vocal people in this community hates on anything no matter if DE does it or not and it becomes specially notorious when DE adds something that mildly resembles challenge. The devs should know better when to listen to the playerbase and when to keep going on with their ideas so we (players) have an actual chance to play their content and not have it be saved just because a loud amount of players doesn't want it and they are unable to find a middle point. The vocal side of the wf community will ruin warframe and the devs won't do anything against it.
  5. What even is the point of developing a system with which players will have a really small chance to interact with? Stalker mode should be added to the game behind some progression walls and with some sort of opt-out system and that's it since based on what i've seen on streams not even the devs (and most partners) are good enough at their own game to make a threatening stalker, let alone a troll one. Also, why would they spend time on making 42 mix&mash frames when they could make a system for players to customize our own acolyte instead, and why should devs be encouraged to spend their work time playing this mode instead of working or why should they feel forced to play it on their free time when they might want to relax and get away from the wf unverse playing something else.
  6. Sure! However with the amount of partners hyping trials, DE's advertising, the amount of people praising servers like RSB and the overall negativity towards conclave it seems really odd that the player gap had been so small in that chart. And that's before we start analyzing what was actually being measured to get to that data since plenty of stuff can change depending of this info that isn't provided anywhere in the chart and none of the players quoting it has ever manage to provide either.
  7. Yeah, around 50 millions of registered players. However, a quick look at steamcharts shows that warframe's all time peak on steam was 131.2K players, and if you multiply that for 5 platforms and then (NSW, PS4, XB1, Steam, PC Standalone) you get 656K players and that's assuming that all platforms share a similar amount of players. I think it's worth noting that warframe's player count on steam is currently below half the all time peak (currently registering peaks of 60.890 active players and an average of 36.115 active players/hour) so even if we go just by the maths gotten from the all time peak we can say that warframe has around 1 million of active players (and that's being very generous) which added to the 50 millions of registered players says a lot about warframe's overall player retention capabilities and also says that using your "endless millions of registered players" to compare anything is straight lies.
  8. I was expecting this chart to be shown since it seems to be the only tool of PvE players against PvP despite being a 3 years and 5 months old poorly labeled pie chart. It's so poorly made that all it shows is percentages but offers no info about what was measured or how was that data taken other than when was this measure made. Do you know how was the data shown there taken? (Mission success screens, sessions created, player count, time spent by player, etc) because depending of that answer there's a lot of things that could completely change the way you see that outdated chart Did you expect people who enjoys conclave to stay silent when minor bugs that coould be fixed easily are still in the game after months of being reported? Should players show no concern over the content we enjoy and post nothing but "thanks" in patch notes so DE thinks that everything is perfect? Removing trials was justified by DE with the promise of a return. The thread you linked explains good enough why trials were removed and if you keep looking at the low maintenance that DE gives to conclave, you can easily see why it was kept despite the toxicity from trial players who in that same thread were trying to save trials by asking DE to remove conclave instead. If the measure had been 3 days during snowday showdown (for example) the conclave activity displayed there would have been a lot higher. would you still try to use *that* chart instead? If DE made another chart showing data taken during the deffection event, should it be used to claim that it's a really popular game mode until the end of times? stuff like that is why a single weekend says actually nothing.
  9. Got some proof? Well, it's more alive than trials.
  10. Where is the event hearts&arrows? It would be amazing to see it back for a neat change of pace.
  11. Do you realize the hipocrisy in your post? Good or bad are subjective things when it comes to activities, and just because YOU can't enjoy something doesn't mean it's bad. FLASH NEWS! Battle Royale isn't the only way to make PvP in shooters. Did you know that Arena Shooters exist and these are more similar to conclave than BR? That would apply if it was some sort of racing game, if you habe any experience in shooters you can be sure that good aim is much better than good at parkour (and most conclave regulars are really good at shooting down fast moving targets while moving at fast speed themselves). Do you even know the meaning of "judging"? Because you're judging OP in your post, specially on the next quote Do you even know the meaning of "hardcore"? As casual as PvE is, there are hardcore players who go on endless runs for countless hours, others that go hardcore on the math side of the game, others that go hardcore on learning the mechanical side of the game, just like others can go hardcore on PvP and play it a lot more than the mind numbing PvE. What fact? The only fact here is that warframe's mechanics are deep enough to make for an amazingly good hardcore game with a unique pvp, but its devs have also made the game so damn casual that its pve became a repetitive and mind numbing experience where there is no real need to ever learn those mechanics.
