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  1. Definitely shouldnt have appeared on a syndicate vendor. The one place to purchase platinum content was always the market. Why change it now?
  2. its not in the patchnotes but Necramechs can wear ephemeras now
  3. So this means that infested mobility + speed can go even FASTER now.
  4. It was crazy and desorienting for me too, but then I somehow got used to it.
  5. Don't think I'll ever spend 50 GM tokens on a captura tho. I already have rank 5 and all weapons, but still. GM tokens are far too precious for that.
  6. Canceled version is linked in description
  7. Mallet on Vauban ( it realy does increase the number of people rushing to fall into your vortex) Eclipse on Mesa ( it gives me both her 2 and 3 depending on the source and stacks with them [doesnt work well in fortuna and deimos open scapes everything is shadow ) Invested mobility on Volt / Gauss : Gives badass speedbost to both, but it realy feels rewarding on Gauss as it makes you go faster with extra flair (adding the effect and the sound effect) meanwhile with volt while it does boost him even further the visuals are a copy of his speed trail minus the generated lightning so it l
  8. You never know, we might get a part two to deimos or something. This open world lacks a proper boss fight, might be then. Remember Fortuna? It started off with no boss fight either, then it got two several months apart in updates.
  9. I don't expect many, but prove me wrong. I think abilities of this LOW TIER should be called "corrupted" and have an extra effect
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