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  1. Let me stop for just a second, and review the plan. An pexilus slot is primarily a way to offer a slot specifically for those mods that nobody would use otherwise. The idea here being that much like exilus slots, you are given a new mod space that only allows for mods generally not used otherwise. It's a way to not only force unlocks (random drops and 24 hour build times), but to make otherwise useless mods see some action. Does any of the above describe increasing the range on energy weapons? Nope. The one word argument for this is Atomos. If you increase the range on it you can increase the potential damage in a non-trivial manner. This is why things like Fulmination and Firestorm also aren't pexilus mods. So the real question is what value the pexilus slot delivers. As of this moment, some of my weapons can't even support another mod. For those who ask, the Opticor and Opticor Vandal would be great, so the decreased accuracy of Heavy Caliber could be counteracted. The problem is they can't even fit a full Hush with the appropriate polarity, given a corrupted mod, and a Riven. The weapons that scream for another slot are those which were just introduced, Kuva weapons. A weapon with 80 capacity and a minimum of 5 polarized slots is great for pexilus, but so many of the Kuva weapons are just not worth the grind. So, the only remaining use of pexilus is edge case weapons and the few power creep Kuva weapons. I'm looking at you Kuva Nukor, Kuva Bramma, and Tigris Prime. Weapons where the traditional rules breakdown,or where they seem to be built with glaring flaws. I think the fix isn't to suddenly expand the pexilus slot, but to dissolve it. Hear me out, the fix is to then make each weapon have a built-in serration and multi-shot value. The idea here is that you'd still use endo, but at about 1/4 the current mod rate on each weapon. That would mean each primary which used to use serration and split-chamber would require 4,100 endo and and 200 endo to upgrade. Why does this matter? You're freeing two slots up for virtually anything. You now have a constant endo sink, so those people with 1 million or more in inventory have a use for it. Every new weapon can be immediately upgraded, or if you know it's just an MR fodder piece it'll be a bit more difficult to just grind and sell. The idea here is that you now have to choose between giving up about 4,300 endo, or to work with a weapon that is only based upon utility. What about Heavy Caliber and the other mods which directly influence damage? What about the hunter's set? Keep them. Each of them offers a significantly less impactful buff, and at a either a lower cost or with negative effects. Suddenly 29 capacity (15 with polarity) is freed up. Now the pexilus slot is a part of the basic weapon. Now each weapon requires endo to boost basic function, has 8 slots to work with, and you can power it up from the word go. But, what about the Kuva gimick? Let's make the extra mod capacity disappear, but give the Kuva weapons an additional few levels of damage and multishot. This will drive more endo cost, and make the extra grind demonstrable by having extra power. It would be reasonable to think this is power creep, but you're missing the best part of this. The extra levels of damage could only amount to 40% extra damage. That's easy to see, but when measured against 60% elements it's not something game breaking. What about the Grendel mission? Yep, it'd get less annoying. The mods for basic power would be integrated into the weapons, and the mission is less about the broken nature of scaling and more about how the warframes powers can interact and how the utility features of weapons are insanely impactful. It's an opportunity to see how far the game has come, rather than to see how bad the scaling is. I guess the short of this is that pexilus slots are stupid. It's an attempt to introduce new grind, like the aura forma. The issue is that it isn't useful at all times, and has such a limiting scope that it can't really be useful without a fundamental shift life the extra capacity borne from the kuva weapons. That's a real problem, and DE has stopped trying to fix the inherent problems with the mod system. If DE were to address the broken nature of each weapon requiring certain mods, it'd allow for the system to be about modification rather than basic function.
