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  1. It keep following your kubrow/kavat, or looking to the fish you have on your aquarium, also, if you have the non-matured ones, it would carry it around like when we capture an animal. Not sure if it would be good if it could do it with the matured ones.
  2. danm, how many edge kids are in this game? All I want, and I am sure that is what the operators want, is an answer. Then we can act in accord. But, my grain of salt: Granny is something worse than granda, and that means that lothus will have to do a xanatos or even a thanatos gambit(the last one would be awesome punch in the gut for the edge kids) to ensure the saffety of hers children.
  3. I just wish his skills worked differentely iside his globe, like avalanche became a snowstorm that strips armor, icy wave used the globe area, etc
  4. because they really aren't ''set'' like we see on some other games. they are just dual status mods with a esotheric way to level the gimmick status. what would make then feel more like a set would be extra bonuses with certain number of set pieces( Umbral have it, sorta) lets take hunter one for example: with 2/6 > bonus: your companion heals for each enemy bleeding (1 for each tick or something) 4/6 > bonus : your companion have a guaranted slash proc on attacks 5/6 > bonus : after x slash procs death, your companion instantly revives. full set bonus: enemies killed by procs give aditional loot.
  5. and still I have seen posts of mesas being one shot with shatter shield active. Or the fact that people still uses mostly tank frames on arbitrations. And yeah, but this would need a really long work, so something like that in the mean time could be feasible.
  6. sooo... what Ember sacrifices and what she gains? Or what about the fact that each frame have a diferent base stat, and that the mods use percentages? its not like every frame would have valkyr levels of armor, or frost in shields(no that shields are that good, but that another can). Not every frame can tank enought to use adaptation, or a good energy pool for QT. Yeah, some frames would be stronger, but maybe it would also help to see the ones that are way weaker. But we have detriment. no tank frame can do the same levels of damage with skills. The inverse is kind of true in some cases, but thats is because another can of worms, like easy acess of energy.
  7. care to explain how? because right now, most of the frames that can, just mod for theirs powers.
  8. Do you guys think that would work if we modded warframe powers and 'bodies' separately? And please, something better that just ''you have to choose...'' because its not like every frame have same base stats or a scape tool(looking at ember). How it would work? 1 aura for both of then, not each. the exilus would be the augment on the powers one.
  9. I just wish that frost( and most of the frames actually) had oberon levels of usage of skills in tandem
  10. can we stop with the derrailment of the post? we were talking about the sentinels roamming
  11. M.O.A.s Should roam too, even when unnequiped :x
  12. it won' be that hard if it is where a frame drop.
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