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  1. That is literally impossible without consequences for killing too fast or too many enemies or specific enemies, which in turn means a hard penalization on some frames merely using their stock abilities. As long as the "a dead enemy deals no damage" mentality is king there won't ever be a need for CC. It's a courtesy option.
  2. Pablo sharing his perspective from a designer's point of view. This train of thought is why some frames -even if updated- will remain personal picks and will naturally drift apart from the meta. Granted that CC has taken hits with CC-immune enemies, but the alternative is a room frozen in place with helpless enemies. DPS and nukes are more manageable in comparison because you can buff enemies to compensate, but CC either works or it doesn't work. This is why several Helminth abilities will remain as they are by proxy.
  3. That applies to every single game developer studio. They are all businesses. They all have to pay salaries, invest in R&D as well as marketing and music production, pay for certs (If console developers) and every single possible metric that applies to every single business in this beautiful capitalist world. FYI Tennogen is a net positive income to DE. The cut they pay is accounted for in the asking price.
  4. The point being made is that DE are making enough money to consistently chart as a top money maker. This is further hammered down by the metric going by just ONE platform, and DE make money on 4 (Now 5, and later 6 this year).
  5. You're not helping your argument with this. You're pointing out that WF is more profitable despite having significantly more expenses.
  6. Since my initial post I've come to realize Mirage deluxe (Oneiro) noble features the lost animations from when Mirage Prime was advertised back in 2017. This means it took them 4 years...
  7. Warframe has overtaken Counter Strike 2 in revenue. I am not going to entertain the thought of what DE "losing money means for the game" in the context of them making more money than a game that features dedicated servers.
  8. A snapshot has to be stored somewhere, and it can't be the host device that just disconnected.
  9. I requested it 5 years ago: Needless to say: 1) It hasn't been done. 2) You'll find people who justify us not having dedicated servers because DE will lose money.
  10. No. Incarnon is what Rivens should have been. They fix old weapons. Old WF's on the other hand should simply be reworked if they are not good-enough for today's WF gameplay.
  11. Feedback thread requesting it since the trailer went live:
  12. Why the pushback or roundabout solutions to a non-intrusive QoL request that removes the need to perform any of your proposed roundabout solutions? That only works if you constantly update your favorite weapons with more Forma, and fails if the build you like to use has all the Forma you need already. This doesn't let you remove a weapon from favorites unless all others exceed it in Forma for the sake of it. That fails once you have 7+ favorite weapons per slot (21 WF slots), and that's on top of competing with WF slots for the frames themselves, which are currently 50+. That doesn't work if a weapon you really like from day 1 just got released, or a long-forgotten weapon given new life through updates (Incarnon).
  13. I can't be bothered to invigorate frames I don't use just so I can rush an invigoration for a frame I do use.
  14. Hi DE. We have too many weapons and not every single weapon category is our cup of tea, and as more and more weapons are added it's becoming tedious to scroll through all weapons in a slot (Primary, secondary, melee) or to remember their name/spelling to search for them. Please allow us to flag a weapon as favorite into a quick-selection menu like you can do with color palettes. Just as simple as that; there's no need to reinvent the wheel here. Thanks.
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