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  1. i have on profle achivment "joyride" but he not "added" on steam profile with no reason.
  2. Still not fixed joudle achivment on steam.
  3. Please change zenith secodary fire like was before, work excellent now is terrible :< that disc bugged when i shots 2 rounds >.>
  4. please buff ogris aoe range becuse this is a big joke >.>
  5. vazarin void dash issue- not moving when order him to move forvard
  6. pls buff sigma and octantis : 37 slesh is a big joke.
  7. Please buff sigma and octants >.> Was nerf too much :<
  8. Still not fixed vazarin void dash "healing marker" not trigger when try heal carrier.
  9. vazarin void dash heal is buged- hitbox don't catch marker (hard to heal)
  10. Excuse me, but i send a bug report i december and is still not fixed. Why? Abaout caves on orb vallis 29/30 still ;/
  11. When orb vallis cave fix? (29/30) when you have 30 explored >.>
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