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  1. Man, DE has openly admitted to have spare manhours at times, take for example the time used to develop frame fighter which they openly admitted was completely made during those spare manhours. If they can develop something like frame fighter they can surely tweak the multipliers that cut PvE weapon damage for PvP. Btw, the delay on NW chapter2 is completely because DE wants a synchronized release for all platforms and the next console build, the one that most likely includes NW for them, is aimed to be sent to cert this week (not sure if it already was). It's really hypocrite from the warframe community to talk about low toxicity when players are getting harassed in game for stuff like using Limbo's skills, or how toxic does the anti pvp crowd become when someone asks for attention to Conclave/Lunaro.
  2. It doesn't even have to be a team 100% dedicated to conclave, even a couple of developers rebalancing existing stuff, talking about their plans for pvp (both around once a month) and regularly replying to the feedback given would be enough since PvP doesn't need a maintenance as intensive as PvE. But hey! I guess that's still too much to ask by the standards of people like you. It doesn't invalidate the fact that the PC release of nightwave is being delayed because of consoles. There is some pvp work being done between the lines, for example, the jupiter rework includes a new map, and some unbalanced gear was removed from conclave a few weeks ago, so it's safe to say it is not forgotten as you want to claim. Not really, most of the conclave players i've met are quite chill. Oddly enough the most toxic ones are PvE focused players who only want the rewards asap, will abuse whatever is the unbalanced weapon in the game and then complain because someone better destroyed them anyways. You're still making baseless claims since my experience is quite different from your speculation since i can consistently get full lobbies with different people rotating at around the daily reset However, stuff like the lack of matchfinding tools added to the playerbase being split into 2 "tiers" (RC on/off), 4 modes (FFA, TDM, CtC, Lunaro) and 6 regions (NA, SA, EU, RU, OCE, Asia) makes a total of 48 possible pools of players. So all it takes is to have all matches of the mode you choose, in the tier you play, in your region of choice, and within your ping threshold settings being at 8/8 players the moment you decide to play for conclave to look empty.
  3. That's exactly what many of us thought when DE announced getting warframe to consoles. "Why should our (PC) updates for them (console players)?" So I dont think that the delay argument holds any weight. Fun enough, your point falls tje moment you mention nightwave without keeping in mind that it's being delayed on PC because DE wants a synchronized update across all platforms. Yet the topic is currently leaning towards its effect on the whole game more than towards conclave (aside from your derailing posts) Null, toxic people will have a toxic attitude anywhere, no matter if it's in PvE, PvP or even solo gameplay. Warframe already has PvP so OP isn't wrong and you're just trying to send him/her somewhere else for showing interest in a part of the game you most likely dislike and refuse to let grow and develop. Really heart warming when it comes to members from the so called "most welcoming" community of gaming or something like that. As you can see, there is interest in PvP, but it could probably be much bigger if it wasn't because of people like you trying to shut down players interested in it and sending them away. Btw, care to back up your "not even 100 people" with some source? Otherwise you're just inventing data in your attempt to make a point.
  4. What's the need of sending players away? The game has PvP and there is no similar game for those who enjoy warframe's gameplay and want a PvP environment, so it makes sense to have people who want to focus on pvp more than in PvE. Warframe has both, PvE and PvP, you can simply ignore PvP if you don't want to play it, but there is no reason to remove content just because you and a handful of people says so. The thread contains feedback about why the overal game could benefit from giving some attention to PvP from time to time, so it makes sense to see it in general feedback instead of somewhere else.
  5. Just an irrational response to an irrational fear ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Simple: that's because it can't be beaten single handedly while playing semi afk. It's far too challenging even for those tenno who ask for challenging gameplay who are already a small bunch in a game where absolutely everything (but PvP) can be easily trivialized.
  7. Fair enough, i liked the whole answer but i'd like to focus on this paragraph mostly because i guess that we both (and most likely everyone else in this thread) know how comically long it can take for DE to go back into old content in order to update, rework or fix it. Other than that, i'm pretty sure that lack of information (aka "i didn't know it was wrong") has never been an acceptable answer when someone is caught in questionable actions. To be honest, it's possible for a squad of randoms to figure out they are doing fine and decide to go as far as possible with their current setups, so all it takes is one of them exploiting a bug and then the whole squad's score is wiped. They all got benefit from it after all. Add there that depending of how the script is written, all it would have taken is a single loki in the squad to make the entire run count as an exploit even if they never used SwitchTP. After all DE has a history of giving both, undeserved punishes and prices with rheir scripts (like a friend who got a primed noggle despite never buying a prime access, which given the requirements set to obtain them is an undeserved price, for example)
  8. It doesn't make the whole interaction any less dumb since you can still use a quick cast cheap cost ability to easily deal insane amounts of damage. The amount of orbs is just besides the point given that, unless there's a cap for the minimum amount of orbs, one could probably use negative strenght to focus more damage in less orbs. The scaling part of the ability doesn't scale with strength and that's also the part making most of the job after all. That's exactly why some clarification from DE regarding that interaction would be much appreciated. That's exactly the reason, the interaction being used is in a grey area until DE says something about it. It's more about the way the run was advertised than the time it took. Could you draw the line between "abuse" and "smart usage" without being biased while keeping in mind that some other stuff defended as "smart usage" has been deemed as "abuse" by DE? Yeah, they clearly underestimated their players and might even have overestimated their own game. Either way, the "this time without exploits" is, once again, in a grey area since they haven't said anything regarding the used interactions. That's exactly why i said "it seems unintended" and asked for clarification from DE about it in my first post here. If it's accepted by them, congrats to the players in question, otherwise it sucks but should have been kept in mind as a possible scenario.
