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  1. Oi. Fix your fückin tennogen skin issue before releasing more. When 80% of it is hidden by the additions to a prime frame it defeats the purpose of getting it. Like, fückin-a man. Anyone with a prime frame (god forbid they paid for prime access on top of one or more tennogen skins) gets boned for just wanting a skin to maybe customize their frame.

  2. Just now, ThatOddDeer said:

    Also, any word of saryn changes? She has a lot of bugs and parts of her kit that actually cause anti-synergy and I recall in devstream 61 that she has a revist planned after she has "marinated"

    I already know this one: "we need saryn to heal before we beat her again."

    Let's be honest, there's a snowball's chance in hell that any frame that is remotely popular will get anything resembling a buff. Limbo's getting a spitshine at best and oberon is so covered in his own feces that he doesn't even notice the smell. Zephyr's on suicide watch since movement 2.0, and hydroid would have drowned himself ages ago if only he could.

    But hey! At least new players can feel better now that they won't be outpreformed by the frames that worked. it's something, right?

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  3. You make the stance less of a pain in the ! to grind and I'll buy the bundle, 'kay? :)


    Right now I can imagine you getting a lot of "silent" rage in the shape of people boycotting the platinum bundle because the non-money acquisition of this stance is near impossible.


    For example, make it a 1%-2.5% chance drop from the corrupted bombard

    An actually difficult-to-kill enemy (if scaled high enough) exclusive to high-level missions, with still a low enough chance so that it's something rare.


    To make one thing clear, I'm not opposed to grind. I'm opposed to grind with diminishing returns to an absurdly low dropchance on an incredibly rare enemy.

    This is pretty much my stance on it. Feels like i'm being strong-armed into the bundle. Like they locked the bathroom, and gave me two options: climb in through the window from two stories below, or buy the key off of them.


    I'll just use the bushes instead.

  4. Why? Do you want that old, stupid and empty press4towin Saryn?

    Having damage that works on actual runs would be nice. Draco is still kiddyland by comparison and saryn's kit is not only broken, but clashes against itself. After all now it's just pressing 1 over and over instead of pressing 4; that's not at all better and you know it.

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  5. as much as people want to farm to get "faster" into higher content, you should probably realize that the frame or changes isnt the problem at this point, its the way we rank up as well as the missions. i mean cmon, are you honestly saying youd like to play warframe just pressing a single button and just sitting there? i actually enjoy games by paying attention, being active and investing my time having fun, not by ranking up to do the same thing over again once new content comes in. 


    i do agree with you to an extent on how the approaches of certain changes are being made but even those are applied to how warframe is currently played to progress per se. 

    They need to rework more than just saryn. Melee is just pressing one button and more and more frames are getting focus on part of the game with the least development. Yes, I know they're adding charge attacks back (and clunkier than before) but it's STILL PRESSING ONE BUTTON.

    Saryn's kit would be great in a stealth-oriented game. But warframe is as much stealth as it is a game about single target combat.

  6. No pls. Her skirt and flower are like the main reason I like the new skin. pls, no pls 


    (though I gotta say it doesn't look too bad without them, I think vines would be pretty cool tbh)

    Well maybe not outright remove, but make them removeable. Like nekros and valkyr's extra dangly bits.

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  7. But really. Let me get rid of the skirt and flower. The skin looks SO much better without them and they clip and flop around. (please work)


    Just look at this regal-looking little S#&$.


    Let's just wait and see what DE will do next for Saryn. Hopefully the next few tweaks will impress us.

    I doubt it.

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