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  1. Guandao prime, just helicopter your way through
  2. Im sorry but the wings are horrible and dont fit in the warframe universe
  3. I used it once in a mission to see how it looks and after the mission i just ran to the arsenal to take it off. You cant see anything with it. I prefer crania ephemera
  4. Whats the best weapon to max out mind controlled enemy dmg in those 5 seconds?
  5. Screw MR, doesnt mean anything and not gonna spend precious time on boring grind, got better things to do. Just play the game and have fun
  6. He only needs to change his enthrall so that the first enemy enthralled is actually immune to team fire or it just lasts 1s alive, Till then his 1 is useless
  7. Warframe is getting old and boring, time to move to other things
  8. As long as archwing exists to travel through maps... sadly the rest is just MR fodder to lvl them up and forget about them
  9. This mod is totally useless, enthralled enemies are killed in 1 sec by team. This would rather work if the first enthralled enemy was immune to team damage like nyx' mind controlled enemy
  10. Well... i just crafted my railjack when it launched and there it is getting webs and dust until they add as they said solo content for it.
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