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  1. The definition of words is something you may want to stop and review for a moment. The item being released is called an augment, not a band-aid or improvement mod. The implication therefore is that these mods would provide an augmentation to the ability they influence, and change how it is used. Now, the other half is that DE demonstrated the Wisp augment before....and demonstrated that it would only cost one mote cast. This is transparency and honesty in demonstration of features....that DE sometimes fails at miserably. Now, reviewing these augments again. W
  2. I don't agree. Let's talk. The augment is 200% of the cost in energy, for 3 functional casts. This means the cost is 200% of base with a 300% casting. That means you've got 67% of the total cost. Additionally, there's a benefit where you have a single casting animation with 3 casts completed. This said, the downside is that you still have a cap on the amount of motes...so the maximum 6 quantity of motes is suddenly only two casts. Ouch. This then means that you also lose flexibility....because area control requires as much area control as possible.
  3. So....the augments we received we less than expected. It kind of justifies going from 30.1 to 30.2. That said, let's discuss this with a level head. 1) Zephyr - Airburst I don't get this. I'm a Zephyr main, and the first ability to nuke is always airburst. You continue to try and make this a boost, but the poor crowd control and functional joke of a damage source mean it's DOA. Now you're offering 25% secondary damage increases...for a reasonable time frame. The problem is hit enemies, not dragged. It's also capped in some way...right? I mean, 8 meters or AoE and p
  4. So....here's the issue that I'd like to raise. Let's discuss exactly where to provide feedback. Is it the Trello board? Is it the forum for bugs on this update? Is it on the update thread for this exact update...even if the bug has existed before? Perhaps you need to go to the dedicated bug thread that has been setup by DE for their game in their forum? I'm asking this, because the target is moving. It used to be the bug thread. It was then the forum thread for the update. We then got a sticky thread in the bugs forum....that stated what you needed to prov
  5. Let's talk. It's now been literal years that this game has had some serious issues. The newest updates have compounded them... but I really don't want to do anything more than cite these. 1) While Mesa you can suddenly lose melee function. No melee, but you can air slam. Going operator and back doesn't fix this. Switching weapons is not a fix. It might not even fix in a mission. 2) Speaking of loss of function, you can lose everything too. No melee, guns, or even rolling. You'd better hope using gear resets it... instead of dropping you through level mesh in
  6. So....I don't get the logical thread here. I'm not singling out your sentiment, but it seems to be a good springboard to make a point. Excalibur Prime is an exclusive...Excalibur is the poster child of the game...Excalibur Umbra is what everyone gets for simply playing the game. Umbra and Prime share basically the same stats, there's a single modified ability, and the void death spheres don't give you energy. The only real balance is that you get 3 Umbral mods....that only really mean anything if you want to build for health, armor, and power strength. From where I sit, this is
  7. So....questions. Let's list these off simply, and not offer the substantive details which will make you ignore them. Corpus "Queen Pins" when? Void Storms get loot which makes them compare favorably with any standard void mission in terms of time to rewards when? Lich integration with the railjack system, as demonstrated before release and promised "soon" when? Ghoul saw when? Significant fixes to basic stability and auto-generation of levels when? -I'm tired of being knocked out of levels- Development of the next batch of augment mods when? It's b
  8. So, let's do some math together. Base HP +100% (max rank) + 120% (mod) = b+b+1.2b or 3.2b = 5760. 5760/3.2 = 1800 The math therefore is working. You are assuming that the numbers are multiplicative, and not additive. The math you want to be done is: (base +base)*2.2 = 4.4*base....and 3.2 is less than that. Unfortunately, this is DE's math at work. Because of the order of operations, you don't get everything together....but each component added separately. I'm hopeful that this interaction will not end in me being accused of anything.
  9. So....let's get the positives out of the way first. Somehow, the achievement for killing 5 juggernauts on Deimos is now working. It only took about 6 months. It's a new high for the quality assurance at DE....that the achievement inside their own game finally registers. Now, for the bad. I got the "opportunity" to return to the Deimos vaults. It's....just wow. I ran for two straight hours. Bounty 1 gave me nothing for the first two rewards...because it was bugged. It finally gave me rewards for rounds 3 and 4+bonus. That was.....drum roll please....two
  10. You seem to be missing a critical point here in two dimensions. Dimension 1: This is not my logic. It is the facts, stated outright. You might miss that nuance, but I have not stated my opinion. Dimension 2: Basic math. If you have no magazine, then there is no last shot in the magazine. There is also no first shot in the magazine. Let me end this with a basic logic prompt. Most guns operate with a large reservoir (the maximum ammo count), and a smaller reservoir that can be tapped on demand (the magazine). Logically speaking then, the two extreme potentials
  11. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Epitaph No magazine, reloads instantly. Quoted from the wiki....assuming that it is correct. As such, there's nothing to actually trigger the arcane. The arcane is therefore working as intended....even if it makes no sense. If you want a logical check, use the weapon. There's no magazine of 1 listed, only the total ammunition.
  12. Let me, for just a moment, be an advocate for chaos. There are currently 31 prime frames which can be in rotation. Each year you add 4 frames, and the amount of active frames remains at roughly 7. DE recently expanded the pool from 7 to 9, by hiding previously vaulted relics inside the drop tables for Void Storms. Let's just be zealous, and claim the count at 10 active frames. 31-10 = 21. We have one constantly rolling unvault, so 21-2 = 19 frames. This means that we'd need 10 total unvaults to run through all of the currently vaulted stuff, and in that time we'd n
  13. So DE, let's talk. I'm going to outline my half of this story, and why this "mainline" release is so frustrating. I will highlight some other things along the way... so it isn't unreasonable to be on a momentary tangent. Let's begin with Trello... It's a good fundamental tool. Realistically speaking, it's a pseudo SCRUM tool for development. If used properly, it would be a great tool to communicate what is being worked on, what stage it is in, and most importantly what the next update was going to focus on. So, why am I frustrated with this? Two simple points. SCRUM is best
  14. No. You misunderstand the situation. Let me explain. The Trello board exists as a repository for feedback. It doesn't indicate the outcome of said issues, and it doesn't imply any action. Case in point, there was a bunch of feedback about how the Plexus was dealing with affinity gains oddly. DE acknowledged this, and responded back that this was "working as intended and would get nothing changed."
  15. You mistake time (wasting) with fun. I grind the void storm missions to get drops. I grind planets to get resources. I wait, 84 hours, to build new content. I enjoy and want to test out this new content, to see if it alleviates all of the previous grind. It can alleviate grind either by being novel, or by increasing drops. This is fun. Why then are void storms bad? Efficiency of the input time, to the output reward. In layman's terms, fun is low per unit invested time. You think somehow efficiency and fun aren't linked? Fine. You complete Orp
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