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  1. technically new war is already happening thought
  2. I would call saryn OP, but even miasma-spamming ones don't do much in higher level after corrosive changes. I tried one time my build that dominates ESO, most of the time didn't had time to build spores but o low to mid level ones it can be frustrating
  3. doesn't one of the Guys in the Index summons then too
  4. being able to choose the rank of a maxed mod is one of the things that I wish more than ''end game''' or they just add the china primed streamline
  5. they will touch it, sure but i kind doubt iy will became popular with how hard is to keep a sentinel functional at higher levels
  6. just a correction, when an ally kills, its 75% of the XP shared by all your gear. That is why is better to go pybs with only the thing you want to level
  7. Baro is aways 1 new thing so eople doesn't complain too much if they miss somethng
  8. if it would be like moas, would be bad why moas don''t gain hp/shield lebveling DE?
  9. I think that the problem is that DE didn't expect us to stay floatin and not finish the mission, as corpus space section is smaller that Grinner
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