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  1. Then have a mission that randomizes every 5 minutes. I’m giving broad, quick examples. I want to shot and slash and use my frames abilities... and lose, sometimes quickly. I want to be challenged and win as well.
  2. Good range and damage on the weapon then use Mirages 1 before throwing out the disks... fun
  3. I’m on PC and watched the entire stream last evening but didn’t receive any ducats. I’ve received most of the offerings since I’ve been playing, but last night skipped me.... 😭
  4. I’m on PC and watched the entire stream but I didn’t receive any ducats... 😭
  5. DE needs to add optional missions with difficult and a few painfully difficult options. It just can’t be that difficult to add some randomness with increased difficulty; Like arbs or sorties but with very specific/multi limitations that rotate daily. Level 100, melee only, no 1-4 abilities, no pizzas level 80, 1-4 abilities only, no energy dropped by enemies whatever... heck, let players build mission with a vote/rating feature after DE approval... something for the Tenno who have put time into this game...
  6. After reading some comments about Khora being tanky on here, I reworked her build and used the cat to heal me.. I did 40 minute arbitration last night without a problem... I used the cat to heal our operative as well... it worked! She is one of my favorites at the moment, just a fun frame with some outstanding damage potential... I think her 4 has a pile of uses too.
  7. MR requirements taught me team affinity, it taught me about Warframe weapons that I like or didn’t like maybe due to Warframe gameplay mechanics. A weapon type I may enjoy in another game didn’t work in Warframe (bows). It added tension during testing due to possible failure and time locking, It made me practice the tests which improved my parkour and other skills. The testing help me understand load outs and Warframe abilities which I needed to make the tests easier for me. It also gave me a goal to work toward. Now that MR advancement has slowed to a crawl, I’ve had to make a “to-do” list to reference to keep me motivated. I needed all kinds of resources to build things. MR advancement taught me about resources and the need to work together to harvest them MR caused me to join a clan. Overall, the MR components were one motivation in the game that made the game better for me.
  8. I had a level one sortie last night where the host kept dying and then left after leaving a message about us not helping in the battle... he was MR 16 and he never tried to protect the target which I had to protect. His kills were on par with ours. He had no case to make... he sucked or was ill prepared for that battle... I dislike turds like that. I had to repeat the mission due to host migration glitch. He got the last laugh on that one...
  9. I like the MR part of Warframe. It’s simple and taught me a lot about the game. It’s added to my enjoyment overall.
  10. I would love to toggle the option... there are times when I’d like it or need it. I was unlocking a riven after a sortie and the 3rd person view made it tougher. Would have been nice to try it in first person. Even if they just took away the frame from the view maybe...
  11. This bug is still in the mission. Played last night with her as she was the 300% damage bonus frame... discovered that I could not damage the drones... this was a limiting factor during the mission and I think the team only made it a bit past 20 minutes... Hope y’all can fix the pixie soon...
  12. I welcome the option and think most all of it will be an improvement, but I think we will see a jump in host migrations. I hope it is minimal but I think the option will make people feel ok with the action, something some may hesitate on at the current moment.
  13. Khora is a fun frame... she’s versitale and a joy to run around with. Maybe not a tanky frame, but she’s a damage and cc frame for sure.
  14. Clear starchart Do quests Increase MR Learn Modding Syndicates Have Fun
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