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  1. Warframe doesnt need pvp, pve is all that matters
  2. TzXtetriC

    Adding Komi and a lounge area on relays and dojos

    To start with, relays should be a forbidden place for frames, its a human station and we should only be able to use the operator leaving the frame in the hangar with the ship. Adding mini arcade games to the relays would populate them more and be a nice place to chat and socialize with other tenno.
  3. TzXtetriC

    So... No Archwing on Fortuna to be assumed?

    I dont care if we have AW on venus or not. I want to hoverboard the map jumping off cliffs
  4. TzXtetriC

    What Biome would you like next for an open world?

    After infested, would come sentient land? New race perhaps?
  5. TzXtetriC

    What Biome would you like next for an open world?

    The next open map is infested. Let's hope it's really infested and scary
  6. TzXtetriC

    TennoLive 2018 - Ash Prime Twitch Drop!

    We all have ash prime already, why even bother?
  7. TzXtetriC

    Rip lowbudget pc users

    Well,... this could mean good news and get rid of the crap laggy hosts everywhere
  8. TzXtetriC

    I know this game is free to play, but...

    This isnt the normal baro ki teer dude, its a special one that you can access by buying the tennocon ticket. The normal one is coming next week. Did you think you could access this baro for free? Lolz its a tennocon baro sale.
  9. TzXtetriC

    Mag Umbra

    Why dont we get an operator umbra instead? Would be an adult with perfect skills and not a crap kid. We wouldnt be pedobears anymore
  10. TzXtetriC

    What you hope they will show on tennocon?

    Venus Nezha Deluxe skin Frame fighter Stalker invasion PvP Tau Operator summer bikini
  11. Im in a solo clan and have everything researched except for hema... at this point its the last weapon ill get seeing how much samples it costs. No rush
  12. TzXtetriC

    Warframe Card Game

    Well steve mentioned in some video b4 that they were thinking of adding a mini arcade game to the quarters or some part of the ship. Relays are a human hub to chill where we land and should only be able to use the operator, therefor there should be activities like komi, card games, arcades etc.
  13. TzXtetriC

    Warframe Card Game

    Would it be a good idea if they made a warframe deck card game? Something similar to magic or gwent.
  14. Stop asking to change back ,they said its not coming back, the new UI is here to stay so get use to it or suck it up
  15. TzXtetriC

    Nidus UI Theme

    You cant see clearly the boosters time left with this theme, Please you should make the numbers a bit more vivid color