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  1. TzXtetriC

    Ugliest Frame

    Baruuk is the ugliest with the helmet.. and more uglier he will be when they release that damn ugly savannah helmet "puke"
  2. TzXtetriC

    Gyromag troll

    Can someone translate pls? orcish isnt my strong
  3. TzXtetriC

    Toxicity: An Ongoing Problem

    The problem isnt the players, if you know you have bad connection do what i do, search for a match, if the counter starts and im alone i cancel and re search until i join a squad. if you judt start a mission alone knowing your connection sucks... its your fault ppl get toxic not theirs. I join hosts with 1.600ms and FFS gets me red angry and leave. Its also DE's fault for not adding proper matchmaking options and fixing the ping limiter to join others
  4. TzXtetriC

    Map Clearing Frames in PUBs

    All this would be fixed if they added a simple option box that shows all frames in a list and you choose the one you dont want to be paired with in a match. Easy It would be in Esc>Options>Matchmaking like selecting ping limit etc etc.
  5. Fk BR... No thanks. Id rather see an invasion system where you can invade controlling a grineer/corpus/infested type of enemy and invade others mission with an amount of Cooldown to avoid the invasion spam. Say... invade as a bombard, or juggernaut, or ancient etc etc
  6. TzXtetriC

    Fastest of FashionFrames!

    Like the idea
  7. TzXtetriC

    Suggestion: Card game

    I would play a warframe card game to chill on relays, hell even if the card game is physical i would buy a deck.
  8. When you start a mission and see the ships flying and your frames drop, there are sometimes you cant skip the cutscene while you hear the rest of the squad starting to kill stuff. Your completely stuck in the video scene and when you join in, your squad is already half way into the map. Please fix this.
  9. TzXtetriC

    About Umbral Mods

    Why not forma your frame x times to add those maxed mods? I would also like the ability to rank down mods because when you rank them up there is - +. I dont know whey this isnt a thing added already years ago
  10. TzXtetriC

    Tennobaum 2018

    Yes please, a christmas tree decoration for our personal room would be great, i dont know why its only for dojo BTW i dont know who is @Arachnid-Scorpiones in the forum but thankyou my man for the gifts, i tried to send you a few times something but you have gift decline s
  11. TzXtetriC

    TennoBaum WishList repository

    Happy tennobaum everyone and merry xmas. Before you can be rich, you must be poor. Give unto the Void...! Gift @TzXtetriC something from his wishlist! Formas Blue Potatoes Reactor Potatoes
  12. TzXtetriC

    How I make platinum (Guide)

    Step 1: Get one of these Step 2: Visit and buy some juicy plat while you support DE so they can give us future content. Grofit
  13. TzXtetriC

    Mini Map

    Up Up
  14. TzXtetriC

    How to make real Platinum

    Step 1: Get your hands on this Step 2: Visit and buy yourself some juicy plat while you support DE so they can give us future content.. Grofit!
  15. TzXtetriC

    Am I doing this wrong? K-drive grinding

    If this helps, ive figured that if you focus your camera straight at the rail while you grind you wont fall off. just follow the rail with your cam while you grind like Chad Muska