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  1. ----Legacy----

    What do the conclave devs do now?

    Does conclave even have its own devs? Last time i checked [DE]Joebuck was at charge of conclave and was doing a really good job with its balance... but then he got put to work on dual wielding glaives, so he's probably behind things such as melee 3.0 and dual wielding single handed melee as well. Hopefully some resources get directed to rebalancing conclave after fortuna is released since balance has started going downhill after PoE and the massive PvE weapon and warframe reworks have been released.
  2. ----Legacy----

    Increasing the amount of Players on Conclave game modes

    Even tough I agree with most conclave veterans being really nice, we can't deny the existence of a few rotten apples like the ones i've mentioned above. Players who, albeit experienced and skilled, are selfish enough to turn any lobby in a really miserable experience for everyone by bringing whatever is their most op loadout and use it agains everyone else just because someone made something they didn't like and made them upset. To make things worst these guys also mock those less experienced players for being unable to fight back. I've been told to kms too and it's usually players in the high numbers of MR with a low kill count or in the low syndicate rankings who say it to others. Basically PvE veterans who think to be skilled just because they can wreck sorties and ESO with their meme strike + blood rush + primed reach polearm/whip and expect it to work the same wonders in PvP (and funnily enough it works until they leave recruit conditioning and they get faced with a real test to their skills)
  3. ----Legacy----

    Increasing the amount of Players on Conclave game modes

    Even tough most experienced players have a sense of sportmanship and a respectable attitude, there are are also a few pricks who won't doubt to ruin a lobby for everyone just because someone else killed them a couple of times more than what they expected and get upset to the point of teaming up against clearly less experienced players using strategies that offer no room for counterplay andmakibg us leave the game completely discouraged with scores like 0/0/30. We both know who are some of these awfully toxic pseudo skilled players, abd i'm sure you've seen how one of them is constantly bragging about his scores in conclave and his screenshots usually show the same combo in the background with a list filled by names of newcomers. Hell, we even talked about them and lddly enough i found out that one of them is a member of your clan so i'm not sure about tve kind of people is being accepted there since the only other 2 players from said clan that i've gotten to talk to seem to be a diametral opposites to this one (i've even seen Todd being killed a lot in a match simply because he stops playing to give advice to new players and someone else takes the opportunities and he still doesn't care about that enough to bring out unbalanced gear or combos).
  4. ----Legacy----

    Tweaking conclave into a "proper" arena shooter

    The pick up system is dumb, it would be really annoying to go with an AR, engage in combat and suddenly see it replaced by a bow just because in an attempt to dodge enemy fire i managed to touch the bow spawn. This system works in shooters where players can store many different weapons and swap according to the environment, warframe allows this customization with the loadout system that supports only three weapons (primary, secondary, melee) and allows us to swap on respawn. Syndicate effects? So i guess people will love dying to a random syndicate aoe burst just because the guy who picked up a synoid gammacor got some kills with it, filled the enthropy meter which killed anyone around. Part of the balancing factor of abilities comes from being able to identify what are the other players using in order to adapt to their loadout and play around them. With the proposed system you are straight up removing such capability. Also even if you "balance" all warframes by normalizing EHP and mobility, abilities still need to be rebalanced or reworked in order to fit a pvp environment to avoid frustrating situations. With both things in mind, imagine shooting at an ivara and suddenly your warframe falls asleep because she had mesmer skin enabled, granting a free kill to anyone who sees you in such situation. Your proposal also adds a lot of work to the art team since powers making use of warframe models (iron skin, chaos, blade storm, effigy, decoy, etc) would need to be adapted to use every single warframe model instead. Fun enough, balance is mostly fine, it was degraded by pve changes (sniper changes on PoE plus primary and secondary rebalance at the start of this year) but still mostly fine barring a few outliers. DE could make it so new players have their starter loadout equipped for conclave by default and call it a day. I'd argue instead for DE allowing players to equip anything in conclave regardless of MR locks, etc. In order to get mastery from them these should still be unlocked in pve, but mastery would be pointless to pvp players if MR and grind restrictions were removed for this mode only. About the bolded sentence, the luck factor should play a role as small as possible in pvp games. -------- My biggest gripe with this system is that it removes a core part of warframe from its pvp that is customization, and that's in both, ability to pick weapons you're comfortable with and ability to customize the way your weapons work in order to make them fit your own style.
  5. ----Legacy----

    PVP is Fine! it needs no change!

