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  1. SP Fissures would hurt a lot newish players, also, I don't think they would make it drop more/better things Invasions need a full rework, as right now it isn'r worth most of the time SP already has the sortie modifier,also, unless they give more/better rewards, people would not stick to it i don't think medallions would be affected by SP modifiers, as sculptures aren't, so it won't help much
  2. because '' muh speshial becawe i grindeed'', but serious, DE creates an event to stress test something, i would obvious lead to an easier way to get it funny that when bonewidow lauched i had everything that i just went to get the bps, and as was going to be away at the weekind, i didn't felt the time it took to make it
  3. not all related, but that reminds me that I was asking myself why Nullifier stops necramech powers, if they aren't affected by warframe powers, why things that affect it works on then too
  4. the credits reward is just for it be here, like all the gift of the lotus alerts 1 catalyst is okay, is just seens less because we don't have incentive to do more of invasions, years ago it would not take months to one of then be ready
  5. I don't mind that when leveling, but i can see it being kind bad when you maxed everything
  6. viral+ slash + heat but its more about the other statuses being weak, it still is better than before
  7. as someone with almost 5K hours: thats a terrible ideia what would happens with weapons that can reach over 100% in either ?
  8. oh well, gonna try this year. My wishlist: Any of the winter gliph or skin packs Ash Koga (just the skin) Chroma dynasty collection Forma pack riven slots
  9. that is one of the reasons to care about this mod, unless they do a glaive-level rework for normal bows
  10. just 2 seconds is such a small time frame, also, while i not sure because how fast it is, we lose all stacks at same time. Should not it be 1 stack each 2 secs? maybe 10 secs (berserk, the closest thing I can think lasts over 20) Dunno, something. For a mod that was to help bows, it doesn't do much if your name isn't mutualist cernos
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