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  1. So, you did not fix the Granum Void. Enemies now spawn....but you have to be able to enter it. I've run another 4 missions, and only one had the ability to enter the void. Otherwise, all statues indicate that I cannot enter. Almost a dozen checked in one level, cleared all enemies for hundreds of meters. Wow. Broken after three hotfixes. Why am I looking forward to the new open world again? -Edit- I think I have an answer. You borked something in the new tile set. If I spawn in on the new start tile all of the Granum void sections are locked off. If I get one of the old start tiles everything is fine. More than a dozen runs confirms this issue. If you get the new start tile you might as well speed run the thing. None of the statues will let you in. What I haven't yet reported is that rewards in the Granum void are hit and miss. What do I mean? Well, your default rewards listing is by importance....and it's a mess. I get the Stahlta part, and it's the first item. I get Protea systems, and they're dead last....behinf the 1000th vitality mod. What? Am I even getting all three rewards? I don't know, because it seems like only one item reads as "identified." It looks like the credits and endo are simply not listing as unique, but are being added. Yeah, I think this is just another time where you tried to get rewards to stack. Let's also talk UI for the rewards section. The old system had multiple tabs for the stuff, and if you didn't get something the tab didn't list. Namely, no earned standing meant no tab for it. Great. You decided to hide the stats screen, smash the rewards screen, and force the syndicate standings to always appear, even if there was nothing in it. As an aside, this is almost singularly dead space. That's not a useful change, it's making a rewards screen less useful. Oh, but I get a blurb about something I did in the mission. Most of the time it's simply a number of melee kills....Unless it's a boss kill. In other words, it's like a worse version of the already existing stats screen. What is the endgame? It was sold as a way to make people pay less attention to the stats. Namely, who did the most damage. Fine. What was delivered is less useful information in a screen filling mess. The mods and resources are together, so any extended run will have you scrolling down to try and figure out what you got. That's fine, but it isn't better. Why not? Well, I used to get mods listed in priority. Items were by drop order. Both were fine. Now it's just a shotgun of whatever. Only positive thus far...With a test sample of 1, the items that are on the corpus ship did not spawn in inaccessible locations. That's not a good sample size, and I'm not willing to say you fixed it. It was nice to not have another failure. As an aside, 5 locations on that tile spawned items out of bounds. I'd laugh this off as teething issues, but it's just how DE works. Release way under done, patch to a minimum viable product, and iron out the issues to make things good years later. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to just say "Bethesda," but at least the community can patch their garbage. Warframe is harder and harder to defend, as more content is pushed out way too early. You are duplicating all of the garbage from Fallout 76, and it's starting to wear thin. -Edit end-
  2. Side note, let's talk visual design. I'm suggesting it, because of this mess of an end UI. The Derelict area is literally covered by any frame. It's the same issue with Mercury and Venus, but worse because it's basically in the chest of your warframe. It's exceptional to hear that you want a slick modern UI that's easy to read....and then our planetary UI gets something worse than when the kuva fortress flies into roughly the same area and makes it visual trash. Thank you. I never thought I'd be able to highlight two competing statements from DE in a single update that were so polar opposites. Maybe instead of leaving Kadesh, use the Tharsis node and populate the region between Mars, Eris, and Phobos with the new area? It would be less messy.
  3. Wow. First I cannot even activate the Granum Void. Now I can enter but I get stuck. No spawns, timer doesn't count down, and even once you abort (because you have to) the game took the token I used. Yeah, this is about what I thought the new update would bring as far as QA. What a....I can't call it disappointment. What an entirely expected failure in preparation for what is supposed to be the first substantial and meaty release of a year of rolling disappointments.
  4. Wow. An update in preparation, and you've managed to screw up other systems that you don't even have listed. Let's discuss some more unlisted updates, and bugs. Updates to corpus ship tileset. New starting tile. In six missions I've started there in 5. Never seen before. The Granum Void stuff no longer works. Hope you finished grinding Protea. I didn't, and now seem to be locked off. The update screen. I don't even know what to say. You took a functional system, and decided to make it less so. I now have to click through multiple menus to see statistics. Yeah, it's an update you've had scheduled for months. There's a reason most people forgot about it. It's less responsive, so we were hoping it died like damage 3.0. Apparently it's getting tacked on to this big update. You know, maybe you should be testing this stuff. I'm angry that you broke my ability to get Protea. I'm frustrated that you've got unlisted and substantial changes to a tileset that you haven't fixed items spawning outside the tile for months. I'm not disappointed, because at this point I just don't think you can ever release a good product. 5-6 minimum hotfixes, and it might be acceptable. 12 and it's as done as it ever will be. I'm reserving judgement on Zephyr. It really seems like you've given her a weak CC and a strong CC, and air burst is not going to be fixed with that. No lessons learned from Vauban? Specifically Bastille and Vortex? Apparently not.