  2. Why? The items that Simaris offers are all locked to already having them. For example, the Imperator doesn't get unlocked until after you complete the quest unlocking it. The same could theoretically be done for the login rewards, and people suddenly have the ability to spawn in and play with new versions of old weapons, albeit at the cost of slots, catalysts, and forma. That seems exactly in-line with stuff like Mirage, which took years after introduction before you could get more than a single built frame in-game (without buying it with platinum). This seems like a pretty reasonable extension of the idea. -Edit- Regarding the icons thing....wow. 68 rows at 4 items per row (https://semlar.com/buffs). That's 272 different icons to remember. Most importantly, there are a lot of arcanes assigned a single visual icon. Despite having 272 unique icons, each represents an ever increasing smudge in the top bar, which can quickly take the entire top of the screen and only communicate that you've got a lot of buffs. We're expected to memorize all 272 of those? If you're going to disagree with that statement, you've got five seconds. Draw the icon for greedy pull, identify what power a circle inside a teardrop is, and tell me what type of plant that the icon for blood rush looks like. I know I couldn't do this. If I can't look at an icon and know what it does, how exactly is this communication? Moreover, why not have a simpler communication of general effects so that a second of looking can say something? Specifically, items influencing strength, duration, range, and efficiency could be horizontal stacked bars with direction and size indicating the general influence. Status conditions indicate + or - and quantity, with visual cues indicating which ones (read, bleeding for slash and green aura for poison). Unique buffs would simply indicate a quantity. This loses a lot of finite detail, but the game is a horde shooter. 3 seconds scrolling through a buff list and interpreting the symbols is much more of a death sentence than not knowing that you're getting a power boost from Wisp rather than Rhino.
  3. Yay, a new update. Completed another sortie. Reward was one Kuva. After the exterminate broke and took forever to finish because there weren't enough enemy spawns. I Really raising the bar here....Why do I expect anything different?
  4. I want to make my previous post clear, as people seem to often want to assign toxicity to everyone not entirely on-board with decisions other people make. I find this disappointing because we got new stuff, that was fundamentally not ready to ship after years of build-up and promises they sold us on years ago. No, the lulls before Fortuna and PoE were not worse. The very limited content released was OK, and they had some good changes. Yes, both of the open worlds released too buggy. No, not buggier than Railjack. No, Liches are not excusable as "high level" content when the primary "difficulty" is using extra resistances and the broken level scaling. No, I don't have faith in the rework to armor and shields. I proposed an S-curve years ago, because it's a no-duh solution. To anyone who has retention of math beyond FST (functions, statistics, and trigonometry) an S-curve is the simplest way to have low response, heightened response, and low response; the basics of a video game where you are acclimated, the thing gets difficult, but tapers off before becoming impossible. The problem at the core of this is that it took years for dropping out of invisibility to not be instant death (see the recent changes), it took years before a single frame got shield gating (Hildryn), and they're talking about an enemy damage boost now to compensate for "the difficulty" of not having enemy scaling as a power function. Let's be real here, the enemy AI is stone stupid. Despite the interviews previously indicating "enemy AI actually misses the first shot so players can react" anyone who has played Loki or Ivara knows that dropping invisibility is a death sentence. Zephyr players know that if you have shields and health but no armor the ability for turbulence to mitigate damage is worthless due to the idiotic casting animation and inability to address melee. Everyone playing railjack knows that 3 seconds of invincibility doesn't even cover the animation time to disembark from the railjack, and you can be killed before getting control despite the "change" to fix that. My point here is that DE loves animations, doesn't do well to fit any elements of their game into context, and often promises fixes that are so long term that by the time they come out they cannot fix what they were promised to address. Let's offer examples. It's going to be my favorites, though I am sure there are better out there. Casting animations suck. If DE wants to nerf something they add an animation. People complained. What we received was a mod to decrease casting animations. Create a problem, then create the "fix" that you have to build around. Yeah, no. Zephyr. I may be one of the few Zepyhr mains out there, and for good reason. I remember hitting turbulence and an arm wave later I had a shield. I even remember default Zephyr having as much armor as prime. In the lead-up to Prime they nerfed armor, finally made tornado useful, added a long animation to turbulence, combined the 1 and 2 powers, and added a new 2 which primarily functions only to buff tornado. This is why I think people