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  1. It seems my post was removed from the contest thread, so I'll post it here. I don't want to be that guy, but shouldn't the skins from the Tenno's Best Friend contest be available before a new contest for in-game designs is launched? It's been 4 months since the winners were announced.
  2. I'm not referring to those particular combos getting removed, I'm talking about the total number of combos. They could for example remove the forward-key combo in a current stance and map the hold block combo to it. They have mentioned that they don't want for the hold or pause combo mechanics to be there, so they are streamlining everything at a base level. Something has to give since that only leaves room for directional input and no directional input combos when even the block button is removed as a starting point. Sure there could be variations such as starting neutral, starting forward, or going from neutral to forward or forward to neutral. That would solve the problem, but that's assuming the end goal is not to streamline everything to extreme simplicity.
  3. There's a second tweet in which he confirmed there won't even be a block button anymore, hence my post. So there is already the potential for at least 1 combo getting the axe while other combos get reworked.
  4. I just hope that by removing the block button, weapon combos that use it won't be removed. Even though this system is going to give you more freedom, I have a bad feeling that stance combos are going to take a hit for the simplification with 1 combo getting the axe, leaving only 1 standing combo, 1 forward-key combo, and 1 back-key combo.
  5. I have never gotten Arbitration rewards awarded after I'm dead. There was an interception mission in which I died like 20 seconds before the reward and I didn't get it. I did get a "not eligible" message, but did not notice if the term "AFK" was included. I did get to keep the rewards I got before I died though.
  6. The reward is at wave 10 though, and it's not based on helpfulness. There's no other way to go about this unless they add a reward each wave.
  7. Jarriaga

    New Kavat breeds ability mod ideas

    You're welcome.
  8. Jarriaga

    New Kavat breeds ability mod ideas

    It was mentioned in the last devstream. 2 new breeds are coming.
  9. Jarriaga

    Races in Warframe

    Not a perfect mirror, I agree, but each time the concept of more representation comes to the front is akin to asking for the mirror to be there to begin with so it's more and more like us, even if not 100%. At which point is the game's universe allowed to be its own thing completely past and beyond our own reality? I see people no longer asking to play as a robot, but rather as a gay robot. I longer see people wanting to play as an assassin, but rather as a black assassin. While WF is a game with a diversity of choices, they are all within an Overton window tied to its lore and universe to make it believable and cohesive. Just like Star Trek, you can't have race be a factor in a future intergalactic empire. Otherwise the civilization encounters the Great Filter and goes extinct.
  10. Jarriaga

    Races in Warframe

    The Orokin have blue skin. They are long, long past petty and primitive concepts such as race. It's a non-issue once you go intergalactic unless you want to present the extremely far-fetched concept of a Latino born on Mars or an Asian person born in Pluto. For a civilization to go intergalactic, it must overcome petty regional squabbles tied to race, then planetary squabbles between humans from Earth and humans from Venus. The Orokin were a united empire who had conquered the entire galaxy, and they had evolved to the point of having blue skin. The Great Filter can not be overcome when race still exits. As such, race doesn't exist in Warframe because the concept of race doesn't exist at that point. Just because your skin color is black doesn't mean you are a "black person" in WF. How would you even define what a white or black person is and what it means to be so when you have people with blue skin? You can be red or green. In this universe, people recognize your species or place of origin, but not your color or ethnicity. So again: Live your power fantasy. Don't taint it with petty real-world concepts that will hopefully die in thousands of years if we are ever to move to different planets or galaxies as a species.
  11. Jarriaga

    Races in Warframe

    Races don't exist in Warframe. The Orokin long evolved beyond primitive and petty regional human-based concepts. As such, I really don't see the point. If your Tenno could speak, your Tenno would not use race for identification purposes as the concept doesn't exist anymore. Live your power fantasy. Don't taint it with petty real-world concepts.
  12. Thank you very much for the confirmation. That´s a relief.
  13. Jarriaga

    Eject! Stalker Mode Needs Serious Work

    Thanks. Missed that. Corrected in original post.
  14. Jarriaga

    Eject! Stalker Mode Needs Serious Work

    I don't have to try it: I don't want another player to interfere in any shape, way or form in a mission I am playing at even if I'm not the target and I don't want more PvP-styled or PvP-oriented or PvP-inspired modes in Warframe. Period. Even if they only took 1 year to make this it could have been time spent polishing melee 3.0, or making the flying Eidolon, or reworking frames, or making new quests, or fixing the trials sooner. A PvP mode taking away resources and manpower from a PvE game is not something that gets me excited to try. If I wanted PvP I'd still be at the Conclave or playing CoD. Good if you want it. You do you, but I don't have to and don't want to be a part of it. I'm going to complain a lot if there's no opt-out or opt-in option.
  15. Jarriaga

    Eject! Stalker Mode Needs Serious Work

    It's a PvP mode. You succeed or fail based on your ability or inability to kill another player. Since it's a PvP mode, I expect an opt-in or an opt-out option or I'm going to complain if there isn't one. I do not wish to get involved with other players in PvP or PvP-styled or PvP-oriented or PvP-derivative modes in Warframe. I had enough of Conclave.