  5. Like I said, frustrating because of the drops not having value, not because of just terrible RNG. If you missed it, the part drops as the rarest of 4 items. 2 of these items are the parts for the new weapons, and the third represents a one time reward that you cannot accumulate multiple copies of. As you cannot have more than one, the thing is not a reward at all. Basically, you get more than one and it is an insult. At least getting bits of Harrow, Oberon, or Nyx can lead to a credit reward for selling the blue prints. Maybe you should pay attention. I stated specifically that some of the things I already had would be appreciated as a drop. My point was that the Nidus components are not difficult to farm. You get about one chance to drop per every ten minutes, and have about a 45% chance to get one of the parts. It's frustrating if you get a part about half of the time, and it is the same part. Let me do the math for you, 3 drops at 50% means 6 rewards required. That means in an hour of play I got 3 systems. I therefore required almost two hours to get the parts. Octavia represents a 22% drop chance after 20 minutes. It took me about two hours to get one. Even acceptable drop chances aren't really fantastic. Grendel represents a 100% drop chance. What they don't say is that you need 75 vitus essence, which takes anywhere between 75 and about 50 rewards cycles from arbitrations. Yeah, not a friendly way to do things. All of our other frames are above 20% drop chances. Those that are not are Harrow (parts dropping), Khora (again, blue print is dropping), Ash (I cited that as a play time sink), Equinox (cited as having so many components), and Gauss (alleviated by the reward structure being all C after the first three rounds, making the low % chances much better as time goes on). As an aside, maybe instead of "not everybody is as lucky" you can cite something specific. There's realistically two weeks until the game drops. That's this week, and next week. As the prizes for this week are already locked, that means you've got 4 more potential drops. Priority should be offered here....which would be what? I cited Grendel because of the huge time investment for vitus essence. I suggested Octavia because of the 20 minute grind. I shot down the others because they were relatively painless. Not easy, not assured, and definitely not subject to painful RNG. If you have a different opinion voice it. You want to have a good laugh, let's look at what the RNG in this game can do. Back when you needed 10 arcanes to get a full arcane they dropped at 5% on the final boss. Assuming you played with random groups, you could do 2-3 in a night consistently. That meant after 34-50 nights you'd theoretically have 100 drop chances. That would mean about 67-100 nights to get 200 drop chances and have all the arcanes, right? Nope. 95% chance that you didn't get the specific drop. That means the reward chances were in fact 1-(1-0.05)^n where n represents the number of runs. This means: 14 runs were required for more than half of people to get a drop. 100 runs only gave 99.4% of people a drop. That's 6 in 1000 people who ran 100 times and didn't get specific rare arcane. 530 eidolon kills are actually required to get 50% of the population to have a maxed out arcane. That 5% drop chance means it gets even worse now you need 21 arcanes to max out the thing. To clarify, at 5% drop rates 50% of the population will have a maxed out arcane after 1407 kills of the highest tier eidolon. At 2 kills per day, that's 704 days. At 300 days per year playing, that's 2 years and four months to unlock a maxed arcane. Even at 5 eidolons a night and 2 runs per day that'll be 141 days of constant grinding. This is the reason so many were vehemently opposed to the arcane changes, and why Scarlet Spear was required to address these terrifyingly time wasting drop chances. So, let's talk RNG drops. Nidus is about 3x more likely to drop each part, at about 15%. It can be farmed without waiting, and takes about 10 minutes per potential drop. Khora drops at 4x more likely, but requires 20 minutes per chance. Harrow....that one galls me because the AI often screws up this game mode. The defection game mode is very variable in duration, and on top of that is pretty prone to breakage. I'm pushing for Grendel because of the 75 vitus essence and Octavia because 20 minute slogs are why Khora's blue print is rewarded. What is your request, and why?
  6. The drop of the components for Harrow, without the blue print, is actually nice. I have many chassis, and several neuroptics. What I don't have is the systems. Likewise, Khora BP is nice, to limit that 20 minute grind for one chance at the thing. Looking at the other stuff: Octavia - 20 minute derelict survival drop. Hope there's a good system in place to address that once Deimos actually releases. Grendel - The king of frustration. Getting these parts to drop would be great. I already have fatboy slim building, but I'm sure there'd be plenty of people happy to not have to get 75 vitus essence farmed. Nidus - Not really bad. 2 rotations to round C in about 20 minutes. Personally, I got a component about half the time, mirroring the 45%ish drop rate. My issue is systems-systems-systems-chassis. I'm glad to finally have my mulch Nidus and a spare, but boy is it frustrating. Not Khora, but definitely not fun. Protea - I'm going to say that the non-reward of subsequent shoulder cosmetics make this one of the most frustrating grinds not based just on low RNG. It isn't the worst, but doing something and getting a reward that literally cannot even be a credit reward is insulting. It's moreso after the dozenth run of a mission with no reason to play it except for the chance at a single part. Runners up go to Ash and Equinox. The former for rare spawn infrequent drops, and the later for having a week to build. Yep, 12 for the parts, 72 for the time, and 72 for the actual frame. It's finally a reward to be kleptomaniacal and have an inventory of blue prints. That said, two weeks. In that time you're going to have to do a better job of defining what this system is going to be. Zephyr, Limbo, Grendel, and a variety of other frames having "tweaked" versions of their powers is admitting that they don't work as this system is being sold. That's acceptable, but only if you start laying out what matters. If we get to the release date and discover our favorite frame's transfer power is going to be soul punch (as an example) then it's going to be hard to see this system on balance. To better define that, let's be real. 24 hours to mulch a frame. 40 frames in total. That puts us into early October before we can have access to everything. If it's going to be k-drives all over again (cool concept, but not shooting and slower in a looter shooter with components that didn't matter meant they were DoA) then it's going to be hard to see the system as anything but a novel way to create "choice" and rewrite bad warframe powers (read: air burst, as a Zephyr main I get to call it) as an "opportunity" to be rewritten by this system. Also....meta builds for frame powers. Imagine a volt+gauss speed+haste reservoir. I'm not doing it, people already have. It'd literally provide game breaking speed for those capture missions....that are now being pushed as less than 90 seconds for NIghtwave. Lord, I hope the meta of powers isn't a thing.
