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  1. I encountered some Velocipods in the slime too, thankfully tranquilized they drift to the edge.
  2. Happened to me several times, after finishing first vault. Never happened if i was host and hosts can just force start the next vault. Going back to Necralisk fixes it.
  3. Thanks, but now even the starting point didn't spawn for me. Marvelous.
  4. Thanks, that helped! I had the long cave entrance partially unexplored (why?!!!!), so i didn't bother look much that way.
  5. Sorry my bad, i thought this was a general How do we "RETURN TO THE SURFACE"?! thread, not just yours specific situation How do we "RETURN TO THE SURFACE"?! thread.
  6. We locked the vault, because some genius just blasted random symbols, and i don't see any markers. I see the cave markers on map, but no exits there.
  7. LepraSK

    Railjack Bugs

    The navigation defaults to Earth. When i just finished a mission in Veil for instance, i usualy want to start another mission in Veil, and not Earth.
  8. I swear by god, i will farm 112500 polymer bundles to be able to build this abomination. http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/559891575307071532/DA900D69FF236D358AD8B1B0849E2EAB301CB0DD/
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