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  1. Possible clue to this bug. I have never run into the locked door before. Then I started running the void storms after this patch hit and I started having a bugged pulse generator rate of about 40% -50%. I had always assumed that I was immune to the bug because I was playing Solo (as in having never ever having played Railjack with a fellow tenno. and I have run a lot of RJ-mission). Then it hit me.... I am no longer playing alone. I have my crew! I booted my entire crew of the ship and have not had a locked door in around 10+ pulse generators. I will continue to test this by running
  2. Intro: I really do not want to write this. I hate the toxicity and negativity that permeates so much of the discourse around Warframe on these forums (and the community in general) and I am loath to add even a tiny bit to it. I know that the staff at DE has worked hard on update 30. Getting a simultaneous release on all platforms (including an entirely new one in the form of the newest Xbox) is probably much harder than I imagine (and I imagine that it's pretty F'ing hard). Even as I write this I know that they are hard at work getting hotfixes implemented and trying to make sure we all hav
  3. So apparently having crew fire at POI radiators is yet to be considered "popular feedback" on the Trello board so I'll just add my voice to the choir hoping that it'll show up soon. I know that having a AI pilot line up the RJ and fire on the radiator might be a bit much to ask. But having a gunner fire on the radiator when there's a direct line of sight, seems doable (but I'm not a programmer so perhaps it isn't 🤷‍♂️). It would be a major QoL improvement on the "old" RJ missions.
  4. Same with me as well
  5. So thinking about these changes for about a week I must say I feel generally optimistic about these changes (shout out to all the people who've undoubtedly worked hard on all of this)... but there's a few fears that keep nagging me. For context I'd like to upfront state that I really like Railjack. I had an almost maxed out Railjack before the first rework. I've never played it other than solo. Stuff I love unconditionally: The redesign of the interior. Props to the people who made this it is so impressive how you've compressed the Railjack into a smaller yet fully familier version
  6. It's a nice gesture and all but... If you wanted to make the whole thing work more or less like what people are used to (Dirac to Endo, Avionics to Mods, Damage to... damage I guess) then make it so that it only comes with a reactor when purchased from the market (like it is with all the other stuff). You could just chuck a potato into the tier one bundle or give us a month long RJ based "gift of the Lotus" potato instead of this change.
  7. Well I only know about Steve from the Dev streams so I guess I'll have to take your word for how he behaves/preform at work and in a professional setting. (You clearly have an insight I do not posses) I'll just settle for playing this game that he helped create. One that I still enjoy very much. :)
  8. You forgot step 3, Apparently he should never play co-op again as people can bring them regardless of what he does himself.
  9. Seems very promising. One question. What does reactors do now? We have the capacity from our PLEXUS and our energy from the warframe. It doesn't do anything as it stands right now.
  10. All the way back in dev stream 133 (72 min mark) you talked about letting us crew our RJ with syndicate members. Is this still a thing? (I'm getting some unfortunate "indentured servitude" vibes from the way you guys presented the "Buy debt, get crew member" thing with Ticker). Are you guys still up for some reworking of the syndicates or are you guys plates overflowing?
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