    Conclave is more like an unadvertised spicy dish in the menu of an italian restaurant called warframe. Some customers love the mix of italian base with the restaurant's unique spicy touch and go for it every single time; some others want to make the dish change to fit their own taste even if it means to turn it into just another generic cheeseburger that can be found anywhere else; the owners don't advertise the dish, but they also refuse to listen to those with ideas to improve it further without making it lose the identity that chefs seem to be trying to give it; this is all happening while a big part of the current customers talk shi about this dish even without ever having taken a bite of it and do their best to prevent others from tasting it as well while a big part of the small amount of customers who enjoy it is getting tired with all, customers dissing on something we enjoy, those trying to tirn the dish into an entiry new thibg that can be found everywhere, and owners who refuse to dedicate at least a single chef to work in improvements needed to make this dish even better and more appealing to brand new customers who might enjoy this dish more than anything else in the menu.
  6. ----Legacy----

    Just Remove Current Conclave + Frame Fighter ft. Lunaro (w/ Suggestions)

    @Teridax68 Let it go, fam. No matter how many different ways i use to read some replies to you, I still fail to see the toxicity in them. I think it's even funnier to see someone like you victmizing himselff and calling others toxic after coming to forums advocating for the removal of the fun of others (which in itself is a toxic attitude) while also trying to come off as someone with a higher moral grounds than everyone else in here.
  7. ----Legacy----

    Make PVP Great Again

    Still funny since if servers were hosted with DE's resources, players would still complain because pvp got them and pve does not. Having players to host servers for pvp seems like a good enough of a compromise if DE doesn't want to upset the hardcore anti-pvp crowd which os also really vocal about their beliefs. Lmao, there's no comparison between a pirate a server and one hosted by a player using tools provided by DE themselves for such purpose. To be fair, there's no such thing as a "dedicated conclave dev team committed to PvP-only updates" the most we have is someone tweaking multipliers to balance different weapons which is probably done in their free time. Hell, there's a lot of valuable feedback regarding the current state of balance in conclave and all we have gotten is more PvE reworks breaking the balance of PvP. Hell, for the first time in a long time a new warframe was released without being enabled for pvp since it most likely hasn't been rebalanced for it yet due to the lack of a PvP dedicated dev team.
  8. ----Legacy----

    Make PVP Great Again

    That complain is kinda funny since we, PC players, have had access to community hosted servers for nearly 2 years nlw and some of them are twice as fast (or even more) than those of games like Overwatch. Also, seeing the quality of DE's dedicated servers hosting dojo/relays i get actually happy of pvp servers being hosted by players instead.
  9. ----Legacy----

    Warframe pvp

    It has nothing to do with mastery, so you can easily find players MR25 playing against MR0 with nothing but their melee of choice in the tutorial in RC lobbies. The "graduation thing" is just a small tickbox that reads "recruit conditioning [on/off]" and can be disabled by players below syndicate rank 2 at any time and disappears after reaching syndicate rank 3 leaving RC: OFF as the only choice. The issue with the graduation being treated like that is, as pointed before, players can simply choose not to rank up regardless of their kill count, which allows them to get certain amount of experience and skill enough to ruin the fun of new players and artificially increase the skill floor required to get into pvp. This also leads to players to disable the RC tickbox looking for more fair matches, which eventually puts them against the actually skilled players... I guess there's no need to explain how it follows. The mobility system is a huge factor for some older players to enjoy warframe pvp, however, it seems not to be the selling point for the generation of gamers nowadays. Just take a look at games like Quake (most of quake pro players are old by now, and QChampions is currently struggling to create and mantain a playerbase despite being slower than previous quake games and having powers that can help to move the balance in battles), Toxikk (low population) or Lawbreakers (which straight up failed because of the lack of interest despite being a really neat concept). Add there that warframe players, despite saying otherwise, seem to hate challenge or anything that requires a little bit of thinking in order to success. remember the old nightmare missions with friendly fire? these were easily completed, even in public lobbies, as long as one of your teammates didn't decide to start mindlessly nuking the whole map with teammates and objectives included (the trolling potential was nothing but an excuse since all you needed was to spot the troll and then keep him isolated, thing that also required a little bit of thinking or skill) About turning PvP into a different standalone game, i don't think it's needed since, if DE suddenly decides to pay to another studio and put conclave in their hands in order to let players progress mainly through pvp if they choose to do so, actual fixes to balance, etc. I guess they could do exactly the same with no need of making conclave into another game. Also no matter how players paint it, in order for conclave to get the improvements it needs all DE can do is to put some resources in there, either by actually dedicating part of their current staff to it (currently they only do some minor number tweaking once in a while, si i guess that saying "conclave has a dedicated team" is an exaggeration) or by giving money to another studio so they can work in it without taking away from the current staff. Oddly enough, no matter what they do, the playerbase will still complain because PvP is getting some attention and some would most likely start asking for other content (like trials) to get a similar treatment.
  10. ----Legacy----

