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  1. 19 minutes ago, vegetosayajin said:

    Like I said for the SS discussion ("To participate in this Operation, you must be at least Mastery Rank 3. You do not need to have a Railjack or have completed the Rising Tide quest in order to participate in this event." ) where a lot of people were pissed that mr3-mr5 players were ruining the runs: Just make a challenge for anyone that want's to participate(and simultaneously explain the mission - reference to simaris scan training run) for any tenno to have a go at it with the highest level the mission has to offer. That way any tenno that can do the test can enjoy the content and it will rule out tenno(no matter if they are mr29 or mr2) that can't do it.

    Just make different tiers for it basically guys. new boys do new boy stuff, big kids to big kid stuff.

  2. On 2020-08-22 at 4:50 AM, Samhel said:

    I don't even know how MR 8 can be considered very experienced. The MR 8 I know and saw don't have frames for the helminth system... or slots. If they are "very experienced" warframe players with 4-6 frames then what am I with all the frames in the game at MR 27? O.o

    They buy the frames with plat twice now. Do you understand why its MR8 now?

    Money Talks

  3. When you have an 8 year old account, are invested in some high end content and communicate with high end players, and learn Warframe mechanics to better understand the game and prepare your friends/clanmates with that information. When you start to teach other players how to build and play is when you are not new and are able to correctly decide which abilities go where with the new system.

  4. 5 hours ago, war_framer_2017 said:
    I thought MR15 is arguably high for such a huge meta update. But MR8 is way too low.
    MR8 me would absolutely be confused and somehow #*!% up a couple times trying to use this complicated system and then use it only when some meta requires it. Let alone use the helminth system and sustain my already low resources (at MR8) at the same time.
    I think, for a final and fair decision, is to bring the required MR up to the average mastery rank of all players. Its range is probably MR11-13. It'd be still confusing but at that point players establish an understanding of what warframe works and consists of.
    Edit: I posted this in general discussion. How did it end up as a reply in someone else's post??

    MR15 is low imo way too low... 

  5. 11 hours ago, (PS4)CommanderC2121 said:

    I disagree with this. She is much better high levels post rework, due to innate armor stripping and her DR on 2. Not only does she having good damage output, but using her 4 augment makes energy troubles disappear. If anything, her biggest issue in higher levels is completely out of her control, and that’s what your teamcomp composes of. 

    ^^ exactly, also it is important to note that the pattern of poor Ember durability led to this situation, even after rework nobody wanted to play her because of her notoriety.

  6. 19 hours ago, Yakhul said:

    Radial Javelin has to be on par with damage as the old World on Fire. Is only good for taking care of low level enemies. I have tried it, yes, i placed EVERY SINGLE POWER STRENGTH MOD I could on Excalibur, plus Growing Power, Pax Bolt for the extra power, and even at over 300% Power Strength, Radial Javelin cannot take down lvl 50 enemies.

    Radial Javelin either needs a massive boost of damage, a form of scaling, or a complete rework from the ground. I can see this ability being replaced by a subsumed ability or a helminth ability because of how underwhelming and weak it is.

    utilize with exalted blade CO augment works like a charm.

  7. 13 hours ago, Ikyr0 said:

    Just leveled up a regular Ember I had sitting around for MR, and found her kit to be super cohesive, efficient, and fun. I haven't seen a single one in my games..why's that? 

    With Helminth, she should work incredibly well with Heat Elemental Ward (for a ton of extra EHP and heat procs), or Fire Walker. 

    Usually not able to sustain in higher levels. That is what made her unpopular in the first place and the trend kind of stayed.

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  8. 5 hours ago, LittleSuccubus said:

    No it won't. Depending on the bugs you get, you can't finish or don't want to finish certain missions. I have like a what, 7-8% quit rate now because of bugged missions. 



    And pretty sure SIlence is much more powerful than Roar will be in terms of killing stuff. 

    Having a permanent stealth damage bonus aura around something like Inaros will much more likely break the game than the bonus damage of roar.

    Banshee's kit is incredible and will always be my first widely used Warframe and favorite.

