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  1. For me, The immortal skin is realy cool, but not with prime toggled on.
  2. Personally, I'm hoping that it was tweaked for Mesa Prime as well, what I mean is that it works with her base prime model and doesn't trigger the secondary skin friendly alternative with less assets.
  3. Not just another lol, THE STRONGEST
  4. Looks like the hair part is currently undyeable
  5. Now that they are fully making use of beacons, maybe they could make a higher tier beacons with more difficulty
  6. I completely forgot about that, seems like a fun toy to keep tennocons extra special
  7. This game doesn't realy replace boss encounters or anything. It only setups encounters based on which stage of the game you are at. Like starting players don't get shadow stalker, neither YOU lose regular stalker if you are in a party that triggers him.
  8. That's pretty close minded considering we are about to fight our former "Mission Control". So why can't he get a promotion aswel? He already did once
  9. Possibly with empyrean. He could borrow some of the kuva litch features and get his own mothership. Like Imagine running into a base of the acolytes or perhaps the Stalker itself. What would be your quest there? I imagine liberating captive warframes and also hoping to uncover the process behind acolyte conversion.
  10. No...No....No...No....NOOOOOOO. I don't want to see bruises on my baby PC skin
  11. its so out of hand I almost always forget about it and now I know Im not alone
  12. So you would be against it even if it was done in a subtle non invasive way? Or are you imagining that frustrating discord beeping cuz yeah I would be against something like that too
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