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  1. One of his death passives gives him additional loot on kills. But it’s random what 3 passives you get. It’s not a reliable farming tool. More of a “oh hey, I died and I got the loot passive, guess I’ll make use of this while I have it” kind of tool.
  2. Oh my god. Those gauss buffs look hella nice. So much less energy hungry and far less micro manage-y with his battery. Looking forward to using him more!
  3. Well it did start out as a 5/5 disposition. I suppose DE wants to cripple it down to lanka’s fallen disposition. Even though very few people use snipers outside of eidolons. Either way it’s still a bit disappointing.
  4. Whatever happened to those realistic gun skins? Like the sawed off shotguns for the broncos for example? and will we ever be able to use weapon skins on zaws and kitguns?
  5. Primes release around every 3 months, so hopefully we’ll get ivara prime (or whatever they pick) in time for Christmas. But I’m fine a January release.
  6. Eh... it’s more of a case of Vex armor being an S rank ability on a D tier frame. Vex armor is really good and it helps chroma hold a meta, but chroma is nothing without it.
  7. for an endless game mode it really doesn’t want you to get far past rotation 8. Efficiency gains need to be looked at. Designing an “end game” mode that forces players to leave roughly after 1 full AABC rotation is a bit... insulting. Efficiency gains also heavily limits players to only bring room nuking frame.
  8. God Damn Yes, WE DO!!! I want my oni style revenant to be a thing already.
  9. Happy to see the graxx skins get in (like they ever wouldn’t), and that ivara skin looks great... but the onyro revenant helmet got passed over again (it’s been 2 rotations since it’s been out)? And you only put in Wisp Diva’s armor piece, why not the whole? come on DE, we got plenty of saryn and frost skins for now. They can wait their turn. Please start getting some of the others out there.
  10. I’m glad to see new auras and arcanes. But based on the description they seem pretty meh, unless they have the numbers to compete with other aura’s and arcanes, they likely won’t see much use. But still, I’m glad to see new aura’s and arcanes, and I hope to see more of them added in the future.
  11. After playing around with gauss with different builds and more experience I think he’s a pretty solid warframe for most content. He doesn’t do anything that makes him stand out, but he also lacks any big noticeable weaknesses. He’s definitely fun and viable as a gunplay/melee play frame with decent cc and a really feel-good traversal that’s very helpful in bursts across star chart missions. my one gripe is how he performs on open world maps. Seeing rebecca roam the plains with a speed frame looked tons of fun and somewhat of an alternative to always using Archwings (or k drives... if you’re into those). Zephyr and nova are pretty efficient open world explorers without Archwings, I was hoping gauss would be too. But Mach rush isn’t efficient outside of bursts on small maps. Zephyr’s traversal costs less energy in the air and nova can cross the map in one cast. Would there be anyway to make gauss cost less energy per distance the longer he stays in an uninterrupted run? Or even make its cost non existent after he reaches a certain distance within one run? Damage/ cost ratio couldn’t be exploited since the ability’s damage properties are non existent until he bumps into a wall and it doesn’t scale with how much distance gauss builds up. Unlimited/uninterrupted runs aren’t possible on small rat maze maps either, so it wouldn’t really affect him on smaller maps. Mach rush has the potential to be a fun alternative to getting around on big maps for players that pick gauss.
  12. A lot of my warframes look pretty ugly after the lighting and visual changes. Will this get fixed or improved any time soon?
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