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  1. Jarriaga

    Best sentinel/moa weapon?

  2. Looking forward to this. I'm actually happy DE decided to lock the Heist mode under Solaris standing (I now understand what they meant last month when they said you'd have to work for it).That way new/inexperienced players can't just jump in, which is something I appreciate after farming Eidolons in public groups. I'm curious about the Archguns, new amps and new Arcanes. If the Orb Mothers are not damaged with void energy then the new Amps may use standard damage or elements, which would make them more useful around the game.
  3. Jarriaga

    Baro santa

    He'll bring Primed Master Thief because we've been bad Tenno this year and that's the equivalent of coal.
  4. Jarriaga

    We are gods walking.....if we use cheese?????

    Well, I remember a thread from a guy who wanted for DE to ban, remove or nerf Condition Overload because he made a specific build with Oberon that allowed for millions of damage. A specific build. So you tell me.
  5. Jarriaga

    Nezha Prime

    Equinox, then Atlas/Wukong, then Ivara/Titania, then Nezha/Inaros.
  6. Jarriaga

    On Equinox Prime

    She has been confirmed as female (Both aspects) since August 4th, 2015; just a few days after her introduction. If that doesn't qualify as "always" then I don't know what does. It's quite the irony that you're calling him short-sighted when you didn't even look into her origins or design intention. And just in case you decide to point it out, Adam was DE's Community Editorial Coordinator at the time of that post, so he knew what he was talking about.
  7. Jarriaga

    New monk frame...its just amazing :)

    I really liked what I saw. All of your abilities are defensive until you get pissed off and all hell breaks loose with his fists. Can't wait to try him. It's a different take on melee thanks to the disarm and sleep abilities.
  8. Jarriaga

    How about "Vaulting prime access"?

    I proposed this exact same idea back in July: Sadly, no word from DE. Re-read. You didn't understand what the OP suggested. You don't have "3 months" if you just joined the game a day after a Prime Access ended or close to a frame's vaulting date. As I asked in my own thread, why not make a "Legacy Access" pack available for purchase when the "Last chance for XYZ Prime" announcement is made, priced like regular Prime Vault packs? That would ease the experience for new players as there would be a chance to get the oldest gear even if you joined the game the last day before vaulting. It would also allow for older players to get their hands on gear/accessories they could not get on time without having to wait years for the unvaulting.
  9. Waiting for a new update. Scott said that someone will make constant updates while on an interview with TacticalPotato. Hopefully disposition is addressed monthly.
  10. Jarriaga

    Max Framerate

    Thank you!
  11. Jarriaga

    Max Framerate

    Hi @[DE]Glen ! Thanks for the update. I'm a bit puzzled with regards to this part of your post, which may explain something I reported before. Is the dynamic resolution setting a feature that is exclusive to windowed or borderless? The feature never worked for me when on fullscreen mode. I asked if that was the expected behavior in that thread and sadly I never got a response. Here's the thread: I'm on: W10 Pro x64 Intel Core i7-4790K @4.6 (All cores) GTX 1070 (Latest drivers as of the time of this post) Thank you very much for the clarification.
  12. Jarriaga

    What would MR30+ unlock?

    A modular Warframe so you can use skills from any WF you've mastered. Why would they reward those players who have stayed the longest and cared enough as to build or buy every single weapon and Warframe in the game?
  13. OHKO and bullet sponges are perfectly fine in a dedicated mode DE flat out said is a response to a low mission failure rate. If you want to discuss system-wide alterations to game mechanics then please feel free to do so in a different thread. Right now, today, Arbitration can be made significantly more challenging by making a mess out of you in the meanwhile by sheer brute force until DE makes a general revision to damage, AI and scaling, if ever. I'd rather get a small step in the right direction in a single game mode than no progress at all until a perfect implementation is made for multiple systems everywhere else.
  14. Indeed. That's why I centered my initial post around the difficulty and didn't mention adding or improving the rewards. Arbitration should be intense because it's Arbitration. There are other modes for testing endurance.