hate Zephyr, and she needs a rework. All of these fixes happened years after introduction, and instead of one at a time were in one shot. The cast animation made turbulence an issue when there was no armor, the rebuild of her 1 and 2 left a functional mobility power and something that you had to use on her tornado to make it take more energy and be less inherently useful. This didn't stem from a high power frame being nerfed, it was a crap tier frame being "fixed" without the care to understand what each fix does to the kit. I say this with her as my main, so I see why others often show her no love. Pets. First they died due to purity issues. Then they were automatically put into stasis. Then they could be removed from stasis without waiting 24 hours. Then they could be rushed out of stasis with credits. Then they could simply be toggled by putting them into stasis, pulling another, and they were good. During all of this they had an affinity rank towards you, which influenced their damage such that if they died on a mission they became less effective, and there was a daily limit to how much they could be fixed. Coincidentally (read: by design) the increase in affinity did not match the death price, so you had to manage them and they were just a mess of micro-management. All the while there was no fetch mod, so organic pets sucked hard. 5 years later and they're getting around to making organic pets as useful as sentinels. Fetch, not having stasis, and the buffing of Kavats are what drove all of this, and they're promising the parity talked about before my hiatus. Color me skeptical given all that I've seen and how long it's taken to get them to not be garbage. Archwing. A lot to bite off here, but it released buggy (I spawned running in space, and had to wait some days before the fixes). The things were in their own game mode for years before PoE, and to use them there you had to craft a consumable which the Grineer could force you out of with an instant, infinitely seeking projectile which had no visual cues. Then K-drives came along, and forced the discussion about blink because mobility in a landscape devoid of content is better than shielding or attacks. Then we get railjack, and manning an archwing is instant death unless you have invincibility. What exactly would it have taken, amidst all of the new damage scheme calculations, to buff archwings such that the "new" damage types were resisted? Yes, this would mean that the enemies would still pulverize you when in a warframe (no resistances), but archwings would feel less like a kick-me sign. What do I know though, it's not like basic math pointed out all of this years ago (hint, sarcastic tone if that wasn't clear). I'm stopping at 4 because I think DE really needs to listen. We aren't the whiny fan-boys who are toxic haters of everything. What we are is the dedicated player base making it so you can keep this game alive despite all of the bad decisions. If you feel that's an unreasonable statement, I implore you to explain the decline in the player base. How have we seen a decline in players over 4 of the last 6 months, with the net loss of about 19,000 people to average player counts (+13k, -32k)? Why is this acceptable after the launch of the first large chunk of new content since Fortuna, almost a year ago? I'll conjecture that the recent turn of events is exactly because somebody there crunched the basic numbers. You'll excuse me, but that's a pretty depressing reason to listen to your customers, and it's no excuse as to why DE thinks they earned our money after releasing a Lich system months later that has basic features finally integrated (read: feedback on what your 4-8 hour grind will reward you with rather than a complete triple layer RNG mess). In short, this isn't a "DE can do better" message. This is an "EA managed better DE, what the heck?" Heck, this might even be "Fallout 76 is a raging dumpster fire that still makes the last quarter of Warframe seem even worse by comparison." It's really time to listen to some of the feedback in more than a token "we'll rebuild a frame" kind of way. Might I suggest that item 1 should be to fix the RNG on Railjack so that wreckage can be combined to form better stuff at a lower cost? Yes, that would mean the 200+ scrapped weapons could boost two to maximum level, rather than where we currently sit that anything short of 95% of the maximum value isn't worth the resource investment and will contribute to having a uselessly huge dirac pool and break-up missions because you have to go back to dry dock to scrap things. Item 2 could be trading wreckage. Right now that's the biggest pain in the backside, given each player still gets a random roll once it drops. I am happy I got a 100-90 reactor, but sitting on a 97-20 feels bad when others can't even get a reactor beyond Zetki to drop. I suggest the above because farming titanium sucks. I have 8-7-8-8 avionics, and only 3 built weapons because only one has hit the 60% firing rate with 2 other "high" level items build to round out the capacity. Despite the above, I have less than 60k titanium. Yay, 4 weapons. How is that fun again? The best farm for titanium is particle ram on earth....and that's boring. I guess boring and poorly paced is railjack described quickly. Trading with other people would make some of that farming better, because we would know what we are farming towards won't be negated by the next RNG drop.
