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  1. Thanks for the update. But to be honest. I’m still not in the mood to play Arbitrations until the pacing gets fixed. None of these rewards feel worth the time it takes to get enough nitain essence. I mean really? 25 for an arch gun riven? And we didn’t even get more riven slots? (I don’t have room for these). We only use arch guns for one boss fight. The second orb boss doesn’t even have a use for arch guns (and the first orb fight, profit taker, still doesn’t have any good rewards. ALL IT DROPS IS STANDING). I didn’t really see the need to get a riven for a weapon I barely use, and at such a high cost, well it really turns me off. I’d rather spend 50 essence on an emote (which on its own is pretty ridiculous. But at least I’d have more use for the emote than I would for the arch gun riven). Warframe has various loot across its different game mods and some of them really have value. Right now the most “bang for your buck”, “always worth your time” game modes are relic runs and eidolon hunts. Relic runs offer PRIME LOOT! Eidolon hunts have ARCANES! Why isn’t any reward from the ENDGAME MODE even close to being as valuable as PRIME LOOT or ARCANES? nightwave recently introduced umbral mods. You could drop some of those in for really rare drops? What about adding unique prime mods or something? I know you’re capable of adding good rewards DE. But endo, ayatans, cosmetics and arch gun rivens aren’t it. Keep trying. Make arbitrations WORTH our time.
  2. Cool. Can we get some exilus slot versions of these too?
  3. Please, for the love of god, shorten the arbitration missions. I don’t care about scaling enemies or reviving others. The only two game modes that are fun in arbies are interception and excavation. They don’t take 10-20 minutes for each rotation like survival and defense. And defection has all sorts of problems.
  4. You could cut out the middle man and keep the arcanes until they reach R3 and then sell them at a higher price yourself if it really bothers you. You’ll have a lot less time to grind for arcanes waiting in the trade chat. But I don’t see another solution without DE changing the trade system.
  5. I mean, if I can get 100% status on the kohm wraith without a riven, i’d Gladly welcome a riven nerf for it. Then I can focus on rolling for multishot paired with other damage buffs instead of hoplessly rolling for status.
  6. I mean, you’re not wrong. I don’t even touch the opticor for hunts anymore since the riven (and chroma) nerf. Are there really enough eidolon hunters around outweighing the number of non eidolon hunters to make the dispositions keep dropping for all snipers? I mean, even vulkar took a hit.
  7. Lol the panthera took a dive? Hahaha, I’ve hated that weapon since it came out. Even the weapon buffs didn’t redeem it for me. I’m surprised to see it was popular enough for a riven pip loss.
  8. Lato got a decrease? I mean I know the vandal version came out... but it’s not god tier. Guess it’s just popular.
  9. I agree. I mean whenever I get a shotgun riven I pray it isn’t for the Tigris. I’ve gotten a few, and literally no roll is worth replacing a base mod for because it’s riven stats are much lower than that of base mods.
  10. Haven’t really seen any notable changes (outside of QoL and fixes) to hildryn since her debue. I’m starting to lose hope. She’s fun, but her 3 and ult are a little underwhelming and her lifeline ability (shield pillage) makes her helpless against an entire faction (infested) in late game.
  11. So far I really like Hildryn’s shield gating mechanics but I do think her abilities (while fun) are a little underwhelming. her Balefire could really use a crit and status boost. I mean sure, it’s a first ability, but it’s also the only killing tool at your disposal when using her ult. and slowing her down when charging is also kind of annoying. shield pillage needs to be able to replenish shields even when surrounded by enemies that lack shields and armor (infested). Hildryn’s overshields can prevent procs from going straight into her health (slash and toxic procs) and her shield pillage dispels procs. But against the entire faction that lacks shields and armor and deals a lot of toxic procs, her overshields mechanic is impossible to use because hildryn can’t get overshields when against the infested and also can’t reliably replenish her shields at all since shield pillage is worthless against them. Also building for corrosive projection is a bad idea with hildryn and Players can’t control what aura’s their teammates use. hildryn’s 3 is a solid supportive ability. While I would like it to deal more damage, it at least has its uses as a support ability. But the drain on enemies is a little much for 200 radiation damage. her ult could either use that buffed bailfire I mentioned earlier or enemies should be taking more than 200 radiation damage per second. Yes it’s a good cc. But good cc’s are even better when they help you kill things, Bastille, rhino’s stomp, ect. Don’t prevent gun play. Ageis storm does and bailfire just isn’t as good as the high tier weapon contenders. Either bailfire needs to be stronger, or aegis storm needs to be a better dps.
  12. I’m not a fan of unintentional nerfs. Not to mention a lot of players grinded or paid lots of plat for arcane velocity for that very reason. Now I myself don’t see the need to use arcane velocity. It had a niche use. It was a way for late game players to add more fire rate to her ult without having to use up a mod slot for it. are you going to make arcanes that grant additional armor away from Rhinos using them with their augments to get tons of more iron skin? Are you going to take away crit chance enhancing arcanes from warframe abilities that can crit? Are you going to take away arcane barrier and aegis from hildryn, the one frame that can make use of them? If this can happen to Mesa and Titania, then of course I’m worried it can happen to other frames. And I don’t want to see that happen. Don’t get rid of niche arcane uses. A lot of us have worked hard to get some of these arcanes and paired them well with warframes that make full use of them. Don’t start doing this. Please for the love of god don’t.
  13. I highly recommend adaptation and either arcane barrier or aegis or both if you want to take Hildryn into higher content. Hildryn is actually a pretty good tank with a good build. But she isn’t a consistent tank. You will need to know when to get under cover and replenish shields quickly to get back right into the fight (she doesn’t need to be under cover for long though). Her 2 is her bread and butter. You will get all of your shields maxed after each cash if you build her right. The thing about hildryn is that she is both less vulnerable than other frames in some aspects but more vulnerable in others. first off, hildryn’s abilities cost nearly nothing to cast. Your abilities will rarely eat up your shields (however your ult prevents the usage of her 2). Shields regen quite quickly and so long as you have at least 100 shields you can get all of your shields full again with the cast of her 2. You might think Mag procs are bad for hildryn (and they are), but they aren’t nearly as bad for hildryn as they are for other warframes. If hildryn loses her shields she becomes invulnerable. Use that time to get some cover and replenish your shields as soon as you get 100 shields back to cast your 2 (hildryn is also immune to energy leeches and other enemies that sap energy). Most warframes will lose their actual energy reserves when Mag proced. Hildryn has an easier time recovering from heavy losses than most warframes that rely heavily on maintaining their energy. The procs you want to look out for are toxic and slash procs. Cast her 2 to get rid of them. Hildryn does have a decent chunk of armor, but her health value is a little low. Don’t get too cocky when you get those procs. only real problem is that hildryn can’t use her bread and butter on infested. Don’t use hildryn on infested (DE should really allow her 2 to drain health to replenish shields). however considering she has more room for modding since energy based mods outside of efficiency are worthless to her (quick thinking, rage, flow, etc.) I would love to see some more shield based mods that could benefit the sheild replenishing frames like hildryn, mag, volt, and Harrow.
  14. If you only want to use a melee weapon... then only equip a melee weapon. You’re gonna miss out on all of those instant condition overload set ups. Melee striking to apply multiple procs is a lot slower than a shot from a status shotgun. It even makes full crit weapons condition overload viable, and that’s including exalted weapons. I welcome this change.
  15. You don’t even have to. If you press E after aiming down sights you begin the melee combo just as well. You don’t need to be cautious with it at all.
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