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  1. I agree. That's an argument to make it harder, not easier. As for lazy blanket buffs and item restrictions? Until DE migrate to full mechanical difficulty with enemies that can counter any 4x player combination of Limbo, Mesa, Saryn, Equinox, Baruuk, Nova, Wisp, Vauban, Gara, Khora, Revenant, Ivara, Octavia, and Trinity then gear checks are the only thing they can do to offer a higher-than-normal difficulty as the game currently stands. Lazy blanket buffs and item restrictions for hard mode are better than nothing in the meanwhile until DE do Steel Path Arbitrations with drones prote
  2. Having more ways to trivialize content is exacerbating the problem in the name of options. You should have less options and less ways to invalidate and trivialize the game's designated hard mode rather than more ways to do so. Otherwise rename it normal mode and rename the star chart to easy mode and effectively reset the game to the same status quo that existed prior to TSP, with people asking for a hard mode and a higher challenge more appropriate for our gear levels.
  3. Harder content should take longer to be completed, and until DE migrate to full mechanical difficulty with enemies that can counter any 4x player combination of Limbo, Mesa, Saryn, Equinox, Baruuk, Nova, Wisp, Vauban, Gara, Khora, Revenant, Ivara, Octavia, and Trinity then gear checks are the only thing they can do to offer a higher-than-normal difficulty. It should also be more demanding of you, not less demanding. But how do you make content that is more demanding in a stats-based game that lacks mechanical difficulty for mobs? You increase the gear check requirements so fewer of
  4. None per se. But until DE fully migrate from gear checks to mechanical difficulty, it is what it is: More difficult than normal. Sponges are better than nothing. At this point I do not even think actual challenge for mobs is even possible unless they are given the ability to consistently nullify shield gating, abilities that negate damage, and nukes. DE are only doing mechanical difficulty for bosses. Mobs are gear checks. Less destructive power translates to a higher difficulty for gear check content. I don't think so. At least not on it's being done. The gap is so wide that e
  5. Hard mode is supposed to be hard. You can not have a hard mode that is a breeze to play and call it hard mode. This is also very same reason why I want for DE to add Steel Path Arbitrations to the game.
  6. "Go play with both hands tied to your back while you hang down from a rope, because it's not the developer's job to offer challenge levels that match the tools they themselves give you".
  7. 2D art is difficult to translate to 3D models in general. Textures in particular are often up to the viewer's interpretation in 2D, but the material is set in 3D and may be a far cry from what the viewer expected unless the artist had clarified what the texture should look like. This is not exclusive to deluxe skins. How can anyone see a 2D drawing of regular Excalibur and come to the conclusion that the texture in the gray parts of his shoulders resembles shark skin? You can't. You just see a gray area in the 2D drawing.
  8. In what context? When I started playing the game back in 2017, I did most of the star chart and even some sorties with guns that didn't even have a catalyst.
  9. It was presented to the community as "hard mode" by DE before naming it The Steel Path. Even if it is not sufficiently difficult, it is the game's official hard mode. DE should be making it even harder, not easier.
  10. I agree with you on principle, but I don't think such a system is possible as long as attack speed mods and abilities exist. Even if attack speed mods are nerfed, what would be the cap when stacking with Gauss Redline/Valkyr Warcry? For that (Timing) to be functional, either the mods are nerfed so hard that they are barely noticeable, or the abilities need to scale so poorly that the mods do stand out on their own at their max values. Else you just got the visual noise Geoff dislikes so much, which is incompatible with timing.
  11. Yes. I have consistently vouched for DE to patch out cheese tactics and loopholes. Here's the thread when Pablo remarked that AI alone won't give us a better difficulty and more balanced game until we are nerfed as whole first: Here's why DE's decision to give a cooldown to Arcane Energize made no sense when energy pads exist (This is prior to TSP). Also a pointing out our broken ability economy (Which contributes to map nuking): And here I'm requesting for DE to add Steel Path Arbitrations, because you can't Khora your way around Arbitration drones: That's fi
  12. They had actually been requesting this for months now, although sparingly. Here are some samples: I guess they got their wish granted.
  13. I got the impression that they are taking TSP into consideration for this. Here's the part of the Devstream when Scott addressed content creator remarks about the state of guns: I don't think there are many identifiers for "high-end players" other than steel path endurance.
  14. If anything, I've been consistently saying for months that DE should not balance the game around what works in TSP: September 2020 August 2020 November 2020 Ever since I saw threads like this and this in which people started asking to balance the game around TSP I knew it was going to eventually lead to this. This past devstream was my worst expectations becoming a reality.
  15. And then people will complain about weapons not cutting it for that mode, requesting buffs like they did just now and got their wish granted. Rinse and repeat while the powercreep just grows exponentially. Where is the line drawn? Where does it stop? Where and when do DE hold their ground to make a more-difficult-than-normal mode and hold their ground so it stays more difficult than normal? They should only be nerfing melee. It solves the problem of the disparity while allowing for noticeably harder content to exist. Right now, the approach will most likely result in the entire
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