  5. So, I was going to try and respond to some of the angrier recent posts....and then I kept playing. There's really no way to play this game and not see where the anger is coming from. Can we please get some basic bug fixes and QoL improvements? The black sections on railjack side turrets still exists. Now the Artillery position on the railjack can bug out, and create a plane subdividing it like when you man the equipment it spawns you partially in the wall. Kuva Liches can decide to level up, despite killing them and waiting for their HP to return. That's fantastic when a single planet doesn't mean a full ring of murmurs completed. Titanium economy still blows. 15,000 units per weapon means you need a minimum of ((5*2)+3+3)*15,000 or 240,000 total titanium to get two of each weapon, one component, and each weapon requiring munitions. At the rate of about 1000 per mission that's 240 runs. The catch is most missions yield less than 1000, even adding in the occasional 750 quantity reward cache. If you assume 5 avionics per run, that's 1200 avionics, or enough to have everything at level 8 and some change. Who exactly mapped out the plan of progression here? Tanky enemies make Railjack suck. I've literally unloaded a full clip of Opticor Vandal shots into the face of an enemy, and they didn't die. That isn't a boarding party which is a challenge, that's a situation where CC is necessary. Yay, CC is actually viable again...until someone decides to start sticking nullifiers back in because "warframe powers are just too much." Yeah, I hate that the Quellor and Pennant are a 5% drop from killing a commander. The problem is the wall of stupidly high level enemies who after 4 corrosive projections still have enough HP to tank. That's got to be stupidly difficult for players who need a coherent team strategy to survive. Consistency. Murmur grind is hidden behind a wheel so it's harder to see numbers. Yes, we know that's the point. Can you just give us a counter or would that be communicating too much, because there are silent systems meant to meter progression? I guess this is the most depressing quarter in Warframe for the last two years, and potentially ever. The content is less than half baked, buggier than Fallout 76, and the promise for the future is that eventually there will be enough content to make this make sense. I just can't imagine being almost 2 months into 2020 and still having no end date for when the 2019 promised content will be here. Good idea on not having a board. It makes no delivering less obvious. Sigh.
  6. I'd like to suggest that you want to pay DE for their efforts, and that's why this seems like a good idea. In practice though, this is an incentive to create broken systems and sell the solution such that the game becomes pay to win. That's not a fantastic way to move forward. If you'd like a real life example, let's look to Ubisoft. They sold a $60 game, then decided it would be a micro-transaction to have single player XP gains permanently boosted. Yes, they designed progression to be too slow, and sold people a way to fix it. That's in the single player, while what you are talking about is in a multiplayer game. It's not hard to conflate this. Now, on the other side let's look at where we stand. I farmed a Kuva Kraken last week, and before the update filled all three rings in about 2 planets. I'm now doing a Kuva Nukor, and I'm just barely past the first ring with almost a whole planet down. The math there seems to be off. I could conjecture that the Liches have a number of silent scaling mechanics. Maybe the planets matter, such that Pluto>Earth despite the level buffing. I could also conjecture that the amount of resources stripped influences gains such that more "tithe" means more murmur gain. The issue is that none of this is spelled out, and if it's baked into the mechanics DE has not communicated it. This could be a non-transparent means of limiting power farming, a boost for those who have let Liches exist for weeks because they're an annoyance, or any other scaling. The truth is I don't care anymore. DE has had the community as a whole indicate the murmur farm sucks, and they need to rebuild. Until such a time as that is done, my feedback will remain that Lich farming sucks only slightly more than Railjack, and Railjack is a buggy mess.
