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  1. Near endless customisation. You are completely in charge of your fashion and your fighting style. You like Masterchief? Doom Guy, Kratos or Vergil from Devil May Cry? You can reverse engineer them all.
  2. Hey, Friends finally convinced me to try bandcamp where some of the stuff I make can be purchased as an album or separately. Purchasing something will help me big time and it will motivate me to try continue doing this with more passion and effort. I never done an album before because I never felt like I can, or I should, even despite others telling me that my stuff is good enought, but times have changed and I now have a desire to make something out of this hobby of mine and work on myself as a composer. Wanna join me on this journey? Deshiel Gaming Pack | Deshiel (bandcamp.com) thanks.
  3. Just remembered I have this https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/czsq9t/shawzin_space_program/
  4. Thank you, there's a lot more on my channel. I ended up coming back to Dark Purity 2 and updated it to Dark Purity 3 with new guitars and more
  5. Combined my old music with one of Kretduy's awesome warframe renders because it felt like it could fit.
  6. Sometimes, when you read the patch notes you notice some funny or riddiculous bugs being fixed and you are left wondering what it probably looked like when it was still happening. So, if you got some recording or a snap of one, can you show them? Description is fine too.
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