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  1. Fast nova on that corpus defense tile set DE made horrible. It helps so much to get through it. saryn on hydron is nice limbo used correctly for the benefit of the team I think xaku with a pile of weapons around him is hilarious and effective hildryn against corpus is perfect hildryn on hijacks Wukong on rescues wisp on defections Vaubahn on defense missions with spectrotage I like many other frames in general and I like to see them used well/with knowledge of the frames synergies (including helminth)
  2. I have always ran relics for forma blueprints, which I slowly craft every day. It’s passive, simple with the app and fits me way better than the event.
  3. Agreed. Same for me…. A frame has to be enjoyable to play, looks second. I think harrow has a beautiful skin but he takes a back seat to hidryn because she’s a better frame for me. He looks way better than her…
  4. My wisp specter uses the Bramma. She is the best I’ve tried so far.
  5. Essence is good the way it is now. No need for a change. Play it casually when you can and you’ll have plenty soon enough. Play solo and you can control the acolyte spawn and get more.
  6. I just wish they had a one button option in the Arsenal screen to change everything to match the current frame. One button - load out looks like frame - everything matches frame.
  7. I can see the op thoughts here. I have absolutely seen the increase in aoe weapons, I’m using them more as well. This is a change from the prior updates. Meta and high level gameplay aside (higher than sp), I have asked myself the same question. The melee simply got replaced with guns in a lot of missions compared to before. I like guns more than melee so I enjoy the improvements to gunplay but there has been a shift in many missions to guns. And guns destroy everything easier than ramping up melee on fast mission types, which there are many in the game. so I can see why they are questioning the changes, even if I like the changes.
  8. I stay because Im a loyal person in general…. And it seems to meet my needs.
  9. I agree with you. His first video should be used by DE to improve the early game. the second video was all cry baby and windbag rubbish.
  10. Good idea. Simplify it but continue the service. Thank you.
  11. Things go boom better with new mods and arcane. Me happier now.
  12. I agree. He went from almost never seen to seen a right good amount. That’s a good rework.
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