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  1. I agree at the moment. It’s new and different... but it’s not all that fun right now... maybe DE will tie it all together better. i was hoping the Railjack would be a means to new systems/galaxies. Fight I a ship to get to harder or different battles... stuff like that.
  2. I think DE is busy with the new offering atm. I’d bet they get back to lichs and improvements in about a year or two. It’ll happen down the road.
  3. I’d like to choose my reward based on tier .... please leave kuva as an optional reward.
  4. Refreshing thread.... im away from my computer atm but my go to is Khora with a range build and accumulating whipclaw augment to help her 1 and 4. I have a Mire stat stick and Helios prime and destructor for mods. I have 4 other builds but this one seems to bring the pain and provide CC well enough. I have no preference on primary and secondary and switch them up all the time for variety. Khora: coaction drift, steel charge, Umbral vitality, overextended, constitution, primed continuity, adaptation, primed flow, stretch, accumulating whipclaw. mire: riven, organ shatter, primed pressure point, sacrificial steel, primed fever strike, toxic blight, shocking touch, spoiled strike deconstructor: condition overload, true steel, gladiator might, reach, fever strike, pressure point, north wind, empty slot
  5. I have no accurate amount but I’d guess around 500.00 ‘merican....
  6. It appears my nightwave missions have reset... Rank has not but all missions look like a reset on sunday...
  7. I avoid being selfish by playing solo when necessary for others to enjoy the public portion of the game...
  8. If you’re on public and you’re Lich shows up... down it... if you’re too damn selfish/concerned/scared to move the current public mission forward for your teammates, please play solo... it’s that simple...
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