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  1. I want to play snowday showdown again, perhaps a free for all version of it with water ballons on summer instead of dog days or something. You seem to be the one missing the point since matchmaking should be the thing that prevents putting someone learning to kick a ball against a pro football player. There's a reason why sport leagues have different separations depending of each team's levels and those are also spread by age ranges, but it doesn't happen in warframe because conclave's progression system doesn't relate to skill in any way.
  2. well, it's still universal for the pve syndicates so the name isn't really a good point.
  3. dude, PvE players claiming to be forced to get the conclave skins are just like a vegan claiming to be forced to go to McDonalds in order to get a T-Shirt with its logo: They want the thing because they like how it looks but despise the thing it represents regardless. why would anyone want to walk around showing off the logo of something they actually hate in the first place?
  4. What's the difference? They want it lit permanently in order to stop playing conclave, so i'm sure that DE agreeing with this request won't make them play pvp either.
  5. That makes it more of a reason to keep it as a reward for conclave players to show off some commitment. There's nothing else to show anyways since skins and sigils are already get and forget rewards.
  6. These are Universal in what concerns PvE syndicates. DE has shown to be against letting players completely bypass content many times, so that adds to why these are bad in concept. Hema isn't even that powerful (or people would be even crazier for being "forced" to buy it with plat, this playerbase loves that buzzword), conclave rewards don't even offer statistic advantages or mastery, these are just cosmetics in the same way as the old skull badges or the Quantum Badge from Tethra's doom where not having them won't affect your progression or power in any way. I'd step aside from the entitlement discussion, one could easily argue about your post being backwards and DE having to choose between pleasing old players or the self entitled newbies. Specially when the discussion involves some cosmetics and tries to compare them with actual gear to make a point despite no comparison being possible between them.
  7. Did you really read all of the comments? A few pages back another PvP player explains how he's all in for a reduction to the grind, but also says how the negativity of PvE players towards conclave over the years makes him agree with DE. I think it's only fair for PvP players to have something unique that can't be obtained through mind numbing PvE gameplay when people actively discourages new players from trying conclave, spread misinformation about it, and try to make whatever it takes to prevent DE from working on it (this includes derailing well made feedback topics) On a sidenote, the whole "no gameplay-impacting rewards from conclave" was proposed by PvE players back in the days and DE listened (i see no PvP player going for that guy's head, that would be unreasonable), which is probably the reason why it's also the only syndicate that, unlike all of the syndicates that accept universal medallions, doesn't have a weapon set tied to it. I guess "who sows the wind reaps the whirlwind Typhoon" fits perfectly here (it even uses the name of some conclave syndicate ranks). PS: Universal medallions are a mistake as concept imo.
  8. They shouldn't let those medallions be accepted by Teshin, they need to respect the people who grinded for the skins initially and keep the conclave rewards as hard to get as it was for people like me who them through legit PvP gameplay.
  9. Never said "get rid of them", just keep them only for the 6 main syndicates or at least keep the syndicayes that require some additional activities (such as K-Drive racing or playing against other players) out of them. Adding Vent Kids to them means that the only reason to run K-Drive races would be ranking them all up for mastery, everything else can be farmed through universal medallions and it's known that there is no actual reason to ever touch a K-Drive after getting the first set of archwings (and even less after getting Itzal) since these are much faster and K-Drives can only be used on open worlds. Similar thing with conclave which relies on having other players to play, isn't worth playing to progress anywhere else (since it has no valuable rewards) and doesn't even have its own medallions (that have been requested since 2015 and perhaps even before), which means that conclave will get some work on something that doesn't benefit its already small playerbase in any way since the new UI in the conclave syndicate will be for an item available only from PvE, and even worse, instead of finding a way to encourage PvP gameplay it only removes the only reason why a PvE player would ever play PvP which has also been addressed by @[DE]Steve Imo, allowing people to get PvP standing through PvE gameplay is just a really cheap bandaid since it doesn't make anything to fix the mess created by neglecting it (the first part of this post elaborates a bit about it). Also, seeing how Steve uses the buzzword "forced" in that tweet shows how even tough exclusive rewards used to be fine for years as long as these were just cosmetic stuff, people claiming to be forced onto something to get gear that doesn't provide stats boosts or mastery is a legit way to break DE's hands and make them give in to that kind of request which is probably the reason why Zylok was an event reward that returned through baro even tough its name in the game files is literally "ConclaveLeverGun" and conclave never got its own syndicate weapon. Oh! And adding conclave to Universal Medallions makes nothing to make players have an easier time finding each other in conclave, if something, it doesn't even fix the matchmaking exploit used and spreaded by Porphi and a chat mod who changed his name shortly after the video was unlisted (but it's still there) used to get their rewards and got away with it even tough other partners have been banned for doing similar stuff. As someone who has been invested into conclave, sees no challenge in PvE, bit enjoys having a place where knowing and using wf's mechanics in depth, i could probably go on and on about why this is just a dumb movement that DE should reconsider since it's straight up bad for parts of the game's content.
