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  1. It will make it a useless mod. It's either broken powerful and "efficient" beyond absurdity, or useless. There's no middle ground.
  2. I use MSI Afterburner / RTSS to control my framepacing issues when Nvidia fast sync is active. That is an external software, and it affects WF by limiting FPS and the pacing between them without the huge performance penalty of regular VSYNC. Is that at risk as well?
  3. Indeed. I am expecting my Dokrahm, Plague Keewar and Plague Kripath Rivens to take huge hits in Melee 3.0.
  4. That would require for Riven mods to be their own category when trading instead of being "just mods". I think it would be helpful, but I can see the huge backlash to a notification stating "This Riven may be nerfed in 3 months". People will say that it "hurts free trade" and whatnot. They are insisting on keeping the promise they made when they introduced the RIven system to begin with. I see no point in complaining about they doing what they should have been doing from day one.
  5. The Switch version launching in the middle of Chroma Prime is what caused the extended Mesa Prime season so all platforms could catch up. At most you'll see a male frame Prime access ending around Christmas, but not starting. Put your plat on Ivara.
  6. Moving Inaros up in the rotation won't be necessary if the argument is popularity. The next 2 frames after Atlas and Wukong are Ivara and Titania assuming the MM/FF release pattern of the last 5 years.
  7. I am certain you have missed something. I have the Eidolon Ephemera already.
  8. Not anymore though: So even if a weapon is extremely unpopular, it may not receive a disposition buff if it is already at the power level intended by DE.
  9. It's every 3 months, so 4 per year. The reason why Mesa Prime lasted so long was due to the Switch version of Warframe launching in the middle of Chroma Prime and DE extended the next Prime after Chroma (Mesa) so they could all catch up. Equinox Prime will complete 3 months in 2 weeks in all platforms (April 2nd release).
  10. If only other people were as civilized as you are. The last disposition update gathered 28 pages of anger and outright aggression against the devs, forcing the thread to be closed less than 24 hours after the announcement.
  11. Just a friendly reminder not to invest thousands of plat in a "God Riven" in the next weeks since the weapon tied to it may receive a disposition nerf with the release of Atlas/Wukong Prime if DE stay true to their promise of updating it with each Prime Access cycle.
  12. Indeed. The middle ground between the two camps would be the ability to trade them for other Ephemera. It would still suck for unlucky players who never even get even 1, but it would ease frustration from those other players who happen to have multiple copies of one of them but can't get another one they like.
  13. On one hand, I don't support the idea of trading Ephemera because only a tiny minority of players reach Arbitrations and I don't think it's fair to sell them to players who are not meant to build them until they do. It's something they can't hope to use unless they happen to stay long enough. On the other hand, making them so you can trade Ephemera for Ephemera and no other resource or plat would be perfectly fine by me. You still need to beat 200+ different missions and reach Arbitrations in order to build one. Only a tiny fraction of players stay long enough to do that. I don't understand why no one even considers the build requirements of Vitus Essence for Ephemera when using this argument. Just because you are already there doesn't negate what it takes to get there. I earned my right to use them by staying long enough to beat all missions in the game. Even if I had gotten the Smoke Body Ephemera on my first Stalker encounter on Venus at MR3 I would have been unable to build it until beating the entire game with all other +200 different missions and quests that are mandatory for progress. If you think that's something most players do you're not really aware of how small of a minority you and I really are. Don't downplay that by throwing luck into the mix. Getting an Ephemera during your first 10 minutes or after 200 hours means the exact same thing if you don't reach Arbitrations first. That is still time and effort for all Ephemera except the 2FA one (Which should been a BP that required 1 Vitus Essence to be built. I'm not happy about DE giving it fully built for free to players who have not reached Arbitration).
  14. Perhaps I was not clear. I was referring to the bonus damage on each individual combo, which is independent from base damage combo counter multiplayer. Example: Stalking Fan. All 3 combos have damage multipliers on top/separate from your base damage combo multiplier. Pablo made it sound like in this new system, 2 of those combos will no longer deal bonus damage other than what you have in your combo counter/mods. That is a huge nerf to overall damage if you only get one of those, which may not even be the combo with forced procs depending on their choices. Also: Bringing base damage up to par with combo counter on 3x is still a huge nerf if it doesn't scale beyond that. I often find myself with 4x during Arbitration survival. Indeed, and that's not encouraging. It looks fluid and fun, but fluid and fun is not worth it if I can't kill anything at high level.
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