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  1. Yoy forgot about explosive Mirage and Khora
  2. Hello i would like to ask a question Steve mentioned long time ago that he would add Orokin Worms to the game in some way, Is this still going to happen?
  3. Could be nice, but sadly its never gonna happen
  4. You mean dungeons like destiny 2 strikes? 1-4 players, coop matchmaking ?
  5. Why would you want orange crits when you have 1 button skill boring frames?
  6. From where do you think they make warframe money? from plat purchases? You must be very innocent child
  7. I think this community is too scared and just wants to stick to boring schedule
  8. DE already does enough money with prime access packs, this is just 1 insignificant change that can be made with no loss
  9. Waiting for ivara prime, Gara prime and khora prime.
  10. There are several texture and illumination glitches ive found around, hope to see them fixed soon
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