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  1. In the name of Teshin, I hereby declare you a "Forum Tryhard". I hope you wear this label with proud since you fit it quite well. And here comes the buzzword "Veteran", a pointless title that's usually achieved by proving to have lots of experience in a specific area. Making this word appear is weird since it's commonly used as a "better than you" argument, and even more since right after using it you complain of your "achievements" being handwaved for stuff really easy to boost. It's quite weird to see you lord that you are "by al merits a veteran" after how long you've tried to c
  2. What if they have fun from speedrunning relic runs to get rewards as quickly as possible? Different people tend to have fun in different ways, but that concept seems to be a bit too hard for you to grasp.
  3. Thanks for demonstrating that your entire point is built around projecting your own personal issues in your conterpart, starting from the negative petception of "casual" even though during the whole thread you -just like most casual players tend to do- refer to those of us who enjoy challenge as "tryhards" as some sort of insult. Btw, what even is the point of lording pseudo-achievements to back up your point, even more pointless to talk about the time in the game since even in mission time can be boosted by going afk on a relay or dojo; lore can be easily understood by digging a bit over
  4. In a looter shooter with a heavily reward-driven community, adding no rewards is a quick way to make such content labeled as "pointless". DE also has tried the cosmetic rewards approach, but their "get and forget" nature makes people stop playing the content right after getting the rewards.
  5. Fixed that for you. Do you really want to go the psychology route? Because objectively, it seems more like casuals just want easy victories to make up for their irl failings in an attempt to get quick ego boosts that make them forget their low self-esteems for a short time. You're just trying to project your own issues on your counterpart and using that to make your point (yes, the fetish parts included since these may be just a part of yourself that you refuse to accept and explore)
  6. So, will you now actually reply to the couple of posts i did above which were both entirely nitpicked? or did those just take down every single one of your points entirely and left you unable to say anything that isn't repeating exactly the same post over and over again?
  7. Seriously? At this point you're only bypassing the discussion and playing deaf to the points made by the other side when you fail to discuss them in order to keep repeating yourself instead of, you know, having an actual discussion.
  8. Oh, so not happy with cherrypicking, you start repeating yourself while entirely omitting that the exact same comment from which you nitpicked a quote replies to the things you've reposted in this one.
  9. You're the one making it shallow, most likely because going a bit deeper than what you're trying to stay takes it down quite easily. And it doesn't matter if it's a petition, feedback or discussion post, that won't change that you're trying to keep the narrative as shallow as possible and then trying to move it somewhere else (like the kind of post) in your attempt to shoehorn a moot point. A narrative that tells just half of the story and perhaps even less. Because OP is asking for something that isn't in the game? Not sure if you read the original post or if you managed to u
  10. They want to keep the game alive, but if they stop releasing PvE content their PvE playerbase will stop coming back. I guess that's a lot more likely than "picking a lane and deciding to stay in it" Six lines that show that they still support pvp and prove that it requires a lot less maintenance than PvE. Now if DE fixed the actual bugs affecting conclave balance and made a couple of minor improvements, you can be sure that not even a single line dedicated to conclave fixes would be needed for a long time. They removed solar rails because these used PvE's lack of balance and du
  11. How is that even relevant? That proves that the devs are enslaved creating new PvE content to keep the game alive while PvP still manages to have a playerbase despite getting no new content in years. And i say enslaved because I'm sure that if PvE stops getting updates then warframe goes the way of the dodo, just like it already starts happening when the wait between 2 updates gets too long and people here start crying that there is nothing to do, while pvp manages to keep players despite having nearly to no maintenance. Can you see now why "ThEy Do NoThInG fOr CoNcLaVe" is just a mo
  12. Will you really keep repeating that same statement over and over again while disregarding all of the other things -like survival and defense missions- that haven't been touched in years as well?
  13. Nah, they better remove any possible access to the cosmetics as well. If conclave got deleted there's no reason for any trace of it, like skins created in an attempt to show support to it, to remain available any further. That's exactly what they did with sekharas once trials were removed after all, and i'm sure people who doesn't care about conclave wouldn't mind seeing them gone either.
  14. Because you're encouraging such behavior. How is "it's only illegal if you get caught" not advice in favor of rulebreaking? Why so defensive? 👀
  15. Doing something illegal only increases the odds of being caught at it (not doing it reduces them to 0%). Since you advice in favor of activities that are known to be against the rules and punished by DE, would you take any responsibility if OP gets caught and loses his account? (if yes, then how?)
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