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  1. November 27th....we finally get confirmation that the promises from earlier this year, deep into the pandemic, are not being met. Surprise... Sarcasm aside, 2020 is the poorest year of warframe with content, hollow promises, 2019 sloppy cleanup, and despite this the year seems to have more bugs now than January 1st 2020. I'm willing to accept the pandemic...the work from home...and even the crawl in content. Where I'm having huge issues is the general non-stop content promises, the poor delivery, and the insane lack of communication. By this I mean Tennocon promises for 2020 ar
  2. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200182230-What-are-the-minimum-specs-for-Warframe- Windows 7, 64 bit only (32 bit not officially supported). These are the specifications DE still lists themselves. All of this being said....Warframe is an amalgamate mess. It would not surprise me in the slightest if the specifications have moved forward, but DE has not officially updated their documentation as the video card requirement is a DX10 and a core 2 CPU. Core 2 died when Sandy Bridge released (with actual new product ceasing years before that), a
  3. While I agree with the sentiment, I believe it's retroactive justification. Explaining this concisely, warframes evolved over years. At one point every build used redirection, armor, and vitality. Then we got power modification, building for statistics on powers, and whole new themed frames to work with. As this evolved DE slapped in bandage mods, power increases, and balanced generally poorly because they had no plans. What evolved was the need for a base mod, then a base mod strong enough to compete with the other mods, and finally a primed variant with an insane cost and equ
  4. So...immediate feedback. The addition of polarities to Bonewidow are great. Two D's and a V is not perfect, but it's good enough. DX12 looks like there's a lot of caveats before implementation is realistic. It's obviously for "next gen" consoles. Is there an intended timing before it'll be viable mainstream?
  5. So....I think I finally have it, 3 forma into Bonewidow. Its about 30% feature complete with many bugs. Let me take a whack at this, and see if we cannot patch this mess up. So...first issue is polarities. There are none to begin with...and that is idiotic. 12 slots....that just means it'll literally be about 8 forma before you can even put something into every mod slot. That's immensely stupid. Voidrig had 3....and Bonewidow should match that. If the goal is to truly be a melee focused build it should be two D's and a - polarity. The D's give us some survivability, while t
  6. So....let's not mince words. This has been another catastrophic release. With the bandage ripped off, let's talk. 84 hours for Bonewidow. 96 hours for either of the clan research pieces. A minimum of 48 hours for the new k-drive....but mine took 3 cycles so another 72 hour wait. Literally the only piece of content viable within the first weekend was the kitguns and the nunchucks...Ouch. The new bounties are broken very frequently. How often? Well, I've yet to stop doing them by choice. Yes, that's a 100% failure rate due to some sort of error. That's not even m
  7. TYPE: In-game. DESCRIPTION: Medallions and ayatan sculptures spawning outside of the player accessible map. VISUAL: See old threads about the Corpus Ship rework from early 2020. 3 of the 4 tiles still spawn outside of the map (spy vault, end tile, and rescue). See previous bug reports, or DM for me to send you the same pictures already posted again. REPRODUCTION: Get any of the listed mission types for your syndicate mission....and it's a roll of the dice depending upon spawn location. EXPECTED RESULT: Rework should not have had spawn locations outside player accessi
  8. Fortuna is somehow more screwed up now. One bounty listed that you had to kill 100 moas and have 4 minutes remaining...then it counted all kills as "moas"...then it gave us the bonus despite having less than 2 minutes remaining....what? Same bounty, and the final bit was an infiltration. Great....I should be able to enter through the damaged vent grate on the side of the building....but it couldn't be blown out. Yes, it took damage numbers. What? Falling through the geometry of the level sucks....and somehow it's more prevalent now. Profit Taker
  9. So, let's talk. There's a lot of anger in this thread....and only about 20% of what I'm reading can be discounted. Let's cover the positive quickly, as there's little of it, and follow up with all of the WTF. Positives are: A reason to actually do the Deimos k-drive races. More content, with the good thing so far being just the mushroom headed kitgun....because of course that's the good thing. The increase in spawning for token exchanges is nice. 25 Steel Essence per planet is nice. 15 per day is....frustratingly low for the game mode. 15*7=105....so you
  10. DE, I know you've stopped caring about the actual release build, given all of the information and stuff on the test cluster which needs to be reviewed. This being said, can we please understand that the new build is going to be more stable? Let's review another week worth of failure. Corpus ship? Yeah, you're going to be losing medallions. 5 spawn locations on 4 tiles that are outside of player bounds. 3 experienced this week. Helminth system? More like infinite loading system. 3 separate instances where accessing it then either the forge or arsenal resulted in an inf
  11. This is like the third time I've tried to adequately reply. The other two extend into huge discussions about the topic, but I don't really think that this deserves a multi-page discussion of the human nature which is bringing all of this about. Let's short this to some bullet points. Anecdotal experience is a thing....but it's one experience. My anecdotal experience is that this is standard for any online game, and the story is from someone with either no ability to deal or extraordinarily biased. With one second hand accounting of a situation there's little to work with
  12. You want to be pedantic....so it seems like you didn't read either, or the comprehension of intent is lacking. Let's spend a lot of time responding to why, so you can understand why this is a stupid argument....by virtue of changing nothing. Let me be real here, so you understand the scope. "Nobody's asking you to do anything more difficult than that to start with." "Nobody's asking you to do anything more difficult than that to start with." What is the difference? Well, the pedantic person could argue that the first person cares about the action, while the s
  13. I'm looking at these two thing. Let me bold the part I'm having fun with. Statement one is this is pathetic. Statement two is that there isn't a mountain of bug reports....without knowing how many support tickets are filed. Statement three is that I have asked to stop requesting more. These are incompatible. "Pathetic" as defined is the default response, so I ask if you're new to this. Nobody is asking for fixes....except the huge bug thread which is largely ignored, or the support requests we have no transparency to. Put bluntly, there's plenty of people aski
  14. Are you a new member? Let me elaborate that this is rhetorical. Now, let me define why. 1) It took literally years for DE to fix a syndicate medallion spawning on a void sabatoge mission. It was the one spawning on the first earth tile after the void portal, immediately to the right. It spawned on a lower surface, with a texture spawning through that spot such that you could see the spawn without assistance, but because it was on an angle it could not be collected. 2) Around the same update we got the corpus ship rework...and 5 location spawn unobtainable. That's 4 ti
  15. Let's entertain this idea, and try to understand how it might work. Please note, this is not criticism of the idea. I want to understand a perspective and believe talking it out might help me, and hopefully others, to get the ideas straight. Now, step one is to determine how the kit interacts in itself. This is....frustrating. DE has one power directly buffing another, and it's not a trivial buff. 100% increased size means that even a small stationary tornado could theoretically be buffed into a screen destroying mess. This is somewhat the problem we see with a Vauban using a
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