  7. Solo, Revenant. Paracesis and Amprex. Slap down mesmer skin. Hit the zealoids with a slowing blast from the operator. Slice to win. As long as you keep that hit counter high you can do some significant damage, and even get some decent slash and impact procs. Slash gives you damage over time, impact can actually break the chain and prevent any attacks from hitting. Keep the mesmer skin up, and use the Amprex once the lantern busts to prevent full healing. Entire fight took about 12 minutes. I tried with the redeemer prime, and the damage was generally more but less impactful. 27 minutes to eat an instant death from a bastion, because nova is squishy, was frustrating. Running Revenant was literally idiot proof. I am under the understanding that you can also skip the first phase, but I didn't try. Also, don't rely on his ultimate. The 1000+ damage numbers look great, but the health pool is so deep that you'll run out of energy without making much of a dent. Yeah, melee really is the only choice in this game anymore.
  8. Let's discuss some double standards. Let's do so, and highlight that DE is not playing reasonably here. If you actually read this DE, and want to understand, I will explain the fix. Now, Simaris requires about 250k standing per warframe. That's 100k for the blue print, and 50k for each part. Some of us have spent literal months grinding to have all of the parts, because you can earn at most 35-40k standing at MR 29 per day. That's 30k base and 2-4 simaris targets offering a bonus of 5k-10k. Doing the math real quick, that's 7 days of grinding for a full set, assuming you actually get 4 scans per day. What has DE decided to do? Well, they announced through other channels that they were going to halve the standing costs. Let's view that as a good thing for people who are furiously grinding now, but for those of us literally sinking months of time in to build reputation it's a gigantic insult. What happened the last time something like this occurred? Let me refresh everyone's memory, it was "universal" standing medallions. We got them as a vanishingly rare drop, and citing a single tweet DE said that the universal medallions wouldn't be universal. Maybe this is the point where you can see my frustration. DE decided that side-stepping the broken conclave system was fine, but the long term simaris grind is not. Seriously? So how about that fix. Admit you screwed up with universal medallion. Admit that you've gone backwards recently on a lot of stuff, because of the community backlash. Give us some tokens in other places too. If you're wondering, here's my list of crap that you released with stupid costing. I will include those fixed, for fairness. Simaris standing costs are way too high - to be halved in Heart of Deimos per outside announcement from a developer Universal medallions are not universal - Let us plow these into conclave, instead of citing one tweet Railjack costs were nuts - already fixed Moas cost 2 million credits - already fixed The Hema - decrease research cost. I researched it, I don't care about the "reward." I want more people to have access to it. The Sibear - decrease cryotic costs. 30k at 100 per means a single weapon requires 300 extractors....that is nuts etc... -Edit- Let me add a few more notes on the insanity here. Requiring literal millions of points to get your operator skills unlocked. This is earned at a fraction of affinity, so literal billions of affinity. Requiring so many kills of the Eidolons, and linking the best loot there to RNG. A 5% drop, and 21 drops required, is still nuts. Speaking of arcanes, how are those arbitrations going? Yeah, another 21 required drop event. Braton Vandal. A thing that will require you to be decently high in mastery rank....to grind for an RNG chance to get a weapon that is not useful by the time you can reasonably grind for it. Intrinsics. Release state was garbage rewards, taking months to fix. Even today, the rewards being on a power function is just silly. Nightwave. The goal here was transparent, drive continuous engagement. The means are depressing. Locked level caps, weeks of content being stretched out to months, and the hiding of auras, nitain, and cosmetics behind the wall is making being a new player worse. For the veterans it's just a daily check list, while the grinders are looking at it and laughing atop their piles of resources that make everything but the few new pieces of content a joke. If you still think this is all acceptable, then I have nothing to say. It's like you're in angry birds, and an advertisement pops up. You return to the game, and play another 5 minutes. The screen then goes black, and requires you do an authentification puzzle to prove you're human. 5 more minutes, and you're forced to complete ten word puzzles and a survey to get more play time. I've spent real money. I supported you. I just want to play the game without having to stop and do some innanity. No, I don't want an RNG grind for toroids. Yes, I can do a 33% drop mission. No, a 10% drop rate is not acceptable. No, a 2% drop rate is insulting. I support you selling prime access, some basic features (slot), cosmetics, and even tennogen. I don't support you pushing people to purchasing with crap drop rates (read: landing crafts with a sub 1% component drop rate), and not with systems claiming to be "player choice." I didn't buy Fallout 76 after Fallout 4. I didn't because their season pass was half cosmetics for your bases, and I knew it would be worse with 76. Warframe is getting to be exactly that. Liches were a joke. Railjack is a gigantic resource sink. Frame part drops have been getting worse over time (yes, Grendel was worse given the 75 vitus essence drops required). You're indicating a pattern of things going worse, and I don't think ignoring it anymore is an option. -Edit end- I'm sorry, but you're pulling an EA here. Namely, earning Darth Vader was something that was "rewarding the player for their time investment" but really setting up either a painful grind or allowing people to buy success. What? Yeah, pay to win. You can spend a week grinding or spend a few hundred platinum to just buy it. This crap is not going forgotten DE, and you need to either decide to be good or bad. If you don't reinforce that you aren't a mobile game, it's soon going to be a foregone conclusion with these bait and switch changes, especially so when the same issue has a different fix each time. Yeah, Moas were and "accident." The Hema and Sibear would be insulting for veterans...assuming they wanted to install a grind gate that would dissuade new players. Simaris standing is getting halved....after several years of being this high because you've introduced a new system. Make a stand, and be consistent. Your current joke of consistency points towards poorly trying to wring money out at some points, while others with integral systems can be fixed. The conclusion is you are emulating Fallout 76, more than a fair system.
