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  1. sigh.....all you people asking what the drop is.....reading the actual post is too hard?
  2. Noobmaster69 had to change his nick.
  3. disappointing, i've ran into many bugs since dog days patch. it's currently the most amount of bugs i've experienced in the game. from 1 single patch.
  4. Revenant is incredibly strong, he's not an eidolon frame, he only gave in to the will of eidolons. He got tired of being their jailer. He was, at first, a vampiric frame.
  5. should avg. 30k a week or 3 ranks....NW is designed to run 10 weeks
  6. happening in inspiration hall rooms. i try to decorate and move around and get stuck, locked in areas, no movement, then it might teleport me across room and then be stuck again.
  7. you don't need twitch prime to get twitch drops, it's free to watch, free to get the drops, free to have twitch on your console.
  8. agreed, pylon markers need fixed asap, they don't show up at all.
  9. the director of the trailer put that in, and asked if mag had that skill, DE replied, she does now. that's still her current ability just being augmented from a proactive targetable skill, to a reactive skill.
  10. i constantly have a ping of 60-90ms. i have set my matchmaking ping limit down to 100ms. why does it still choose to group me with a host whose ping is 1600 ms? why would the game not make me the host or someone with a max 100 ms? does this setting just not work at all?
  11. it's awesome seeing people ask questions that are clearly stated in the original post. if they only took the time to read the actual post, maybe they wouldn't be asking questions of how many ranks is it? or when does it get released? they've seriously put 90% of all questions asked in this thread, in the original post.
  12. seems it was a problem before going live tho. a scoring system based on RNG spawning is not great...(ya get more points the further from the node/faster you kill him). it should have been a flat score for a kill, with maybe each successful conduit getting a multiplicative bonus.
  13. hrm? it's an endurance node, where it clearly asks how far can you go? there's no expectation to go further than a 4k score.
  14. i find it odd that a lot of people are asking to be able to use Hildryn's 2 while channeling her 4. it's been a long time like this.....if channeling a skill you won't gain energy from other skills. not sure why people think Hildryn has to be the exception.
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