  7. Positive notes for those who read, upon login check your nightwave status and you'll be getting a bunch of extra points. I think I got 5 levels...so it seems like they're only counting the last two weeks and nothing before. Negative, the addition of 30 levels signifies that this is going to be a while. About 4 levels a week+dailies is about 5 levels. 30 total/5 per week = 6 weeks. Add in the 2ish weeks of extra and we're looking at 7*8= 56 days more. Can we maybe not continue with the Nightwave farce? Joking aside, DE doesn't seem to have the resources to support it. Whether this is skills, time, or manpower the intermissions now have lasted longer than the seasons themselves. How about you just introduce a moderate currency associated with sorties, so that most of the population can earn something daily. You could keep the rotating weekly awards, and have an endless mission challenge weekly. The endless mission would reward scaling currency, and reset weekly to provide a challenge. In this way each week would have daily challenges, weekly ones, rewards would be able to be earned rather than be an RNG drop, and you could reintroduce alerts for small caches of the currency, which could last fro 8-12 hours so people can earn them. Alerts come back, along with earnable currency, but neither would require constant updates like nightwave. Hide the catalysts, reactors, cosmetics, kuva, and Nitain behind the wall. Also, include one of the arbitration exclusive arcanes per week. Reward auras and a token amount of the currency for the alert missions, to give new players the auras and a taste of the new currency to get them hooked. The end of this cycle will be when people accumulate stockpiles of the currency, so limit it syndicate style. This will drive a desire to spend currency to get something, and if the something is a constant resource generator it'll provide a much less easily detected grind.
  8. So, maybe I missed a spot here. It has literally been weeks since I've had a reason to do Nightwave. You have suddenly increased the cap....are we going to get all of the additional standing for the stuff we did while there was no progress, or are we going to get an intermission literally longer than the 2 actual series that already exist and no nod to this beyond a minor patch note for a new prime unvaulting? I realize this is less than cordial, but getting to the cap was a problem before, and you don't have any end date. Seeing this as a problem only now, and having all of the previous efforts disappear would be pretty crappy.
  9. I cannot speak to the team dynamic. What I can say is that solo it usually took me about 3 full planets of missions to complete a Lich run, where I focused on getting every single possible thrall spawn. Time to completion was about 5-6 hours. The last run was over in just under 2 planets of missions (Pluto+Uranus) and took about 4 hours in total. I'm running off of only solo play here, because it always seems like a jerk move to bring in a group of random people then ask them to please slow down so you can gank a spawn (my friends having dropped this game years ago given the grind an rewards not matching the lack of content, back in the void key era). I'm distinctly hoping that this isn't a bug, or somehow related to having boosters (drop chance and quantity). Being honest, I would not be surprised given that drop quantity boosters actually influence the amount of anomaly shards (along with smeeta, I got 4 on one run). On a positive note, I think the Railjack experience and guide can now be written in a paragraph. 1) If you want to spend platinum buy Particle Ram and spam earth missions until you can buy Mark III Sigma parts. Grind until a Zetki Bulkhead drops, and consider the railjack now complete until Proxima. At which point buy Void Hole and you're golden to grind out a good Lavan reactor and weapons. 2) If you don't want to buy Particle Ram prepare to grind. It's your first avionic goal. The goal is to level up particle ram quickly, max out the avionic slot, and simply run into fighters. Once you grind to level 5 intrinsics you get the forward artillery. It kills crewships. After you unlock both of those the rest is the long grind for good RNG drops and poor reward chances (quellor and pennant) or timed poor drop chances (shedu). Welcome to the next great feature. The necessary avionics are Bulkhead, Hull Weave, Void Hole, Particle Ram, and Forward Artillery. Shields are still garbage, the other powers are to taste, and even with the best RNG drops I cannot populate every slot with avionics. 4 slots in my build are empty, to make room for those Zetki drains.
