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  1. The day of the workshop 2: Electric Boogaloo.
  2. I just see the gifted frame (Whichever it may be) as nothing more than a free slot.
  3. Parazon: Reworked trigger mechanics so this is actually able to be used. Enemies that trigger Mercy state stay on the ground like Thralls do for 5 seconds or so in order to give you a chance to use the Parazon without the enemy getting nuked. Also, Parazon mods Blood for X will be massively buffed in order to encourage Parazon use. Helminth: I just expect more abilities. They could be brand-new abilities, or legacy abilities that were retired from the game on past frame reworks. Ability changes: Perspicacity and Master's Summons will be fused into a single ability.
  4. The gun/melee changes dev workshop is supposed to be posted today.
  5. It is real. I did my own count now to compare and first stage is 20 thralls, so things were improved by 1/3. As others have noted, the requiem bar in the Lich overview doesn't match the in-mission requiem bar, which is always ahead.
  6. It´s relatively new. 2 new personalities were added back in March with Corpus Railjack.
  7. I initially (When introduced in 2019) hunted them down because I wanted the Ephemeras. Now I hunt them when I'm bored, when I remember one of my Kuva weapons is not maxed-out and I'm bored, or I want to change their elements from whatever I initially got from hunting Ephemeras to heat.
  8. I presume it got canned because it would effectively be another melee buff which would in turn result in people asking for a gun rage mode to match it and thus push power creep even more.
  9. Stalkers, Nullifiers, and falling off the map as far as I'm aware. Don't know if Demolishers from Disruption do it too.
  10. Glad to see others confirming what I suspected. Now let's all just hope this is intentional.
  11. Considering that's Evergreen cache B: - 50,000 Kuva. - 7 day boosters. - 30,000 Endo.
  12. Set to public, but other plyers unly joined in like 3 runs and only 2 spawn their Liches. I'm generating a 3rd Lich now to confirm yesterday's findings. Sorry to read that. I'm testing again now, but it did feel a lot faster. I don't recall ever reaching stage 3 in a single planet before.
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