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  1. 27 minutes ago, kyori said:

    There is also the on-going issue of black flicking rectangle on screens most notably on corpus old/new ship tilesets.

    This may be a shader error, usually the result of a specific visual effect like an explosion or a power going off. Can you share your loadout, and maybe a screenshot of the problem in action? It would help us find what you are seeing :)

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  2. 4 hours ago, Plutocola said:

    im Grandmaster i complete alle lvlitems max (i mean for real all) and for MasteryRank 30 I'm still missing 38k, that shouldn't be the case. so I contact the support, and for more than 3 weeks I haven't received an answer.

    For one thing, not all of your Steel Path map is completed. You gain mastery for first completion on nodes under Steel Path condition, the same as you for clearing the map on regular difficulty.

  3. 15 minutes ago, Bl4zko said:

    Fix the sepulcrum missing from the Foundry after beginning its build from the Warframe App or whatever bug is going on... I've sent a ticket about this issue

    I cannot find any trace at all of you having started the construction of this weapon, or even having the component blueprints that you would need to start it. I see that you bought the main blueprint then gave it the Entrati as part of your rank up requirements. Perhaps you started some other foundry job?

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  4. I will dig into this immediately. This kind of report is extremely helpful!  I've been seeing several posts about "disappearing frame",  but this is the first time I've seen a full session *leading up to* the problem, and it's full of relevant facts like: it can happen solo, it's not limited to the Isolation Vaults, and it doesn't require any specific frame or ability usage. Thank you!

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  5. Was this still the case after you relogged? Could you please check again?  Looking in your account I see that you fused a Kuva Bramma, it has bonus Heat damage, and the Heat value is higher than it was when you removed the weapon from the foundry. The bonuses appear to be valid, it might just not have showed up right away with the specific way you fused them?  (Which would still be a bug, but a less serious one)

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  6. 1 hour ago, Koalachan said:
    • TYPE: Loadout Config Slot swapping
    • DESCRIPTION: You subsume abilties on certain config slots. If you reorder the config slots by dragging, you are only swapping the mods (like it always has) but it fails to switch the subsumedness of that config. EXAMPLE: I have Nekros with Config 1 a subsumed Ash with its augment Seeking Shuriken and Config 2 Nekros with subsumed Atlas with its augment Ore Gaze. I drag Config 1 to config 2 because I want the Atlas + Gazing Ore in the first slot of my Configurations. The mods and config name swap corectly but not the Subsumes so out pops the Ore Gaze and Seeking Shurikens and they get replaced with random mods from my pool.
    • VISUAL: [This is where you would add your screenshot or video]
    • REPRODUCTION: Every time you drag configs that contain sumbsumed abilties
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The subsumed ability should have switched with it obviously.
    • OBSERVED RESULT: Subsumed ability is stuck on the config slot it was set too instead and swapping breaks.

    This is not a bug, it was done this way specifically so that players can switch between multiple different mod configurations for a single ability configuration.

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  7. On 2020-09-02 at 6:19 AM, Lockhart77 said:
    • TYPE: In-game, Necramech
    • DESCRIPTION: While playing necramech, Warframe is gone, unable to transference back to warframe as operator. Warframe either being vulnerable during transference and died in the idle stance by being shot at
    • VISUAL
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    • REPRODUCTION: Playing Necramech, switching between frame and necramech in quick succession by aiming at each other. Necramech > look at warframe > transference button > go to warframe; Warframe > look at necramech > transference button > necramech. 
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Able to switch to warframe and necramech as usual by just pressing transference button and aiming in close range of each other.
    • OBSERVED RESULT: Transferred into necramech, warframe is gone. Cannot find warframe nor transference back into warframe, keeps saying invalid target.
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: Happens once while doing thermia.

    I am not able to reproduce this bug, is it possible to have you record a video of you causing this happen? A screenshot of the aftermath is not very helpful, need to see what *caused* it to break :)

  8. Sorry for the issues, Tenno. It seems that this occurs if you have BOTH a Predasite that cannot be gilded, and a Vulpaphyla that can. We will try to fix this as soon as possible, but for now you should be able to work around this by ranking up your Predasite to 30.

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  9. Some players that logged in on August 15th 2020 saw an inbox message from Baro claiming that he was present at the Tennocon Relay on Earth.

    This was only a mail message that had an incorrect date. The Tennocon Relay was not present and you could not visit it. It is a scheduled weekend for a Baro visit, but he arrived yesterday and visited one of the usual places and has his usual inventory (e.g. Larunda Relay on PC)

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  10. It shouldn't be possible to reach negative capacity in the first place, can you please record a video showing how you are achieving this? Normally you should see a dialog box that says,  "Installed Mod would exceed the capacity of kitgun config" and let you either uninstall the mod or cancel the fusion, which prevents you from creating invalid mod loadouts.

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  11. After investigation, I've verified with the Riven programmer that generation of these should work and that I can fabricate one that works in game. I've verified with Stats that some have been traded between players, and I don't see any broken riven in your account. I see several successfully unlocked rivens that you've done the last couple of days. If you see further evidence that this is really not working, please contact Support and include the exact circumstances of what happened, account names affected, and the time that you ran into the issue so that we can we can research more efficiently.

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  12. 2 hours ago, Drachnyn said:

    Alright now also fix the bug where if the saryn dies and self revives (or gets revived in arbitrations) any existing contagion clouds lose their owner and become hostile.

    You just made the list buddy.

    (of known bugs)  👍

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  13. 6 minutes ago, OniGrimm said:

    This game is... was the only game i played for last 9 months, it helped me go through though times, kept me distracted from very dark, self harmful thoughts, and now it got ripped out of my reach.

    Thanks for your work.

    This is a bug, Oni. I understand that you are frustrated, but we would NEVER just turn the game off like that for people.  The only time we've changed the minimum requirements was retiring support for Windows XP, and we gave people lots of warning before we did it. Please check back after we have hotfixed.

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  14. 40 minutes ago, Gene_Freak said:




    I can't update, optimize or verify. This is on a GTX 1060 6gb that was running the game with no problem just before the patch.

    We are investigating this issue. Have you tried updating your video drivers? Very old drivers may not report correctly.

  15. 54 minutes ago, Hersir said:

    Not fixed.

    Can you provide more details please?  I don't see the error with cat infection reoccurring on your account. Please note that if you had tried curing it at some point in the past, and then completed a mission immediately after that, the cure never really applied.

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  16. Just now, InsomniaTheMistress said:

    I play 3 or 4 arbi defs today and all was the same, operative just insta die after wave 5 or 10.

    Please try again with this hotfix (version 2020. and up). We made some improvements to the AI's follow behavior, which we think is what was causing this. If you are still having this problem AFTER the hotfix, a video could be very useful.

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