  10. So, now that I've gotten through everything worthwhile on Railjack at this time, let's rendition the Liches. It seems like you've silently increased the gains on the third and second murmur. My most recent run took about 1/5th of the wheel per mission rather than 1/8 to 1/6. That isn't too bad, though it is still a lot of grind for not a lot of benefit. The 10% valence transfer boost is...acceptable. Had a 37%, got a 57%, wound up with a 60%. I'd imagine the people who get even lower values would be less than happy, but the goal here is clear. If you get a low % boost weapon just ignore it and grind up another and don't fabricate. As an example a 28%, 35% and 27% could produce either a 42.4% or a 38.5% depending upon your transfers. This is a more reasonable way to incentivize the grind, and less transparently content stretch. The guess and check system still sucks. Having a 1 in 6 chance of guessing is still bad design. Refer back to the Mordor series, and let's consider that you could find out about weaknesses by harassing other orcs, instead of the warframe action where weaknesses and strengths are available from minute one, encounters are random, and each Lich is less nemesis and more annoyance. All of this would be great if the weapons were great. I just can't say they are, and the mechanic of extra capacity for 5 forma is just frustrating. Maybe instead of the broken and buggy railjack we could have gotten more focus on Liches. As far as I'm concerned the Brakk was outclassed years ago. The Kraken was a joke. I'd like to see a Kuva Stug that makes something garbage tier good, rather than a garbage weapon marginallly acceptable. This seems to be a repeat of the Opticor Vandal, where instead of minor tweaks you should review a substantial overhaul, but instead the entire system seems to just be an art change an minor buffs at the cost of Rivens...I don't get it.
  11. Not a whole lot of good to report here with regards to railjack. I haven't put in the time to deal with my current Lich, so maybe that's the focus here. I can't really conjecture. Regarding railjack; The black sections on the side turrets still pop up in nearly every mission. The homing projectiles still home in on archwings. Instant death given the volume of fire, combined with nearly infinite range. I was going after an avionic 20,000+ meters away and enemy projectiles followed me there after about 20 seconds of circling me after a dodge. Random teleporting. This isn't squad form-up, this is being on a sentient ship, going operator, and going back to your frame only to find that you are at a pulse turbine. You then use "unstuck" and wind up respawning at the start of the sentient ship. Wow. Regarding drops...It was about 30 missions in proxima before any of the avionics dropped. I now, after more than 60 missions, have void hole and particle ram. Boy, does that fix the broken systems here. Void hole deals with fighters, you can boost around the crewships, and arm the artillery to take them out. It's almost like you didn't test anything but the endgame, and forgot to balance any progression... It's pretty apparent, so let's just call this. Railjack launched too early, and after a month we've got a buggy release state to work with. Maybe next time let's just not push something like this out, or the player base is going to get even more spartan.
