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  1. Saryn + Octava just to have some music,as you cant use your Shawzin
  2. was more over the fact that last 2 letters weren't bold
  4. .-. just saying, chinaframe had a primed streamline. Aside that, you need to learn a little about formatting
  5. I don't think we should, at least yet, asusme that Umbra where made prior Primes. So far the only Umbra is a custom version, the prime one could have been made at same time, from all we know( I don't remenber having a timeline, but i can be slight wrong) This was somewhat what happened to Revenant. I don't think hat the original one had all the light show that the current eidolon-radiated one has.
  6. well, aside the bugs, thats a 'normal' Warframe experience. I got mine in 7 runs, but spent almost the same time as you trying to get Atlas
  7. :X Wish list? domestik bundle, to have some life in my ship Or Nidus deluxe bundle, just because the Kubrow skin can't be brought separated :X
  8. the chance of a good gimmick can help it. Or a different damage distribuition, or a different direction for the build, like status instead of crit. Its possible to have a increased in dps (making it worth as a prime upgrade) with some small changes. opticor vandal was a good starting example of how DE should start thinking about vaiants of weapons
  9. I think one of the best way to at least make the riven market better is to make us 'sacrifice' the mods with the status we want to have in the riven, so no more rng. then maybe make then a little rarer i necessary
  10. holy molly, the changes aren't even out yet and you already think that the dispo will make the normal ones vastly beter than primes
  11. so, its enough to affect the dps? because if the variant its still higher, that should be the right thng
  12. or you should be less dependant on then, as hey are doing what they aways stated tha will do, balance the rivens.Also, unless the prime dispo change soon, the riven isn't wasted.
  13. not really if we remember that prime dispo was affected by base one. With this change there is a great chance that they will became at least on par in riven+ weapon power
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