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  1. Would really love that quiver change for grendel’s nourish as well.
  2. I’m 100% down with that. Brozime brought this up as well. None of these stats really matter, and have little to nothing to do with objectives in the game. Oh but players sure do get overly aggressive over who dealt the most damage.
  3. Please make charge attacks on holding melee button a toggable option.
  4. Oh hell yes! I didn’t know railjack dropped umbral forma bps. Time to reach proxima and farm enough for all of my primes!!!
  5. I gotta be honest man. I just figured that out in today’s session of railjack with a friend...
  6. I’m starting to feel less optimistic. Railjack is out. I imagine they’re going to put all hotfixes for the time being towards railjack before they take their break. And I suspect DE are just going to move on from Grendel when they get back. We probably won’t be seeing any changes to nourish’s ui or his energy drain until Grendel gets a rework in 3 years.
  7. This!!! This needs to happen!!! I have to cycle two loops to reach my omni tool. And I’m not about to get rid of all of my gear items just so the omni tool is within the first loop.
  8. I’ve had a lot more fun now that one of my friends was able to join me. But for whatever reason, most arc guns feel awful and do piss poor damage against railjack enemies. also bugs galore for animations failing to load when equipping the repair tool, the entire ship turning invisible when you were in the gunners seat when transferring between missions, and textures breaking and map collision bubbles forming inside of railjack sabotage enemy stations, making it difficult to enter and exit (I got stuck on one of the collisions).
  9. As a solo player... I’m still stuck on the first node. I do enjoy the difficulty outside of my Railjack. But I’m not a huge fan of the maintenance inside of my railjack. It’s too overwhelming taking care of the ship and I’m honestly a bit disappointed that this wasn’t adjusted until command was introduced. Currently railjack is just impossible for solo players. I’m either going to have to rally my friends to hop on warframe or wait until solo play becomes possible. and despite having only played it solo. I can’t really imagine anyone having fun fixing up the ship while everyone else is doing the mission. It was too overwhelming from what I experienced. Too many hazards build up too quickly. And for the one tool that can fix it requiring resources, really ruins the flow and takes too much time to restock while more problems keep building up. Just give the omni tool unlimited ammo. Running around the ship repairing patches takes up enough time already. Make like the arcwing launcher and give us an unlimited ammo omni tool. edit: gave it another go. I got close. But it always ends with me running out of Omni Ammo and not having enough time to craft more.
  10. Yay for empyrean. Got a lot on my plate to catch up on now... ...still holding out on those Grendel buffs though. Come on DE! Give my boy some energy drain improvements and some longer nourish durations (and some ui tweaks). He’s so close to being my favorite, just give him what he needs!!!
  11. Could we please get more loadout slots. Preferably enough to have one for each warframe. whatever happened to the lato and bronco proto skins?
  12. I understand the frustration, and I agree that crit has definitely become the big meta again. But I wouldn’t say it’s condition overload that needs to be un nerfed, but rather status melee weapons that need to be buffed. with the way CO stacked before, it could reach some pretty big numbers, and if DE planned on increasing the base damage of melee weapons, I can see why they wanted to change the way CO worked. But one thing to keep in mind is that crit weapons also benefit from CO, especially once quick swap was introduced. However, despite quick swap making crit CO builds a lot more viable, with the way CO stacked before the 2 or more additional status types you could fit on your status melee weapon that weren’t already equipped on your guns could make enough of a difference to still compete with pure crit melees. But with the changes to CO and ESPECIALLY with the recent crit changes, status melees have little to stand out (I’ll admit there are a few status melees that make a killer heavy attack set up. But then again, there’s also fragor prime?). Being able to muster up 2 or more status procs that aren’t already on your status primary and secondary will not help pure status melee’s nearly enough to keep up with pure crit weapons any more. if CO were to be reverted, it would make status melee weapons more usable again in higher content, but it would also completely break crit weapons. Status melees need something that crit weapons can’t benefit from as easily.
  13. We’re no longer in the old blood update, it’s been nearly a month, and I’m starting to get worried that we won’t be seeing any changes to grendel’s aggressive energy drain and nourish’s poor visual feedback. Really love the guy, but boy do those two things still bother me when I play grendel.
  14. Please toggle the hold for heavy attack combo. I hate shooting and taking back my zenistar disk Almost constantly. It sucks building up a high combo and launching the disk to lose it upon accidentally triggering a heavy attack when building up another combo. and please give us a word on the grendel/Vauban & ember feedback forums. Grendel’s energy consumption is still far too aggressive and nourish needs either a change in function or a better UI to indicate how it works/ give better feedback to what buffs are accessible or active. Most of vauban’s mine layer is still pretty underwhelming, and orbital strike blows up prematurely instead of on contact.
  15. Starting to get a little worried for grendel. Any plans to change the UI for nourish? Get rid of the increasing energy drain over time for grendel?
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