  12. There is no content which explicitly requires an MR above 16. Despite that being true, there are benefits to having an MR above 16. The benefits are a larger base mod capacity, a larger inventory of void traces, and additional loadout slots. Regarding the Kuva weapons, if you didn't have a catalyst you could theoretically have a mod capacity of 40, where at least 5 slots are polarized and thus half cost. This effectively would allow either sloppy slot choice (80 capacity with a catalyst), or does not require a catalyst for basic builds (40 with more than half of the slots at half cost). The tacked on extra elemental damage is at most equal to a 60-60 mod, which either allows for novel elemental combinations (corrosive-blast-radiation) or frees a single slot to be something other than the element you want to build towards (heat+corrosive or corrosive with only an electric mod). While I think the weapon choice and minor increase in some stats doesn't really match the riven impact, there are people out there without great rivens, where something like the Kuva Kohm allows for a taste of what a heavily invested Kohm can produce (yes, 100% status with a riven means the standard Kohm didn't need the Kuva variant). Regarding usage of Kuva weapons in solo...what? I've run level 30+ exterminates and the Kuva weapons hold their own. They aren't the bleeding edge of performance, but star chart missions don't exactly show the poor scaling well. I would agree that they don't generally work on deep run high level content, but about 95% of in-game weapons don't do that. The Kuva weapon system was never designed to be the highest level content, otherwise they'd be the endgame grind until the next power level step came. Kuva weapons have been sold as additional mod capacity, minor improvements, and in-built elements. DE hasn't voluntarily raised the power level in years, with the exception of Umbra mods and the artificially limited forma with huge mod capacity costs. Heck, even arbitrations aren't endgame, given that the mods offered here are insanely limited to compensate for their huge benefits. I'm not sure why Kuva weapons were expected to be such a huge improvement, considering that the Paracesis functions in the same way but is largely on-par with the Gram Prime despite the ducat and mission requirements to obtain it. While I agree that the Kuva weapons are entirely underwhelming, I can see multiple reasons to pursue them. They aren't complete garbage, and selling them as such is dishonest at best. It's fair to say that the juice isn't worth the squeeze, but that's the truth with a lot of content in Warframe. If you'd like a specific example I'd suggest you ask how often you see the Hema, and that thing is one of the most painful grinds in the game.
  13. Here's the problem with the discussion, the more you've paid the easier a Lich would therefore become. If you have one frame partially disabled, then if you paid for another slot you could just switch. Have a constant debuff, just mod to account for it or choose a frame that synergizes. Maybe the Lich scrambles your interface, well then you're going to alter your loadout to address this. The bigger issue is that the jump in Lich levels effectively means they go from challenging to bullet sponges, and if that's the case a permanent disability combined with 2-3 immunities would mean a battle that you couldn't effectively fight without punishing grind. I do appreciate that the Liches right now are less about challenge and more about sponge. What I would propose is not a reduplication of the Zanuka hunter (if you haven't been caught in a while, that is a similar debuff condition to what you're suggesting that is only a mission long), but something more akin to Raathum. Each Lich had six specific missions with a priority target mini-boss to slay. Each mission had a random debuff like the sorties, and would give you one weakness or strength. This information would allow for Liches to be somewhat mysterious, and to have specialized missions required to learn about them. Now if you encountered a Lich without any knowledge it'd be a gear check, to try and figure out the elemental damages which worked. To maintain the long duration of the content, you'd need grind. The issue is murmurs currently make that grind transparent and less than fun. Let's turn the idea on its head with a new NPC and faction. The faction works like a syndicate, but they require requiem echoes. The requiem echoes replace void traces as drops for cracking requiem relics, and you can only hold the same amount of them as void traces. Thralls spawn as a high level target in all missions on the planet under Lich control, and act as a priority target while allowing for Corpus/Infested thralls by virtue of Lich corruption rather than having the Grineer everywhere. The idea here is that you grind regular relics, and get void traces. Requiem relics then need to be collected. You enrich the requiem relics, get both parazon mods and echoes, and trade these in to the syndicate to unlock which mods are required to kill the Lich. Now that the grind is present, what about the Liches themselves? Let's maintain the current thralls and random relic drops, but Lich influence can't be removed from a planet. This becomes an immense inconvenience if a common planet is under their taxes. The Lich can be hunted on these worlds, but instead of the current Lich kill failure=higher levels you have the Liches drop echoes after being stabbed with the incorrect parazon mod and be resurrected stronger. The resurrected Lich gains more planets, but instead of more levels the missions to learn about them have higher level enemies. The goal here is to remove the ability to ignore a Lich, without breaking other aspects of the game. This would mean that Liches would start at about level 70 with 2 immunities (x0), 2 damage resistances (x0.5), 1 weakness (x1.5), and 1 flaw (x2.0) to make them a challenge to gear balance for and so they have enough durability. So, what we have is a grind that is capped by collected echoes. This is capped by requiem relic drops. This is capped by siphons and RNG drops from thralls. The reason this is better than our current system is that it allows for brute force attempts, offers challenges to make Liches easier, and makes running requiem relic missions doubly awarding to hide all of the grind. Those who want the Lich to have a big impact can have their influence spread fast, and have thralls spawning on regular missions acting as a priority target, while public groups get rewarded for killing the thralls by potential requiem relic drops. My proposal makes the Lich something not just a hand wave to solve. It keeps the grind, but hides it through more integrated rewards and removes the roll of the dice for mod order. Even more significantly, it bundles all of this up for the other factions such that the syndicate can be used as a tutorial giver and narrative glue to explain why the other faction have access to kuva. DE gets to meter progress via the siphons and low drop rate of thralls, while increasing play time despite making progression less about guessing. Players get random challenges, with the recycling of content being acceptable because the thralls become a higher leveled priority target to spice the missions up. It's thoroughly better, and will never be implemented.
