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  1. Not a coincidence- the Content Delivery Network "Akamai" seems to be down, so any service using it is affected. gonna assume both warframe and steam use it
  2. chat servers still work, so we can all cry about it in clan/region chat at least
  3. i am about to die of asbestos poisoning
  4. hi ty for the hotfix *insert message about X issue in warframe* pls fix DE yes
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: We (3 players) were playing Railjack Defense (Arc Silver, Veil Proxima), trying to do 100 waves, when the defense target suddenly died without any enemies near it, right after the start of a wave. There was one red marker on the map, as seen in the video below, but that was my Kavat - a Radiation effect had previously caused the UI to bug out and display my Kavat as an enemy. You can clearly see that it's there even before any enemies spawned. None of the enemies that were further away should be able to do the damage either, as they were 1) far away and 2) still moving when the objective started taking damage and lost 72000 HP over just about 3 seconds. The enemy level was also only at about 300, which while high, shouldn't be high enough to delete the defense objective with a stray shot from far away. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Unknown EXPECTED RESULT: The mission should have continued normally OBSERVED RESULT: The defense target was obliterated by an unknown damage source, failing the mission REPRODUCTION RATE: ?/10 (first time i've seen the bug, 3rd time i've attempted a 100 wave railjack defense (and first time i've failed it)
  6. 100%, getting that ugly 6 - or any single digit number - is just ugly. Granted, i have a booster at all times, but the new players who need rare drops even more usually don't.
  7. saw that too, gives me hope that they're actively doing stuff with relics and maybe some of these improvements will slip in with void storms. :D
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