  9. Hence you have as much way to know if its interaction with powers is intended or not. Oh, i'm sure the mod itself is not an exploit, otherwise it wouldn't even exist. However, things become blurry when the mod reads "on equip" yet can affect powers which don't require to be equipped to be used, which then becomes the core of the strategy used to reach the top. Tje thing is so dumb that if DE doesn't at least change this interaction, the same composition will most likely gonna be the meta of any event until they finally decide to put it a stop. I haven't seen many of that, but that's most likely because i rarely look for build videos and that kind of stuff. Could you share some examples? We have far too many tools for DE to check all of the possible interactions, so plenty of unintended uses can (and will) pop up and remain in a grey area until DE makes a statement about them. Also, this is an open forum, and as such we all are entitled to our opinion it's finally up to DE to choose between taking the opinion of players as feedback or just dismiss it when making the game. Sure! But an even playing field, a ruleset and judges able to enforce them are required when the game becomes competitive. There is a difference between playing with friends just for the sake of playing and playing in a league/tournament/whatever that involves a more serious level of competition. As a non biased member of Q, could you point the actual math involving weaknesses and resistances? Last time i checked demolysts (at least the satyr and moa) are weak against both, radiation (+25%) and electricity (+50%) making the damage get even higher with the smite + shock tropper combo.
  10. Vigorous swap reads "on equip" and i'm sure our powers aren't "equipped", just casted since these are always there available as long as there is energy. Also, they fixed "an inaccurate description" for Ambush, so Vigorous Swap remaining unchanged could have been just an oversight, hence still an exploit, reason why some clarification "from DE" about it would be much appreciated That's the point, if you add vigorous swap (+165% damage) to that equation you get [50dmg/orb × (1+1.65) = 132.5] dmg/orb from an enemy with only 100hp, and since these is all based on an scaling ability, 100 happens to be a convenient number since it means you're actually dealing 132.5% of enemy HP with a single orb, enough to insta kill anything regardless of its level for the cheap base cost of 25 energy. Kinda fun how you stopped before adding vigorous swap to the equation and conveniently omitted that the amount of orbs increases with power strenght, also increasing the chances of one-shotting whatever you're facing with a really spammable power. It's not about seeing them banned, i couldn't care less if they are not banned but it would be good to at least have an idea about stuff like the interactions they abused. It's about having fair competition when DE tries to encourage it and bot have every single event become "let's wait for the event to be about to close to make an endless run abusing [tactic] so DE can do nothing about it" Also this, in the OP it reads that exploiters will be prevented from scoring in the event, yet the players in question went to the top, got their scores wiped twice and are still allowed to make it to the top with questionable strats a third time, making DE's statements regarding clean competition like a cheap joke.
  11. Could there be some clarification regarding the last endurance run situation? At least imo, vigorous swap is a mod intended to buff weapon damage on swap, which can be quite useful with melee 3.0 stage one easy swap, so having it buff warframe powers seems to be an unintended behavior which was exploited to hell and back in the top score endurance run, but some people defend that interaction because of reasons (probably biased for being their clanmates). Also, the way it was done near the end of the event makes it look like they waited to see what was wiped and fixed and what wasn't before that run, most likely knowing about it (they are most likely used to enduranve runs and might know about other interactions that will be saved for any upcoming event) but never using it until the event was about to end for the sole purpose of having their score remain just because DE would have no time to hotfix this time. The forum post linking the video seemed more like a celebration of being able to beat not only the playerbase with this run, but also of beating DE for managing such a high score abusing an unintended interaction with not enough time for another fix. With that out of the way, it would be neat if you, the staff members, refrained from making future events end during weekends or mondays and/or closed leaderboards a couple of days before archiving scores in order to review the highest scores, judge if these are legit, and save the scores if these do or remove them if these don't and then archive a leaderboard free of exploited scores.
  12. @[DE]Helen does this update add new frames to conclave? Revenant and any of the newest frames haven't been rebalanced for it yet, so players like me who don't really like the mind numbing PvE but love the fast paced action from PvP have no reason to bother with getting new frames.
