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  1. people don't realize their lich levels up if they get downed 3 times and run away. not stabbing it is just prolonging spawns for someone else. i see it as paybacks for taking up the spawn and not stabbing it, and will make sure i down it if they're blatantly skipping.
  2. there is already a vampire frame...revenant
  3. Pretty much what we're being FORCED to do now. Fly around with no purpose but to try to find asterite for 10-20 minutes AFTER the mission is complete. Boring and not fun. It's the worst way to farm resources. Cause there isn't even a map to go for resources, like mining/fishing.....you can mine without engaging in combat. In empyrean, you are forced to engage in combat and complete the mission just to get to the 10+ minute asterite farmflying done.
  4. so much this. would solve so many loot problems. spending more time making sure i've picked up the loot. due to the way space is built, can't see loot that's not in the square you're in.
  5. you can share his 2 by using his 3 to pass through teammates. his 3 gives immunity and heals, its not just a mobility skill. his 1 can sorta interrupt/pause damage being taken. not all frames are built to be interactive with <other frames> in coop, but he definitly has a place in coop.
  6. yeah...so any program that makes button presses for you in game, is usually frowned upon and could result in actions taken against you.
  7. not sure if this is a bug, but one of the rewards says you get +1 loadout slot for MR 28. i was at 27 slots before hitting mr28, and now still at 27 slots after. so it didn't award the loadout slot.
  8. it's not that random.....they have a range of values, but those values need to be re-evaluated on those zetki generators.
  9. hunhow and "mother" are gigantic sentient capital ships. railjack has everything in common with connecting the original warframe experience to the new war. not sure why so many are saying empyrean is a self contained mini game. our orbiter isn't going to make the jump to tao, nor could it withstand the war that is coming. my only gripes are the host migration/crashes losing out on 30+ minutes of gameplay loot, repair system needs to not take ammo, pustrels are too rare, and there's a lack of exploration in earlier maps.
  10. jnuh

    kuva lich no ui bug

    got lich to 0, the game went to give me the kill or convert option, and gave me nothing, no options to kill or convert, no text, complete loss of all buttons, couldn't see chat to communicate to group, they eventually extracted with me just staring at my hunched over lich. absolutely horrible bug.
  11. i mean....this isn't really fixing the problem is it? not sure why you don't fix the trigger making them spawn to once, or completed. so that people don't continue making them spawn.
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