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  1. Fixed Excalibur’s Furious Javelin not always removing the previous buff if you recast before it expires. So you have time to find such minor exploits and remove them but cant produce real content (dog days was embarrassing),cool.
  2. So the only use for cold procs (that it makes procs stay forever/longer is ,,fixed'' now? wow,and I thought u want atlas to sell
  3. ok so some of the fixes u demand I agree with,for example broken animations,and also the melee changes.BUT I completely disagree with many others,for example Saryn Mesa Volt Equinox and Mag non coop friendly? I could say the same about trinity saying her 3 is only for herself and thus isn't coop friendly,the thing is every frame has a area where they are good,these are DPS frames and should never be nerfed since this game is based on DPS as DE stated themselves. If u for some reason don't want a Saryn in your team that can kill for u and u get the shared XP , please set up a team without one with people that think LIKE U (I will assure u that is hard) or go solo,u will get 100% ,all,every,kill u could possibly get. Volt speed spamm? If u cannot handle the speed pls ask them to stop or simply wait until u are out of his cast range and let the speed Volt do the mission for u,if u again for some reason don't want that,go solo,i can assure u there will appear no speed volt. Vauban and wukong useless and boring?For some Reason Wukong can survive pretty good in the now good and engaging arbitations where survival is the key,also with his 4 I can pump out 100k damage per hit,if ur Wukong cant do that,maybe mod him according to some guides on youtube. Regarding the Wolf ,he has a (í think) 6% chance to spawn,the likelihood u see him in a mission is very tiny,thus if the fight is taking long and u don't want to get the reward simply abort,that will take less time,it is a considered endgame enemy,meaning u need endgame gear to take him down. its completely justified newer players take 20-30 minutes,if u cant do it yet,simply don't do it and abort.This may sound harsh but again,u see him like once a week,so either fight him ,or abort if u don't have the gear yet.IF u now say then the rewards are locked for new players,yes I completely support that because there SHOULD be locked content.The same goes for Ephemera,u said yourself it is only a cosmetic item,so u DO NOT NEED IT,if u don't nessecarely need it,dont get it.If u want it,pay for it.
  4. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1080216-thanks-for-watching-devstream-126/?tab=comments#comment-10656992
  5. The Recent change to survival Fissure(that fissure enemies now scale in level) is a huge mistake in my opinion.Fissure enemies often get stuck in places they can not escape,without a enemy radar mod you dont even see they are stuck most of the time.The recent change which lets them scale too just makes them harder to kill,and sometimes weapons dont even reach these stuck enemies.Before this change u could easily kill them because they were low level,which made most people not care about this,but now u can not simply kill them quickly anymore,in some spots they are almost impossible to reach (see in link below) without AOE effects,which u dont have always with you.Since the Enemy spawn is maybe hard to fix seing it not being fixed for years i would vote for changing the scaling back to how it is used to be,this does not affect Fissure survival in a bad way,actually it results in a much better experience because u can kill said enemies much easier and fix these stuck enemies easily,which happens often.The change would make longer runs very hard since you need your whole team to kill some stuck enemies somewhere on the map,this is not fun.I really hope DE reaches this message and they look into it because many people like long runs especially survival,destroying survival would hurt them a lot and personally i would leave the game if this issue stays like this forever.
  6. Could you please tell us what u did to melee,its weaker than before,maiming strike builds for example do like ten times lesss damage,and slash doesnt proc as often as it is supposed to do,is this intended,and why you did not mention this in the update?
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