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  1. I just want to be able to fully equip my Necramech with mods, just doesn't have enough capacity
  2. Honestly they could just make it go to level 40 at 5 formas therefore giving you 90 capacity, problem solved don't know how someone messed up the math on this, more slots = more capacity needed, I'm at 6 formas and having the same issue. I'd love to hear that they at least know this is an issue.
  3. Only guy that could use them all for a benefit would be Inaros, seen some people running all 3 on him to get to 11.3k hp solo no buffs
  4. Just found these: HOD-DANSGAMING HOD-PEEVE HOD-BURKEBLACK HOD-GASSYMEXICAN HOD-ITMEJP HOD-DRLUPO Keep an eye out for sponsored streams, they have timed exclusive glyphs Will edit as I find them
  5. Ash = not the best pick but appreciate the slot I guess
  6. You'll be able to put resonator on vauban soon anyway if he wants a pet, though aren't the tesla nervos just little pet bots?
  7. I've been preparing an additional copy of every frame, 1 subsume every 23 hours seems pretty extreme, time gating always leaves a bad taste 😞
  8. Just wanna say in my opinion Steel Path is one of the best additions to the game, being able to face a challenge instantly instead of waiting 60 mins is so refreshing, its really great, hope you add cool stuff to the honors store in the future too 🙂
  9. https://twitter.com/MarcusKretz/status/1289696558951235584/photo/1
  10. There are a couple missing based on the picture DE Marcus posted on twitter
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