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  1. It was a little like Mike Tyson’s Punch Out from when I was a wee child... had to time those dodges
  2. I agree.... when a Youtuber puts up a video about it and sheeple just take it all in....
  3. Lol, that’s a good idea.... I’m putting it on Grendel then!
  4. Me too but people wanted them... and they got em. And they are crying still. id like something to fight as well but they are too busy working on the other things. I get it.
  5. People were crying about not getting plague zaw parts and DE hands them out on a platter. And people still cry? They are simple to get now....
  6. I agree. I hate waiting for others to find all the seeds. So I play solo always in that challenge....
  7. Pillage is the ability I’ve added first. I’ll try some others soon.
  8. Me as well. I loved the borderlands series but Warframe made it seem like poop.... so I play warframe mainly atm.
  9. I dunno.... when I was new I’d try something, get crushed, and then do other things and learn. I eventually was able to put it together and move forward. It’s just a big mountain to climb. Takes time.
  10. With the limited staff and the need to supply new content, DE isn’t gonna add much to help. Steve said in a documentary that some people see how much commitment it takes and they aren’t gonna commit. I remember being new and it was a mess.... but there’s absolutely piles of helpful resources available. Players got to be patient at the beginning..... that’s a potential challenge for many.
  11. As long as people are actively killing enemies, they can do whatever they want... please kill more than me anytime.
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