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  1. Would it be that the forum account you used to login was not linked to your in game account, and after you relink your IGN you simply created a new forum account? Just tested you could create a forum account without actually playing the game first. If you have other email address(es) for login, try using it(them).
  2. I would suggest focusing on 1 to 2 frames first. A built frame is better than 4 unbuilt ones. Also for weapon, if you have the right weapon with element damages dedicated for a race, it would help a lot and lessen the stress on your frame choice.
  3. tbh it's up to you. I am considering more in usability than personal preference. There is no best, both choices are good enough for your early journey.
  4. Even though Rhino is an all around frame which is still used by many in mid to late games, I believe Excalibur could handle most of the missions where Rhino is not required. Frost however, is a CC frame which is excellent in defense type missions ( defense/ mobile defense/ excavation ) before you have access to limbo. Frost also has a decent survivability. imo I would go for Frost to cover missions that you might need to spend more efforts with Excalibur.
  5. ephemeras usually set at 5% if not 100% But why are the chances matter to you? You are stuck to one lich at a time. If RNG thinks it's yours, then it will be yours.
  6. The parazon auto breach mod is kind of unfriendly: 1. As a client with high ping the mod might result in the player stuck to the console with no way out, holding the player still. ( twice already out of around 30 auto breach, require getting downed by enemies ) 2. The auto breach time is unresponsive and imperceptible before it tells you the console was hacked, with the interface delay similar to high ping. It also takes 1~1.5 sec longer than pressing Y for quick cipher. This is obvious for eidolon lures. I have decided not to use it until enhancement.
  7. Well that's weird, maybe the recent patch altered the spawn rate. I am not really sure. But the eidolon lure and vombs spawn are noticeably different to before-patch so maybe the wild lifes also has something to do with the patch
  8. The description in the image OP attached literally said Fae Path... anyway it's still clueless for people to get Fae Path in console. PC transfer to Xbox1 closed before this ephemera was introduced by the way. Maybe he cracked the game? There are always some people doing it just for fashion... If there is a legit way to get this ephemera, many players would have been using it already.
  9. I personally wouldn't recommend buying booster just for wisp. If done right, we could farm the amount of wisp for one amp just within 30mins without booster. It's fine if you bought booster for many other farms too, making wisp one of them. Having said that people who farm regularly should already have a 30d booster on.
  10. I believe OP is talking about the map we open by pressing M, not zooming on weapons
  11. no and yes There will be announcement and news on the orbitor for when the unvault would reseal, similar to vaulting a new prime. like this for volt and loki unvault: https://www.warframe.com/news/prime-vault-opening-april-30
  12. Have it your way. Don't get burnt out and turn to hatred.
  13. Yes it is. Until the spawning mechanism is enhanced, stop killing too fast. everything has a peak, you get less efficiency when you overdo it.
  14. Almost smeeta kavat all the time. The sandbox is full of resources and I usually spend quite some time in it for Charm to pop something good without being restricted by any mission countdown. So whenever my sweet cat throwin the double loot I just mine gems or fish. put Enhanced Vitality and Metal Fiber mod into your shade, it would have like 1k HP IIRC. No need +shield mod because it has low starting shield. to heal it, put on Repair kit. Any healing pulse or aura could also heal sentinels
  15. OP question is based on using frames without self-heal abilities.
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