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  1. Had several runnins with this in the past aswel, when I bought the skin but later craved the other stuff aswel. Luckily for us both, gaining platinum in this game is very easy. So easy in fact that I am fully content to never bother with this and just buy stuff by the bundles when I have enought. I know it requires alittle bit more strategy and patience on your end but its worth it.
  2. Would If I could change stances during a mission. Perhaps the new stance forma could grant that ability, would make it that much cooler
  3. I have all sword stance mods Swooping Talon Crimson Dervish Iron Phoenix Vengeful Revenant I do not understand the difference between them. I actualy never did care about stance mods untill now, all I did was just sorting them by rarity.
  4. So basicaly you want to put an expiration date to revenue on tennogen items.I'm not completely against it, but for a different reason. DE will have to adjust the flood of tennogen in the future, maybe they will do as you say, maybe they'll find a way or maybe they'll just make the old stuff unvavailible, but I do believe that in the future, Tennogen WILL recieve some sort of vaulting treatment to ease the load.
  5. I'm confused @[DE]Drew its there but not fully implemented
  6. Im running Hildryn with R5 Barrier + Energize combo and I am happy with it. My teammates stay safe and steadily supplied with 150energy per proc
  7. I call it default because every non special warframe has it. I suspect that they might have scrapped making something for her due to the forced studio abandonment, but like I mentioned in the OP, even tho they are in no position to animate anything new, they can still outfit her with existing special dash animation, like one from Hildryn or Wisp.
  8. I keep seeing advices to get Arcane Grace, but being an owner of R5 Magus Repair I see absolutely no reason to when I have this. Arcane Grace at r5 has a 9% chance to heal 6% of your total hp for 9s, meanwhile Magus Repair heals not only you but your entire squad (assuming they are in your area of range) like its no big deal to the max of your health. My conclusion is that Arcane Grace needs to be buffed.
  9. im going to grind all important arcanes anyway so
  10. thats my main reason for it, to refill teammates, to get that Mesa going, etc 🙂
  11. Ye, I wonder who they nerf next. Along with hildryn barrier build there are also mesas who can solo with endless energy from sentient drops
  12. If I equip arcane energize on hildryn, whose ult spawns energy orbs A LOT, will the Arcane work when Hildryn steps on it? Since it says on Energy orb pickup which I understand as item pickup rather than energy intake. So it should essentialy make my Hildryn a highly effective energy supplier, is that correct?
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