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  1. Only two more updates between current version and Sisters of Parvos!
  2. But what about updates 30.1 through 30.4?
  3. So one of the two factors is your Warframe login credentials ("something you know"), whereas the other one is access to your email... which in itself relies on your email credentials ("something you know"), and optionally a 2FA system for that account - e.g. an authenticator token/app thing ("something you have"), or some manner of biometric authentication ("something you are"). As such, does it really count as 2FA if you can't guarantee that "something you know" isn't the only authenticating factor?
  4. Maybe it only _presented_ the unveiling for one of them, leading to confusion RE: how many were actually unveiled?
  5. Consider how often one swaps between archwing and railjack/crewship/point-of-interest. Consider also how each time you swap to archwing, your warframe is purged of buffs. Now consider how some buffs are passive and do not decay over time. For such buffs, I propose that instead of simply being wiped from existence, their data is stored - and once the player swaps out of the archwing back to their warframe, the buffs in question are re-applied with the values they had when the player swapped to their archwing previously.
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