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  1. I cannot find any trace at all of you having started the construction of this weapon, or even having the component blueprints that you would need to start it. I see that you bought the main blueprint then gave it the Entrati as part of your rank up requirements. Perhaps you started some other foundry job?
  2. You won't see a subsumed ability if you sit in the chair as the warframe that ability is from (I see that you have equipped Xaku)
  3. Doesn't require any specific frame, doesn't require the iso vaults, doesn't even require a bounty or combat of any kind. As near as I can tell it's related to moving very far distances from your mech's previous location without hitting spoilers mode in between. Worked up a set of steps for our bug-slaying ninjas, hope to get this fixed soon. 👍
  4. I will dig into this immediately. This kind of report is extremely helpful! I've been seeing several posts about "disappearing frame", but this is the first time I've seen a full session *leading up to* the problem, and it's full of relevant facts like: it can happen solo, it's not limited to the Isolation Vaults, and it doesn't require any specific frame or ability usage. Thank you!
  5. Was this still the case after you relogged? Could you please check again? Looking in your account I see that you fused a Kuva Bramma, it has bonus Heat damage, and the Heat value is higher than it was when you removed the weapon from the foundry. The bonuses appear to be valid, it might just not have showed up right away with the specific way you fused them? (Which would still be a bug, but a less serious one)
  6. This has been seen and will be addressed in the next hotfix
  7. This is not a bug, it was done this way specifically so that players can switch between multiple different mod configurations for a single ability configuration.
  8. I am not able to reproduce this bug, is it possible to have you record a video of you causing this happen? A screenshot of the aftermath is not very helpful, need to see what *caused* it to break :)
  9. Sorry for the issues, Tenno. It seems that this occurs if you have BOTH a Predasite that cannot be gilded, and a Vulpaphyla that can. We will try to fix this as soon as possible, but for now you should be able to work around this by ranking up your Predasite to 30.
  10. Thank you for your reports, this will be resolved in the next hotfix
  11. The forum glyph is cached, you usually need to log out of the forum and then log back in order to update it.
  12. Some players that logged in on August 15th 2020 saw an inbox message from Baro claiming that he was present at the Tennocon Relay on Earth. This was only a mail message that had an incorrect date. The Tennocon Relay was not present and you could not visit it. It is a scheduled weekend for a Baro visit, but he arrived yesterday and visited one of the usual places and has his usual inventory (e.g. Larunda Relay on PC)
  13. Hello Tenno! As some of you are aware from Tennocon, with the upcoming Heart of Deimos update we will be removing the “Orokin Derelicts” region from the map. Its map nodes will be instead given to the pulsing, infested Deimos region. This raises the question: What happens to players on the Steel Path? You get a unique Emote and Trophy for each region that you have completed, but if the Derelicts aren’t on the map how will you get these rewards? The answer is: After Heart of Deimos launches, finishing the Deimos region will give you BOTH the Deimos and Derelict rewards regardless
  14. It shouldn't be possible to reach negative capacity in the first place, can you please record a video showing how you are achieving this? Normally you should see a dialog box that says, "Installed Mod would exceed the capacity of kitgun config" and let you either uninstall the mod or cancel the fusion, which prevents you from creating invalid mod loadouts.
  15. After investigation, I've verified with the Riven programmer that generation of these should work and that I can fabricate one that works in game. I've verified with Stats that some have been traded between players, and I don't see any broken riven in your account. I see several successfully unlocked rivens that you've done the last couple of days. If you see further evidence that this is really not working, please contact Support and include the exact circumstances of what happened, account names affected, and the time that you ran into the issue so that we can we can research more efficientl
  16. You just made the list buddy. (of known bugs) 👍
  17. This is a bug, Oni. I understand that you are frustrated, but we would NEVER just turn the game off like that for people. The only time we've changed the minimum requirements was retiring support for Windows XP, and we gave people lots of warning before we did it. Please check back after we have hotfixed.
  18. We are investigating this issue. Have you tried updating your video drivers? Very old drivers may not report correctly.
  19. A small PSA so that you're all aware of where we are at regarding Roller Floofs. Many Tenno have been sad that they cannot donate Roller Floofs to their clan dojo, and have reporting it as a bug. This inability to donate was actually a deliberate choice on DE's part. The reason is that when the Floofs are placed in the dojo, the physics of the object do not work correctly for all players present. Each person sees the Floof moving and interacting in a different way, so you could never (for example) kick it back and forth with another player. There is also significant concerns about performance
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