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  1. "Monday" launch. Monday has the introduction of an "intermission" as long as a "season." Tuesday is no communication through official channels. It may have been announced of Twitter and the likes, but nothing on the main page of the game. 3:30 on Wednesday and still nothing. Not holding my breath. It'll be a Baro weekend to disappoint, a mainline that's DOA, and changes to melee which are now a year out from when they were initially threatened. Expectations low. No matter how good Grendel is, it's going to require that the new kavat is amazing to make anything good here.
  2. I don't understand. The entire goal of Nightwave was to bring a more consistent stream of content into the game, so that the huge gaps between significant content weren't functionally murdering the player base. They're modelling this off of the Fortnite design, who aped it from a dozen other sources. The point here is to force players back into old content to get the new, effectively recycling the stuff constantly so that you keep your base engaged. The people here claiming that challenge was ever the goal...I just don't get. Warframe is by its mechanics not a game built around challenge, but around grind. When you moan about any one group ruining the game, you miss the point that doing anything requires an investment. Let's look at syndicates. You grind gear to get MR. MR gives you the ability to get more syndicate points. The syndicate points require grinding relics to rank up. Once you've ranked up you grind for the rewards, which are gear for mastery and relics.... Not challenging, unless you decide to get into the broken level scaling in the game. Likewise, new players are needed to keep the game alive. I'd suggest that everyone moaning about newbies check where their platinum comes from. A new player pays so development can continue, and an older player gives up gear accumulated through grinding. If you don't introduce enough content to the new player crowd then you can't exactly keep supporting the people who pay nothing. My greater issue is that the intermissions are getting longer. Based upon the 30 ranks, we're looking at an intermission that will last as long as a season. About 3 levels per week, 30 levels, puts us well into the 10-12 week intermission period. Not exactly an intermission if it lasts as long as an act....right? The lack of investment required to get these levels doesn't bother me nearly as much as the fact that DE is communicating that they cannot support the system, but are too deeply entrenched to back out and do something they can actually sustain. This isn't a problem of balancing hard core and casual, but the ability to sustain content which has been demonstrated to be a greater draw than any past items. DE isn't keeping up, and instead of stopping and redeveloping they're building in longer periods between the content and playing it off as nothing. That cavalier attitude is...frustrating. On a side note, I've recently been watching some reporting on the dead MMOs of the past. The common theme to these is that the flow of content is the lifeblood of the game. Warframe has as much flow as your stereotype nerd. It gets content in fits and spasms; the content ranges from improvements (Rivens, Primes, Vandals, etc...), to new things to do (Archwing, disruptions, sorites, etc...), to actual content (weapons, frames, etc...). It's generally accepted that Warframe experiences a months long content drought between their larger open worlds...the kind that kills other games. I think DE finally got this after the "I'm quitting because there's nothing to cover" yearly cycle. Unfortunately the changes are a bare minimum and don't exactly entice given the huge input required for the one of two good outputs that aren't available anywhere else (read: Umbral Forma). It's interesting to see such a critical content failure, and the community blaming themselves. When Destiny and Anthem did it people knew it was the developer not supporting it through a lack of resources, but it seems like this community swallows it....a bit of a quandry from where I sit. I see that after 5+ years nothing changed. DE is making plenty of money (read, 250,000 given away implies income profits in excess of that), but they act like they're constantly dying. It's like a certain cat....
  3. DE...I'm disappointed. Again. First off, you reintroduce an invasion. Something that has literally been going on for years, and only now get to understanding the drop rate bugs. I don't understand why you're so focused on the loot game, but I need you to know that fact isn't lost on the player base. It's almost like those new players are meant to be penalized with no concern as to the experienced ones sitting on thousands of cells and the only outlet being a 24 hour wait for formas. Then there's ESO and SO. SO is functionally a mess that people use to upgrade frames below level 30, because it's the easiest way to get enemy numbers. It's also a slow enough level ramp that by round 8 everything is still reasonable such that an insta-kill is rare for anyone paying mild attention. Yeah, the 20 minutes for a chance to get one of two necessary components for Khora at a combined under 23% sucks, but it's a stretching technique. ESO is where this breaks down. A random group going all the way to eight rounds is about a 1 in 7 chance. If you get corrupted or grineer the enemies spawn with guns pointed at you, and in the later two round (7 and 8, but 5 and 6 to a lesser extent) you can literally go from a full health (1000+), armored and fully shielded (300+) to dead in the span of a single unblockable stun from any enemy. Worse than that, I'm now confident the drop tables are a lie. I've run two eight round ESO mission a day, on average, for the last two months. 2*60=120. In the last 8 I've received only endo and Neo A5 relics. That's 2 endo and 6 Neo. The drop table says that's a combined chance of 30.36%. So, 30.36^8 = 0.00722% of the event happening or one in 13,854. That's giving you both of the endo and relic drop chances. If you run that exact drop likelihood it's actually 0.00003% or one in 3,546,712. This is two Lato Vandal BPs, a full Braton Vandal, a single blazing step and a single peculiar bloom in at 100+ runs. The whole 20+ minutes of pain for a single 1% drop chance of MR bearing items is stupid insulting. What about the content? Atlas is a joke, and that's meant literally. If you released a year ago the One Punch meme would have been great. Tekko is DOA. Sparring weapons in a horde looter-shooter are...a fundamental misunderstanding of the mechanics unless they're brokenly over powered to compensate for not having the ability to kill hordes. Dethcube is...I love the little guy, but the only way it matters is in low levels. The rifle just can't do anything but draw aggro, and if the Vaporize doesn't outright kill things then you've got too long to wait before it can do anything else. Under level 30 content for a Prime pack is...Zephyr prime levels of disappointment. I say this looking at my profile, which years in still reads 27.8% usage on Zephyr (not prime), 16.4% on the Boltor Prime, and 24.1% usage for Carrier (again, not the prime). I love Zephyr, and still acknowledge she and Atlas were both utterly disappointing primes. What's still bugging the game? Falling through the levels (check). Missing textures (check, primarily on complex rock faces). The random architecture loading artifacts into other rooms which are black polygons and prevent entering rooms (mostly in the void, check). Ayatan starts falling behind containers and into areas which cannot be accessed, making them unable to be picked up (check). Companion AI screwing up any chances of stealth and suicidally charging enemies (check). Random loading issues resetting progression, and breaking level sequences, like loading in and there being no data mass for a mobile defense (check). All of this being things I've seen in the last two weeks, because if I go back farther the list extends back around the block and includes fresh new bugs that are "fixed" two or three times in patches before I stop seeing them. With all of that frustration, let's end on the positive. What's better. The Riven changes seem to be settling. I can't tell if this is a new meta, or just happiness that anything making extended runs possible that isn't Inaros and a dagger being dependent upon good group composition for cheese. The Nightwave is coming to an end. I have mixed feelings about the content and RNG there, but