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  1. Direct quote from the wiki. Didn't verify the information personally.
  2. Scans taken within the Simulacrum don't affect the scan count in the Codex.
  3. Can you chat in region/relay chats normally? Have you gotten at least four (4) Clems while playing your song?
  4. With Nidus, you can manually get a cyst growing by sitting on the chair while not already sporting one. AFAIK, this functions whether or not you've gone and removed a cyst from him previously.
  5. Also note that once you DO remove the cyst from a warframe, that particular warframe will not be able to grow another (with the exception of Nidus). And one such cyst is required in order to make/breed a Helminth Charger.
  6. Will we be able to play the Shawzin in operator mode? Will Umbra ever get additional Orbiter behaviour for when the player is in operator mode (e.g. following the operator around, examining a console/decoration, interacting with a companion, listening to the operator play the shawzin...)?
  7. Presumably so you can't just farm a bunch during one season and cash them out in future ones? Sell them for regular ol' credits.
  8. Would be nice if a similar fix was made to the inventory screen, so that selling something didn't throw you back into the 'All' tab.
  9. Recent interview clips on youtube reminded me that Warframe is still in beta. My question is NOT "when will it be out" - instead, I ask: "What would need to change, be added, or the like, for you to officially announce Warframe to be out of beta?"
  10. It's the damned Daylight Savings bullS#&$.
  11. I'm-a list a few things in the following format: Action. Expected result. Actual result. They're not necessarily 100% melee-specific, but pretty sure they're caused by changes to weapon-switching brought by the update. Hold primary, do melee attack, pick up objective (datamass, energy cell, etc.), fire weapon. Secondary weapon is fired due to the presence of the carried objective item. Objective is dropped as the primary weapon fires. Pick up objective while wielding secondary weapon, drop (or use) the objective. Secondary weapon remains wielded as the objective is removed. Switches to primary weapon. Equip scanner (or other compatible gear item), enter archwing mode. Archwing mode is entered with the equipped gear item. Archwing mode is entered with the primary weapon.
  12. So when are you going to make it so the twitch clips don't autoplay (because that means they all play at once, causing a cacophony of sounds unless you mute the tab or pause each individual clip)?
  13. They said in Prime Time that there wouldn't be a Devstream today.
  14. One more person reporting in for a lack of drops.
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