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  1. yikes. how do you not know that you can choose to either trade or vanquish your lich. you trade the lich which comes with the weapon (or ephemera if applicable)
  2. Weapon recommendations for Plague Star please
  3. incorrect. it does apply to trading the item. quite stupid to have the MR there if it only applies to trading, but whatever. it is there for a reason
  4. nyx can get infinite hp too with her augment and she has way more versatility
  5. i hate to ignore all the effort you put into this but volt is the last warframe that needs a rework he's in a really good spot right now
  6. i don't understand why some people are replying to this like she's fine. sure, she can be FUN, but compared to other warframes she's quickly outclassed. after warcry became a helminth ability she's lost all of her identity and is in dire need of a rework
  7. i completely agree. the fact that more people aren't talking about this is hilarious. all that work, on top of the weapon having.. what, an mr 16 requirement? just for it to be moderately better than the vaykor hek, an existing weapon. what's even more outrageous is that it's competing with the kuva bramma and zarr. there is no reason to use this weapon
  8. me. 18 rhino prime blueprints since the unvaulting out of 20 radiant relics LOL
  9. Get 3 other people with the same relic radiant to do it with you
  10. no, i tried the third and failed. which is weird. if i get to the third, it should be correct right?
  11. Lets say I down my lich, and I have the opportunity to stab them. I don't. They regen their health, and I stab them twice more. Because I didn't stab them the first time, does that mean I can't use all 3 of my requiem mods to kill the lich?
  12. am i crazy or can you not go to your clan page, sort members by clan hierarchy, and find the founding warlord
  13. mods for single target weapons only could fix the power creep here. maybe some way to turn them into aoe weapons, or similar to the galvanized mods just give them insane power upgrades. as it stands, i feel like i'm losing efficiency when i equip a single target weapon when i have a kuva zarr or a tenet envoy or a kuva bramma that has the destructive power of a WWII nuclear bomb
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