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  1. It depends if you were given the "founding warlord" rank or only "warlord" rank in your clan. If you are the founding warlord you will have all the abilities of the owner, if not, you will not be able to demote and kick other warlords or edit their ranks. But you will be able to upload a new emblem, rename clan etc even if you are not the "founding warlord". Same for alliance if your clan is the owner of the alliance.
  2. C'est bien comme cela que ça fonctionne, mais ce qui est un peu controversé c'est que le réactions sont toutes sauf le "haha" positives alors que ce dernier et la majorité du temps utilisée de manière péjorative. Mais au final ça n'a pas vraiment d'incidence sur ton activité forum que tu aies pas assez de messages sauf peut être au début si tu abordes des sujets que ça contredirait, ce genre de choses là... Après y a les modérateurs et les gens de DE qui ont des titres et des avatar custom et aussi une réputation pas cohérente vu le nombre de réactions sur les posts des updates etc.
  3. I sometimes got the same issue in open worlds and more often when I died and revived in eidolon hunts and I wasn't host. My abilities like chroma vex armor where dislayed on my HUD as if I had no mods, but my allies were seeing it normal and I believe that the buff was working correctly for it strength as if mods were working even if it wasn't displayed correctly. Only the duration displayed was effective and lower than it should have been. I beleive it's a client side bug, something seems sometimes to go wrong in open worlds when host send/receive datas to/from other players in squad like a packet loss that isn't handled correctly.
  4. Did you met cheaters recently on warframe ? I never really saw one in PVE (but players with macros), I only saw some in conclave a while ago but then DE banned them and fixed it. Is there any reason to cheat in a PVE, in warframe ? I don't see any cheating problems in warframe so... Anyway they don't ban players who use third party programs, they ban players who use third party programs that interacts with warframe datas like all cheat engines do. (If that wasn't the case things like discord overlay would be bannable)
  5. I hope so but since DEs don't say clearly what they want to do with it and don't really seam to know what to do, I am a bit afraid of what they will do with it. I don't want to lose Vauban's spirit. That's why I'm giving some ideas even if that maybe not enough.
  6. This, I agree, you did a great job to try to preserve what's Vauban and give him more power that's an interesting way to rework him. Anyway, I misspelled "unable" I'm sorry for that. And when I saw your comment it nearly gave me the same feeling I had by reading Circle_of_Psi weird arguments and questionable behavior. And thougth that was again about saying that CC have no uses etc. and DPS warframes were far more interesting than that. But at least that's different, you have a real idea and thank you for that, just consider what I proposed as an other way to rework Vauban which is certainly not perfect but has got some good things to take I'm sure.
  7. That's why in what I wrote I made a proposition to give him in a way good amount of dammages. Also you know that warframe is a team game, some warframes could be made to group & disable enemies and other to kill them after that, that makes sense no ? Read what I wrote then please come back if you have something constructive to add. And also make DPS warframes unable to properly DPS them, so what's the point ?
  8. So you are saying that DE should remove most of CC warframes from the game ? In endgame content CC are a big part of it when you play as team. There is not only Inaros or whatever tank to play solo in the game, there is other ways to do it and one is preventing enmies from hurting you. You should not die of you CCs are well set up. Did you know ? Vauban is the only one in your list that can have infinite abitilities running at the same time, you can shutdown a map with it, you can't to it that much with Nyx/Gara/Forst/Khora. It's different but it works as much or better it you have the energy to do it. @Lazarow also you, you forgot the fact that Vauban can spam each of his abilities contrary to the other warframes. And that makes a huge difference.
  9. Since when Vauban is completly useless ? You should try to find real arguments, Vauban for example is and has always been one of the most effective warframes in interceptions. If you don't understand what are the actual uses of Vauban I'm sorry but you didn't understand a big part of the game.
