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  1. Megan. To this day, I am still convinced she was ¨Lotus¨ in Yareli's profile video.
  2. I don't think that´s something to be flexed, in my opinion. Particularly so when current Arbitration drop tables are worse than what they used to be at first.
  3. 4-6 weeks after the devstream in which they show Caliban's abilities. If they announce a Caliban showcase devstream for September then we can expect it late October/mid November. Otherwise, late November/mid December.
  4. I'm going to quote you on this if I ever see you complaining about any anti-player decision made by DE.
  5. I think I'm going to re-post this previous response to a similar thread made last year as it is still very relevant today: The reality is that DE publicly say they listen to feedback, but privately, they have an Overton window of feedback they are actually willing to act upon. This was made crystal-clear last year with the status proc revisions considering the improved procs mirrored their late 2017 plans with damage 2.5 exactly as initially presented despite the rejection and backlash. That convinced me that it's not just that they're stubborn, but that their plans are set in stone and that they rarely (If ever) consider feedback that falls outside their initial intended plans. Sure, they didn't make those changes in 2017, but they tried again in 2020. Here are the original Damage 2.5 plans from 2017: And what does Puncture do as of 2020? Sure, it's now based on proc amount rather than proc weight, but please tell me again they "listened to feedback" :) There's no such thing as "listening to feedback" when their initial intentions were set in stone and merely postponed until the outcry died out. It's insulting that they even tried a second time, with the exact same proposals. This is why I'm convinced there's an Overton window of things they are willing to change as long as they fall within their intended plans. Just recently, there's the Holokey drop chance fiasco for reference. Not only did they decide not to at the very least add duplicate protection for sevatrash, but they decided not to retroactively give Holokeys for those who already completed their Sister farms. They pretty much punished early adopters and sent the message "Don't play our new content, we'll make you regret trying to be up-to-date". It's best for people to give up on the notion of DE acting on player feedback that falls outside their intended plans. It's best to just take the game as it comes as dumb fun just so you don't sour the experience by feeling neglected and ignored as a player. Because ultimately, you are.
  6. No. The fact DE decided to leave Holokey drop tables unchanged despite a month of everyone telling them the problem was not the amount per se is a sign they have engagement metrics that take priority over fairness. This results in polluted drop tables. Going further back, I'm rather amazed you think the Arbitration's drop table is rewarding. Nearly everyone hated the fact DE decided to pollute it further while deprecating the value of their own Arbitrations store with the Arbitrations revisited update: Years later, I'm still very pissed at DE for those decisions. It's mostly the reason why I don't do Arbitrations anymore.
  7. So still no fix for Galvanized Condition Overload mods not working for AoE?
  8. I'd say it's more about the "theme" and abilities for me. For example, I really love Mesa Prime's model, but I don't play her at all because she's a gunslinger-themed frame with abilities centered around pistols. This means that aesthetics can not compensate for a theme I don't like functionality-wise.
  9. Nidus Prime details with Nidus mutation is what I like. The metallic arm and chest "column" look very elegant in Technocyst.
  10. Am I the only one who actually likes this? For years I speculated/hoped Nidus Prime was a lot more "elegant" and "polished" than regular Nidus. Having his mutations open without tendrils while in Tennogen is just that. So I am getting exactly what I asked for, but other people seem to hate it.
  11. Just tried farming holokeys again. I give up. It doesn't matter if the quantity is increased to 25 per drop if it never seems to drop. This is particularly discouraging because of much time adds up when you consider what it takes to get the weapons to +60 and the element you want. I guess I'll just have to live without the Tenet melee weapons. I'm not bothering ever again as long as the drop chance and lack of duplicate protection for sevatrash remain as they are.
  12. Still no fix for Galvanized Condition Overload mods being broken?
  13. No fix for Galvanized Conditon Overload mods not working with projectiles and AoE weapons?
  14. If you have a Riven for XYZ weapon, disposition numbers represent the "ceiling" for stats said Riven can give you. Higher numbers mean higher ceiling and thus better stats. These are applied retroactively. This means some people just got their Rivens buffed (Green), while others got their Rivens nerfed (Red). Here's an example: --------------- These stats are adjusted every Prime Access (~ Ever 3 months), and the intention is to give weak/unpopular weapons bigger/better stats. Popular weapons on the other hand may get a disposition nerf (Which only affects you if you happen to be using a Riven for said weapon).
  15. Neat. Will check how my Astilla Prime and Volnus Prime perform now.
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