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  1. I always run 5k with pre-made ~25mins per 17 condrix. It's possible to do one 17-ground within 40mins with public matchup only if : - there is at least one good dps that could do a lot of damage on lv100+ condrix - there is at least one good mesa that could clean sentinels in a few seconds until maybe the 13~15th condrix The chance of matching with players who are not optimized or don't even know what to do is too high, which would definitely add a lot of time finishing the mission. Not to mention you might be forced to extract before you start earning a lot of credits per condrix ( the more condrix you beat in one go, the more credits you get). This is my pre-made and I always play as dps - Volt dps+buff : Max duration, medium strength. Place shield(s) in front of condrix's egg. Use aug mod'd 1 to buff mesa's ult. - Mesa : standard build, corrosive pistol. Clean sentinels when they spawn. Ideally a good and well buffed mesa should clean all sentinels within several seconds. - Limbo : Max duration, range. Place bubble to protect op-link. On later condrix (15+) place bubble to freeze sentinels if trouble happens. - Wisp: Max strength, medium range and duration. Place all pods and help dps. imo volt and mesa are important to save time and effort, so I made sure one of them is good enough by playing it myself.
  2. That's actually a smart way to make sure the price is right for how some vets grinding the events for so many points. A simple way to restrict hoarding the arcanes and ruining the market would be a limited purchase per account or per day.
  3. still we can't shoot things in different dimensions. Limbo spamming a not-enough-range bubble would make shooting condrix annoying. Luckily I find limbo in recruit so at least I know the limbo in my squad could communicate
  4. Might be challenging for people who already have the builds. But more like impossible for people who just started getting the hang of warframe
  5. Maybe fly out and collect the avonics several kilometers away?
  6. tbh many frames could be a troll frame when it's on the wrong hand. It's up to you to find a common interest teammate to play with you efficiently. I guess you are playing ground as you mention condrix. Making sentients more resilient to stasis wouldn't help much on your situation. A troll limbo could still troll you. On a normal run, limbo is needed only when we place op-links so we could move on to the next spawn point right away.
  7. Depending on what you said, the suspension could last from 24 hours to a week. If you feel unjust and don't want to wait that long, or even worse: the suspension lasted more than 7 days, then you should contact support. http://support.warframe.com/ Normally DE support is open-minded when it comes to minor ban because of non-cheating reasons. Given that you asked faithfully.
  8. Everyone hates it unless it's a powerlevel for a friend. Anyhow I always don't consider people running around but doesn't have the intention to help - "leeching". I would rather say it's "afk". DE is not against leeching, but AFK. Support welcomes you to screencap/record in-game action of an AFK player, and most importantly the scoreboard. I believe they would manually check that ID's history for reference. AFAIK people could be suspended by certain amount of AFK reports with rigid evidence.
  9. vomvalyst could be annoying if you ignore them and let them swarm you in solo. My way of killing them passively is to use the madurai blazing dash with at least rank1 magus lockdown. Even though you can't access vox solaris, you could buy that arcane from other players. That thing could stunlock vomvs for 4 seconds just by dashing near them. And max ranked blazing dash should be able to finish them off. If you couldn't kill them in one dash, simply dash a few more if you have the time.
  10. I tried to solo when I first started RJ, it didn't went well. Until I finally have some good upgrades and avonics on the RJ, particularly a good -delay shield and 6k hull with a good MK3 weapon I could start soloing...
  11. might as well just allow players to wrap directly to Simulacrum from orbitor without going to the Sanctuary first. There is already an arsenal inside Simulacrum
  12. I am not in front of gaming rig so I couldn't confirm, but one should be able to get up instantly by holding any directional key without the need to "time it" The new "stay on the ground" mechanism also allow players to choose which side they want to roll. Even though the roll distance doesn't matter much in Warframe where a simple slide could cover a large distance. People now get back up in style. The move-set reminds me of the Monster Hunter World by the way.
  13. Once the protector of the moon. A spirit which blesses the reflection of Sol, gifts energised moonlight to the green lands beneath, was banished into the void when Orokin sat throne and laid hands on her beloved home. Her existence was long forgotten with her soul being torn to pieces. Her story didn't end here when she was starting to regain consciousness in the forever lasting and mysterious void, giving her the power to reconstruct herself. It was not until the lost celestial globe remerged from emptiness, awoken and slowly materialised her in the void. Lua is now shattered, so as her soul. She vow to herself, that no one is going to take what was left. __________________ A support-cast warframe capable of healing, buffing teammates, while putting an end to enemies' sanity. It was believed that moonlight has the power to put living things into madness, especially when it's full moon. By casting moonlight upon the field, her teammates have their abilities and attacks buffed, but not so lucky for enemies. By concentrating the energy from Sol, she could also reflect a focused beam of moonlight high from the sky, destroying everything on her path while staying invulnerable bathing in her own source of vitality. She was blessed by the unknown power of void, thus consisting void element in her abilities.
  14. I could confirm people are still using VPN to play as occasionally I match with super great ping (< 50ms) public but with very laggy and poor connection. When asked where they are from, or even judging from their usernames, I could tell they aren't anywhere near local server. No you won't... but you might ruin other people experience by messing up their connection.
  15. "i have read and understood the terms of service" is always the biggest lie of all. Ain't nobody got time for that. It's also a worth asking question as many games prohibits trading between alt accounts while some don't even care. In my experience most MMORPG games allow trading between main and alt accounts. One thing you could say about OP is why he/she didn't search on the forum as the answer should be found pretty easily for Warframe.
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