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  1. Sure Footed and its primed version should only protect us against knockdowns inflicted by enemies. Self knockdown is the only thing that *tries* to balance aoe weapons after self damage was removed, however it fails in such task simply because prime sure footed exists and negates its impact, leading to the current mindless aoe fiesta with no drawbacks.
  2. When will old events like Hearts & Arrows, Snowday Showdown, and Quick Steel be brought back? Can we get Opticor Variant back as well? Also, can you remove Telos Boltace from conclave? It's been bugged for almost 2 years (reported right as the bug appeared) and is still being abused since it can remove most counterplay options.
  3. So you propose to solve the problem by allowing the mode to be entirely bypassed instead of asking for DE to solve the lack of attention to the mode, you know, the actual problem 🤔 Did you already get it but can't use it because of a bug or something? In that case you might want to talk to support instead since otherwise talking about something you want but can't get shows that your only motivation to make this post is a huge sense of self entitlement, which gets even more noticeable since your whole argument boils down to demeaning players from the conclave community while parroting the usual reddit/GD memes.
  4. Unless DE gave us some way to level them up ourselves, mod them, or at least get rid of them without selling, i guess they are ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Yeah, and that's exactly why i said that this is actually besides the point when i first mentioned it. Yeah, still one that, imo (once again) doesn't make sense since DE should somehow encourage us to fight higher level liches regardless of what we want to obtain from them. I wouldn't mind either tbh. In fact, i'm fine with anything to rank them up as long as it involves playing the game. That sounds much better than option A ("Set the health as if it was converted at level 5 for all liches") from OP.
  5. I don't see it as "punishing players for converting low level liches", more like rewarding people who take on a high level one and decide to convert amd give up their weapon. I'm sure i said something along those lines above. It would be nice as a way to encourage people seeking to maximize weapon elemental bonus to stab instead of going for low low level liches, it would even make the vanquish/convert decision get some more meaning since we would be choosing between sparing powerful companions or taking their weapons. However, i see nothing about it in the OP and all i see is a request to magically rank them up to lvl5 regardless of their level during the showdown, which doesn't make any sense imo. People interested only in trading (usually for the ephemeras) have no drawback on it either. Hell, people who just wants their ephemeras will get them regardless of their choice during the showdown so they can legit have their cake and eat it too.
  6. Yeah, you got "lucky" (was it really good luck?), hit the jackpot and got all 3 requiem mods on the first stab. Your choice may not have been to fight a lvl1 lich, it was on converting it despite its low level. Yeah, however, i still see no reason why people who refuse to fight high level liches should be rewarded with a strong companion if they decide to convert a low level one. It may not be your case since you got lucky, but i don't see why DE should add an exception to the game for people who gets all 3 requiem mods right on the first stab, especially keeping in mind that some people go as far as leaving lobbies (and putting the rest of the squad in host migration when they are hosting, i have no idea if this actually works but could be easily abused to fight only Lvl1 liches) in an attempt to keep their lich at the lowest possible level. Exactly my point. Unlike prime parts (your example), liches aren't required for anything (hence the false equivalence on your post)
  7. I still fail to see any reason (that isn't self entitlement) why a player who goes to showdown mission against a lvl1 personal enemy should get a lich (or sister) as powerful as someone who fights theirs at lvl5. If something, keeping in mind the amount of people refusing to stab their liches to fight them in the lowest possible level, it makes sense for low level liches to be weaker than higher level ones. It's an option, one that you decided to take on your own. Also, you got a nice false equivalent there since liches aren't required to craft anything unlike bronze prime parts.
  8. Yeah, the point remains since their level doesn't affect their weapon in any way (i'd kinda like it if liches/sisters ranking up gave their elemental damage bonus some minor buffs to encourage stabbing, but that is actually besides the point) Why would you convert it and expect it to be as strong as a R5 lich in the first place. Converting would make sense if the lich had at least have something worth trading or a high rank on top of a high elemental bonus.
  9. I was referring to weapon, ephemera and hound. When it comes to health pool you get what you converted ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Yeah, and then you'll get a lich with stats that reflect the highest level it reached. If you want them to rank up you can force them to do it by leaving at least 1 empty requiem mod slot. Also, it's not a punishment, you get to have an easier time against it during the showdown mission and your rewards are same regardless of its level. If you want a companion lich with rank 5 stats why would you even convert one of a lower level to begin with. Vanquish weak liches sounds like a better idea unless you want them for trading, in which case their level doesn't even matter.
  11. Why? If you refuse to stab your lich to prevent it from ranking up (or belong to that group of people who quit as soon as they find out their requiem mod order is still wrong despite already knowing all 3 of them in order to fight a low level one) then it makes sense for your lich/sister to have stats that reflect its low level. You either let your lich/sister rank up and fight it to get a strong companion or fight a weak lich and get stuck to it; fighting a low level one and having it magically become level 5 after converting it is simply having your cake and eating it too. Sounds good, just let their base stats reflect the rank at which they were converted.
  12. Warframe is a game about sci-fi ninjas in space, if you want a mind numbing experience, go play cookie clicker. Perhaps any barbie dress up game if you're looking for fashion. PvP was added on Update 10, core mechanics (like parkour) were reworked much later so it's hard to believe that "pvp was added as an afterthought". It's a small community split across many player pools and no easy way to browse them to find other players, of course finding lobbies can be hard, especially when people are still abusing the flawed matchmaking system as advertised by Porphi. Once again, bad is subjective. Ehh, the self entitled players are those who want the rewards without ever playing the mode. It has been proven by DE since it's one of the few things were they haven't bent over backwards to appease people who want the mode removed to get access to a handful of outdated skins. And yes, useless. Unlike trials, conclave doesn't reward any stat boosting gear (mods enabled for PvE can be obtained from NW), nor mastery (no exclusive weapons, unlike other syndicates, and frames that can be obtained through other means anyways); not even evergreen resource rewards. It literally offers just a few cosmetics and that's simply because PvE players were against conclave offering anything actually good since otherwise they would feel """forced""" to play it and DE bent over backwards to cater to those complaints
  13. That's entirely subjective and, unlike warframes, players interested in these modes wouldn't be able to do it until they unlock the gear for these (Archwings and K-drives) There are, there's plenty of threads explaining what could be done to improve it in several areas. A narrow minded hivemind community saying otherwise just because they enjoy content that can be beaten by mindlessly mashing 1234EEEEE1234EEEE... while watching movies is an entirely different thing. Not sure if you had noticed, but conclave's core is literally the same core of warframe gameplay. Both PvE and PvP share the same mechanics and the main difference between them is balance. Once again, that's subjective. As you can see, there is a community of players who already like warframe vs warframe combat; If you disagree, that's fine unless you're legit going out of your way to remove our fun in order to add a bad mode just because you and a bunch of self entitled players want access to a few useless cosmetics that you don't need anyways.
  14. Dude, you come here talking about hiveminds while legit parroting the usual GD and reddit nonsense. Your lack of self awarenesss and huge self entitlement are showing.
  15. Because it tells them the truth about how bad they actually are at the game. *Bullet jumps away*
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