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  1. She can stay wherever she is and never come back..., and pls add an option to remove transmission videos from your screen
  2. Whats with the black letters? Not everyone uses white theme
  3. Infested tiles sure need a change, that S#&$ is so laberinth you dont see where your going
  4. If thats the case, i have my plat ready and hot to buy it, im not gonna farm the hell out of that mode for a frame
  5. Add a second energy color to operators aswell to complement frame please.
  6. They need to increase the strength of the second color
  7. I just solo them with ivara, no big deal
  8. There should 1 warning flag for writing on a wrong chat instead of just banning directly, this is sign of a poor ban system.
  9. I solo extractors better with khora
  10. Empty? B4 the remaster it was completely empty with that plastic brown surface with no grass or textures anywhere. Now its full of stuff and looks way better, i was expecting more grass but its ok.
  11. No one is going to stop to get reservoir, neither you, once the mission starts everyone starts to bullet jump the map. wisps 1 is totat useless and needs to change for something else
  12. Yep same issue in sorties, 3 out of 3, had to solo phase 1 myself to avoid that
  13. Why dont they add in the update post the relics the parts are on?
  14. Good luck in your next gaming travels, what ever games they are. DE should release prime skins for all landing crafts for all of us to enjoy.
  15. I would definitely leave the game if it changed to FP.
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