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  1. Is there any way to make the Fused Reservoir the default reservoir if one has the augment equipped? That way one doesn't have to cycle thru the singles to get to it?
  2. i'm in the boat of there should be a toggle if you wanted to appease to 1 community of gara fans. i, for one, think the glass on her base frame is terribly ugly, and would always 2 to get it off me. you can't do anything with armor attachments with it. especially the chest. GG you made some happy, made some not happy. because you didn't wanna do the "complex" work of a toggle.
  3. yup, hate using anything other than a sentinel without a weapon or an attack precept. live animal companions are a burden to use atm.
  4. The missions are giving the correct rewards, they're just not showing up as a mission reward popup. Check the rewards screen. Last night I got the Carmine Penta BP without it showing as a reward popup. They show up as identified items, like a spy cache.
  5. they've always said this will not work on other frames. there is a condition on the mod that only hildryn can achieve.
  6. don't have to do circles, just shoot the satellite creating the shields at an angle, sorta landing your shots between the 2 shields
  7. Revenant was called Vlad while he was being developed, and is half vampire.
  8. Khora makes this one super easy, barely an inconvenience.
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