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  1. it is. u can check the hp on the wiki also, on the pages just go t o the level and type in 9999.
  2. can we get the old enemies,or harder enemies back? The new enemies after the Armor/Hp/Shield changes are too weak.No point in grinding if there is nothing we can use our gear against PS. Before some moderator deletes this for spamming,delete all the ,,thanks'' spams as they fall under the same category and should be punished the same way,by deleting the post. Just because this is a ,,negative'' feedback it should not be treated differently
  3. They can make the enemies jump like spider man,invisible like loki,tiny like ant man,put nullies in every fraction,make them run as fast as the flash whatever IF they die one hit it does not matter how ,,smart'' enemies are they will pose NO threat at all if my skana can kill a level 170 armored gunner in a few seconds. I understand raising numbers is not THE ONLY way to make a game difficult but it is a necessary one because otherwise I ll just shoot ,,the smart enemy'' once and he dies no matter how smart he is
  4. First of all say whatever u want towards me,i wont report you no matter what it is and wont be offended everyone can have their opinion. The problem is no that they are weaker at the current level, level 50 enemies,100 etc 200 were always still easy to kill,my problem is that even level cap enemies are fairly easy to kill after this update.Example a level 9999 ancient had around 500M hp before the change,now 430k,do u see the difference?if they made the scaling only easier in the first 200 I wouldn't complain at all,hell if the first 500 levels were easy and they make the casuals happy with it so be it. But after that nobody plays anyway,the people who enjoy endurance want these bullet sponges because it makes the game challenging,u need min maxed builds tactics etc to kill something with 500M (mind you these are the NON armored enemies). If THEY changed the old scaling back for enemies above level 1000 I would never post anything on the forums again.
  5. No I cannot,their definition of hard mode is putting a 1 infront of the level of level 50 enemies,these enemies ARE not HARD at all now,after the HP Armor and Shield nerf. They are literally pathethic,a level 9999 ancient for example has 430k hp NOW he had around 500M before. 430k is one bramma or lanka shot on a enemy that spawn after 8h of survival,to my mind that is pathethic and the HP at least needs to be what it used to be,HIGH. People complained about armor,sure I can understand it armor was annoying,but nobody ,I repeat NOBODY complained that infested with HP were hard to kill at level 100. This Hard mode will be pathethic and I can do it afk using saryns spores because the enemies are literally paper now.
  6. if that makes you feel better go for it,even if you meme on reddit or elsewhere I don't care,i just want to raise awareness of this problem of many people.
  7. So because u cant kill a level 100 without a bramma at the current level and all you play is saryn means veterans need to suffer paper enemies and waste their builds,knowledge etc. on enemies everyone can by pressing 1 on saryn?= to me the fun is GONE now. I am not the only one as u can see by the upvotes on my posts
  8. Ill simply give u the real numbers now , BEFORE the worst update ever an ancient at level 9999 had around 500M now he has 430k . A Gunner with armor at level 9999 NOW has around the EHP of a gunner WITHOUT ARMOR before the update. Just to disregard armor (ur obvious main argument) I could shoot for 30 minutes with my bramma on a level 9999 ancient with old HP and he would still stand there,NOW I can shoot 4 times and he is dead. THAT IS NO DIFFERENCE TO YOU?=
  9. Are you really that *informed* ´? Check the health values of any gunner ancient before and after update on wiki or somewhere and ask around. It is sometimes more than halfed,why do feel infested weaker if they had no armor in the first place?i tell you BECAUSE they CHANGED HP!
  10. I would like to know too,always going for the casuals,they made enemies at LEVEL 9999 pathethic now,wow. Even that they took from us so the people with some melee and enough brain to smash E can do endurance now? Thanks DE for taking the last difficulty away we had for veterans
  11. Can we get the old enemies back?New ones are kind of pathethic. The New enemies have basically no HP anymore even at absurd high level such as 9999 ,some guy did recently level 9999 defense and enemies *still* died to a few bramma shots,how absurd is that.Before the enemy update people asked for ARMOR i repeat ARMOR changes,they never asked for ,,pathethic enemies'' the easiest thing would be NOW to revert the changes,but i understand that casuals would complain their MK-1 Braton doesnt kill level 100 enemies anymore,so i propose the scaling kicks in expontentially AFTER you reached level 200 and to be ,,precise'' i mean the old scaling or to be honest even harder scaling than before. This way casuals who never go above level 200 anyway are HAPPY because they can have fun with their magnetic weapons.But Veterans can have fun with min maxed builds and their warframes armed to the teeth. This would make both at least somewhat happy.
  12. It is?Somehow I think no matter how ,,smart'' a AI is if u one shot the enemy it cant be much of a threat to me. They hide? let them hide,i use my bramma and shoot with my AOE trough the wall,they don't come to me in survival anymore? no problem I run around and press E while my shield gate makes me immortal.They get shields or some other form of protection? don't care,i ll oneshot these too. This is me overexaggerating but the point is,i understand HP is not the ,,best'' way to increase difficulty but it does NOT go without it. I assume you are one of these Shooter players or from Destiny or somewhere else,imagine your opponent or boss is one hit there ? is that FUN? is that CHALLENGING? To me it is not,i liked the old enemies,level 100 was bearable for most weapons (under the condition that u mod them correctly and not some potato build from 50% of the youtubers).Now u can take any melee and I truly MEAN every melee and kill anything below level 200 in some seconds,even my god damn Skana (the STARTER weapon) can kill a heavy gunner in a few seconds.That is utterly pathethic since I am not even using any buffs. Looking at your profile (stats in events/most used gear) I see that you are one of these ,,I play the game for fun with weapons that sound good/feel good,it is pointless to argue with you (in my honest opinion). But if u come up with a ,,challenging'' enemy idea let me know (under the condition they are one hit).No doubt you are happy your Braton Vandal/Prime is able to kill a level 1000 now lol. Be happy then,most of us veterans are not about the recent update,and if u think I am speaking for no one,i posted a similar comment on every update recently,somehow it gets upvotes everytime.
  13. Can we have old enemies back? the current ones are too pathethic to test our nice new guns and augments against
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