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  1. Yeah, time to waste creds on potatos or something i really don't need.
  2. I just want Kuva. No Kuva this week makes me sad.
  3. Gilded and polarized is still a thing? Sad.
  4. Thanks for the world cycles, very cool. Or hot, i am open minded.
  5. Defend target still sliding on his ass when downed. Annoying as F.
  6. If Hz is FPS, then change FPS counter to Hz counter and it should display Hz and not FPS. No? I hope so, because that's just stupid. If they want to make it less confusing for people that don't know what Hz and FPS stands for, then get rid of the units completely. 60FPS on 120Hz monitor doesn't make it magicaly 60Hz monitor, it only displays 60FPS on a 120Hz monitor.
  7. Why is max framerate is in Hz now? And i see two 120 values, but no 100.
  8. One excavator in solo is nice, makes it faster, but no power carriers spawned for me, so i gave up after 5 minutes
  9. It took you long enough, but still much appreciated. Can you do something with the camera spinning like crazy after autoinstall?
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