    Warframe pvp

    You're welcome, and thanks to you as well for remaining civil. Quoting yourself wasn't needed since it looks like we both agree on that point, even tough we have different experiences with pvp. I didn't check your profile in game, i was talking mainly based on what i've seen since any time i see people complaining about conclave, i check their profiles only to see the same repeating patterns, which paired with their comments says enough about those player's reasons to think the way they do. The skill floor isn't even that high, and there's currently a place for players new to the conclave to learn the ropes fighting against others in their same situation. I'd say that the biggest issue with this separation is having an optional graduation, which can be easily abused by players in fear of facing experienced players but who also want to show a high KD ratio in their profiles. that's exactly one of the main reasons why it would stop being fun, if i wanted to play a pvp game with no mobility, i'd probably be somewhere else, but I'm sticking to the conclave because the mobility system stands out from other games and makes it unique. The only way i'd see a fututre for pvp is if DE gave some more tools to have an easier time finding matches and allowed it to have its own progression apart from pve. I've met some players who are really skilled and want to give conclave a try, but get discouraged and leave warframe once they notice the huge grind that they will have to do in pve if they want access to other stuff in pvp. The current system is actually kicking away the players who get to warframe interested mainly in the conclave, preventing any possibility of healthy growth for the pvp community.
  11. ----Legacy----

    Make PVP Great Again

    and none of them offers the freedom of movement from warframe. I can agree with this, but imo, the main issue is that warframe has no need of mechanical progression to survive in pve, which turns even a small skill floor (like the one from Recruit Conditioning matches) too much of a gap for the average warframe player.
  12. ----Legacy----

    Warframe pvp

    Wait, so are you telling me that players actually come to a sci-fi game advertised with the motto "ninjas play free" expecting to play it without making use of the parkour system?
  13. ----Legacy----

    Warframe pvp

    There are already community hosted dedicated servers, and even tough some of them are of a rather questionable quality, some others are twice faster than those of PvP games like overwatch, fast enough to provide a smooth experience even while playing with over 250ms of ping. I guess the logical step to follow would be allowing us to choose which servers to prioritize, ignore, or straight up let us browse servers and see ongoing matches to join, which would later be adapted to PvE if properly done. care to explain the slippery slope you're thinking about when talking about this? If it's because of toxicity, it already exists in PvE, and the main source of it in PvP are, fun enough, the players who don't care about it but want to get the conclave rewards asap with the smallest effort possible. If it's because of the rewards, these are just some weapon skins with no actual value other than the awful fashionframe meme. If it's in terms of getting quests from teshin, none of the syndicate quests (barring revenant's miniquest) has required reaching certain rank in the syndicate to be played, so it's not like DE would tell us "we're releasing a brand new frame that can only be unlocked through a quest obtained from Teshin for the price of 132k standing" On the other hand, pvp offers endless replayability value for really low investment, so even if you decide to play nothing but private lobbies with friends in order to have fun, you're already making use of it.
  14. ----Legacy----

    New Strata Relay, What gives?

    Actually, adding content to something after its availabilty is over, making that new content unavailable for everyone doesn't make any sense. What would happen if suddenly DE adds a brand new founder exclusive in the future? The thing is, it's not an item in the game, it's just having your name somewhere in the game, thing that is accomplished as long as DE puts your nick anywhere, it doesn't have to be in a visible place or somewhere invasive, reason why i think that adding a memorial similar to that showing the names of DE staff members in cetus makes more sense than an ugly scrolling list. It's a new relay that looks different to the other ones, so it doesn't need to have exactly the same things as the old ones even if it fills the same purpose. In the same way as you don't see problem in having the list, i don't see problem on not having it there since as long as the rest of the relays get to keep it, you still have a place where to go to see that scrolling list and wait for your name to appear in it.
  15. I hope she's based in a western saloon can can girl