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  1. well, they asked to the community to create Xaku's kit, so I wonder why you are surprised when it has nothing to do with Helminth
  2. 1. ANd that is a bad thing because? another Orb Vallis of emptyness would be way worse 2. they are way better than the other ones, the grinner one is one of the best bounties so far 3. Mausoleon? 4. Thats explain. And have you really played Rail at lauch? 5. Looks like you didn't look the clock, and doesn't understand how a game is worked. Its not only the computer, there is a lot more that they can't work at home.
  3. Was thinking that maybe modding it to double dip necra weaknes (rad+blast) could work, not the best choice, but a starting one, like Lanka for the eido.
  4. I've seen some people saying that Stropha works well because its shockwave PT, so does arca works too?
  5. Or they could just move the augments to the helminth room too, if it can give frames new skills, why no modify existing ones
  6. Just forget about vallis and PoE for a while, the enemies in those areas are way thougher that their levels indicate
  7. well, one slot for every 2 room levels or something would be cool, but mostly players seens to think that that will break most of the frames, when, maybe 10% or less, that already are op, could became broken
  8. most of the frames hardly run one augment, I think only nekros commonly run 2 Also, maybe would be an incentive to DE work on the useless/underpowered ones and/or frames than have to use then as a clutch
  9. Basically. Change then from being mods to something to be used in the helminth room. Still having ranks and all, being able to put more than one, or all, or maybe a certain level of ranks of augments, etc. If the room can add and remove skills, why not modify existing ones?
  10. And I don't mean increasing the number in all frames,but increasing how fast the ''1.0'' is. I think making the new ''1.0'' be around 15%~20% faster than the current one is a good number
  11. when nova with her Molecular prime lauched, it kind created a bar that, or they need to keep all future frames worse, or way better than her at CCing. And to this day, Molecular rime still is one of the most op skill in the game
  12. Grendel already is one of the least popular frames as he is behind the arbitrations. Also, no, steel path shluld not be a mode for you get ''more power''
  13. I don't think I spent any plat on rivens .-. so, dunno about you, but I was never scammed
  14. not a DE fault, technically. Everyone where complaining about bramma for so long
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