  10. This is an unpopular opinion but, would it be possible to keep the universal syndicate medallion to work only on the 6 main syndicates? Expanding them to the rest of the syndicates will achieve nothing but to kill parts of the content that DE has fought so long to prevent from getting trivialized, for example, there will be no reason to run K-Drive races since players will be able to stock up on medallions and give them to rank up, just like it will allow players to rank up through conclave and get access to its rewards without ever playing it, which will only achieve its playerbase to drop even further which is concerning. I'd like to quote an old Tweet by @[DE]Pablo : This movement goes completely against that statement and makes nothing to improve the experience of an already neglected part of the community, making it feel more like yet another kick in the teeth of those of us who enjoy PvP and regularly have to deal with the toxicity of the PvE playerbase towards the content we enjoy.
  11. I do, i care about the mode, and can beat any ignis user coming my way. People being unable to aim at an enemy should not be a reason for DE to give in to the playerbase's homungous sense of self entitlement. Playing K-drive races, playing conclave, scanning simaris targets or just scanning whatever gets in the way. If you're getting burnt out on hydron instead of playing the whole game and getting your rep maxed passively it's a you issue, but i see no reason for DE to add even more stuff to passive gameplay and specially now that disruption nodes will be the go-to place for a while.
  12. This is an awful idea. I get the need to make those usable in the 6 main syndicates, but after this change goes live there will be no actual reason to ever scan simaris targets, run K-drive races or play conclave since their rewards will become available through passive gameplay. I mean, there used to be a war against letting people trivialize already existing content and now you suddenly make a 180° that allows players to obtain gear and rewards from the aforementioned syndicates without actually playing their activities. I hope this is reconsidered and the universal syndicate stays as a token for the 6 main ones only.
  13. Is there any reason to bother with getting him? Don't take me wrong, i love looking at all of these new amazing frames, but as someone who enjoys warframe's mechanical aspect i rarely play its PvE, and having no new frame and weapons rebalanced for conclave means no reason to bother with getting them either by farming them in game or through a platinum purchase no matter how much i might want to support its devs. On a sidenote, any word about a conclave rebalance or about the match browser mentioned 2 years ago by @[DE]Steve that still hasn't been added to the game?
  14. Fair enough, i liked the whole answer but i'd like to focus on this paragraph mostly because i guess that we both (and most likely everyone else in this thread) know how comically long it can take for DE to go back into old content in order to update, rework or fix it. Other than that, i'm pretty sure that lack of information (aka "i didn't know it was wrong") has never been an acceptable answer when someone is caught in questionable actions. To be honest, it's possible for a squad of randoms to figure out they are doing fine and decide to go as far as possible with their current setups, so all it takes is one of them exploiting a bug and then the whole squad's score is wiped. They all got benefit from it after all. Add there that depending of how the script is written, all it would have taken is a single loki in the squad to make the entire run count as an exploit even if they never used SwitchTP. After all DE has a history of giving both, undeserved punishes and prices with rheir scripts (like a friend who got a primed noggle despite never buying a prime access, which given the requirements set to obtain them is an undeserved price, for example)
  15. It doesn't make the whole interaction any less dumb since you can still use a quick cast cheap cost ability to easily deal insane amounts of damage. The amount of orbs is just besides the point given that, unless there's a cap for the minimum amount of orbs, one could probably use negative strenght to focus more damage in less orbs. The scaling part of the ability doesn't scale with strength and that's also the part making most of the job after all. That's exactly why some clarification from DE regarding that interaction would be much appreciated. That's exactly the reason, the interaction being used is in a grey area until DE says something about it. It's more about the way the run was advertised than the time it took. Could you draw the line between "abuse" and "smart usage" without being biased while keeping in mind that some other stuff defended as "smart usage" has been deemed as "abuse" by DE? Yeah, they clearly underestimated their players and might even have overestimated their own game. Either way, the "this time without exploits" is, once again, in a grey area since they haven't said anything regarding the used interactions. That's exactly why i said "it seems unintended" and asked for clarification from DE about it in my first post here. If it's accepted by them, congrats to the players in question, otherwise it sucks but should have been kept in mind as a possible scenario.
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