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  1. I wonder if that's why we have a small but awfully loud amount of players constantly S#&$ting on conclave, usually without ever giving it a try first. Not gonna deny the amount of players interested in pvp may not be huge (specially keeping in mind the toxicity of PvE players towards us and how diliginetly are some of the PvE players to shut down any minor attempt to bring attention to PvP), but seeing threads like this shows that there is indeed an interest for PvP in warframe regardless of how many people actually play it atm. There are players who engage on it,
  2. The odd thing about this statement is how most of the new PvE content nearly always seems to bring more complaints from the greatest number of players than satisfaction ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Forums are a place for discussion, if you dislike that then you're probably looking for an echo chamber... like reddit.
  4. Earlier this year conclave got a couple of new maps that look similar to the gas city rework, however none of these maps is available in the map selection UI between matches, reason why the only way to play on them is starting a session and being randomly put on them. Btw, one of said maps looks quite similar to Core, but it's also different enough to feel like a completely different map, so keeping both (probably as "Core" and "Core 2.0" would be much appreciated. Finally, i've seen my boyfriend play conclave and customize his gear, which led me to figure out that several warframe h
  5. Anyone who has decided to keep up with conclave can easily confirm that post. There is nobody working on pvp balance so far, proof of it is how DE had decided to remove all new weapons that "slip into it" (the words used when something gets removed already say a lot) instead of rebalancing them for the mode to let them stay. Back in the day, @[DE]joebuckused to be focused on conclave related stuff (he even made a roadmap thread for it), he had a very good sense of balance and was an amazing person to have doing that. He eventually got moved to work on core mechanics (he's the one
  6. I was talking about allowing us to trade our conclave standing for Steel Essence so pvp players get access to a wider variety of rewards with no need of additional effort on DE's end. That's mainly in response to the common request of adding conclave rewards to the steel path, which in practice achieves the same as letting us trade Steel Essence for conclave standing (which i assume is what you've just pointed you'd love)
  7. Grinding with a friend in a poorly populated zone to get easy standing from daily tasks isn't what i'd call "climbing the conclave", which also happens to be reflected in the profile stats of most players doing this request. Make conclave standing be tradeable for steel essence at a decently efficient rate while at it so the change goes both ways.
  8. Could you point in a teddy bear where did an evil conclave player hurt you?
  9. Do you realize that the meme you use to make a point was born from how warframe's gameplay is so easy and mindnumbing that its endgame is in the appearance customization screen? Btw, your double standard is lovely.
  10. If the issue is tying it to the game's economy somehow, Teshin should literally sell stuff like orokin catalysts, reactors again (like he used to do before PvE players cried for PvP rewards being too good), forma blueprints and all the frames and weapons available in it even if it's in the shape of blueprints and premade parts (or the resources to craft them if you want to add another timegate) since that's basically all the stuff a player may ever need to access for pvp since currently warframe's mindnumbing PvE is the only way to get most of the content enabled for pvp. Also, if
  11. Fair enough, better modes would do a lot to improve the pvp side of warframe. Same for a full balance pass to the gear available on it and some matchmaking tools. You're not being asked to take off an arm to turn on the lights either. You're literally being told that if you play the game you get the flames and that's as hard to understand as it gets. Odd, that's the only thing i see from pve players who want the syandana permanently lit "it's crap, but i grinded (once) for it so it's my crap and i want it on fire regardless of what people who enjoy the mode want" Some o
  12. I can't understand the people who despises conclave but still wants cosmetics displaying its logo as a a way to show support for it. If people want to have the conclave syandana and keep it lit, why not just play conclave instead of complaining just like any normal person would do? There would be more players so more chances to both, find matches and have these against players of a similar skill since conclave veterans would be a lot more dilluted between the active lobbies anyways.
  13. Not really the intention, i meant that warframe as a game is far deeper than what any player ever needs to succeed in pve, reason why many players are just happy with learning the basics and call it a day. At least to me, warframe is like a really nice looking cake with plenty of decorations, but when you start slicing it then there was nothing but air under the cover other than a single edible piece of an unpopular flavor which makes most of the people be happy eating just its cover. Players not doing pvp for lack interest or even some other reasons makes sense too, however,
  14. Don't forget that people like you still cry over Universal Medallions because these are just that: a "workaround" to get conclave standing for those who dislike pvp.
  15. Conclave players are currently a small amount when compared to the rest of the active playerbase, and having them spread across 2 matchmaking pools (RC on/off) 4 game modes (FFA, TDM, CtC, Unaro) and 6 regions (EU, RU, NA, SA, OCE, Asia) can make it a bit hard to find matches sometimes, so conclave matchmaking should prioritize ping to active lobbies (first to servers, then to other peers) instead of region setting to make finding matches easier. The reasoning: As it currently stands, there are are [6 regions × 4 game modes × 2 player pools] = 48 different possible pools of players (
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