it is better than the first mess of an implementation barring the caveats. Shaders and colors are also finally back to what they were before you messed with them. Namely Prisma skins look good again, instead of like plastic. I'm trying here, but every good thing seems to come with the seeds of bad. I want you to do better DE. Not better than nothing, just better. The huge checks your mouths keep writing are rapidly amounting to enough content that most other AAA releases don't match. Highlighting the stuff off the top of my head; Melee 3.0; nearly 2 years in the making with no real strides yet and a time frame pushed back nearly every time it is discussed. Pets 2.0; rapidly approaching a year with literally no changes. Still wasting credits on DNA stabilizer, that are more chore than mechanic. Fortuna. Still not finished a year later. If you don't understand this then explain why it took months to an orb mother, more months for a second, and we've still no information on the third. Mission replay; some can be, some cannot. The frustrating decision to slap the BPs behind Cephalon Simaris scan grinding is a problem, but the bigger one is that some enemy types still cannot be scanned if you missed the things during the mission. This has literally been a concern since the original Mirage release, and years later is not adequately answered. Conclave; not sure how to call this. It was introduced as compelling and rewarding PvP. It's always been promised to be reworked and reviewed...but never gets love. I don't even know how to call this, so I'm going to say the promise is three years undelivered, allowing for a pad between initial introduction and this as a full game mode. Archwing; years later. Initial release was garbage, with game modes disappearing. Updates were to remove nodes. Content languished for years. Open worlds introduced usage with a high cost consumable and enemies able to knock you out of the mode with little to no effort. Now it's better, but still largely a gimick given that nothing has really been added in years (the Larkspur is one gun...not something substantial) and we're supposed to trust the now extended Railjack will make it all better. It'll make it better afte rworking on the game mode for more than two years and the sudden understanding that the game mode will require an extended roll-out without anything more than a "coming soon" we'll have new content. I'm waiting for the announcement of Titania Prime coming with a single prime weapon and two prime archwings to make up for having the same three for years and despite a prime existing Itzal being the one option most people use. I won't keep going. Hopefully you get it. If not, another two year gap will allow for enough content to trickle in. The 10+ weeks of Nightwave, followed by a capped grind, followed with cheap RNG enemies whose spawns might make it impossible to kill everyone before they resurrect, with only an Umbra forma about 3 times a year is a sign of Stockholm's syndrome rather than a game to keep playing. Come on DE, let's play chicken. I've already done the break. I never played ME3, after playing through 1 and 2 an enormous number of times. I even started boycotting EA at the Crysis 2 period, and refuse to install Origin or Epic on my PCs because no matter how bad Valve is they're saints compared to that level of slime. I guess what I'm saying is those clan members with 1600+ days since last login are not a fluke.
  4. No, but you're close. There was a rework of Atlas, introducing the rubble system, when the Karst skin was introduced (not Prime, but Deluxe). The introduction of Atlas prime was no frills, just a slightly superior set of numbers and a mild aesthetic change. As far as the rework...What? This baffles me. Atlas was reworked and the rubble mechanic was added such that he could generate rubble armor and be far more durable. His 1 didn't change, and still requires a stat (statistic) stick like the mire. His 2 barely changed. His 4 has been the rumblers, for better and worse. The kit isn't great, but it also isn't bad. Ember, Vauban, and even Zephyr need more attention than Atlas. Despite this the new prime is minted and people wanting a rework seem to appear from thin air. Regarding this showing...sigh. Dethcube was an ancient sentinel who has seen no love in years. It was kicking around and garbage long before the original Atlas entered the game. The Tekko was an Atlas thing, but people don't generally use it because as a stat stick it's still lackluster at best. At most I'd be looking for something similar to Mesa's Peacemakers for Atlas's 1. No more need for a stat stick, and no dependence on secondary abilities that severely limit options for higher level play. I'd suggest Dethcube's kit needs more of a rework than Atlas, given that the gun is hot steaming garbage, the death beam is pretty much required to do anything more than gain aggro, and even with a crit-slash build for the gun you can't reliably expect the cube to be more than an annoyance unless you're bombing through a level. As a side note, DE's conclusions for Vauban were to basically parrot what a youtuber outlined. Ember is literally reverting to a much older build. I'm waiting for Excalibur to get super jump back. Joking aside...what's old is new again is a bit frustrating when the upgrade is simply to make heat procs counter the garbage armor scaling mechanics. It doesn't bode well for Ember getting anything more than a three pass update (release broken, nerf to useless, and then add enough back so that it isn't hated but will quickly disappear into obscurity again).. As someone who mains Zephyr, who remembers when the base had some real armor and the 4 abilities were really one useful and one for mobility (the tornados made enemies invincible and made everybody angry), I understand looking at Atlas and wanting more. At the same time, there's a lot worse out there.
  5. Stepping back a moment, let's assume that both of you have a point and understand where the reality lies. 1) Rivens were introduced to make all weapons viable. 2) Endgame and late game are plagued by an HP/armor scaling system which is stupidly broken. 3) A selection of weapons got good rivens, and over time they've been nerfed. No matter how it was obtained, this is objectively taking power away. This isn't a necessity from early to middle game, but the best drops are hidden in the late game. 4) DE is nerfing rivens to make them "more fair" while not touching the broken armor and HP scaling. They're effectively closing off opportunities to go farther in the game and not addressing why such power is necessary. Note, this doesn't influence skill whatsoever. The skill of getting a headshot offers more damage, but when some enemies can tank an entire ammo clip of headshots there's an issue. 5) Certain endgame content, Eidolons in particular, have an otherwise completely unobtainable reward. Because there's no alternatives (ie, Grineer v Corpus v Infested), certain weapons and damage types are required. There's zero benefit in bringing a corrosion status weapon, Eidolons only bow to critical radiation weapons (favoring impact). DE has forced a meta by not allowing other means to obtain the rewards. After framing the discussion as such, I don't believe you can call someone else's issues trivial or wrong. Less than eloquent, perhaps. I tend to agree that if DE addressed the crap scaling of enemies then people wouldn't have a reason to cheese. Likewise, CC and Buffing frames would see more use. Right now the game punishes almost anything that isn't straight damage or a damage hybrid. If you want to argue that a meta doesn't exist, or that you can go against it, then you're going to have to square up the garbage system for enemies getting stronger. I'd agree with not complaining if the systems you fight against were balanced, but if DE never fixes the problem all riven nerfs do is limit play duration or the amount of viable play strategies.
  6. No. I've got a rank 30 prestige account, and it's locked to Vauban parts, Nitain, and reactors/catalysts. I've seen someone in the middle 20's, and they're also getting nothing. The update/refresh is constantly saying something in excess of 4 hours. My bet is somebody screwed up, because there's an update on the 1st. Given that the monkey is entering regular rotation, Mirage is being vaulted, and stone boy prime is being introduced the next update will fix the error. Sigh. It may also just be a ploy so that people spend their credits before they expire. I hope not, but you never know with DE.
