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  1. Yeah I've just been checking every week, it's supposed to come back every 8 weeks I think, Umbral Formas are only marginally more powerful, I don't think its worth it being gated behind an 8 week roation.
  2. So today was the first time the Umbral forma showed up in the rotating Steel Path Honours, I hade been waiting for this day, I saved up 1350 Steel Essence to buy as many as I needed for the frames I wanted the forma on only to find out that you can only buy one every 8 weeks. I really don't understand why this is, if I farm the hardest content in the game shouldn't I be able to buy something that will make me stronger equal to the amount I farmed? Nevertheless I am not mad I am disappointed, I was really excited for the ability to make some of my favourite Warframes stronger.
  3. Just wanna say love the new formatting and thanks for the great work :)
  4. Don't really want that much, would love weapon slots, formas and catalysts/reactors, also maybe exilus adapters Thanks if you do it has been a tough year I will edit this post thanking people if you do gift me :) Merry Christmas everyone
  5. I've failed multiple times at the fight itself, I did the puzzle once I don't feel like I should do it EVERY SINGLE TIME, let me just spend to fight him, its obnoxious, also can we make the evidence in the nihil fight not move, its awful and the hitboxes are incredibly harsh, that's my 2 cents
  6. I died because I didn't even know what to do xD Also am I screwed now because it says episode 5 is complete?
  7. The suggested one would be great but we don't know if they will keep that format moving forward anyway so not sure if it would even help Dx
  8. I just want mech mod capacity to not be trash, seriously hate not being able to fully equip
  9. Guardian and Grace for tanky frames and Guardian and Energize for mostly everything else. Exceptions would be Velocity for Mesa/Titania and Strike if you wanna Melee on frames, there are some others but these are worth noting
  10. Capacity is my main issue, I only have 6 formas in mine, feel like they should act like the 5 formas giving extra 10 levels like other things in warframe, would allow a full equip at least and deserved for the time investment to forma 5 times and maybe extra formas for more utility Edit: Upon thinking about it another thing I do wish gravemines spread over a larger area, not more mines just a bigger area, not sure how others feel, maybe have the cc last a couple more seconds too? Would make it really fun to use
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