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  1. At first I could not do Earth missions until I upgraded my equipment. Even dojo Sigma III stuff is more than enough to get you to the veil. Don't waste resources on MK I/II stuff until you get there for MKIII. It's not hard at that point. Only issue I have is my ship getting boarded when I leave to take down crewships. Command is not going to do miracles. I doubt DE is going to automatize crafting and deck fire control when you have intrinsics for remote crafting (Rank 10 ENG) and ship reactors with passive x% chance to put out a fire. Don't hold your breath on Command replacing a crew when you don't even need a crew to begin with once your RJ is maxed out. Using other people's experience as a justification on why some things are a concern when they do not apply to you in any way, shape or form is akin to complaining on behalf of someone else (Host migrations for your crew when you are the host, so you lose nothing) without considering that they also have the same solution on their hands: They should pilot their own RJ's.
  2. Host migrations are not an issue if you are piloting your own RJ as it guarantees you're the host. I've been doing Veil Proxima solo for a month now.
  3. It does not unless you refer to Erra. You can see Sentients and board Sentient ships with no context as to what you're doing or what those things are as soon as you get an Archwing. You only need a taxi. If you then Google what those things are by say, "Warframe anomaly ship" and end up in the Wiki with an article on Sentients, you spoil the rest of the game by virtue of spoiling TSD, TWW, CoH, AP, TS, QP, and Erra if you keep reading. If DE decided to take that risk by not requiring The Sacrifice at the very least on top of requiring Rank 7 Intrinsics even for a taxi then I don't think they'll start now with OSS. They would have patched it (The early taxi) out already otherwise. Therefore, I don't think it will be tailored around those who have progressed that far into the game. Newer players will always be a priority.
  4. You can take a taxi to Veil Proxima long before you even complete TSD though. I don't think DE will make it so a time-limited event with likely unique rewards will only be accessible for those who have progressed that far into the story. They don't want to face that backlash.
  5. You don't HM if you're the host, which you are guaranteed to be if you build and pilot your own RJ.
  6. Indeed. Just like RJ boarding from open maps, galleon boarding to expose internal weakspots for the RJ to shoot with the Forward Artillery, Lich immortality, and Lich space fleets, this seems like another Tennocon demo concept that ultimately did not transition into the game as presented. I'm actually more puzzled about the way it was "revealed" in this dev stream. I know it was focused on sound design, but it felt rather odd and like a throwaway mention with no context or hype surrounding it. I guess this means that there will still be another dev stream explaining how it works and how it got implemented into the game before O:SS, which means that it may very well be 3 more weeks before it drops if that's the case.
  7. I'd like it if more synergy was added to Excalibur's 1 when using his 4. Something like giving it double range and making it instantaneous (Like a teleport) so you can chain attacks across large areas. This would encourage frequent casting of this ability. I think his 2 is fine. What was his old 3? I was not around back then. I do agree this ability needs some changes focused on increasing Excal's survivability. He's extremely squishy even with 2000 armor and adaptation. I think his 4 is fine as well in concept. It does need a damage boost or mod expansions, but that's true for all Exalted weapons after the melee rework. I don't play Chroma, so there's nothing for me to propose.
  8. I don't think the "skip a Lich" option will be added to the game unless it has a cooldown of like 7 days.
  9. WTS Primed Chamber for 800 plat WTB Primed Chamber for 150 plat Over and over and over...
  10. The trade chat is a glorious sight to behold right now.
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