  7. Agreed. Agreed on so many levels. I also got insanely lucky (BP-cortex-blade-blade), and had a bank of codes because these had appeared in other content and you never reveal stuff like that unless collecting them is going to be associated with something later on (looking at you beacons for Vay Hek fights). At the same time, this feels pretty crappy. When the Detonite Injectors and Fieldrons were introduced you had to either wait through the high build costs or the huge wait on some invasions. Mesa and Alad V were the same, with 3 keys being required to drop (years later being patched to 1). Now we've got derelicts that require grind of invasions to get a single key (one per invasion, refreshing at minimum daily and offering at minimum 2 keys per day). No apparent lessons learned, but that's assumed given the 3 to 1 patch was buried deep inside the notes of an update and most people don't care because that content was done years ago. What's the reward? A reskinned Halikar, without the unique mechanic but with innate viral damage, status, and higher slash. What we have here is then a Glaive Prime comparison of a skinned Halikar. More damage for a melee attack with less for the throw is what the Pathocyst offers. Viral without proc assured on the throw, against the Glaive Prime offering much higher damage and a guaranteed blast proc or slash and impact proc. Consider me less than happy. They've reskinned a mediocre weapon, made it deal viral damage, and nearly copied the Glaive Prime's status-crit setup? I don't get it. With a higher base damage, the Glaive Prime offers more damage, guaranteed good procs, and can outstrip the elemental damages of the new weapon by virtue of just having better stats (with a higher riven disposition). This is like getting a weapon called the Amos which is infested themed and apes everything from the Soma, but instead of slash it's cold oriented. It's thoroughly a skin (like the Tatsu skin that was originally a two handed blade and then repurposed as only a skin for the Tatsu), but the grind on top of grind is going to mean that it's going to be a bear for some people to get. Why hello much more reasonable Lato/Braton Vandal. Or perhaps you're more Miter. Or maybe you're most accurately described as Ash. I'm looking for a grind, upon a grind, upon RNG with initially reasonable equal drop chances until you discover that the thing needs 4 parts instead of 3.
  8. Let me state this in a more palatable form, because you seem to be willing to write but not to read. 1) "I play it this way, so it is good" is a fallacious argument. You can passively play any game and never finish the content. There are people who played Fallout 3/4 passively and took months to get to the ending, that didn't make the games better. 2) If you have to skip out of content, where 30 minutes represents 1 or 2 chances to get a desired drop at less than a 30% rate then you're going to be grinding the thing for a long time. If it's mandatory content, and the community never embraces it (try a random group getting to C rewards on salvages or SO/ESO), then the multiplayer balanced nature of the game mode is going to make a suddenly single player experience bad. That spawn rate going down but efficiency earnings not going up means without a nuke frame your run is suddenly impossible. Cheese required to play. 3) I quote percentages because a pure RNG loot system is entirely driven by them. If that's a problem to understand then please leave the discussion. I say this because you can't add understanding, only feelings. It's nothing personal, but statistically there's a person out there who ran eidolons 300+ times and still doesn't have 10 of the platinum arcanes (right here), despite a 5% drop chance meaning that on average they should have 15 of the things. There's also someone out there who ran this 50 times and has all the platinum arcanes. RNG is difficult like that. 4) Citing that you've played thousands of hours of other games without burn-out is interesting. There are people out there who love all of Adam Sandler's comedies too. Personally I hate everything after Big Daddy, because it's pretty much the same schtick. This is taste and investment of time. It could also be Stockholm's syndrome. Either way, invalid in discussing rewards. 5) Warframe drop rates are already silly low for things. I cannot speak to DE's stated goals, but mathematically this is because they want players playing because it introduces the possibility to spend money and create community content for new players. I've always focused on full percentage drops, but let's look at others. The mod Shock Collar has a 0.06% chance of dropping from an enemy that seems to spawn at best once every 2-5 minutes solo and grinding the temple of profit. Let's agree that 1% of players get it on average after 17 drops, or 1.42 hours of grinding. That's pretty nutty, but the real nuttiness is that 50% of players have the drop after 1155 runs, or 96.25 hours of grind. If that's your idea of a reasonable reward schedule then you real need to get out more. Bite is even rarer at 0.01%, and drops from Kubrow derrivatives. If your mission provides about 10 Kubrow and only takes 5 minutes (estimating because more Kubrow=longer missions), 50% of players will have bite after killing 6932 Kubrow derrivatives or 57.77 hours on one tile set. Six years in and I've gotten the mod a grand total of once. Again, if you support this level of grind then there's no discussion to be had, as we won't ever agree on this being a reasonable response. 6) Why do I suggest other rewards for Arbitration? You don't seem to get this, but not everybody wants to farm toroids. Some people hating one shotting level 40 enemies, and then 30 seconds later level 81s spawn in and start one-shotting you after taking a full clip to the face...or having Raknoids pop in who get the first shot free due to spawning invincibility that means them showing up is a penalty. Likewise, tooling around an open world with one area to camp out in seems backwards to say the least. You give an alternative path to get rewards, and people can choose what they want to do. This changes a force grind into a choice, making it more palatable without actually removing the grind. Just because you did all that grinding like a good little bot doesn't mean other players should have to. Bot level farming should be something to despise, not defend. -Edit- I don't mean this as an insult. I farmed Toroids for hours too to get the syndicate standing, but that's because I'm an idiot. I'd love to support others not having to do the same, knowing that 3 toroids in 35 minutes is less game and more wasting my time. -Edit- 7) The ability to trade with other people doesn't fix the error in drop rate. Let's agree that the only way trade would be fair is if everything could be traded. This means things like the Ignis Wraith could be traded (it's BP is tradeable, but the gun isn't, go figure). This would mean that DE would have to balance, because people with tons of radiant and brilliant shards could trade them and you could buy focus school mastery (breaking the Eidolon grind for Arcanes). DE doesn't do this, because it'd make the game entirely possible to win with money. You argue that a few thousand platinum could buy power, and I don't disagree. Selective power DE chooses to not put behind a grind wall. Once you realize that, it's very hard to un-see the decisions being made on drop rates as a game extender to make less content go farther. 8 ) Atlas Prime. This is a digression, but let's be real here. You get a 7 day mod drop chance booster. Introduce an endemic problem, acclimatize the user base to crappy drop rates, and when you want more money introduce a fix to the problem you created. I'd love to see this some other way, but hundredths of a percentage drop chances are not fun. Even 30% drop rates sometimes mean hours of grind (Wisp gave me 18 Chassis, 14 Neuroptics, 4 BPs, and one neuroptics over my first 37 runs). This is framed as DE giving the prime pack purchasers a new freebie, but I don't trust them. Imagine the next new mods coming out with Bite level drop chances (0.01%), on enemies like the Thumpers. Somebody out there gets RNG luck, and demonstrates that it's amazing. People find the drops to be garbage, so they buy the booster, and again, and again, until they get the drop a month later. No matter how amazing the mod is, that's real money and time forced out of the player base. DE should be better than that, but more importantly they should know we aren't stupid enough to fall into the trap. Lord, I hope I'm right. Please don't be another Boycott EA style failure because people are too weak willed to speak with their wallets. 9) Warframe currently has no endgame. If you'd do a cursory inspection, you'd also find that it's a looter-shooter multi-player PvE experience as originally conceived and sold to backers. Go check the initial request for backers. Years after launch the Conclave was bolted on. It started with a limited mod and weapon selection they manually balanced...and didn't get much further. If you want PvP the game has to be balanced around it. Warframe fundamentally is not. If you've got any question about that consider the healer vs. DPS builds. You can't have people with powers designed to kill hordes against one designed to heal and generate energy from hordes suddenly squaring off, so you rebalance and rework powers. Horde shooter needs burnt down and rebuilt as a competitive sport, but the way to get that PvP power is still mired in PvE. Please name me a game as buggy as Warframe, that spent years without a PvP system, which started PvP poorly and has therefore developed a stigma, that has somehow developed an endgame of PvP. I can think of a grand total of none. I can consider those that had PvP and PvE and considered the former endgame, but they were built from the ground up to consider that. It's pretty delusional at this point to think PvP is ever going to be endgame, because DE killed that possibility by delivering a hot steaming pile of bugs to players with infinitely better competitive PvP experiences elsewhere. Listen, I might be missing things here. It seems like English isn't your first language, and some of that nuance is missing. From what I can understand, you've walked into a PvE grind game out of PvP competitive things and seem to accept that these drop rates and the like are OK. I don't agree, and fundamentally believe you are looking for a different experience. I'd recommend Destiny, because the PvP there is reasonably good, with a stronger story component. Please don't take this as an ask to leave, so much as a request that you stop trying to hammer Warframe into a mold it wasn't designed for and has never conformed to. Let me suggest that there is no other game on the market that has been a beta for this long, and still is as a point of fact. Warframe players deserve the best experience, and in-turn deserve to give DE their money in support of the game. There are decisions happening right now which make that proposition void, by virtue of DE showing the players they can either spend money, have no life, both, or leave. That kind of thing is toxic (Battlefield and EA anyone?). Before anybody comments not SJW toxic, not Bully Hunters toxic, not even moderators with their own agenda toxic. This is toxic such that the pursuit of profits will kill off any reason for people to spend money, leading to more monetization and systems that require it, leading to less willingness to spend, and so the loop propagates. It would be sad to see this from Warframe, and this feedback is meant to point that out to DE. Maybe if somebody there actually cares, they'll read this and understand that their player base wants them to succeed, but to do so they've got to stop throwing up walls and pretending to listen while being oblivious to why players are frustrated. I hope for the best, expect the worst, and after years just finally want DE to stop ignoring feedback. Stop pretending that pages of forum posts mean nothing, until the player base is entirely hostile. You invite that hostility by pretending to pay attention, and then not even altering things. That's...frustrating, sad, and entirely indicative that the player base needs to stop spending money until you right the ship. Warframe is great, but at this point the forums are useless screaming into the void. It seems like Twitter and Youtube are more useful to get attention and answers. How then do you expect anything but mob justice and outrage? This is tangential, but feeds back to Arbitrations releasing with no community input. 140 characters isn't enough (yes, it's more now but that's not the point) to do anything but me a ****lord or suck up. Neither are useful feedback.