  9. OK DE, when exactly are you going to have Railjack in a state that isn't fundamentally broken? Let me be blunt, it's a double affinity week. That's a great excuse to break out the ship, and grind those last few intrinsics. Fantastic. I get into the ship, an discover that despite nine months of updating that railjack is still not working. Let's cover these things from the top: 1) Bad math. So, I create a full armaments quantity. I load up, and do Gian Point. I craft replacement stuff, do a run of earth, and think that I'll be getting into dry dock with a full inventory. Nope. I simply lost a couple of dome charges, and the energy drain seems to not know what numbers to be. I can only guess that the 2 crafted dome charges are being rounded down to 1 on return to dock, but it really looks more like you have two tracking values for everything. That is, in mission for resources numbering n, nactual = (roundup(n),0) while when you return ninventory = (round(n),0). That's bad math there. 2) Deep runs suck. Try running 3 rounds of Gian Point, and on the third it spawns points of interest (generators, galleons, etc...). To make the thing work you need to go from one planet to another, and when you do the intermediate mission may error out. What do I mean? Try playing Gian Point-Rian Belt-Gian Point. You get Rian Belt with about 30 fighters normally, but by doing the prescribed pattern you get about 70 fighters to spawn consistently. The crewship numbers thankfully don't break. Is this an indication that deep runs (more than 1) are not planned for? Is the spawning bad? Well, I'd suggest it's another broken railjack issue. 3) Finish it. Right now people are hyped for the Tennocon reveals. I am not. I want the third orb mother, corpus railjack, and railjack to work. I'd like you to actually finish things released in 2018. We don't need another open world grind, we need the stuff you've already pushed out to be bare-bones complete. Not this one faction three planets garbage. Please stop releasing the minimum product, and promptly forgetting. Some of us are still waiting for Fortuna to be done, not drooling over the next time and resource sink. Yeah, Helminth is interesting but not interesting enough to make me overlook the huge resource costs you're already demonstrating. I have a lot more to say, but let's leave it here. Two years for this incomplete half-start of railjack is just frustrating. -Edit start- Let me explain my math here. During a mission you have five dome charges. You use 6, and two are considered "free" because of an avionic. Thus you wind up with 1 in your inventory. 5-(6-2) = 1 I then craft. I craft 2 per session, making a total of 4. The actual bonus is crafting 50% more, but the game gives you two domes charges. This is where we're going to use actual versus inventory. nactual = 1+(2*2) = 5 Now the game as a whole keeps track of crafting sessions, rather than count of crafted. As such, on mission resolution you start losing the charges. That calculation, completed at mission end, is: ninventory = 1+(2*1.5) = 4 In this way, returning to dry dock causes you to magically lose a dome charge. It's really goofy for longer runs, and might be why we are getting some weird interactions. This would theoretically allow the return inventory to exist negative. Let's run 3 rounds of Gian Point, using 18 charges total. Let's also not factor in the avionic for ease. I decide to craft only when I'm at 3 or less, so none are wasted. Let's figure the math out: nactual = 5 - 18 + (2*9) = 5 ninventory = 5 - 18 + (1.5*9) = 0.5 The game knows you can't have a negative charge, but when you return to dry dock after 4+ missions it has the tendency to bug out. It almost seems like that's the point where you can resolve to have a negative number of dome charges, and the game simply decides to bug out. I'm having a harder time explaining the energy economy. It seems like the usage and replenishment there are borked because of the interaction between the Hyperflux avionic and the ship. Your energy count can be 796, and the game always seems to want to resolve that to a multiple of 50. Again, I'm only guessing at a borked resolution of the mathematics here. I'm also seeing some interesting new costing. A fire costs 25 revolite to patch, and a hull breach suddenly seems to cost 100. Why? Well, I patched the two about 3 times, and always dropped from 300 to 175. It's almost like another silent nerf, that nobody is talking about because the game mode is dead. Like nobody is dealing with the buggy mess. I may be projecting, given my predilictions, but I know that if I had maxed out my intrinsics there'd be no reason to go back now. Hopefully you get it now. The math sucks, and when we return to drydock everything costs more. Instead of 2 craftings to get 4 dome charges I need 4. Instead of 300 energy per two craftings I get 200. It's not huge numbers, but when you need thousands of resources and magic math is breaking my ability to simply have what I crafted it's a bit more than inconvenience. The idiot fix here is to change the amount of crafting boosts. That's right, instead of 50% more you get 100%. This way, for dome charges, n is going to match. That would mean more energy, more munitions, and more revolite. So what? Bump revolite to 400 in the reserves, keep energy the same, and do nothing to munitions crafting. You don't fix the basic math issue, but this fixes your issue for the fully upgraded crafting boost. So we are clear, this is why I have issues with considering that you play the game. Basic math issues like this break flow, and make people believe you simply cannot release good content. It's only good after a dozens patches, so any major release is about two weeks of garbage before stability. It's not because we are trolls, or hate. I've spent time trying to understand and replicate a basic mathematical error that should have been apparent months ago. Despite that, the focus now is on the new hotness. Another sand box that has 12 green plastic army men, who cannot move past a four inch bubble despite the 10 square feet of sandbox. The joke was Fallout 4 and the settlement being under attack, but it seems like DE hasn't gotten that joke quite yet. -Edit end-
  10. They seem to have a lot of bugs with collision detection and fishing recently. As an aside, the longest period seems to be cold. Fly South-Southwest from Fortuna, until you hit a lake with a crashed dropship inside of it. There's a small platform on the lake, with a non-hostile NPC on it. Jump out to this platform, but don't jump on the dropship (they screwed up the collision detection on it, and you'll fall right through). If you've got a Oxylus and the scan aquatic lifeforms mod you'll be able to see the fish. I believe it's the Tromyzon's that are here, they're the long rare fish. It's easy to catch 6 in a single cold period if there's any spawning activity (hot spots) nearby, no bait or dyes/pheroma needed. It's not a solution, but it will provide you an "easy" way to get the nightwave event completed. Otherwise, yeah. DE has been breaking a lot of stuff. 2019 and 2020 are not good years for content, and the Deimos hype being used to hide some nerfs for bugs they haven't addressed in literal years is insulting. Well, I guess this means the Eidolon hunting is simply going to be ignored again, once people get their arcanes. Too bad about the 5% drop rates and time gating. You know, the mechanics that artificially increase engagement without actually adding content. Now we need 21 drops for a complete arcane that's not something to be unhappy about.....
