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  1. Saryn's kit is also just unfun to use. Spores don't do anything, Molt is mostly a waste of energy, and misasma is a joke. Rather than nerfing what works, they should be looking back on what saryn is supposed to be and make fun abilities to reflect that. #*!% I could pull a decent poisonframe out of my ass in a second, or at least the basic concept of one. There's the "fix all the frames" thread that has tons of great ideas.

  2. After testing saryn's kit for like the tenth time this week I can say without a doubt that it's some hot garbage. And since saryn is more than just spore I'm just going to go over the whole kit.

    Spore spread is inconsistent and the arbitrary limits on range of spread for conditions only hamstrings the mechanic in any realistic setting. With the exception of Onslaught enemy spread is too varied and far away for any spore spread to be worth a damn. I'm running 230% range on my saryn and I'm still having to run around and spam spore to not lose damage. Verses before where spreading spores was quick, painless, and had the added bonus of being a wide-range viral debuff. It was useful for something other than damage which always falls off in higher-level missions. This has and probably will keep being said, but the on-death spread was just plain useful and removing it is a huge nerf to spore. They can tick for six million, but if it doesn't reach anyone then spores are useless. And that ramped up damage will just kill any low-level mook you might try to cast spore on to save the damage. Just get rid of the infection cap. A disease doesn't just infect a few people and think "yeah that's fine. Just these couple dozen randos is enough in this huge room of people" and neither should spores.

    Molt doesn't need a speed buff, it needs regeneration to be part of the kit. It actually benefited from interaction with her other abilities because by itself it's a weak skill. Without the mod it just KIND OF draws fire and bursts into a weak burst of poison. That's not a good thing at all but since you can't cheese anything with just molt who cares right?

    Venom lash actually has gotten a straight upgrade, but not giving back energy when saryn's back to spamming 1 every possible second only hurts things overall.

    Miasma is  back to being another spam-to-win ability so "Good Job". But since nobody spams miasma anymore who cares right?


    Basically saryn's kit is still needlessly complex, but instead of doing the Hokey Pokey to be useful you just flail around and hope it works. 

  3. Was spore's range nerfed or something because I can't seem to spread spores anymore. I'm running 235 range and I still only see around 15 infected after striking an enemy with my toxic lash scoliac. In an infested mission where the room was full of maggots.

    Honestly at least "turret saryn" had some interaction between abilities. This is how to play saryn now

    Spore on enemy

    Shoot enemy with high-powered gas weapon

    Hide somewhere while spores do the work for you (assuming they even spread. Otherwise repeat until spores spread at least once)

    Come out of hiding once in a couple of minutes to repeat the process.

  4. On 2018-05-11 at 4:30 AM, Datam4ss said:

    For those people complaining about spreading viral, anyway, now you can do it with a max range build with high efficiency and completely ignore duration. Just pressing a different button to halve all enemy HP isn't that strenuous, considering now blind rage is no longer needed ... and Fleeting Expertise can go in there.


    Miasma still ticks over time right? And regenerative molt has it's healing tied to duration right? Also toxic lash is duration based right? You'd have to be completely braindead to think duration doesn't matter.

  5. 2 hours ago, ZaviZao said:

    i am pretty sure i will love this rework...though i will cry for days over the status change from viral to corossive on the spores

    it takes so much utility away from saryn in late-game, but maybe because of the ramping up dmg she will now be a dmg frame rather then a utility  frame

    will see how it feels when we finally get it

     She won't. By the time damage ramps up to a point where it would be useful you'll have just gotten over there and killed it yourself. This is a need, and anyone that thinks otherwise is brain dead at best and a blind idiot at worse.

  6. Saryn is fine. Fix vauban. He's underpowered and say is functioning in most areas at least. Saryn is my girl, but vauban is looking at buying Noose Prime if nearly every other cc frame outclassed him.

    Or nyx, who got outskilled by loki with a disarm augment . Or zephyr could use another spitshine. Maybe make frost and limbo have less unfriendly bubbles? How about literally anything less functional? Valkyrs hysteria is still an awful stance with no flow or mobility.

  7. Zephyr had at least one good reliable ability. Khora is currently worse than old zephyr.
    1: Make her lash move horizontally like every other whip in the game. As it stands it's got a really awkward range and when it does connect does #*!%all for damage or utility.

    2: Ensnare is completely useless. The delay on CC makes it something not worth casting since by the time the CC actually happens either everything has had its fun shooting you, or the ensnared target is already dead. It needs some faster results, and to function better than a drunk trying to rake leaves (spoiler: it doesn't)

    3: venari just sucks. Same reason all pets suck except now it costs energy every 90 or so seconds to even exist. Attack mode is kind of not terrible, healing might as well not exist and defense is only effective because technically venari is something enemies can shoot instead of me and it spends so much time not doing anything that I can run and maybe hope it draws aggro.

    4: strangledome is garbage. Just raw garbage with an awful duration, S#&$ range, and an energy cost that doesn't justify its subpar CC.


    I want to say this is rushed but that would be an insult to rushed projects. Khora is just bad all around.

  8. Either buff Khora to the point where she's worth the grind, or make her a clantech frame. As she is now she's not worth the plat, or the grind especially since she's missing her gimmick of changing damage as well as the exalted whip. Also pet AI is still awful. I can't help but feel like she was rushed out after the fallout from the proposed Damage 2.5.

  9. I haven't been able to play honestly. Between this godawful blur that seems to persist in spite of me turning off any and all extra visual effects and the connection issues this game just isn't worth playing at the moment. Too much of a literal headache looking at it.

  10. I actually came here to report the same issue. The prime shoulder-plates look really good on Feyarch and it's a shame to see them go all derpy like that. Even switching between prime and feyarch skin in the menu shows that it only is a problem with the deluxe skin, since it'll be normal on the prime body.

  11. 38 minutes ago, ChristianZX said:

    just to help clarify this bug is happening to the dark form( damage reduction ) of Mirage Prime's Eclipse ability the light form ( damage increase ) and the non-prime variant of Mirage are fine. DE i have no clue how you screwed this up I love playing mirage and I also love her design but no one who plays this game wants to play as a poorly textured brightly colored fruit that look to be begging you to kill it with fire

    Yeah what he said.

  12. I don't know about the technical side of music, but I sure as shyt know that we need spanish guitar, trumpets, a baritone dude's voice, and more notes so I can be Zorro. Also more classical instruments; synth stuff is fine but if I hear the gamma or delta set again I'm going to regrow my beard and tear it out.

  13. 14 minutes ago, Klydoris said:

    Every patch in the last four years I was wondering if DE has a Qualitiy Control Team at all regarding the patches. It is just plain crap they release everytime and after each patch release there are countless hotfixes coming in. 

    Perhaps don't try to rush your patches in the future but test them in house? Oh nvm, I forgot to whom I am talking/writing here. Instead of fixing their stuff, they probably just delete my post, because as always DE can't really handle any form of criticism.

    I think they earn to much money right now and are thinking "Whatever, they buy the stuff anyways." - Correct DE?

    That's basically it. Chat and UI are both screwed up, making the game unplayable. Meanwhile Nier is looking pretty good right now...

  14. Small problem. And by small I mean REALLY FÜCKING BIG since it's actively stopping me from advancing the quest.

    I can't click the thing! 



    This thing, which I've been told is the thing I need to click to advance and get out of this rhythm nightmare. GO FIX THE THING!


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