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  1. To confirm, you have the maximum amount of Red Veil standing at REVERED, and it's not letting you upgrade to EXALTED?
  2. I've noticed that Inaros Noble set sometimes doesn't manage to bring the frame all the way into the "true" idle pose (so instead of the frame's arms being crossed over the chest, like the ghostly arms on Nidus Phryke, they're placed more like those of the guy in that "You know I had to do it to em" meme). If I close and re-open my profile, it usually fixes itself (although it might take a couple of tries, IIRC). This video seems to show Mesa Noble as having an idle pose (hips cocked, hands ready to draw guns), so it could be it's just not loading up correctly (as detailed above).
  3. Not even indirectly (e.g. by way of mEnemyRadarVisRange somehow feeding into the pathfinding or somesuch)?
  4. In case there won't be a VOD, will you at least compile the questions and answers into a Google Doc or similar?
  5. My calendar shows the 13th of July as being a Saturday, not a Monday.
  6. Would be nice if a similar fix was made to the inventory screen, so that selling something didn't throw you back into the 'All' tab.
  7. Noticed this yesterday, hoping for a fix. Would also be interested in any information regarding why it could be happening. EDIT: Tested again today, thankfully it doesn't seem to happen every time.
  8. Around the launch of each console version, you could copy your PC account over to the new platform. This service was only available for a limited time after each launch. The folks at DE have mentioned that while true cross-play will probably never happen (mostly due to the console updates taking as long as they do to get certified), they have been looking into (or at the very least, started considering) cross-progression (a system not unlike the account-copying of yore, except working between all platforms and directions rather than just PC -> console). This most likely won't happen anytime soon, at least not before DE makes a big announcement about it.
  9. To confirm, you had not previously leveled said equipment (i.e. you didn't max-rank Rhino and then build another Rhino to level)? You need a total of 122,500 mastery to reach MR7. The amount of mastery required to get from MR6 to MR7 alone (32,500) is around the same as what you'd get from ranking 11 entirely new weapons (for your profile) from 0 to 30.
  10. Are you claiming to have earned less than the listed amount of mastery (200 per affinity rank for warframes/companions/vehicles, 100 per rank for weapons*)? Did you compare the "Mastery until next rank" value before and after a level (during which you gained enough affinity to gain at least one new rank on something)? You can also double-check if you've somehow missed out on mastery by tallying up the ranks on all your stuff (under Profile -> Equipment), multiplying with the appropriate mastery value (listed above), and comparing the value you get with the ones found here (specifically the "Total XP Required" column). *) Modular weapons only award mastery after they've been gilded, and only for a specific kind of part (strike for zaws, chamber for kitguns, and prism for amps).
  11. Ohhh, he meant making a song on the Mandachord. I was honestly confused enough to think that he meant something more along the lines of TennoTunes and similar songs/remixes, except for Uncharted 4 instead of Warframe. Sorry about that.
  12. So what sort of help did you need with Warframe? Or did you perhaps accidentally make this thread in the "Players helping Players" section (which is where people ask for help with Warframe-related things from other players) instead of the "Off Topic" section (which is the place for anything not related to Warframe)?
  13. Did they actually outright say that New War was going to use Railjack/Empyrean mechanics?
  14. From what I recall, DE have said that New War will come before Railjack (or Empyrean as they're calling it now), and after this year's TennoCon. Based on this information, I'd make a guesstimate of "sometime late this year" for Railjack's release.
  15. Should be coming with the Gas City rework, which should be out sometime this month (May).
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