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  1. Revenant's 1 is crap, to make it somehow useful they need to make it so the first enemy you enthrall is totally immune to squadmate fire like nyx mind control enemy pet
  2. And that is why warframe ban system is very poor, chat bans apply to the channel you have violated their rules, but you can still write whispers and communicate with others on different channels but not the one you got banned. Total nonsense to forbid the whole chat when you just got banned from 1 channel.
  3. Hell i stopped using revenant when they decided to nerf danse macabre's range, now its a meh danse xD
  4. The thing is that they should chat ban you from the channel you have violated the rule and not the whole chat, even whispering. nonsense
  5. I play because of the daily sorties and login bonus, why else would i play for?
  6. Total mess of update, mega grind again... Not even a tutorial of where to start, what does everything do, first steps... Nothing. Chaos everywhere and not worth wasting hours to get crap amount of credits. Stuff is way overpriced. Stop making us grind hours for everything.
  7. I thought about it for some time, it would be an extra challenge and fun if they added some sort of tower with... let say 50 to 100 floors and on each floor a different challenge, the higher you get the higher the heat gets and better rewards to get. It would give a nice pace to the game for a change. Thoughts?
  8. Only wish for Orokin catalyst Orokin reactor Happy Tennobaum fellow troopers
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