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  1. Then change your weapons in arsenal and then go to the navigation panel. The navigation panel means your ready to do the mission already. I see no issues. Why not adapt to the new stuff instead?
  2. The only issue that they are aware of and gonna fix is the conneciton lost to host when your in the landing craft loading screen. They for some reason disabled the cursor and the ability to click in that screen
  3. TzXtetriC

    Anyone else not like the Eidolon fights?

    I've only done 5 teralyst fights since poe and.. meh. Not bothering at all with it, neither poe itself. Ill just do normal content till venus open map.
  4. TzXtetriC

    chat ban...

    You can add dots and comas to separate phrases, maybe it wouldn't 've banned you that way. But I'm guessing caps did the trigger as well.
  5. TzXtetriC

    chat ban...

    The chat ban should only ban you from the tab you were on not all chat, you can't even whisper anyone or sell anything. Chat bans are automatic from a bot which has X amount of words to ban you instant. There should also be a counter telling you how much time left for the unban.
  6. Why would you want that crap menu button when you hover the mouse over your icon and have it all there super easy to click? Adding that is more clicks and more work. No Ty.
  7. The most expensive weapon skins are in csgo, I don't know how can ppl pay hundreds even thousand $ for a game weapon skin.
  8. TzXtetriC

    Suggestion to sell items

    Please can you let us sell all those nonsense items like juggernaut pods, javlok capacitors, flowers,etc etc? they are stacking and in the inventory when we can get credits out of them. Once you build a jablok you dont need toe 32483432 capacitors you still own.
  9. TzXtetriC

    Polychrome Room Bug

    Polychrome room has a bug where you can rush the color room for free, you rush for 1 Platinum but you dont actually lose it making it free.
  10. Remember that you still had to hover over every single players icon to see the full list scrolling down with the mouse wheel. At least now its a clean full visible list with a clean font with no jagged edges.
  11. Yeah thats right, I like how its now, because you see the whole list without having to scroll with the mouse wheel.
  12. TzXtetriC

    Host Migration - Sanctuary Onslaught [Fixed]

    I've alt f4'd over 10 times already, this needs to be fixed ASAP
  13. TzXtetriC

    Host Migration - Sanctuary Onslaught [Fixed]

    Happens constantly, you cant even click it with the controller... you removed the ability to click in that loading screen and you have to alt f4 to exit it
  14. TzXtetriC

    Host Migration - Sanctuary Onslaught [Fixed]

    When you're in the landing craft screen going to a mission and the connection with the host fails, you cant click anything neither press enter to exit that screen and you have to ALT F4 out of it