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  1. It really depends on the weapon and the level of power creep it introduces. Gram vs Gram Prime is such a vast difference that even 1.5 vs 0.5 won't make that difference up. But then again base Gram is incredibly weak and Gram Prime overpowers all the other Heavy Blades quite significantly. A little elss so since U26 which brought them closer together but its still qutie significantly ahead. But how does that work with for example the Bazza, since we will get it in about a week. Baza is already up there as a weapon. Its not a an ancient bottom of the barrel weapon like base Gram. It mgiht not be the very top but its fiarly wellb budgeted as a weapon. How far higher can you push that weapon without introducing significant power creep? Imagine it gets like 5% crit and status and like 20% more base dmg just as an example. Now the weapon starts being quite popular because thats already fairly strogn as the base is laready a pretty good weapon. DIspo is adjusted to 0.5 for the prime and base sits at the 1.0 it currently has. This disposition difference is already capable of nullifiying the difference between the 2 versions in this particular example. With an especially good roll the base version should even come out ahead. Now its no guarantee that Baza Prime will drop to 0.5 dispo. There is no guarantee it will be only buffed by 5% CC/SC and 20% base dmg. It might be more, it mgiht be less. But regardless its a fragile point int he system. DE needs to constantly check if a Prime is good enough to not lose against a rivened base variant. They also should not mercilessly powercreep the game to run away from strong high dispo base weapons, especially sicne we already have no content to match the current powerlevel we have. Its a huge additional balancing act and it can twist either weapon power level or riven power levels in weird ways and we'll have to see if thats worth what we're gaining out of it.
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