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  1. Mods not working on enemy ships is still present as i see, takes forever to destroy reactors.
  2. I reject your reality and substitute my own 😄
  3. Well it's an effort, but not good enough. From 14 Liches i have 4 Kohms, and not one came after another. How about you start getting duplicates, after you have all weapons? Too easy? I know, that way it would not depend heavily on RNG, like everything else in the game, and would take only around 400 missions, not counting hunting for larvlings, that for some people don't spawn, whatever they try.
  4. 130 murmur instead of 150 is still a joke.
  5. So i run a flood now on Ceres, and didn't get ani requiem. Yesterday it worked just fine several times.
  6. Just give an option to use melee for finishers, as it was for a very long time. I don't want switch to something, that is very unintuitive for me.
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