  11. DE, let's talk about your presentation, and what we've seen thus far. I'm going to start with the negative, and finish with the positive. The mentality here is to highlight what is wrong, and follow with the longer list of what was right. Let's talk about the Helminth chair, and the resources. You've shown us the WoW resource and XP grind shenanigans are what you are planning on, and it isn't appreciated. For those missing what it is I'm talking about, let's review. WoW had a daily limit on XP, to prevent grinding. People lost their crap. They re-implemented it as an "xp boost" that wore off, but made the default rate as low as the penalty, and people said it was good. No, we can do math here. The "bonus in resources if you haven't fed it to the mouth in some time" is that garbage, and it's not something that we're going to be stupid enough to fall for. Zephyr Deluxe. I just can't understand. You had a design years ago...then lost it. Then showed it resurrected on some of your streams. Now you're showing something completely different. I know my frame of choice is not favored, and I get it after Gara and Khora have deluxes and Zephyr Prime is already vaulted. Come on though. 3 and a half weeks for Heart of Deimos. It's been demonstrated to be another content island, and the third orb mother still hasn't released more than 18 months later. I was wrong in assuming that you'd not broach another open world after the lackluster showing on the last two, but really? Somebody really must like ctrl+c and ctrl+v over there. Bug fixing. You recently patched the game, and broke more of Fortuna. In the South-western most area of the map there is a lake with a crashed corpus dropship in it. Previously a rope could be hopped on, and you could walk out to the crash to fish. The rope is now not a rope, and the collision on the crashed ship doesn't exist. That's right, you can jump through the ship into the coolant lake. Combine that with the 4+ areas where stuff can spawn outside of the map on the corpus ship tileset, that hasn't been fixed 3+ months later, and the focus on another content island of open world is insulting. Can you guys stop releasing weapons that are almost as good as the stuff already in the game? Arcane Pistoleer gives you a visual indication of duration, and upon a headshot gives you the ability to not consume ammo for that duration. The drop weapon.....has the same thing but no visual indication. You have to listen for the sound, and fire rate increase, and have no idea when the thing has started or run out until your ammo counter starts to drop. That's an issue when the gun has a 24-48 ammo pool and anything above level 30 can tank 2-4 shots to the face quite easily. It's even more tricky with a 50 accuracy, when those headshots basically require near melee range....and melee is orders of magnitude better. This is not something that I'm investing in, because it's basically arcane pistoleer but with a mediocre gun. The positive list is longer, but I have less to add. You have a promise date, and a release on all platforms. Hopefully the Heart of Deimos is the first good release of this year. Tennocon showed off actual assets, without promising the moon. It's not exciting in the same way as the railjack reveal, but it's great not to be angry when almost two years later that isn't anywhere near what we got. Finally delivering on Hydroid Prime trailer....three years after introduction and one after it was vaulted. I'm glad you've delivered, but there's a stack of about 12 awaiting something. It's good to put the meme to bed, but it would have been nice to also mention that no future primes will be getting a cinematic too. The rewards, barring Hydroid Prime, actually worked this year. It was nice. I would say that the pistol has a lot of issues, but it was fun. The 10+ days of boosted affinity is nice. It's weird, but nice considering. The Twitch Prime bonus is a drop+drop chance booster...and the new world area opens within its release window. Hopefully this will ease the new resource grind for Deimos...please don't make me regret that optimism. Let's talk new player experience. It's nice that you've only shown a cinematic and in-game renders. It's hard to believe that it won't be jarring one you get to standard missions....but at least the on-boarding should get better. Overall, I'm not hyped. I'm also not disappointed. As far as I'm concerned that's a success. Given how poorly the past few conventions have reflected actual content release, it's nice to maybe think that this will be different. We'll see in four weeks. I'm not hoping for anything, but it'd be nice to not have to be done with this game.