  10. First of all, sorry if you are ennoyed by an other thread about Vauban but that's the time to do it. I waited a bit to take my time to sum up my proposition with all ideas and remove some that could not work well or be realistic or simply doesn't fit with Vauban's kit. As a Vauban main and veteran (~3000h in game and Vauban as first used warframe), I have some feelings for the actual kit Vauban has. I'm convinced that a rework should not be a full redesign, Vauban identity should be preserved as much as it is possible, if you want so much changes just ask for a new warframe ! Actually in Warframe, we have 4 main class in the meta : dammage dealers, tanks, buffers/supports, crowd controllers. It's not a surprise for anyone if I say that dammage dealers and tanks are the actual top used warframes & most efficient ones in the game in general. Tanks are super used to mitigate enemies increasing power and DPS warframes just kill everything before it can do something else than dying. Supports & CC warframes were fully in the meta when in warframe we had some harder gamemodes to play which were not artificially hard (like staying hours in a survival) such as Raids and also when warframe movements were slower or we just didn't obliterate everything in seconds. Actually Vauban is fully oriented on CC and works well for CC but only for CC. There is a lot of warframes that have hybrid kits and work well because of that and so I think it could be the best way to make Vauban better. He is not a support/buffer nor a DPS nor a tank. - Making Vauban a buffer hybrid with CC seams to not be the best idea since that wont bring him much power and we should focus on what is actually working the best and fits the best. - So tank or DPS ? My opinion on that is making a tank with a CC warframe seams to be paradoxal, why tanking enemies that will not be able to hurt you most of the time ? Since Vauban has an interesting kit with a certain complexity, I think making it a CC + DPS hybrid would be a nice idea and it seams also to be coherent with is recently updated passive. And I hope that with some love he could be campared with Mag and her super interesting kit with a great dammage scaling potential and a really good uses in high level content. Vauban : Passive - Dismantle : For a passive it's really great as it is now, and it will be even more with the following additions based on dammages. Tesla : Actual Tesla link augment should be built in the ability. Also Telsas should no longer have max charge activation charges so it becomes only based on duration and also divide by 2 the time between two activations. (Tesla should be able to condemn entrances with electricity and be speeded up ! It's actually to slow to be a nice CC, and it will never deal enough dammage to be efficient enough for DPS.) Tesla augment : (Since I want the old augment to be part of the ability, it needs a new one.) Allow Teslas to hit multiple targets at the same time. (Comparable to Zenurik with Lightning Dash shocking all enemies near it) I would make Tesla oriented build more spammy with is what we should expect from an electrical trap and a 1st ability. Minelayer : - Trip lazer : make it the same duration as other mines (30sec vs 300sec !) so it becomes usable. (The CC from the actual trip lazer is good but if just doesn't last long enough to do it's job...) - Concuss : increase its base range from 6 to 10m so it can really be effective with less mines and maybe allow it to be restored 3-4 times before it vanishes like Bounce's mecanic and maybe then you could also remove the duration on that mine. - Bounce : You can let it here it doesn't hurt anyone and it's fun sometimes and also have so niche uses or maybe try to find some synergies with it ? - Shred : Keep the original ability mecanics but make it a grenade that explodes on enemy contact or bounce 2 times then explodes and deal bonus dammages based on enemy actual health would be great. It would allow Vauban to have something efficient to throw in fast running missions and also be a usefull weapon to use in bastille & vortex. Bastille : It's great as it is. But if DE feels that they could add more, then enemies outside of it should lose around 40% precision (fixed value and non stackable with multiple bastilles) when they are trying to shoot inside a bastille. Vortex : Increase a bit its base range from 6 to 8m. Also, each enemy killed in the vortex emits an electromanegitc pulse dealing magnetic dammages based on total health of the dead enemy from the center to the borders of the vortex. A bit like Thermagnetic Shells augment from Detron. This one would be comparable with Mag Mangetize (2) potential scaling dammage output. It works differently, it grabs enemies more efficently and also can deal good amounts of dammages to enemies in based on a different mecanic. And it should synergies well with the new Shred grenade. With all that little tweaks, I want to keep Vauban indentity and make him a much more interesting choice. I hope that with that changes, he will stay the CC king but also be a good secondary DPS (comparable to Mag) in static missions where he has always been comfortable. But also be able to shoot some groups of enemies in fast running mission with his new grenade and his weapons. And be Vauban ! Not a random new tech warframe with nothing left to do with what was Vauban. Like with turrets, robots or whatever weird idea that would make him even worse since it's even more static, based on AI (which can't be a really good AI, that doesn't really exists in Warframe) and it would not scale well. Thanks for taking time to read and understand my point. I hope that could be a way to solve the issues we can have when we want to use Vauban. And keep the same feeling we can have when we play as the master of throwing traps. NB : Minelayer & Tesla could be more revisited than what I proposed but Bastille & Vortex should always be in Vauban's kit, they work well there is no good reason to get rid of that. Also Vauban must have other throwing traps which look more like mines ora explosives even if Tesla & Minelayer are fully reworked.
