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  1. Yup, it’s been really bothering me. I love using that set to make my frames have beefy hind legs. Hope they fix this soon.
  2. I would love a way to get umbral forma outside of nightwave. It was already taken out of railjack. Could we get umbral forma’s in steel path? Pretty please! if not umbral forma, then how about new arcanes. The current rewards feel very lackluster.
  3. Would you maybe consider adding Umbral forma to the steel honors store for a high essence cost?
  4. With how many warframes we have, will we ever see another increase in loadout slots? Many of us like to pair specific gear (and match colors) with each respective frame. I still keep one of them as a “default” just so the 5 or so frames (with more on the way) still see the light of day. could we please get enough slots to have one for each frame.
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