  12. I appreciate that you are trying to high road here. It's almost like you're trying for superiority of argument, and in the process ignoring all history and statements by the developers which make your points invalid. It's also fun to note that you've got an elitist chip on your shoulder. It's almost like you're the kind of person who hates newbies. The problem with everything being for the hard core gamers is that Warframe never has been. It's always been a game with no endgame, horde mechanics, and the power fantasy of being a space ninja. If you want a game "for adults," presumably being a back-handed insult for "with challenge," go play dark souls or any of the thousands of homages. Warframe is literally sold on Excalibur, with 99% of the content not being about skill. If you'd like to argue, I'll ask that you explain drops based upon RNG and not skill. For comparison, let's talk Armored Core. Limited single player missions, replayable, with multiplayer. Mission performance provided you tangible benefits based upon ranking, and you could customize your AC with pretty much anything including cosmetics. This is functionally a direct predecessor to warframe mechanically, but drew in a skill based crowd because performance was awarded, not RNG from smashing thousands of loot containers. If you missed it, warframe start out mission 1 with RNG for drops and demonstrates skill is only rewarded in as far as needed to complete a mission objective. If you don't understand that after time spent playing this game, then I have nothing to offer. As an aside, who did the Armored Core series? Oh right, the same people who went on the do Dark Souls. It's almost like developers outline the goals of their game... Let me offer perspective...7 years. Warframe has been around for that long, and there are still weapons from near release that matter. Volt, Excalibur, and Trinity all still matter. Heck, Loki has been the same for years and is still relevant. You're welcome to not understand, and welcome to act like you know better. I appreciate that DE is not WoW. Namely, they don't obsolete the old content with the new. It would suck if everything from before 2018 was power creeped to irrelevance. You are welcome to argue otherwise, but I'd suggest leaving this game then. Not because I bear some ill will, as you expressed in your attitude, but because Warframe will never satisfy your desires. I'll gladly give up on the supreme power fantasy, to prevent slogging through 300+ weapons that require level grinding but are rendered useless by new content. Let's just laugh a little. The Tigris Prime is still a good weapon. The Dread is a fantastic crit based bow. I could continue, but with as many weapons as there are it wouldn't take any real creativity to cite something 2+ years old that you might actually like. If this were WoW...it'd be more stable, less buggy, and items from the previous expansion pack would be irrelevant when the new hotness came. This is why the legacy servers exist...and why things like Destiny have issues with so much of their content being made irrelevant every time they increase guardian levels as their primary gating mechanic. Please leave the game if you don't get it. The toxicity of try-hards is what kills games. Warframe demonstrated that it would not support try-hards when it switched to annual content, when conclave failed, when Raids failed because they didn't want to keep fixing them, and dozens of times when they added "endgame" content that was just another farm. I hate having this conversation. I hate that it's coming out in a discussion about the opticor. I'm willing to have it again because it's people that don't get it who make this game difficult to love. Warframe was never about skill, about being hard core, or anything similar. It's about a mild power fantasy, and continuous engagement. One forma per day can be crafted....events are on timers....RNG controls rewards....if this didn't make things clear, and you want rewards based on challenge, maybe look elsewhere. Warframe is structured to reward engagement time and not skill. A-A-B-C-A-A-B-C....etc....
  13. Let's talk wording. You definitely want to sound intelligent, but here's the rub. You argued that Inaros Prime access is bad. I argued that it wasn't and cited that at the time of release Zephyr Prime access was as mediocre, and that neither was bad. I also utilized Zephyr because despite the release state, now the Kronen is seen as a very good weapon. Let's talk upgrade. What did Zephyr prime get? Armor, energy capacity, and sprint speed. Did any of this influence how her powers worked? No. You cited that Zephyr is powerful, and then took off on a tangent about how certain builds could do a 3-4 hour survival. To which my response was many of the frames available, including standard Inaros, can do this. Inaros prime is statistically superior, therefore the argument that Zephyr is somehow great is backwards. You argued that the Tiberon prime hit hard. No numbers, just "I got a good riven and it hit hard." My response was the fact that the assault rifle class is burdened with guns that do exactly the same. Statistically you have no argument, but you don't want to acknowledge that the Tiberon prime was an average prime. It's baffling, but it seems to be motivated by your perception rather than reality. Fine, you don't want to justify, and when confronted with facts will not show any counter arguments. My next point here is that you seem to be making a stupid argument. $150 is for the whole pack, with platinum and cosmetics. If you buy one per year that's about a $12 monthly subscription to any other game. Are any of the Prime packs worth that? It's funny that you pull that argument out of the ether, because I'd love to see you justify anything when you make that assumption. What I stated, and what you responded to, was that the Inaros Prime pack was disappointing because it was so middle of the road. You stated it was bad. Inaros Prime is better than the standard, the Panthera prime is a middle of the road assault rifle, and Karyst Prime is a dagger giving up speed for crit. It's not worse than any other prime pack, but you call it bad. Let's review what we've had in recent prime packs: Atlas - Tekko Prime - Another weapon cited as "bad" without any justification. It's almost like you don't want to support your feelings. Zephyr - Commodore Prime Suit - I believe the joke was a Pulp Fiction style gimp suit for your operator. Insert punchline here. Titania - Pangolin Prime - Another sword, that gives up a guaranteed slash proc but gets more damage. Wukong - Zhuge Prime - An automatic crossbow that negates the silence of a bow with an explosion. If it isn't clear, all of these things can be viewed as a prime upgrade, but arguably have some issues. I cited the Commodore suit specifically because you assumed the $150 payment, and I want to make it clear that getting that suit was as expensive as you seem to be thinking that people would purchase. Stopping for a moment, are any of these things that you'd actually call as must haves? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that most people would not be willing to pay for some of these things....and it's why there are 3 tiers of prime access. That said, I don't believe that DE is pricing things reasonably. This is another argument, but Tennogen cannot be bought with platinum and the costing is 5+ USD for a single item. Yeah, it's hard to justify any of these expenses unless you believe DE is going to give you the game you want and it's "supporting hard working developers." Finally, you seem to not get the argument for why everything is good with forma and a riven, despite making that argument about the Tiberon prime. Let me put this into perspective. If you replay that Grendel mission, against level 40 enemies, with no mods, how does the Tiberon perform? Don't want to do that, then boot up the simulacrum. Don't suspend enemy AI, and just play with the gun. I'm asking for honesty here, but I'm not expecting it from someone who doesn't want to put effort forward. I'll help you understand what I've experienced. A full clip into a level 40 heavy gunner with no mods from either the Tiberon or Burston prime does about the same damage. There's variation based upon the rare crit, but it's indistinguishable. Now throw a basic build onto the Tiberon and Burston. The Tiberon consistently kills the heavy gunner in about 3/4 of a clip while the Burston takes a full clip. Slap on a riven build, and go for hunter's munitions. The Tiberon and Burston are indistinguishable. The Tiberon does more slashes, but the Burston hits enough viral to really damage the targets. Both take between 12-24 rounds to do enemies in. What does it take to buy a Tiberon riven...? Not much, but the best rolls seem to actually be rather expensive (a couple hundred platinum). What does it take to buy a Burston riven...? Pocket change. This makes the riven argument you put forward moot. Don't like burst firing, then choose the Braton Vandal. Want status and continuous fire, go Braton Prime. Want critical chance, choose the Soma Prime. Want a hailstorm of bullets, choose the Supra Vandal. Hopefully you get it, but putting this plainly the Tiberon wasn't special. The Tiberon prime was another slight variation on the assault rifles we already have plenty of. Kronen Prime...You seem to forget that the melee changes made all of them much better. Upon release this was competing with the Atterax, heavy blades, and the Guandao. This was slightly after PoE launched. Melee was dominated by weapons with large range, because it could attack through walls. The combo counter was much lower. I'm trying to set the stage here because at the time the range on tonfas was terrible, so they performed poorly. You could go to the simulacrum all day and beat one enemy up to show huge numbers, but in practice the range crippled them. You're welcome to insist that people loved the things...but a quick review of the forums and wiki shows that the only people drooling were min/maxers, before melee got reworked. In a perfect world, the Karyst prime would perform the same. Right now there are videos of "insane red crits," but in practice the thing is underwhelming. The problem is that hoping a prime weapon gets better is foolish. If you were to talk to most people when the Kronen prime launched, it would likely have been exactly what is possible now with the Karyst. "The Kronen has great potential, but the practical usage just isn't there." This is why people often have a halo effect looking backwards, because it's easy to forget something as terrible as a % multiplier on range for something like a dagger.... This is why neither Zephyr or Inaros are bad prime packs, only mediocre showings. You state Inaros is bad, and I disagree. You've managed to make this argument about Zephyr, because it was chosen as a baseline. A baseline because I thought anyone arguing for that operator suit as worth buying would have the ability to separate their enjoyment from some perception of efficacy when the raw numbers just don't agree. My bad, that was a bad assumption.
  14. You are really going to make such a wrong argument? It's laughable, but definitely the elitist attitude you claim. Let's dismantle the argument point by point, starting with the Burston. Does your logic hold; spoilers, it doesn't. Burston - 13.64 rounds/second, 54 shots in the magazine, 36 damage. Tiberon - 7.38 rounds per second, 42 shots in the magazine, and 44 damage. You argued about fire rate, and it was wrong. You argued about the riven, and that's wrong. You are more than welcome to argue about ammo, but the Burston is better in the mag and the same in total pool (540). What might I have accepted as an argument? Well, if you wanted to sound smart you'd have made note of critical chance, multiplier, and status. The Tiberon has much higher crit (28% vs. 18%), but then you'd have to specify that your riven was required to get good chances at crit or some other combination of crit booster. You'd also have to justify using a relatively low damage weapon type, and having absolutely garbage status chance (20% vs. 30%). So, the Tiberon is good if you can boost its critical chance. So is every other gun. It has poor status chance. It has less ammo than the Burston, a weapon cited specifically because it is such a meh weapon that it should have forced you to ask exactly why I would cite such a thing. Unfortunately you've not understood any of this, and have made a bad argument. Please take the loss, instead of arguing. You tried to back your conclusions up with numbers, and failed to do any fact checking. Regarding Zephyr, do the math. Again, you missed the point. Our area of effect weapons trigger off of contact with tornadoes, and have since the only rework she received. Combine this with the mechanic where tornadoes move to your reticle, and it was easy to do self damage. This isn't an anecdote, it's a fact. Likewise, let's consider her turbulence. It negates projectiles and redirects those with a travel time. What doesn't it influence? Enemy melee and AoE. The range for turbulence is 3/4/5/6 meters. All you need is a radius greater than that to damage you. Let's check...yep, the Ogris has an AoE radius of 7.1. It might take a minute here to fact check, but I'm pretty certain 7.1>6. You're welcome to double check the math there though. Let's also look at 3-4 hour runs in the game. Is this an achievement? Well, no. Let's really ask about other frames. Is the 3/4 hour