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  1. Which warframe(s) and weapon(s) are you trying to acquire, exactly?
  2. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/109-international-forums/
  3. Commodore was a part of Zephyr's PA, and Zephyr's only been vaulted for a bit under two months.
  4. Yes, you just neet to defeat the li- ...Ah. Hmm. Maybe get a group of friends and/or clanmates (or random recruits) to help you down the lich so you can get rid of it?
  5. When you go to the wiki page of a weapon and scroll down to the "Patch History" section, you should be able to see any changes specific to that weapon.
  6. Just in case, are you launching Warframe via Steam, Discord, or the stand-alone launcher? If either of the former two, does the name shown in-game match your Steam/Discord handle?
  7. The Wiki recommends using other slot 3 avionics for Veil Proxima missions.
  8. Have you consulted the Wiki page on Knockdown (the status effect in question)?
  9. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/109-international-forums/
  10. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/109-international-forums/
  11. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/109-international-forums/
  12. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/137-jugadores-ayudando-a-jugadores/
  13. In my experience, both "block + melee" and "block + forward + melee" combo types are immune to accidental heavy attacks.
  14. Not actually entirely sure of the specifics, but from the way they talked about it, it seemed to be more-or-less equivalent to Destiny 2's Cross-save feature.
  15. No. With cross-progression, you could - for example - set a piece of equipment to build on one platform, claim it on another, and then use it on a third. The point being that you'd have one account that you'd use on all platforms, instead of the current set-up of each platform having an entirely separate account database.
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