  11. Pour potentiellement avoir une idée claire de ce qu'il se passe dès que tu as le freeze, tu attends que ça revienne, tu quittes le jeu et demande tes logs. Tu pourras ensuite regarder le contenu de EE.log et essayer de trouver les messages d'erreurs correspondant au freeze. Si tu ne sais pas les interpréter tu peux les envoyer au support, ou sinon tu peux ici nous montrer les messages d'erreur correspondant ça donnera certainement une idée plus précise de ton problème. Il y a de fortes chances qu'il y a as mal d'infos dedans. Le reste qu'on peut faire c'est de te conseiller des trucs divers un peu au hasard pour tenter de corriger ce qu'on a l'impression qui se passe. Et dis nous si tu n'as pas eu de freeze similaire sur d'autres jeux, car si c'est pas le cas la thèse du PC qui a un soucis est à mettre au second plan, ça ressemblerait plus un des problèmes de configuration du jeu ou de soucis de compatibilités de driver GPU, ou à un problème du jeu en lui même etc.
  12. It's about The sacrifice quest not Duviri Paradox. Don't you remember Umbra playing it in his void dimension near a tree ? Anyway, PC doesn't have it, they just show in last devstream they were making it but there is no animations, sounds are not final and I'm sure the ability to summon it with an emote in mission hasn't been implemented yet. Also, this kind of things are in lower priority than the rest of the contents so... You shouldn't be that impatient there is a lot of work to be done be the release.
  13. I'm sorry but you are completly removing what makes Vauban actually Vauban. A rework is not about remplacing his kit but about how to make it work better and improve it keeping the base idea of what the warframe is. You know there is many players who like Vauban how he actually is but want his abitilities to be improved to make the warframe work better in the game. His abitilies are not complete trash, they are just not as efficient and userfriendly as the should be and that's what is improvable on Vauban.
  14. I totally agree with this, this augment should be built in and it need to be spamable easily. A bit more range will be surely welcome for sure. And I admit that's anying to hear people saying that they prefer nidus for vacuuming enemies, Vauban should be stronger for that since Nidus only does that for his kit synergies. A bit true but trust me placing traps constantly is a more like a pain even when you know what you are doing (I've hundreds hours on Vauban). Fundamentally traps are not bad but we should have a way to set them up more easily or simply give them more activations before they vanish (the fact that traps disepear when activated makes it so demanding for replacing them efficiently). Actually when you use them you don't really have the time to use other ability or weapon. And maybe just let us throw them 3 by 3 and make one of them a grenade doing %ehp damage bonus and a bigger AoE so you could use it in non static missions. It's an idea but taking something from enemies in Warframe has never been such a good idea. In general the stuff they are using is incredibly bad in our hands, it works for them only beacause they out level and out number us so I afraid that you are making an ability that will beacause useless in no time even if you buff the damages etc. I am convinced that DE can do something great by reworking Vauban's second ability without removing it.
  15. I conviced that Vauban 3 & 4 shoud not really change a lot. His rework should be focused on his 1 which is actually too weak for any usage and his 2. Your idea for his 1st ability anyway I would say that could be great. Then the main issue I have with actual Vauban and his second ability it's that you never really have the time to setup this and so that's unefficient. One of the concepts I like the most for that was turning traps into grenades with a better AoE and maybe one of these could deal some damages based on enemy total health etc. I think you are changing too much what Vauban is. That's why I do not really agree with your concept.
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