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  1. I just hit the wreckage cap and made a distressing discovery. It's impossible to scrap or use a drone on wreckage that has been partially funded. If there wasn't a cap, this would really be annoying. But because there is a cap, I must spend a substantial amount of resources to finish repairing these parts that I no longer want just so that I can scrap them and free up space. The ability to cancel
  2. This happened to me again. This time in the Korm's Belt while solo. I parked my railjack and stealthed my way to the Galleon solo, completed the kill the commander objective, then left and started killing fighters in archwing. After killing two crewships no more spawned. Killed all the fighters, and then nothing. A few more fighters spawned, and I engaged them with my railjack trying to provoke them, but it just got shot up and they didn't call in any crewship. Killed them, and then no more spawns until I aborted after 10 more minutes.
  3. Plan your builds. Do research, use the wiki, find out what you need and then work to get it. Clearing the star chart is a starting point, but it's much more complex than just running missions. It's also about learning multiple frames, learning the intricacies of different game types, finding your playstyles. There's a lot of work that goes into it. For example, when I started failing at Excavation, I decided to get Limbo. That put my star chart progress on hold while I did his quest, leveled him, and learned his intricacies (which angered many pub players, but I digress). But he took me through defenses, interceptions, and excavations all the way to the end. I did replace him with Limbo Prime as soon as I could, though. I spent a lot of time farming Corrupted mods for certain builds, as soon as I could, as well. Farming the basic and important stuff is part of star chart clearing. It slows the star chart down a lot, but it is a major part of the game. As you clear the star chart, farm boss missions for parts, collect more frames. Do quests. Collect more frames. Build new weapons. Raise your MR. Especially raise your MR. It'll all come together in time.
  4. Once again I was forced to abort because the fourth crewship never spawned. I was playing solo in Invite Only mode at Jex Lanes. I destroyed three crewships and about 50 fighters then completed the objective. Once the objective was complete I flew around in Archwing for a while killing fighters until I ran out. No crewship spawned during this time. After I ran out of fighters I stayed for a while waiting and flying around, but no fighters or crewships spawned.
  5. Might have been the forge materials collecting bug, for me. Not sure. I know we collected over 1500 Cubic Diodes and I didn't get any.
  6. When returning to drydock after a mission as a client, sometimes the railjack exists won't work. You can still use the dojo's fast travel menu to leave the railjack, and if you do this there is no problem. However, if you choose Leave Dojo when still in the Railjack in drydock, you'll get a mission failed screen as if you aborted, and lose the rewards from the last mission.
  7. I've encountered a major bug just recently. I entered into the first node of Earth Proxima on Invite Only, intending to solo it. After quite a bit of fighting, I had destroyed most of the fighters and one crewship, but no other crewship had spawned. I returned to my railjack from archwing and brought it into battle, but ended up taking too much damage and flew away, then desreoyed the remaining fighters that were following me. At this point, I think I flew too far from the other fighters and they despawned. But nothing has spawned but turrets since then. I'm stuck at 1/2 crewships destroyed. There are no crewships. I can't finish the mission.
  8. The icon is also very low contrast. I can't see it on my screen, but it's there.
  9. I've been able to reproduce this one twice. Joined the squad of an alliance member in a different clan, started a railjack mission node while client in the host's railjack. No other members of the host's clan or present. Am kicked from the dojo, and from the squad, because the dojo has no clan members present. This has happened both times I tried to start a railjack mission using the railjack navigation console while a client and not a clan member. I've also encountered another bug that happens when you're inside a crewship that suffers a reactor meltdown. Three times I've been inside during a reactor meltdown. First and third time I've been dumped out into space but my archwing animations were broken, I could still move but the archwing wouldn't animate correctly until I did and revived. The second time I was under the effects of this bug when I entered the crewship. This prevented me from transiting back to my warframe, so I was in archwing inside the crewship, and was unable to interact with anything. When the crewship exploded this time I was not dumped into space, but into an empty void, and was forced to abort the mission.
  10. There is no one best element, depends on the weapon and your build. And what you're fighting. People like heat right now because it can be used to make Corrosive/Heat and is a basis for Radiation. Radiation is also a good element because of its bonuses against alloy armor. Some people like Toxin to make Corrosive,Gas, or Viral. But it really does depend on the weapon. Heat is a good one, though.
  11. Yeah, that's because of the new melee rework. The normal finisher prompt doesn't show up anymore, it only shows up for stealth finishers and Mercys.
  12. Bad plan. Mag doesn't have the armor to really benefit from Umbral Fiber, so you're basically wasting a mod slot and an umbra forma that way. If you want to armor her up, the only way to go is Arcane Guardian. The +600 armor from Arcane Guardian gives you 69% DR, the+190 armor from the umbral set only gives 255 total armor, for 34% DR and both combined only give 74% DR. 2x Arcane Guardian will bump her DR up to 80% (1265 armor) when both proc, if you really want to boost her tankiness. My preference is Arcane Guardian+ Arcane Energize (rank 2 because I don't have rank 3). With Arcane Energize, I have enough spare energy to spam Polarize, which keeps my shields up pretty high. 2x Arcane Guardian + Adaptation works pretty well, too. Those together give you 98% DR as long as they're all active. I generally use Vitality rather than Redirection because of procs. Umbral Vitality is overkill for Mag, and most builds are better served by normal Vitality, in my opinion.
  13. The big advantage of using sacrificial over blood rush is that you don't have to build combo counter. The weapons I use Sacrificial Steel on get orange crits right out of the box, with no combo counter, red crits on heavy attacks. There are some weapons I use blood rush on, others I use Sacrificial. And the use cases are quite different. My sacrificial builds tend toward fast strikes and heavy attack spam, while my blood rush builds are more slow and pondering, with the rare 12x heavy attack when I need more than a million damage. Both kill rapidly.
  14. A properly built zaw dagger with a riven is actually really good. Especially with +attack speed. While my zaw dagger doesn't have the damage per attack of a heavy weapon like Gram Prime, it can easily keep up in terms of DPS, due to superior attack speed.
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