  9. Allow me to try and condense here, because a lot of these points are about you personally and thus cannot be argued. "I..." is a factual statement, that doesn't do us much good because your truth and mine are different. What we can argue is facts. The drop tables, if 100% accurate, for Arbitrations suck. For 90% of players to get a full 10 set of the new arcanes is silly (10 arcanes, 5% drop rate, 99% of players get a single after 90 runs so 90% of players have 10 after 900 runs). That, tied to another time limiter, is mathematically chosen by the developers to stretch content rewards out an insane amount simply to not have to make more. Either that, or they expect that most people won't engage and these are going to be non-vital and thus mediocre. Take your pick, but if you hide something that will become meta behind a huge grind wall it's an insult to the players who aren't willing to fork over money, and is by definition a pay to win. What about the content? Technically, you could blast through all of the content in Warframe in about 28 days. One MR test per day, power grinding through missions, and then power levelling equipment through SO/ESO/your choice of item here. The only obstacles are build times, drop rates, and vaulted content. Lay down about 200 USD in platinum and you can buy the vaulted content, slots, and enough forma. The only obstacle would be things like the drop rates of Acceltra, Akarius, etc... Now, that's going to also include the double grind of Fortuna and Arbitrations. If your purpose is to power through the content you win, game over. DE can't or won't generate content constantly. I favor the later interpretation, as it means they aren't pushing out another weapon like the Braton (MK-1, standard, Vandal, Prime, and all utter trash in my opinion). I suspect the later as the Nightwave is largely cosmetic rewards and has been...less than successful on bringing new things to the table on a regular basis. Aside, aside, the point is that DE has to make the content worth getting. They're fighting people who power level, so instead of changing how they reward things they went with RNG drops. Then they went with RNG drop rates that are stupidly low, and claim it as reasonable for a looter shooter with hordes (read: insanely low but you have huge quantities of potential drops). Then, they started to time gate things by having a day/night cycle. Now we've got things resetting after on hour, being RNG, and requiring cheese because the game's armor/health system is a logarithmic function and thus at a certain point there's an overhang where single levels can almost double how much it takes to kill something. What isn't noted is that damage also increases, so even good players have to cheese because a single rocket can literally kill you from full health and shields. If you've been around, DE has always fought this. In the old days it was running out of ammo or energy on an extended void mission. They didn't fix the scaling, they introduced pizzas for ammo and energy. Then people could last longer in the void, until they were constantly being one-shot. Instead of fixing the scaling they kept introducing new warframes and powers. Powers got too strong, so they introduced nullifiers. Nullifiers are a pain, so they created a mod for an underused weapon (Miter) to address the bubbles and spat out more high fire rate weapons. Players responded by simply avoiding the Corpus tiles, because nullifier make combat a pain. Meta weapons were introduced. DE introduced Rivens to combat the meta and make all weapons viable. Rivens make some weapons insanely good, churning the meta as any change to them results in some people getting rich and others losing a good weapon that was otherwise garbage without the riven. Rivens are now altered not on weapon power, but on weapon usage stats to make things more equal, not to power balance. During all of the above the community responded with a simple question, why not change the scaling? If you did that there'd be no reason for the dozen other things you're bolting on to address a core issue. Unfortunately, if DE did this they'd have to address the other things and now that's not fixing a single issue but completely rebalancing the game they've built everything else on. Better to not fix the core issue, and blunder through with the miles of spaghetti code fixes. So, what I believe people are asking for is good content that is worth earning constantly. They thought that the echoes of Umbra would be that (I'm willing to bet pretty much anything on that), based upon their limited duration and the thought that a companion would be more power. What they failed to consider is that their AI for partners is terrifyingly bad, so you lose all those benefits of having a stationary frame (shield/energy/health recharge). What we got instead was another insane grind. Yay. That's why the response from the community for this was so....immediate and clear. Instead of understanding that a 24 hour reward that highlighted further issues with the game (hit but mostly miss follower AI), we wanted something that was truly rewarding. Echoes are not a regular power reward worth grinding for. Likewise, the Arcanes and Aura would begin clogging our inventory like forma BPs, so DE decided that instead of that they'd make the drop rates vanishingly small. It's not possible to grind the content if it'd take hundreds of hours to grind, and is time locked, right? Well, the feedback to that was anger. If you're surprised, then you haven't really understood the math. What do we want? Well, that's content constantly worth getting. That's content not artificially time gated, and not frustratingly useless in practice. If I could interject, I'd like to see the following rewards that could be time limited, able to be ground for, and ideally locked behind some steep Vitus Essence costs with either the introduction of shield gating or proper enemy level scaling so that cheese tactics aren't necessary to win: 1) Enemy beacons to call the stalker/wolf/G3/Zanuka. These would be a tougher version (read: extra mechanic like health regen or non-damaging auras), but offer more of the rare rewards. This would allow grinding for the last few items, or could introduce alternative ways to earn the landing craft pieces. 2) Toroid packages. The broken drops, low quantities, and RNG nature make these frustrating. It's effectively a way to get the cosmetics on offer from Little Duck, or power through the syndicate without having to grind the Profit-Taker. Again, choice trumps everything here. You choose how you want to play. 3) Glyphs. It'd be a one time reward, but if you introduced a new one worth 50 essence every month you'd have a 600 essence hole per year to earn against. No gameplay influence, but a definite reason to grind for completionists and those who like the thing. 4) Built daily reward items. That's be extra copies of the Prime mods (with an inventory check to see what you already have similar to Cephalon Simaris) and weapons so we could actually have extras. This would then lead to needing to trade them, making them less rare. At the same time, 3 years for a set of armor is...let's say it's like solving a 10,000 piece puzzle and discovering the picture is a giant steaming pile of poo. It's not really a reward so much as edifying that you've done something constantly. What's that definition of insanity, doing something again and again and expecting a different result? 5) Companion unique genes and an organic breeding system. Hear me out here, but the Kubrows and Kavats are at best OK. You're locking them behind an RNG birth wall, and once born they've functionally only differentiated themselves by the mods they can carry. Let's change this up. Introduce gene pairings that'll boost and decrease stats, along with the choice for gender/types. I'd love for each organic pet to be a trio of gene patterns, where two alter status and one selects for type and sex. Each new pet can then be optimized for its skills, and you've got a whole new set of gameplay where you can min/max a companion organic. Heck, introduce this with the ability to instant select from frozen pets without gene degredation (that thing you talked about more than a year ago) and you've got a huge recurring ability to become a Kubrow/Kavat breeder. New game mode that is entirely power based, could be an ongoing reward for some unique gene combinations, and creates a resource churn for argon crystals and breeding spaces. 6) Everything said above in 5, but for Sentinels. Instead of genes give us two Cores and a Shell. Shells would offer the type (Carrier, Helios, etc...) and the cores offer statistical boosts. The boosts here would be more significant than the organics, given they don't revive. They also lack combat potential without the guns, and thus could make sentinels far more durable given the revive limitation. 