  12. Seriously? There is budget to put an ad in Times Square and to make contests that exclude a huge part of the playerbase like sending a tenno to the space or giving away custom "Prime" gaming platforms in a giveaway that excluded a huge portion of the plauervase just for not being born in the right countries, but you believe there is no budget to hire 1 person to work on PvP balance (like @[DE]joebuck used to do) as a priority and doing PvE related stuff while PvP balance is doing good? This is straight nonsense and relates more to PvE players always being content hungry than to lack of budget. If DE somehow managed to get 69000000 of employess you can be sure that PvE players would rage if 1 of them was dedicated to PvP because "it's slowing down the progress of PvE updates".
  13. As heartbroken as i am because of the fires, and despite how much i'd love to help somehow that isn't just sending money, there are other similar situations that require awareness too: > Chilean government is denying water to people and to nature itself since it has been sold by the state it to big corporations who take water right where it springs, leading to the devastation of many natural environments but noone seems to bat an eye about it. > This same government is currently violating human rights, abducting people and maiming anyone who dares to fight against this system, which has left over 200 people blind, 27 deaths, over 8800 innocent people in jail and hundreds of people burnt with caustic soda thrown by the police's water throwing tanks in their attempt to harm people which adds to the sheer amount of broken bones police brutality (which includes running over people with police cars and using grenade launchers straight to people's heads from really short ranges) used to discourage a social fight that has been going on for the last 3 months, but still nobody says anything to raise awareness about it. And those are only ongoing issues in Chile since i'm sure there are plenty of other countries with their own issues that aren't being covered by international media. So as much as i'd like to help lifting here, i'm part of a group of Tenno currently fighting on a different war. Hang on, tenno from invisible countries around the world!!!!
  14. Not really the intention, i meant that warframe as a game is far deeper than what any player ever needs to succeed in pve, reason why many players are just happy with learning the basics and call it a day. At least to me, warframe is like a really nice looking cake with plenty of decorations, but when you start slicing it then there was nothing but air under the cover other than a single edible piece of an unpopular flavor which makes most of the people be happy eating just its cover. Players not doing pvp for lack interest or even some other reasons makes sense too, however, as much as i respect the reasons why people like you decide to stay away from pvp i't would be neat if you also were able to respect the reason why other players play it and ask for the devs to work on it once in a while. 2 years? conclave was added back in U10 which happened in 2013 while the founders pack was still available for sale. kinda odd to see such an old player with this amount of misinformation. A straight lie? > Parkour system is exactly the same, so player movement options are exactly the same as well (feel free to show some video footage of something that can be done in one mode but no on the other if you're so sure of player movement being different). If you want to talk about actual differences, then feel free to talk about how PvP enemies can (and will) avoid being damaged, adapt and improve mid match without endlessly increasing our EHP while PvE will do conga lines towards your bullets no matter their level and their only way to become stronger is becoming able to absorb more and more bullets that eventually reach the point of insta killing the player out of nowhere. > Damage mechanics are exactly the same, the removal of crit procs makes sense unless you're okay on losing most encounters against another player with similar aiming capabilities to yours just because he gets crits more often than you while using exactly the same weapon. Status procs are still there under certain conditions and pure elemental weapons proc their status on hit unless it's toxin due to how powerful it is against the tenno faction. Weapon mechanical stats (recoil, reload, accuracy, fire rate) are the same as in PvE too, damage is balanced through a multiplier in order to keep most of the weapons with a similar IPS spread in both modes and mags are cut to avoid spray and pray. > Mods not being straight upgrades makes sense when the intention is to have players competing on an even ground, otherwise a single mod and even a single rank can make a huge difference in the outcome of a battle, which doesn't happen when mods provide an actual choice (PvE on the other hand has a set of "mandatory" mods for each weapon category and all a player needs to get the best out of a weapon is to look for its meta build on YT and copy it). > The only tweaks about their powers can eb a couple of additional mechanics (like iron skin's decay over time or Soul Punch knocking down the target instead of ragdolling him to the heavens), an effect change (like Silence disabling enemy powers within its radius and turning banshee into a nullifier or Shadows of the dead allowing the user and his team to bypass the respawn screen for a brief time) which are changes made in order to prevent abilities being either useless or OP while keeping them loyal to the frame's theme and mechanically consistent with pve. So as you can see, even tough one can't deny that there are indeed some changes between pve and pvp, these are not even close to "the 75% of the game" as you initially claimed.
  15. Why would anyone need to re-learn 75% of everything when the parkour system is exactly the same, the damage system is exactly the same, weapons are balanced around keeping the same mechanical feel to their PvE counterparts (when unmodded), and the biggest changes are the replacement of randomness from critical chance/damage with headshot damage multiplier and that it uses different mods to keep a semblant of balance while the modding system still works in the same way as in PvE. I'd say that the issue of many players is actually having to learn part of the game to succeed in conclave since there's no actual reason to learn about it in pve.
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