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  1. I agree. I’m enjoying it and it’s making my builds better. Glad to see it as an option for us.
  2. Steel path is more difficult for me than normal mode. They enemies have more....
  3. I’m doing 0-4 nodes per night. I like it. I’m glad they added the new mode. Warframe continues to develop and get added optional features. Warframe is a fun game for me. I like taking my time nowadays....
  4. The movement is key for me. I like many other things but the ability to jump and roll and slide together becomes like a dance while laying out some pain.
  5. I started last night. I like it... I’ll slowly try to complete all of it. I enjoy going through it all again except for the arch wing poop.
  6. I’m gonna play tonight. I like solo playing most times and look forward to trying out steel path!
  7. You are a nice player to assist others so thank you. I’m an older player but have been playing games a long time so I wasn’t as intimidated in the mountain that laid ahead. You’re suggestions will work in many areas of life. Define the situation, make a list, accomplish one item at a time on the list. PC IGN: Softballbryan
  8. I agree. I got trapped into that when I started Playing. Or let me pour the upgraded flawed mod into the unflawed mod later.
  9. And part five tends to be very long...
  10. I agree. It could use some improvement in this area.
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