7) One time respawns with no penalty to affinity gain or mission enders. I personally view this as a blessing, after earning 10 Vega and 12 Sola toroids (along with two electric collar mods) I was flying back and got one shotted on Orb Vallis because an infinitely tracking projectile followed me from the Temple of Profit to about half way to Fortuna and an Odonata Prime archwing without mods apparently can't take more than two bullets before you die. Lost an hour and change worth of grinding and stupidly amazing luck. A one shot ability to not lose everything, even at the cost of 50-60 Vitus Essence, would have been better than the string of profanity and hour break I had to take to avoid putting my hand through the monitor. 8 ) Real universal syndicate medallions. No shenanigans with Conclave, and no + one -other situations where you can only get points for 4/6 syndicates. Likewise, no 1000 standing garbage. I'm thinking 20k standing a pop or a straight choice of rewards from any syndicate. This would mean either 3 relics, enough standing for Simaris after 5 to get anything, or the ability to get those cosmetics from each syndicate (as well as all of the biggest energy/shield/health/ammo pizza BPs). Again, real rewards that we could always use. If people wanted dozens of relics they could save up, and take more RNG cracks at new ones. Heck, it's no different from the relic farms that happen after every new prime is revealed. This just makes it easier to access all the content, if you want to endure a daily grind. I've provided 7 examples, of which only 3 require any real work. The other 5 are minimal effort but huge impact. The three that require work (3, 5, and 6) would either offer a constant stream to grind for with very little effort (hire another 2d artist for about 30-40 hours for a year worth of content, or make a contest where the community annually does this with smaller platinum rewards offered), or an entirely new game mode that would effectively offer a pokemon style min/max situation. Of course, the min-max could effectively be as simple as a displayed natures (Beefy = -0.2 speed but 10% more health, Wiry = +0.1 speed type thing) and traits (Cold Blooded = +15% crit chance, Sneaky = +20% status but -10% crit chance). You'd spur the rush to create things from a tank pick-up machine to a glass cannon that boosts your critical chance with the right sets. Again, real power that doesn't unbalance the game and is available from the word go. Also, it'd make each of those buffs slight and highlight the Kavat/Kubrow/Charger set mods to give us real power that adds to our own. Sentinels are a different bag. Djinn's infinite respawns would be interesting, and the presence of Primed variants makes this interesting. You'd likely wind up with more of a min-max situation for each shell, similar to the current state of each sentinel. You fix that by having each shell have base stats, and the cores boosting them. Prime shells represent better stats than their regular, with the random factor being in the cores. Cores would be dropped, and the reward for prime cores would be a smaller second boost. Think something along the lines of Charger (+armor, +shield regen, -fire rate) or Heavy (+armor, +health, -fire rate) with each prime having specific ones when generated and all pre-existing sentinels getting some standards to prevent a huge recalculation of what already exists (ie, experienced players and new players are all starting from zero, but more sentinels/organics means a better start for the selective creation). In both the sentinels and organics you suddenly get a new thing that adds real power, is available from the word go, awards all play styles, and is endless in that those rare cores/genes would be added with little effort to add unique bonuses. Who could argue against a Kavat having 20% of its attack converted into viral damage with an increased status chance (sunder armor and get a viral proc), or another Kavat life leeching upon attacks and generating a blinding flash every 60 seconds while in combat? Sentinels would be much the same, and could supplement any play style. So why is all of the above obvious to a player and not DE? I'd guess that companion eugenics is still touchy from the days of RNG coloration. Likewise, the freebie revive is a return to the paid revivals of years ago...and that's looking backwards from some perspectives. The resources and glyphs are a means to work around RNG and more work for DE, so those are out. The beacons are not considered because...I'd guess that the inclusion would cheapen Baro's options. My argument is his rewards table is plenty long, and the low drop rates are something that DE wouldn't like to mess with. The Xiphos is something 100% cheaper to earn with real money than grind for. Getting parts of War is nutty, and they want people to go from a slash to impact based sword and immediately desire the broken war back. I'm providing all of this in good faith, but it's going to be ignored. As with all other feedback, we're going to get none of what we ask for until it's needed to distract for the latest 40% feature complete release....and at that point those paying attention will be too frustrated to care. What examples could I suggest? PoE economy took about 16-18 months to fix. Three versus One location coordinate for Alad V (Mesa parts) took three years to get to. Hema and Sibear are still stupidly expensive. Mutagen Masses and Detonite Injectors are rewards for the invasions. An armistice was implemented for dark sectors because the back and forth of PvP content in the PvE game, and resulting rewards being taxed to oblivion, made them a mess. Vacuum was a single sentinel, nerfed out of use, almost brought back to the same value, and then years later fetch was introduced for organics. None of these decisions were introduced without huge player negativity. The kind that isn't 5% frothing mad psychotics, but 7% frothing and 60+% angry that these were obviously negative decision based upon grind extending content rather than fun being added to justify us spending money. So here I sit. I get loving the game, and defending it because after weaning yourself from EA, Acti-Blizzard, and Bethesda level crap this seems like a god send. I say that having agnostic beliefs, to give you context. Despite that, those of us older than Horse Armor can see the steaming piles of crap. I bought expansion packs in my lifetime; the kind of expansions which added a new game's content, were priced at about 1/4 to 1/2 of the original, and were worth every penny. Let's compare to Warframe. Each new Prime pack is now $80 for just the actual new content, to say nothing of the cosmetics. They charge this 4 times a year, barring any expenditures on the vaulted content. That, in round figures, is $320 a year or $26.67 per month. For that every three months I get enough platinum to buy a couple of cosmetics packs, the new frames, the new primes, and resources. For $15 a month ($13 if I pay for the year) I can get a WoW account that has less bugs, doesn't break ever major patch, and each new expansion is functionally tested so that things like doors to the next area not opening and stopping missions, broken scaling, and AI too stupid to cross door thresholds isn't involved. Likewise, I could play Fortnite with constant content for either $10 or $28 (as an aside Warframe with content and cosmetics is $46.67 per month). So why not play those other two games? That's missing my point. Warframe has to compete with them. It doesn't offer polish. For months at a time it offers no real content. It has no endgame, or moving rewards to keep playing. The 8 suggestions above offer that continuing content, and if you let players choose rewards rather than RNGesus potentially making entire weeks of grind mean nothing they'll be happier to spend real money. I'm part of a not insubstantial amount of players who have cited these points, offered suggestions, and received another mediocre piece of content behind a frustrating RNG wall. Screw the Lato Vandal and Braton Vandal. Screw the Xiphos. Screw the grinds for Harrow, Nidus, and Khora. Most importantly, you can shove the ephemera grinds down the most fiery pits of hell, and I'd pay to watch them burn. DE Doesn't have to and shouldn't do this, but instead of listening they add more painful grind. I'd like to go back to the days of minimal content but monthly(ish) releases. These grind walls built in to justify the huge periods between significant content drops (read: open worlds) is poison. That's the one sentence summary. Stop poisoning Warframe by hiding content with RNG, and we'll play. Right now, 14 of the $5 skins are literally more expensive than an entire AAA title (barring loot boxes and the like), but are functionally 3d models that do nothing in game after the first few minutes of looking