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  1. Now you can also wear this cool cat glyph
  2. this could redeem baruuk for me, I dislike both vanilla helmets
  3. If we are the hunted, what do we drop?
  4. Big thanks for the soundified wolf howl, I will treasure it with all my heart
  5. I don't want that hot asset nowhere nearby those children haha
  6. Because you have not brought any facts or proof, I will now treat your words as a regular opinion only.
  7. I'd be okay with void traces in the nightwave market, but not as a tier reward. Especialy when ALL you have to do is to run a void fissure.
  8. Excalibur Umbra howls in agony while casting his second (not mentioning howling in the cutscenes aswel) Valkyr roars Nidus... screeches? Baruuk says "CoocooToo" while casting his circle thingy
  9. Fixed Secondary Energy colors not applying to certain things (Revenant's Helmet beard, etc). YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Mag Alata Visor is still not showing secondary energy color
  10. I was hoping to read that the wolf howl emote now comes with an audible sound 😞
  11. Hehe, I am that guy, I completed mr 27 yesterday by finally doing all of the amps during the last five days.That's a lot of wisps and not enought daily standing. Impatient, I spent a lot of time outside with a lot of speed and loot radar mods and even still, I am now moving behind it, it was my fault I decided to leave it for later and all at once. The pressure I endured was my own doing. Them doing this is a proof that the future content will spare us. It's not good to linger on old pains.
  12. We asked them to take the pain away and they finally did it, that's enought compensation for me
  13. Tennocon emote and Wolf howl deserve sound, please tell us your stance on that
  14. Even the emote icon has two bolts coming out of the excal's face signifying that something coming out. and on top of that, the anniversary promo features a regular excalibur, dressed in dex skin, howling with umbra sound.
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