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  1. Is there one? As pointed before, stalker mode has been developed 2 years ago. On the other hand: - revenant and none of the frames released after him have been rebalanced for conclave - there's quite a lot of feedback regarding balance issues that have been in the game ever since PoE release (sniper rework) and got bigger after DE's big PvE balance pass but hasn't been addressed in all of this time. - the closest to a dev response in the subforums have been from moderators locking threads (either with or without a comment explaining why) since noones seems to be at that office and it seems like that subforums is so far from DE's sight that it's the go-to place for PvE players to toss their usual "warframe is pve, go play something else", "remove conclave", "waste of resources", "all pvp players are toxic" and all of their nonsense in order to prevent the devs from tweaking a few numbers and balance it. And despite being neglected by the devs and trashed by the vocal side of the community for a really long time, conclave still manages to keep a loyal playerbase that doesn't jump at DE's throat screaming "content drought" 2 weeks after a big update.
  2. ----Legacy----

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions Report!

    Iirc, mods have (had?) contact with the staff member at charge of the bot and can suggest words to be filtered. It's not "direct" control over the bot but it still wad open to manipulation. They are trusted by DE after all. But i guess it is right for moderators to make use of their permissions to effectively chase others out of chat simply because they don't like the use of certain words to the point where even linking [kinetic syphon trap] and naming any warframe in the same sentence can get you a temporal ban. Your point goes both ways, and when people start deciding to disablw region chat to avoid dealing with an overzealous moderation you can tell there's something wrong. There were nearly no rules back then, so there was no real "DE's vision of how they want their chat to run", and that's why some mods were doing whatever they wanted and DE didn't bat an eye until enough people started voicing our opinions about that situation. And even then DE keeps failing to actually address the real issue. It also works both ways: that you find something offensive doesn't mean it's actually offensive. People can get offended by really small things nowadays, and as much as i agree with moderation being needed to prevent offensive topics/words/slurs/whatever in chat, the chat overseers (kockbot and moderators) should try to keep a neutral environment instead of relaxing too much with offensive people or being overprotective of those who get offended easily. Thing's aren't black and white, and that's where your whole argument falls apart.
  3. ----Legacy----

    Why is it mandatory to modify my game ID?

    What was your previous ID? If it was changed then it most likely included some offensive word, being this the most common reason for it.
  4. ----Legacy----

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions Report!

    That moment when this issue wouldn't have started if certain mods had been neutral and acted as actual moderators instead of trying to push their own agenda on the community while taunting players for it. That moment when all of this drama could have been stopped long ago or even avoided with an effort as small as simply removing problematic people from their volunteer role. As much as i love warframe and want to support DE, i'm really disappointed about how despite taking measures to fix the issue, they still fail to address the elephant in the room.
  5. ----Legacy----

    Coming Soon: Devstream #123!

    Will Hildryn be usable for conclave on release? It's been way too much time since the last time we got a warframe there, for instance, neither Revenant, Garuda or Baruuk have been added to conclave despite the first one being around 5 months old in the game.
  6. ----Legacy----

    Warframe Prime Time #234: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    Can we have some news about the sentient arm cannons teased back at PaxEast 2016? Also, what's up with prime vault packs in steam? I can't find them anywhere in the store and i like to use steam to keep track of my purchases and to get chromes for trading.
  7. ----Legacy----

    Coming Soon: Devstream #123!

    What's the state of the sentient arm cannons shown back at Pax East 2016? You know what i'm talking about:
  8. ----Legacy----

    The Prime Vault is Open!

    I can't seem to find the packs on steam yet. When will these be available there?
  9. ----Legacy----

    Stalker mode ideas

    Not trying to make anyone look bad, just pointing why i think it's good to have pvp exclusive things Also, cosmetic rewards aren't mandatory since these won't affect your gameplay and won't hold your progression back in any way. Fun is subjective, if you aren't having fun but still want to force yourself through an experience you dislike or straight up hate in order to get something in a game, then i guess you should take a look at your priorities. And that would be a good thing, i even pointed that i would see no harm on making rewards that affect gameplay or progression tradeable to avoid locking players who hate pvp away from these rewards. So? Players who care more about "fashionframe" than actual playable content, they are on their own since, as pointed many times above, cosmetic rewards don't affect gameplay nor progression in any way, so it makes sense to keep them exclusive.
  10. ----Legacy----

    Stalker mode ideas

    Ehhh, i think it's an awful bait since most of the conclave mods can be obtained from either conculysts or battalysts. And thats exactly why you refuse to let PvP have exclusive rewards. As much as i understand the need to avoid something you hate (no matter the reason) i think that most of the comments asking for PvP having no exclusive rewards show how immature can the warframe community get to be and how spoiled has it been by DE since they bend to these arguments anyways.
  11. ----Legacy----

    Stalker mode ideas

    When you have people using Against anything PvP related, you can be sure it is hard to create pvp content without baiting players to at least give it a try.
  12. ----Legacy----

    Stalker mode ideas

    Not sure if you aren't following the context or haven't noticed the contradicition you have just made. If those rewards aren't exclusive, then there's no much reason to opt in even if you want them, so it's basically the same as if those rewards weren't offered for facing a player stalker in the first place since you could still opt-out and get them, so you are actually against a premise as simple as "opt-in if you want rewards, or stay opted-out if you don't care about them".
  13. ----Legacy----

    Stalker mode ideas

    I know, just used them as examples of how reward driven are most of the warframe players. I don't see how failing a mission could be something awful enough to completely avoid a gamemode, but if that's your only reason to avoid them, that's on your own. Yeah, mostly players who haven't gotten all of their rewards, are farming focus, or go there to level up gear. ESO/SO is still an affinity lootcave, so thanks for proving my point. Congrats! But as you pointed, you're a particular case, it doesn't remove the players who want more than 90 slots nor the ones complaining because riven mods aren't as common as listed in the drop tables. There is nothing wrong with locking rewards behind PvP to encourage people to play it, however, i think the biggest issue here are self-entitled players who want access to absolutely everything in the game without ever playing certain parts of it. The premise is quite simple: -Want the rewards? Then opt in and get them. -Don't want the rewards? Then their existance isn't an issue and you can stay opted out for as long as you want.
  14. ----Legacy----

    Remember Revenant had a sword...

    At this point it feels like melee 3.0 is coming only after Half Life 3 is released.
  15. ----Legacy----

    Stalker mode ideas

    The thing is, we aren't talking about a community that will go out of their way to play nearly anything in warframe just because fun is the reward, but about players who simply will never give a try to content if it doesn't have appealing rewards. You can see, for example, how sorties popularity comes mainly from them being the only source of rivens (along some specific alerts) and legendary cores; how the only reason to play arbitrations is to get its rng rewards and vitus essence which, afaik,currently has no use other than buying rewards from the hexis dude; how ESO/SO simply get forgotten after getting all of their rewards (which include focus). Sure, weapons, mods and bps are a one time reward, however, they could always make the mode drop resources (endo and credits included) and perhaps even have downed tenno drop a unique resource (like, idk... Oro) which can be used to either craft and research unique stuff or simply as a substitute for crafting resources of certain BPs.