at them. Fashion frame is endgame is not a fun joke, it's a curse. If you miss that, then you really miss out on why there's an annual escape of content creators from Warframe, and you miss out on how certain toxic elements are allowed to exist because there's nothing like a ****lord stirring the pot to drive controversy and attention to a game. As Fifa proves, no attention is bad attention unless it's governmental attention because you tried to rebrand gambling to children. Warframe, gladly, has removed the RNG content which might be construed as gambling with real money. TL; DR: We need endgame. Endgame, despite some people's assertion, is possible. The answer is not more shooty bang-bang to get endgame (because the effort therein should have started before nullifiers were a thing), but new game modes (read; disruption is mobile defense with inst-fail, not a new game mode). They should have an element of randomness, with players choosing rewards. They should be available from the start of the game (in limited form), but become more powerful with the players. They should cascade down from experienced players to new players, allowing a minimal ability to buy a head start without fundamentally disrupting the game. The endgame should also provide rewards already present, but behind huge grind walls. This allows experienced players to get what they are missing, but not to spend hours burning out. The constant rewards, with the ability to choose, is an extension of syndicates. How DE forgot and remembered them at the same time in Arbitrations is beyond the pale crazy, and all of this was crystal clear if you read the old feedback thread they had before implementing the changes. Barring all the rest of the above, it's insulting to get non-answers when your initial feedback seems to be clear and consistent amongst many players. This is especially galling when one content partner has to make a huge video literally detailing how to fix a frame that's been around for years and never evolved with the meta....especially when your demonstration are literally reiterating what was in the video. Choo-choo. Apparently to have a voice I need to type my thoughts into a text to voice program and get thumbs up. That's...miserable. I hoped DE could do better, and will try at every turn to prod them into doing so. If I hated Warframe it'd have already gotten the middle fingers and I'd have been on another hiatus....as it stands I'm looking at November being my two years back after two years off....and seriously having to consider what the next two years brings. That's my truth, you have yours. I can't change it, only show you what I considered before coming to where I am now.
  10. You seem not to get it. By "it" I mean how anybody could disagree. I am MR27, 1.8 million endo, and everything maxed. The only reason I have to do arbitrations is the rewards and if they are a fun game mode. This update has made Eidolons, cheap at the best of times unless you're in a cheese group designed to one-shot, more annoying and prone to one-hit kills on players. It's made arbitrations reward more often, to the end that after 13 rewards cycles I have 3 that weren't endo (1 arcane, 3 essence, and an aura). Likewise, by the time you reach round 7 the enemies are just stupidly scaled. The kind of stupid that people here calling for no resurrections seem to ignore because their favored cheese tactic makes them very difficult to kill, while the squishy support frames get one-shotted. Effectively the endgame mode is tank or DPS only, with the only exceptions being those who already got 1 in 50 lucky or spent platinum with another user to get adaptation or rolling guard. So, DE walks in and fixes the reward scheduling. It's now at the same frequency as the other modes, but slightly poorer rewards for it. They've cut down on the chances of endo dropping....which I'll take as honest despite personal experience meaning that I got a 40%*40%*39.5%*29.5%*29.5%*40%*40%*39.5%*39.5%*29.5%*29.5% = 0.4^4*0.395^3*0.295^3 = 0.004% chance or a 1 in 24691 likelihood for getting 10/13 rewards as endo (I'm not including the non-endo rewards, because 3/13 = 23% which mean 77% of the rewards are endo despite the largest single chance being 40% and I've yet to see a single ayatan). We're angry because they decide a reward that likely takes about 5-10 minutes for a single possible drop is 2%. So we are on the same page, a 2% drop rate means 50% of players should have the reward after 35 runs. 75% of players will have the drop after 69 reward cycles. 99% of players will have the drop after 228 cycles. Each hour provides 2 potential rewards from A and B rounds. Assuming that you can play the game for 3-4 hours a day (read: no outside life), that's a potential of 8 rewards a day. This means that assuming you play nothing else you could earn a single 2% drop chance reward after 28.5 days of play assuming that you aren't part of that 1% who gets absolutely trashed. 5% isn't a lot better. 99% = 90 rewards cycles, 75% = 28 rewards cycles, and 50% = 14 runs. If you're going to need 10 of those 5% drops you're looking at multiplying each. If you go by the 99% drop, or 90 rewards cycles, then to get 10 rewards for 90.5% of the player base will be 900 rounds, 450 hours, or 112.5 days at 4 hours a day dedicated to grinding. That kind of math is a gigantic insult to players, where instead of creating compelling new content the grind is extended stupidly long. Endgame<>Grind, which is why people are angry. They often express this with the simplistic answer of leaving the game in disgust, the less simple answer of providing feedback on forums, the mildly complex inductive logic of "the drop pools are dilluted," or the analytical breakdown of why "well somebody has it so the game is fair because it isn't paid for" is not the same as the game is good because it's fair. If you'd like to argue, be my guest. Explain to me the logic of the Lua lense. You start with, at most, a 15% drop rate (rounded up) for the base lense. You need 4 of those. Then you spend 24 hours making a greater lense. Once the greater lense is complete you need an eidolon lense bp. That's a 7.14% drop from the highest level bounty final stage only. Once you've spent another 24 hours crafting you can go to Lua, and grind rotation C only disruptions on a single node for a 10.1% drop, remembering you also need 5 somatic fibers. Now perform all of this with the base lenses changing every cycle. Your reward is to go from 1.25%, to 1.75%, to 2.25%, to 3.25%. Let me offer you an alternative, that is more efficient than passive gains at 3.25%. Go into a grineer exterminate with a crit based Naramon build equipped with the basic lenses and a Banshee (solo, for teams an Equinox and heavy hitting melee is the ticket). Shred enemies and maintain that undetected bonus. 5*1.25% = 6.25% which is almost double the rate of the Lua lense passively earning points. Grind enough for the greater lense, and that reward goes to 8.75%, a massive boost over that 3.25% requiring hours of grind and days of waiting. Grinding for "the best" lense actually makes you hate the game, based upon wait times and punishing grind. Alternatively cheesing the combat system rewards better, faster, and won't require that a 7.14% single drop chance for 10-20 minutes of time on the plains make you frustrated by RNG. So, the community has suggested fixes. The implementation of such is lackluster, and uneven. We've been asking for a way to earn previously quest rewarded frames since Mirage came out. This year it was finally introduced....behind Cephalon Simaris scans. Something almost universally hated. Universal syndicate medallions exist...but cannot be used against conclave to get PvP mode rewards in a PvE looter shooter. Baro exists to funnel out prime junk, comes every two weeks, but only brings a single new item when each new prime lasts for about 13 weeks (7 Baro cycles) and relies on at least a couple of rare drops which at best appear 10% from relics. Syndicates provide the ability to grind for standing, daily caps, incentives to explore, and reward choices. Hint-hint, the same thing Arbitrations could be. Despite having syndicates as a blue print and a literal origin, the Arbitrations have only placed a hand-full of rewards into the shop and RNG'd the rest. Imagine how frustrating it'd be if the dozens of ability mods for each frame were hidden behind a random drop in a single game mode that is time locked, or perhaps just look at the Arcanes dropped by Eidolons and consider if instead of cores they only dropped a single arcane. Those runs with bronze, silver, and gold drops would feel less like a reward and more like an insult. Well, that's Arbitration rewards in their current state. More rewards that aren't rewarding, obfuscating the few things people actually want, make a system annoying rather than better.
