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  1. TzXtetriC

    Arca Shoulder guards clipping

    up,,,gets buried too fast
  2. TzXtetriC

    Arca Shoulder guards clipping

    After the recent update, i found out that arca shoulder guards clip through frame's shoulders. Please fix soon
  3. TzXtetriC

    Operators suits need to be reverted.

    In fact operators a very poorly designed and made. They need a serious remake from head to toes.
  4. Giving more options in trade so he can be happy and get ignored cause i talk too much. 😄
  5. indeed vaubans 2 should be totally replaced with a new skill
  6. TzXtetriC

    Idea for Chromas fourth ability

    You mean good ideas for his first ability, so useless no one uses it. Effigy is good as it is
  7. TzXtetriC

    Nova Rework

    The only rework nova needs is an increment of flight speed for Antimatter ball, once it reaches what you want to kill its already dead by squad fire
  8. TzXtetriC

    Vaulted Relic UI

    yes, just adding a V to any corner of the thumbnail would solve many problems
  9. Operator bodies a very poorly made and ugly as hell. Females look like males and males look like monkeys. I dont know who made them but man... study some anatomy please. I hope they get a remaster and actually make females look like females. So are the hairstyles...ffs who made those? a 3 year old kid? I love this game and from time to time i spend cash on it so we have game for many years but some stuff needs urgent remastering
  10. TzXtetriC

    So... This Ayatan, When?

    I was thinking the same since i saw it... add it already..... its been too long. Aswell as the new UI screens they promised us b4 end of year
  11. TzXtetriC

    Battle Royale

    No thanks, keep that cancer mode away from warframe.
  12. TzXtetriC

    Battle Royale

    Well its very clear, the day they decide to add a BR ill uninstall the game and play something else. But im glad they will never even look at that section
  13. TzXtetriC

    Battle Royale

    The day this game adds a BR "it wont happen", ill uninstall the game and play something else
  14. TzXtetriC

    Nova Prime Antimatter ball

    Even with M prime, squad kills enemies b4 the ball reaches its destiny, useless unless they increase the speed flight of it, making it quite fast when its fully charged
  15. TzXtetriC

    Nova Prime Antimatter ball

    Hi there, i would suggest please to increase the speed of the ball at least when its full powered because once the ball reaches its destiny all the enemies are already dead by the squad and you waste time and a ball hitting nothing but air.