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  1. Hi there, my only wish is more forma. Happy holidays!
  2. I cannot help but notice them everytime the reflection goes throught them. https://imgur.com/a/S4XZrF9
  3. Does the steel path update include the steel path armor being accesible to both genders?
  4. I like how it tells that I am now a super saiyan ballerina, but what I don't like is that it comes with no sound or particles.
  5. one cameo per millenium huh I should totally delete this thread.
  6. I know they once allowed some wacky racer game to use excalibur as a noggle racer, but thats it.
  7. They should either make it look better Or... nerf the crafting requirement. either one will do.
  8. I went throught it. I have all the lich ephemeras, all the guns and the grind was not as hardcore as was grinding for the smoking body, let alone having it drop.
  9. If they didn't have so much on thier plates already maybe they would be open to some ingame anecdotes. I thought that an among us adaptation would be cool as a nightwave, but then I realised that it would take half a year for them to implement it and it will be no longer trending
  10. Lich ephemeras are relatively easy to come by once they appear on your new lich, meanwhile the smoke ephemera requires grinding credits, vast resources and ash systems that are not easy to come by for players without gear or assistance.
  11. A new player/clan member who recently got the smoking body ephemera bp came to us asking about the extensive resource requirement, cost and he didn't forget to compare its (currently) lackluster visuals to the other much easier to come by ephemeras that look better. After we explained how it used to be a big deal rare drop that not everyone was supposed to have, he said he won't be crafting it because the smoke doesn't look like smoke compared to the toxic and freezing ephemeras from the liches
  12. I completely stopped using step ephemeras when the lich ones came out, I wonder how many of us done that aswel.
  13. Launcher switches back to classic graphic settings when restarted
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