  14. So....let's refresh on Railjack. Some new bugs to go over, and I'll overlook anything else. Organic pets respawn and die constantly. Sentinels die and stay dead. The grineer using cold weapons ignore shielding. Being a Zephyr absolutely sucks when they can kill you before you can react despite having turbulence running. I'm assuming this is a bug. I've had a situation where I spawned in and had either my heavy weapon or secondary, but no primary. I tried equipping the heavy, and it said I didn't have anything equipped. Mods work and don't. I've literally switched and switched back and suddenly been able to kill enemies in 2-3 shots. Before switching I dumped two clips of fully charged Opticor Vandal blasts in their face and never got a critical hit. After, they melted. Projectiles still track archwings in flight. The 100% shared loot thing still isn't up to snuff. I'm specifically calling out the sentient ship. There are occasionally missions where you can get on an infested ship and hack some terminals. They don't seem to reward anything. This seems like something you cut, but still found itself in the game. Looking forward to Liches sucking less, and eventually maybe even being good despite the grind. It took a quarter of a year to react though, so it's hard to see this as anything close to stubborn apathy winning out. Please, don't kill your community engagement.
  15. Let's stop for a moment. Please answer me a question, and please consider that it is not meant to offend. How old are you? I ask this because you're citing Overwatch as though it did anything unique or novel with Tracer, and think that somehow they're going to get in trouble. I could see this if you were 10 years old, and haven't played any games older than a 2017 release. Let me jog your memory, because this one is amusing to me personally. Blinx the Cat Prince of Persia Singularity Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time These are the titles, just off the top of my head, that Overwatch borrowed from to create the Tracer power set. You'll note that the Zelda title was from the era of the N64. My point here is that Tracer is a rehash of old ideas. This isn't exactly something new, and I've only cited video games. If we were to looks at books the idea of rewinding and manipulating time is way older. I don't care to do all of the research, but let's just call it a staple of science fiction which may well have been a Jules Verne literary origination (with a real possibility that oral histories and fables stretch back so much farther that my examples are a joke). Focusing on what matters, the sound didn't work. The power isn't shown well as to how it's limited and balanced. On top of these concerns a free reset button is likely to break a lot of this game, should your reset point be in an area inaccessible to hack should there be a lockdown, or something barred after a scripted event (think AMbulas fight and locking doors). This is going to be a nightmare of asterix notations to cover all the problems it will need to address, and thus is either going to be heavily retooled or another broken release. As such, let's reserve judgement until DE has something more than notes scrawled on a cocktail napkin before losing our minds. For those who would accuse me of being a hypocrite, my justification on this stance has not change from my anger with the recent releases. My stance is that I am not going to give DE any love or hate until something is released. Upon release the state of the thing will be compared to everything they have promised. I will not happily wait months until the state of the thing is good enough to forget, and it's 70-80% of promised. I consider this fair because DE is the one who buries themselves with promises, and delivers half baked.
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