run possible with other frames? Yes. I've seen Vauban, Nidus, Octavia, and a variety of other frames do so. What does it require? Well decent crowd control, resource control, and cheese. When enemies can literally have millions of eHP it's not about how well you play, but how you exploit the systems. Arguing this is stupid, because I've also seen regular Inaros runs this long (and Inaros Prime is actually better statistically). You've started by arguing that Inaros Prime is bad, but if it can do the same thing as a "good" Zephyr Prime then it's hard to figure out your line drawn in the sand. Perhaps you'd like to make another argument that is grounded in reality, and not something about how you feel. I like Zephyr, but she's at best average. I don't like Inaros, but saying the prime access is bad is severely missing the point here. Inaros Prime isn't bad, it's an average release. To sell this as somehow worse than any other prime is blowing a minor disappointment into something bad. It's really hurting the ability to take you seriously, because if you can't have something between amazing and terrible your feedback isn't valuable. You are welcome to continue hiding behind the elitist attitude. I for one acknowledge that my enjoyment can be divorced from my reaction. I'm disappointed in the lackluster showing with Inaros Prime, it is not bad, and I personally think that it's trash. Despite those personal beliefs, I cannot reasonably call the Inaros Prime bundle bad, only mediocre. Likewise, maybe you should use some of those old weapons with a Riven. Burston rivens are cheap, can be rolled easily to get increased status and decreased fire rate, can be paired with the syndicate mod (the truth effect restoring 25% of your HP), and generally is capable of being quite strong as status spreader. If you missed the other point here, any weapon with forma and a riven is good. If I really wanted to I could have cited the Soma Prime as better than the Tiberon Prime because of better crit chance, better riven disposition, and only lagging in raw damage and ammo economy. This is why the Soma Prime, Burston Prime, Braton Prime, and Tiberon Prime are all just meh weapons. They're good. Solid C students, who don't do anything extremely well or extremely bad. This is why they're all middle of the road guns, and people focus on things like the Opticor, Kohm, and Trigris. These three (and many others) are the outliers with big risk-reward propositions. None of the middle-of-the-road assault rifles do this, and they aren't bad or good (only safe and uninteresting work horse assault rifle type weapons).
  15. You have a pretty poor memory. If not, it's selective. At the time the Kronen was bad. The reason it was bad was that it had small range, and the mods went by a multiplier not a base addition. In that way, the Kronen hit well but couldn't be used in crowds because it didn't have the range to hit. People didn't sleep on it, the heavy swords and more ranged melee was superior. If it's unclear, we are talking about 2+ years ago and not current melee. Once things were reworked the Kronen Prime was demonstrated to hit hard and be able to cover enemies. The Tonkor interaction literally existed for years before DE decided to nerf it. So we are clear, it was the combination of turbulence and the augment which allowed the Tonkor to fire a projectile a large distance and explode on any impact. Look back to 2015 and it was in-game, with it not even being addressed until 2017. If Zephyr was the cause of that "nerf" then please explain to me the interaction with the prime release. I'll wait, but the gist of this is that DE couldn't even be bothered to change things until the prime. If it isn't a thing to deal with for 2 years and change, and only gets addressed when the prime is kicked out of the door, then it really wasn't a priority. If you're still pining for those days go pick-up a Kuva Ogris, enjoy a lack of self damage, and no need to be one frame with an augment equipped. The Tiberon Prime does about 33% more damage than the Burston Prime. Breaking down the numbers, Burston-36, Panthera-100, Tiberon-46. The Tiberon has 2/5 disposition, and the Burston has 5/5. If you're going to make any commentary please consider what you are competing against here. The Tiberon is "beastly" only in the fact that you utilize 3 shots per trigger pull. Logically speaking then, the Kohm will completely outstrip the Tiberon Prime. I don't know where you're getting the thought that the Tiberon was anything but fine. It was a middle of the line assault rifle, just like the Panthera. It's going to be a common theme when we've got dozens of things in the assault rifle class of weapon. Regarding the Zephyr+explosives....wow. That's a great thought when you've got plenty of open space. Again, 2+ years ago and self damage was a thing. If you hit your tornadoes you died. If the room was too small you died. If the enemy ignored your turbulence you died. If the enemy AoE damage was bigger than turbulence you died. If the projectile was deflected down you died because it could effectively penetrate turbulence. Zephyr is not a terrible frame, but she's got a lot of troubles. Inaros is very good at staying alive and using finishers. Neither is objectively a bad release, nor are they good. Again, they're tofu. Bland and tasteless, unless you surround them with something else. Regarding the last bit of word soup. What? The thing Venka Prime does is have one higher combo multiplier. The Karyst offers increased movement speed. How in hades does one compare to the other? If I'm looking for big multipliers, like with an exalted weapon, the Venka will be better. If I'm looking for finishers I'll choose the Karyst Prime. I don't exactly know how you have come to compare the two, as each has a niche. My point regarding the Karyst is that there used to be a viable reason to blind then finish any enemy with Inaros and Covert Lethality. The mod was changed to not do this anymore, so daggers aren't the high risk high reward weapon they once were. Literally nothing has changed for the Venka Prime, and it's still the only choice in the game if you want the maximum combo multiplier possible. In short, please try to remember the past without rose tinted glasses. Also remember that DE didn't nerf Inaros so that the prime could be better. This release is not a bad prime, it's just bland. It's as bland as Zephyr was at the time of its prime. I'm using her because I hope the same can be done with Inaros. Changes to the game, such as a good augment or new mods, could see Karyst and Panthera Prime be good. For now, they're just fine. Not bad, not good, just the bare minimum to be something more than another skin set.
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