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  1. The Investigator mod scans over a period of time, minimum 2 seconds at rank five. The timer starts when the enemy begins glowing. If it does before the scan timer is finished, the scan is canceled. Helios is just very good at scanning, and will scan enemies that you don't notice.
  2. It's specifically making the killing blow, so you can run assassinations in groups and just let someone else kill the boss.
  3. It's specifically illegal to trade plat or in-game items for real money (this bypasses DE's monetization scheme and is usually supported by credit card fraud). Warframe.market does not facilitate real money trades.
  4. I believe that the first one is banned because it contains Bum. Yes, the profanity filter is insanely strict.
  5. Each instance of DR is applied separately. Lets say you have 90% Null Star, 90% Desolate Hands, 80% Warding Halo, 75% blessing, 1200 Armor (80%), and 90% Adaptation stacks for all damage types. With that massive DR stack, damage to health is reduced to 10% by null star, that 10% is further reduced by 90% to 1% by Desolate Hands, then to 0.2% by Warding Halo, then to 0.05% by Blessing, then to 0.005% by Adaptation, then to 0.001% by armor. You'd be taking 1 one millionth of the damage enemies dish out. Stacking different types of DR is very powerful, and a team with multiple fr
  6. Yes Cetus: Best melee weapons in the game. Fortuna: Best secondaries in the game, moa pets, and eventually an archgun deployers. Deimos: Helminth Segment and some pretty good weapons. Then there's the second syndicates in every open world. Quills: Magus Arcanes, Virtuos Arcanes Vox Solaris: Better Magus Arcanes Loid: Giant Robots. Do you like giant robots? I like giant robots.
  7. Has Helios actually finished scanning? It takes a few seconds for him to do. If they die before it's complete, they won't count as scanned. If an enemy starts glowing from the scan, you have to wait till it stops and the little "scan" affinity notification pops up before killing it.
  8. Argon decay timer just displays how long it will be until the daily reset. Half of your argon decays at every daily reset, with the caveat that it doesn't count the argon that you obtained during the most recent reset period. In other words, you actually have 17minutes+24 hours, because that argon won't decay until the second reset after you get it.
  9. Mag starts out strong on Earth and Mercury, where Pull can outright kill large groups of enemies. By the time you hit Mars, though, Pull's damage has fallen off and you need to take advantage of other parts of her kit, which can be harder to use. Magnetize is strong against single targets, but using it well requires experience, and it doesn't shine until late game when you can build for it specifically.
  10. Level 100 is reachable. It requires unhealthy levels of glass farming, but it's reachable. I believe the point of setting a cap that can be met though normal play is to discourage people from no-lifeing it to a self-destructive degree.
  11. Ether one works. Personally, I have a Toxin Drakgoon and built for corrosive or viral and heat using 60/60s. You don't need to use 4 60/60s, 3 is plenty for a hybrid crit/status build.
  12. Yes, that's very possible to do, it's why you shouldn't make many too many sell orders. If you just want to make fast plat on warframe.market, you're better off responding to buy orders from people who are in game. But you won't make as much that way because buy orders are usually lower than sell orders.
  13. Pets revive when you do if they're in bleedout when you revive. If they fully bleedout and die, they're dead for the rest of the mission. This contrasts with Sentinels, which don't have a bleedout and revive with you no matter what.
  14. That's basically it. With one correction. There are 8 requiem mods, only 3 are needed to kill the Lich. Killing thralls tells you which 3, but not the order. You need to get the order through trial and error. Kuva weapons are among the strongest in the game right now and are absolutely worth getting. Also, if you just want to farm Lua, you can clear the planet by completing all the Lich nodes on Lua. Once you finish all the the Lich's nodes on the planet, the Lich moves on to a different planet and no longer collects taxes from the one you cleared.
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