  9. On 2020-08-13 at 6:20 AM, Prostreet150 said:

    DE Rebecca posted this :

    "Who is this for?
    We consider this a customization system for very experienced Warframe players (Mastery Rank 15 Prerequisite). We do not intend to let newer players unlock this system. We intentionally placed the Segment deep into progression to ensure only experienced players could access the Segment and begin their journey with Helminth"

    Why when you release new content, you force your playerbase into an never ending grind, instead of giving them enjoyment?

    I've said this like 10 times and now i have to say it once more : I got over 700 hours in this game - i got all the good mods maxed - i got arcanes of my choice maxed (both frame and operator) - i got top tier rivens for my primary / secondary / melee / archgun - i got almost every Syndicate maxed including Conclave (except the RNG ones like Solaris with their Training Dept Bonds that never seem to drop for me).

    "BUT" clearly for you, i am not experienced enough to participate in your new content. . .

    You really think that crafting every garbage weapon / companion / frame in the game and then level it up on Hydron while being semi - AFK will give me more experience than i arleady have now? 

    You said that you wanted "very experienced players" to participate in this content, but Instead of putting a Hard solo questline that need X amount of gear equipment and parkour knowledge in order to complete it, you are forcing me and so many other people into crafting and leveling up every useless junk you have, in order to gain Mastery Points and level up our accounts.

    What's next MR20 + RNG in order to participate to your content? ? ?

    And this "Joke" that Account Level = Skill needs to stop SOMEDAY!


    7-8 year old game and you're just a beginner, chillax. You don't need this stuff!

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  10. 18 hours ago, Darlingng01 said:

    To save on warframe slots my friends and I have had a policy of selling base frames when we get the prime version. With the Helminth system coming I'm dreading having to farm for them again. I would like to suggest the ability to re-buy frames sold before the new system is implemented. Even if the system can't tell which we've sold, it can tell if we've owned a frame and if we currently own a copy of it. If we've owned a frame but don't currently own a copy, then currently the only option is that we've sold it for credits. I believe a fair price would be between the value of selling them (25K), and 4 times that (100K).

    The main reason for my suggestion beyond it simply being a nuisance is that it punishes older players in a way future players won't have to worry about. Once the system is in place any future player will have the option to dispose of their unwanted frames that way, saving them the need to grind for a second copy.

    While there's likely more that needs to be done to mitigate the grind for many of the frames, this is not intended to fix that. This is simply an anti-frustration feature for older players to help avoid unfairly tanking the initial perception of the feature. I'm fairly new in the larger scale of things, but even I have sold around 18 frames, I can only imagine the frustration of some of the truly old players.

    many people have been playing for YEARS. To be able to horde all those resources is the reward for constantly playing. Someone new does not need to have a decked out Warframe immediately. Effort is required to obtain the most powerful S#&$ in Warframe, regardless if there is a point to getting strong equipment or not.

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  11. 38 minutes ago, Corvid said:

    It's funny how you forget that they were the ones being toxic first. Reacting to "Hey, here are the reasons why this idea isn't as good as you might think it is" with "YoU jUsT hAtE pRoGrEsS" ain't exactly the best way to promote healthy discussion.

    😕 I guess that is true, yet I still see the first comments of most forum topics, "insert something snarky here". It probably just makes the forum poster feel like a loser you know? They just want to give some thought on any aspect of the game. I guess simply explaining why this is not possible/why your idea won't work  would just be better.

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  12. I would highly advise adjusting/toning down viral @[DE]Bear It is currently outshining every status or is required along with an additional status.

    People will find need to use rivens and think about their builds by taking advantage of what enemies are weak too if it is toned down. (Goal is to balance all statuses around enemy weakness imo).

    Finally, Grendel still seems to be lackluster, what I mean is other frames easily outshine him in solo play and team effectiveness. I would advise making his armor scale unusually high faster than Inaros with a future augment (This would make Inaros endurance usable and Grendel for shorter missions); this may give him some competition while also applying buffs in high end missions.

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