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  1. 19 hours ago, Gromzok said:

    Ok first of all this is not bashing on secondary weapons its a genuine question. I am still pretty new to Warframe but i am at a point where i got 3 builds (working on more) that can melt anything up to lvl 120 without effort and i never used secondary weapons. Can someone tell me their purpose and recommend good ones for endless missions? My fav part of the game is pushing myself to my limits through endless missions so i need weapons that are effective against high lvl enemies.

    The point is to provide more status for condition overload exponential scaling, all weapons are subservient to melee period.

  2. 2 hours ago, NigglesAU said:

    When warframe was released, i only spent like a handful of hours (messed missed around) in it before i gave up and came back start of this year and racked up huge number of hours. Love it. Dont remember early days - how has warframe changed since early days? 

    Has it become better? . i know they want to make it more accessible to new players, but what i am worried about it being "dumbed down" to try appeal to a broader demographic . Not that its hard to play, just a lot of stuff to do and understand . hope you know what i mean ūüôā

    the creativity has drowned, it is all about releasing content to keep new player base income.

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  3. 6 minutes ago, Aether.Shift said:

    I think making the post in the first place shows his level of investment (and disappointment). The reasons, once identified, can lead to solutions, and solutions are important. DE has been criticized for catering to its new players and if they are looking for solutions, they may be paying attention. Who knows, worth a shot.




    Check my Kuva Disruption post, it reflects Aether's statement (Directly under Disruption feedback, first post).

  4. S#&$ man... This post cannot be more accurate. @eXotic respect to you willingly getting your ass roasted alive, you are brutally honest with positive and negative statements.

    The people that read that review (EVEN THE POSITIVE STATEMENTS) in my personally opinion have not experienced the game as much as they should have and are falling directly into that new-player wallet need by the company.

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  5. 10 hours ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

    His kits ‚Äúsynergy‚ÄĚ is one of the most broken, cobbled together messes I‚Äôve ever seen. The fact that he shines¬†in content that‚Äôs unecessary to be reached and only that content just shows how much of an ill fit he is in this game. He needs a rework ASAFP

    The abilities are like a core amount of frame abilities that can do familiar things, like being overpowered by themselves... By stating this you are stating they need to be reworked as well. You are also technically stating that that group of frames needs to be re balanced.

  6. Don't touch a skill that is already setup for a frame to give him a bit more luster than others! His kit works fine together, it is in the higher level category that you begin to see thralls work out nicely (frost eximus thralls I am looking at you!

  7. 3 hours ago, Dr.Tursko said:

    I wont lie, the second I saw that arcane, i was bewildered.

    But when you take a step back and think, you realize that you can make new and interesting builds with this. It just requires the right frame.

    Thats right, DE wants you to try something new. Your meta build will just burn you out, 


    Combat discipline will work great with Barruk, or even with Inaros/Nidus. You can heal yourself easily while also making it so you get energy from Hunter Adrenaline. 


    What other builds do you think could work with these new arcanes and auras?

    If it is inefficent and pointless with the current damage system, i'm not wasting my time to develop "unique" builds.

  8. 22 hours ago, nslay said:

    I did it with Broken War and Zephyr. My strategy no longer works because units no longer have tunnel vision like they used to have... so no hiding on the tops of pillars and dropping down at opportune moments and slaying them... like ninjas in movies. Not stealthy anymore...

    Lol nothing is stealthy anymore with the map wiping. They need to re balance damage 100% and completely take out AoE.

  9. 6 hours ago, NekroArts said:

    Did you try the test after U25.7.3? Because I can guarantee you if you pull the move at 1:15 you will fail.


    just Run Redeemer with Banshee

    "All of BansheeIcon272 Banshee's equipped weapons, including Gunblades, such as TnoGunblade Redeemer, and weapons equipped on Sentinels, should they be present, are treated as silent." (Warframe Wiki).

    An experienced player would know this.

  10. On 2019-09-12 at 3:05 PM, LastGodMars said:

    Even atterax or something this is so ridiculous and wastes time.Why?I come here to enjoy not to make stupid tests that won't work for me.If I want to be undetected I use have stealth skill warframe

    Your complaining about challenging content that is so easy, this is the reason why digital extremes has nerfed "skill" based gameplay into the ground and has made it farming simulator.



    Here, I did the work for you now watch the Mastery rank 9 video and tips.

    You need to learn to use resources for gaming (wikipedias help a lot)

    You also need to learn how to play the game, that is done through mastery tests and experience.

  11. 5 hours ago, Xardis said:

    I guess you didnt read what I wrote: That amount is also multiplied depending of conduits active when demolyst is killed, when 2 are active, its 1.5x, with 3 active its 2x and with 4 its 2.5x. So if you do 4 at a time and defend them all you will get base reward depending on how fast you killed them times 7 (since when you killed 1st, its 4 conduits active, 2nd its 3, 3rd its 2 and last one is only one). Note, it counts only active conduits, NOT already completed ones.

    Went right over my head haha, I was focused on the time it takes to eliminate the target.

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