  13. You're right, i don't have an actual number of players other than the amount of members in the conclave discord which doesn't include all of the internstional players nor the Asian conclave community which has large PvP clans like Oriente Asteri (CNC), Path of the Beast (Korean clan) amongst others; let alone of veterans since for that we'd first have to agree on what makes someone a Conclave veteran (perhaps far easier to agree than for a PvE veterancy measure, though). No, people straight up say "don't play conclave" or "why are you aying this" to new players, laughs at them for asking in the game's chat, spams downvotes on anything conclave related on reddit to reduce its visibility, etc. Here's a quick example of what i found and you can be sure it's not the only one since it also happens on forums. On a sidenote, there used to be a "Conclave players helping players" subforums which got removed because PvE players would jump in there tossing "don't play it" answers at anyone who dared looking for help on how to improve and pvp, and these would usually overshadow the PvP players who actually wanted to help. It is until you start asking for PvP or decide to play Limbo. Kudos to you, but it doesn't remove the amount of players who say that to others in reddit, discord, forums, social media (FB/Twitter/etc). Bonus points for those who say it without ever having touched the mode and repeat it because that's what [Playername] (veteran, youtuber, streamer, friend, whatever) said and they'll repeat it like parrots. There is no way to support DE and say "i want this money to be used on [X] content", otherwise you'd probably have a point with this statement since many conclave focused players i know buy PA to not bother with the relic grind and buy plat to get new weapons (granted, i know only a limited amount of them, however it's not rare to find players using prime gear right on release or Prime accessories in conclave)
  14. Even conclave veterans have given up on providing feedback or even stopped playing since DE doesn't do anything to address issues that exist ever since RC was implemented (such as a forced graduation to actually keep new players away from squatters afraid to rank up), balance issues created before the release of PoE (with the sniper rework) and became deeper with 2018's PvE rebalance since given the way conclave is balanced (weapons are mechanically the same, have a dmg multiplier, reduced mags and no crit/status chance) some fine tuned weapons became really powerful and DE hasn't gone back to fix them. Add there that any single time a new player legitimately asks for PvP he's usually swarmed by "don't play it" comments; partners teaching how to exploit it while also telling that it's bad and nobody should bother with it; people on forums randomly calling for its removal; people with a similar stance in the warframe discord and RSB where most newbies are lead. Then you'll realize that it's an uphill battle of a few against "the most welcoming" and "the best" community of gaming which suddenly doesn't look neither so good nor so welcoming.
  15. Other than the long discontinued Arcane Helmets, some scindo skins and fragor brokk that can alter stats, care to elaborate on how do skins impact gameplay if these are nothing but cosmetics, and don't modify weapon functionality nor power? Never played The Division tbh, so i have no idea of what are you talking about so i'd appreciate some further elaboration here too since this statement feels disconnected from the one following it. At least in PvP players tend to target stronger players first in order to keep them out of the match as much as possible, otherwise they can usually roam around the map taking down anyone even if they are at a point where most players would start runing away. Or Phorid, however, that's an issue with the mentality of doing nothing but whatever takes the least possible effort in order to achieve X thing asap that warframe encourages (aka play efficient). Same reason why people would add those on their 1hour no life support to the friends list and get 2 weekly elites with similar goals in a single run; same mentality that made Xini an exp lootcave that got replaced by Draco (played normally with 360° 50mts radius auto turret of death Mesa and greedy pull Mag spam, both nerfed because of it even tough only one change was actually needed) and now makes Hydron the most active node and usually has either Saryn, Equinox or Volt to destroy everything on a single button press. You missed the point in the rush to paraphrase. You were making a slippery slope about toxicity and now hide behind your lack of experience in it. Btw, 9 kills (kudos for no deaths) is something that can easily be achieved in less than 5 minutes of a match, which is usually not enough time to get an actual idea about how does something play and it shows that you either went and squashed some newbies in RC (newbies pool) or as an old player played in 1.0 which was completely different. About availability of matches, it varies depending of the timezone time of the day, region settings, ping setting and gamemode, and even tough my experience is quite different and i have found players anytime i queue i to conclave, i won't deny that those are too many variables to track (thanks DE for the RNG matchmaking system) It is. People like you tell DE to not improve PvP or any sort of competition, and usually tell players who are interested in PvP to not bother with it too just because of reasons, preventing the growth of a healthy pvp playerbase and giving DE less reasons to care about it. It's because a huge part of the playerbase can't be bothered with anything that requires learning the game's fundamentals and can't be beaten by mashing a single button (or sequence depending of the frame) without the meta build shown on YT since all that matters is arsenal stats. Not trying to sell it as a success, just looking for DE to work on it since it's part of the game, perhaps the only one where players can improve endlessly and make actual use of the mechanics they've developed. Meh, players of different skills will always exist and you never know when you'll become the wolf until a sheep arises and becomes an even bigger wolf and starts eating you, which is far more thrilling than killing enemies who make conga lines for you to get them all with a single bullet (assuming PunchThrough) Either way, i guess Teshin's quote "The Lotus seduced the Tenno. Led them on a complacent path like oxen." Is far more meta than expected and these forums are a big proof of that. On a sidenote, really liking the way you nitpicked from the original post instead of addressing as much as possible (or perhaps it simply wasn't possible, gonna leave the benefit of doubt there)
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