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  1. of course '-' with all that overpower you are sugering they to be
  2. Sugestion, make immolation increase the passive range, and if you overheat it enters in a small CD. Less punishing but still a good management
  3. hey, if they make that they can't use rivens, it would even the field
  4. So... you guys are gonna add Edxilus for weapons, good and all, but you know what would be good? Make the Augmens system somewhat similar to the Arcane ones. Put then in the abilities screen, 3 levels requiring 10 ''fragments'' of the augment. This would at least let us use the unused ones easily
  5. I know Ember needs some ove and all...but its just me that feel weird how most of the caster-like frames have an damage redution mechanic? Also, can Frost be the next n the line of reworks?
  6. Its just me, or Atlas Prime looks like Shredder from TMNT
  7. can we have more alt helmets :x no just the tennogen ones?
  8. I kjnow Empyrean/duviri/new war are requiring a huge part of the work right now, but seriously, we need balance updates sooner or later. Things like underpowered mods,number of mod and slots, difficult and scalling, older and underused frames kits and weapons, companions etc...
  9. The biggest problem is that we don't have space, so unless the augment is Op (chromatic blade) or way to essential (despoil) we can really make a sace for then. Now that the Abilities have a better window, way not make then like Arcanes. All of then have 3 levels, so they can have the same leveling sistem.
  10. Can Umbra receive a crotch buff then? its way weird as how flat it is, when with his scarfs he has some volume there (for some reason), even if it is invisible.
  11. I think this is a form of referencing the loose canon with all players being the main character so far
  12. So, no one talks ho buttlerflies seen to be the only other thing in the place, the 'past' operator dissolves in butterflies, etc
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