  11. While I appreciate the...feedback, it's a bit too far down the road. This is especially true given the feedback on the pre-launch state was the same we are confirming now. You've set out the math in your posts detailing what was to come. More rewards, less endo, better overall experience. The math agrees with you, regarding what you've released to date. I don't argue that you started out in the right place. The problem is you've only half revealed the solution, and the half not discussed openly was adding even more low drop rate items into a pool rife with statistically insignificant drop items. The feedback here was that dilluting drop tables and adding in more stuff that will take hundreds of runs to collect is not a reasonable way to pad out the rewards structure of the game mode. The math is apparent here. An arcane with a 5% drop chance has a 95% chance of not dropping. This means that half of the player base will get the reward after 14 cycles. A quarter or the player base will have two after 28 reward cycles. After 140 cycles 0.098% of the player base will have 10 of the arcanes. Let me be real here for a second. 2 A and 2 B rewards every hour means 70 hours in there will be a grand total of 0.098% if the player base with enough arcanes to get a fully maxed arcane. Conversely 1 in 1.024*10^13, or 1 in 10,240,000,000,000 people getting a given arcane in 10 hours of gameplay. Statistically someone getting all the multiple pieces in 30 hours is slightly better given the more diverse pool of acceptable drops, but that's functionally a full time job week to win the lottery twice in a row after being hit by lightning. I know you guys can do math. I may joke about the ability some times, but it's because you only fool people who want to be fooled. These new arcanes are a complete insult, that would be exceptionally easy to fix with a simple change. Why it's "too quick" to fix something that could mathematically be proven out at the same time as your new rewards structure being a "better feeling" system is beyond anyone capable of basic statistical mathematics. Can you please stop pretending a crap RNG drop rate is extension of content? Once I get the Lato and Braton I'm not going back to ESO or SO except to power level. Defections are dead. The Nidus BPs are hidden behind another dead game mode. Archwing is only popular now because of the open worlds. All of this roots back to you adding content that is punishing to grind and once the grinding is done the player base hates the content because it was a penalty to overcome. Please, move the arcanes to Vitus Essence. Ideally, also move the auras there. You suddenly have a concentrated enough drop table to offer Vitus drops more frequently, and mods at a rate that doesn't feel like an insult. The shop is now the draw, because you can grind for Vitus and get the rewards even without having to sacrifice multiple D-20s to RNGesus. The reward attainment rate is linked to player investment, so burn-out and frustration don't occur. This is such a simple fix, but you talk like it'll be another two weeks of collecting data after a month of receiving visceral community feedback that this would be painful. So we're clear, 5 runs of defense were endo, endo, endo, arcane, and endo yesterday. After literal thousands of kills I had 3 extra Vitus Essence that were a crap shoot at finding (I apparently missed one or two). I have nothing I want from the shop, because it's cosmetics that offer no benefits. Converting stars to amber isn't a use for Vitus Essence. Great, now I get to collect another resource that will likely gather dust until a year from now when someone decides another Sibear/Hema is needed and dojo research requires 1000 of the thing to make another lackluster weapon get finished. Or maybe it'll just be 100+ for any railjack so it can come out of the gates handicapped. I don't hate any of you (and I state this because this level of anger is often misconstrued as such). I don't hate the game. I hate the fact that you either haven't done the math, can't do it, or more likely did it and decided that this was an acceptable fix for arbitrations lacking anything new and showing off the broken scaling of enemies (Grind<>Content). I believe that you're doing this to keep people coming back, because it's exactly the same shenanigans that have Eidolon runs still be a thing years later because the three ultra rare arcanes might as well simply not exist because several hundred runs in there's still so many holes in the collection that if I didn't understand statistics I'd suggest was back-door manipulation to prevent me from getting all of them just by grinding. Please, this is what kills player bases. You can do better, and it doesn't have to be pulling teeth. Please just give us drops that feel rewarding, instead of an insulting low percentage roll that is "completely fair" because it's random. I believe you to be better; don't prove me delusional. I share this knowing I may eat a ban, but I'm pretty sure any reasonable response has dissipated with the quoted line. We're looking at a slow or no fix that may take another year. It's...sad that our input means so little. In respect to this insult, consider me not paying for anything again. It's slight, but I'm not supporting EA's FIFA levels of crap drop rates. You suck the fun out of the game with this frustration, and to what end is beyond me.
