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  1. Will Chroma be seeing any further changes in the future. Most notably his ult?
  2. I’m glad to see void damage no longer being weaker against infested and grineer. But the status proc for void still makes head shots more difficult and ultimately doesn’t really add a whole lot other than resetting sentient resistances. Could we see a possible small damage multiplier on the mini bullet attractor procs to make up for head shots or completely remake the proc from the ground up? also, can’t we just have damage resistance instead of evasion. We’re getting it for aoe explosions, why not just go all the way? Xaku’s base range for most abilities could use a buff as w
  3. I mean, yeah. Ideally I’d want every frame in the game to have 4 useful abilities. I still have my problems with half-kits like Chroma, valkyr, Excalibur, ect.
  4. Grendel had a rough launch. His energy economy is the worst in the game, he can’t function without rage or hunter adrenaline. His 3 is useless, and nourish armor doesn’t actually give him armor... But he can at least tank. He can cancel enemies across the room. Give himself a toxic “not quite as strong but still decent” mini rhino roar that buffs weapons and his abilities. And while his ult is a gimmick to control and can’t keep up with other high range damage dealing frames whatsoever, at least its scaling is strong enough to destroy enemies regardless of their level that are inside his gut (
  5. They’re not. They only get rid of the damage type resistances. Best to bring a better frame and bring out the operator for a zap here and there.
  6. I just noticed this detail... man I wish that were true.
  7. Hoo boy... Xaku is pretty bad. Because void damage is really bad. Now I hope everyone is aware that void damage isn’t even strong against sentients. It just resets their resistances. I do less damage to enemies when I use my damage buff, because void procs taking priority over good procs is making my weapons perform worse. Also as someone pointed out above, the procs don’t let you do headshots, HOORAY!!! Void damage is weak against flesh and ancient flesh, and has no damage advantages of any kind. For the niche of a damage type that is is, that’s pretty bad. It’s the freaking void, sh
  8. I gotta give props. I really like Deimos. The bounty drops are the best so far in terms of kuva, credit, and endo common drops values (please go back and improve the earth and Venus bounties, it’s nice getting values that respect the players time). And the bounties themselves are funner and less frustrating (having more margins for error in bounties is a big plus for me). I know there aren’t a lot of uncommon and rare drops yet outside of xaku and their signature weapon, but I understand more will come with time. the scaling underground vault bounties are nice. The fact that they scale a
  9. Is DE ever going to rework all of the garbage abilities in this game? Would have made it more difficult for players to want to replace abilities if poop like soul punch and spectral scream didn’t exist. I think THAT should have been the balancing factor for this system, but for years we let poop abilities slide because the rest of their kit could pick up their slack. Regardless of these upcoming nerfs, people are still going to replace grendal’s 3, Loki’s decoy or switch teleport, soul punch, spectral scream, ect. there are too many frames with one or two abilities that never see any
  10. @[DE]Rebecca so I know that replacing Grendel’s first ability will make his kit unusable, and that shield gains won’t function on shield less frames. But what about putting abilities on Hildryn? Will she consume shields instead of energy? Or will it just not function?
  11. ... I wasn’t expecting any damage buffing abilities. Thank you for not letting already damage buffing frames double stack (But smite and Chroma/Rhino is gonna be thing, no doubt)... but my biggest fear is roar on dps frames.
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