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  1. @(NSW)BalticBarbarian Sorry about my lack of knowledge that couldn't answer your question in the most detailed and intelligent way. You might find more answers if you look it up on the internet, it's a treasury.
  2. It's not about one method could do things that another cannot, it's about how one works differently to another. One of which regarding to login is that PC uses mail clients of your own choice, PS uses Sony accounts, Xbox uses Xbox Live profile, NSW uses Nintendo accounts. Each of them are required to log into their own platforms but couldn't be used on the others. A cross-save should require connection between said accounts which requires warframe to work on a separate media that gather all those information. While a migration is from one platform to another, requiring only swit
  3. Why would anyone compare cross-save and account migration?
  4. - [DE]Drew 2018-06-29 In my opinion the technical barrier is not a matter of coding, but more like contracts between companies and manual support. After all. different platforms share different builds, it would painful to synchronise accounts irregularly.
  5. Resource drop chance affects scanning of feral kavats after February 2019. To make things clear: Scanning feral kavat has a base 25% chance to yield a genetic code Resource drop chance booster double the chance to 50% instead of 25% Resource booster double the amount of genetic code yielded Cross-Matrix Widget has 45% chance make the scan count as 2, potentially doubling the yield even further it does
  6. I know that if I returned to dojo from a mission, either the mission was started from the dojo or returning from railjack, my session would be bugged with the issue you mentioned. Resetting the instance by going back to orbitor and reinvite always solve my problem.
  7. I prefer having PPP (primed pressue point) and CO at the same time, without using the weapon aug mod. And generally sacrificial pressure is not recommended even though it buffs sacrificial steel
  8. There are many ways to determine whether they are family accounts or not. Couldn't tell you much how they work this out as I am no expert in it. But at the very least trading/gifting/joining the same clan with alt accounts is violating the ToS and if found out, it would be either trade suspension or ban. Without fully understanding what the mechanism is, my best bet is that the system has certain way to log trading and gifting between accounts with the same ip, and flag for suspicious accounts. Later there would be manual inspection. If the trades are one-way only particularly when there
  9. wow it's lucky you asked before doing that on tradable plats/items. If you interacted between two accounts you would end up being banned.
  10. frames with very high offensive abilities and/or Crowd control doesn't need defensive options. As long as you keep enemies out of reach, you would survive. Venari would die like companion but she could be revived instantly by casting the ability. There's also an aug mod for her to die in Khora's place, with every enemy killed decreases the spawn timer. I am running 375HP with no defensive mods on SP, still doing fine with 280% range and reasonable duration.
  11. 2~3 more forma should be enough to squeeze in an umbra mod without having to use umbra forma. Especially if you use 60/60 mods which have lower cost in general (9 instead of 11).
  12. Keep in mind that corrupted enemies in void fissure missions continue to drop void traces as loot after you opened the relic, even though they are not marked. I found capture/exterminate has shorter corrupt interval should you kill the living enemies. Also there are certain tiles that promote spawning of corrupted. One of which is the large ice cave tile of corpus ice planet tileset.
  13. A reminder for anyone want to do this the first time, remember to use all standings from the current rank first. Repeat using all standings available upon each rank drop.
  14. Unless OP could endure the grind for opposite syndicates (Cephalon Suda vs red veil). The parts could be acquired from rank2 syndicates so it wouldn't take longer than a few weeks depending on OP's MR.
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