  12. I see where you are coming from, but give me just a second to argue a slightly different point. Burdens do suck, because they introduce a penalty to the other players. The arbitrations by nature quadruple stacking the penalty. Spawns are faster, drones make enemies invincible, and the enemy scaling means that you're rapidly capable of being one-shot by things into only the 3rd or fourth reward period. Instead of quadruple stacking, let's just go back to triple stacking with a brief penalty for being revived. Maybe something similar to the penalty for dying as an operator? This offers us a penalty for death, that doesn't make it unreasonably for everybody else to resurrect. It does, on the other hand, still let people who walk into arbitrations expecting a carry die. Regarding the arbitrations as a challenge....I have my doubts. It's largely a gear check, for gear available as a very rare drop from arbitrations (rolling guard and adaptation). It's only challenging in that you have to cheese it to keep going because the BS enemy scaling used by the game makes fair play impossible. When a stray rocket from a bombard can one shot you through full health and shields it's pretty BS to be doing a defense where enemies literally bum-rush you from all sides at once. This is what shield gating would fix, but apparently the "test" with Hildryn is being analyzed by the one monkey with a calculator at DE. In the event you missed the joke there, this is a bad referential joke to the monkeys with type writers recreating the works of Shakespear given enough time. I guess, in short, I get where you are coming from but disagree about the solutions. Arbitrations already require 100% of the star chart to unlock, so it isn't exactly a newbie activity (remember, Lua is locked behind the Second Dream and the fortress is also locked). Likewise, I've had to revive well equipped players because of a BS spawn or magic bullet/grenade that appeared from out of view and had no clues beyond instant death. This isn't therefore a situation where revives are bad, but the penalty being to lose a player, have debuffs on a second, and all the other penalties is complete garbage. It's why people hate the system, because halving (or more) a team because of bad mechanics and paying for it five times (the team member carrying the burden is skipped in the initial statement under the auspices of removing it) isn't a challenge so much as concentrated bovine fecal matter. Hopefully that verbal stretch made light of the issue. DE most definitely doesn't seem to be paying attention, or at least dismissing descent as personal hatred and saltiness. My contention is that if I were salty I'd suggest half of what I see on the in-game chat. I come here to discuss how the game can be fixed, to then be ignored, and a year later have found some quick suggestions implemented as DE's 100% original solution to a problem they created. Read: Universal Vacuum. Read: Rivens (before the constant nerfs). Read: improvements to the organic pet system. These are the things that get discussed here, and DE "listens" to and implements years later. Remember when organic pets were garbage? Remember when prime garbage clogged our inventories? Remember when dark sectors actually brought content to the game because clans lost their crap over controlling them? This tenno remembers, and he's not forgotten that suggesting these in a friendly manner was ignored. This tenno even remembers that it took royally pissed players to get a universal vacuum that wasn't nerfed to uselessness, and that even after than fetch didn't come for years (still waiting on the Kubrow collar to make it back into unvaultings).
  13. I am a moron. You are correct, and the change has been made. Thank you for catching that.
  14. So, math. Let's do a bit. Rotation rewards are now A,A,B,B,C,C,C,C... The easiest way to express this is a per 2 rotations old to two new rotations. Old: A: 36.5% chance of 1300 endo. This averages out to 474.5 endo for two rounds. Alternatively, each round would average to 237.25 endo per round. B: 48% chance of 1600 endo. This averages out to 768 endo for two rounds. Alternatively, each round would average to 384 endo per round. C : 47.5% chance of 2000 endo. This averages out to 950 endo for two rounds. Alternatively, each round would average to 475 endo per round. New: A: 40% chance of 900 endo. This averages out to 360 endo per rounds. B: 39.5% chance of 1200 endo. This averages out to 474 endo per round. C : 29.5% chance of 1500 endo. This averages out to 442.5 endo per round. This means the endo farm is better on round A and B (on average). It also means that the longer you play the worse the endo rewards get. What it doesn't factor in is the Sculptures, but I'm not going to include them. They require you then go out and farm up a bunch of stars to get the full value, so they're just a false value proposition. What about the feeling? That's a touch more interesting. Your reward possibilities are where the RNG nature of rewards becomes an issue. There's a rather interesting bit of this math that people don't often take into account, and that's that averages (as calculated above) don't represent a single run but a functionally huge number of them. When you get one arbitration per hour, and spread out enough runs to be statistically significant, you'll suddenly be less optimistic. Before there was a 36.5% chance of endo and a corresponding 63.5% chance of not getting endo. This means that the likelihood of getting no endo in a 6 round run was 63.5*52*52.5 or 17.3% chance of not getting endo. Now you've got a 60*60*60.5*60.5*70.5*70.5 or 6.5% chance of getting no endo. Mathematically then, 30 minutes in the old arbitration generates less endo on average (1096.25 vs. 1276.5). The older rewards structure offers a greater chance on getting no endo directly as a reward (17.3% versus 6.5%). The new mode only cannibalized the endo rewards (except 0.5% for the aura forma on A round), and is now adding vitus essence and auras/arcanes. Despite all of the math adding up, what still makes me hate this change? 1-3% drop rates for game modes meant to be "the ultimate challenge." The "end game" rewards are auras and arcanes that are meh at best, because their usage windows even at full upgrade are limited. The auras are also trash, because they either mimic mods that already exist, or are positive negatives that mean nothing when Corrosive Projection exists and is the only way to deal with the armor scaling insanity that arbitrations highlight painfully. Let's strip out the new auras and arcanes. Each new arcane can cost 5 vitus essence and the auras can cost 20. That's 20 for an aura that is likely to be not entirely positive and 20+ endo for an aura. Plow all 20-30% drop percentages that you freed up into two unit Vitus essence drops (10%) and the rest into rolling guard, vigorous swap, adaptation, and the ephemera. Call it Arbitrations 2.1, and consider it a complete success. There's plenty of reason to keep playing, the rewards are great, and we get to decide when the stuff is earned rather than pray to RNGesus. This is Eidolons all over again, with a slightly different artificial timer. Instead of 45 minutes every few hours you've got once an hour and even worse drop percentage chances. After several hundred runs, I still don't have 10 copies of each arcane (barrier, energize, aegis, and another escape me despite having about 60 healings). You don't get a happier fan base by extending play with crappy RNG mechanics, and you definitely don't get players willing to spend money. Can you please just not ruin another game mode with crap RNG? Every freaking time you get something that might be fun the last step ruins it. Sabot Rounds (1 after about 120 Profit-Taker deaths), Lato and Braton Vandals (still looking for Lato parts 100+ full rounds, A-A-B-C, in), and Adaptation/Rolling Guard buried behind crap drop rates which require cheese because your health/armor mechanics are terrifyingly bad. The equation you are looking for is an S-curve, not a logarithmic function. S-Curves start with minimal reaction, reach a window where they have a large response, and then plateau. This is what armor should do, so that the early game is more forgiving, as you gain power enemies gain power too, and that as you plateau your enemies can plateau slightly beyond what you are to remain a challenge. But what about the few levels where certain low level enemies would suddenly be amazing? Simply start the higher level enemies up the scale. But what about everything being better than the player? The heavies are better than the player, but the standard enemies get to be less than the player and compensate with numbers (think Dynasty Warriors). What about the bosses? Mechanics trump stats. Give them the health and armor of a heavy, but extra mechanics. Think Lech Krill, the sisters from the sabatoges in the void, or even the Razorback. Once you fix the broken scaling, change the rewards from some crappy RNG to earned, and start listening to feedback instead of collecting multiple forum pages and doing nothing with it until a year later (read: the rewards for arbitration sucked and everyone provided that feedback, but only now are we doing things in September 2019 after an October 2018 launch) we'll be happier. Right now, you're functionally mirroring Bioware. How exactly did Anthem turn out again....oh yeah...what a thunderous failure......Can you maybe not do that? Maybe not say you are listening and then demonstrate you either aren't or don't care. How's that Chinese backlash going? Maybe it's time to speak with us rather than at us. Maybe it's time to drop the thread of this being a personal attack, and listen to what the players want. Here's a clue, if they say rewards and content now maybe they're actually asking for something to do. Maybe instead of the words, you understand the sentiment that the Nightwave failed to give us appreciable dailies, and that content is too sparse. Maybe, just maybe, you start by fixing crap rewards based on RNG to be based upon using consistent rewards to get good rewards we choose, and having the RNG require less than 100 runs for 25% of your player base to ever see. We don't want you to give us stuff, we want to have things that we want to earn. If you don't understand that, and we're a vocal minority, then please continue. The easiest way to not want to play Warframe is to play it and discover the flaws baked into the core. My friends list is tribute to that.
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