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  1. For a moment, place yourself into the shoes of the poster. 1) I want energy restores. So that I can dash through a mission, or go endurance. In the former I need them now and in the latter I need a bunch of them. 2) Build time is a minute. 3) The foundry cannot auto-queue and will not auto-collect completed items. Based upon the above, I have two avenues of frustration. If I need a bunch of these I can either spend my time outside of Warframe downloading their application, logging in, clicking the thing 3-5 times every minute, and awaiting the potentially substantial delay between input and processed command. That's making a game less fun, and more of a life consuming slog. The alternative frustration is having to drop back into the orbiter, run to the foundry after every mission, and slap down another build while hoping that there's no significant delay that breaks up the whole space ninja illusion to show the underlying farming simulation. Either way, there's on login allowed. Phone or computer. You can't run a 30-60 minute mission, tapping on the phone every few minutes to manage builds. The foundry is closed, please come back later. The simplistic solution of more pizzas, at a greater cost, with a slightly longer wait is pretty reasonable. Slap down a build, do a long mission, and by the time you pop out the build is done. Why you'd act as though the companion application is a solution....baffles the mind. It's like saying the grind for mutagen samples is acceptable, because the grind gives people the opportunity to also grind for nanospores....true but entirely missing the reason the complaint was made. ----------- Unrelated. The extractor system seems to be broken as of the latest updates. It used to be that 1 in 20 to 30 deployments were goofy, because the Kuva Fortress was too close to a planet and thus you couldn't deploy an extractor on both the planet and fortress. Frustrating, but not broken. Now almost every deployment just doesn't decide to work. You click deploy, get brought back to the planet screen, and there's nothing there. Go back out to the system, reclick the planet, and try 1-3 more times before an extractor deploys. Then there's the occasion where 2 or more extractors deploy to one planet. You've got to retrieve them, and redeploy to have a single extractor and the proper quantity in inventory. Combining this with the inability to quick melee from the scanner, the absolutely broken scaling in the Vallis (40-43 level enemies, and 60 seconds later 70+ enemies in one location), archwing drops still behind an insane drop from Profit Taker missions, and the fundamental misunderstanding of why K-drives stink and Itzal was literally the only reasonable choice for your open world structures doesn't give me faith in Railjack. Let me make predictions now. 1) Ship colors and designs will be a real world currency purchase. 2) Component drops will be random drops but level gated. This means you'll have to grind through trash tier drops to get the few that are amazing, to grind the next tier, until eventually you can get a decent build together. I'm looking squarely at you fishing system. Grind out the basic fish, to make the bait for the better fish, to harvest more bits, to make better bait, to catch the stuff you actually need to plateau on the next grind power level. 3) New components will be introduced, that drop in such a way as to prevent long term players from consuming the content unless they grind the life out of the new mission. 4) Two months later, once the content is ground through and the 3d space combat in a game selling itself as a looter/shooter is shown to be bolted on, there'll be nobody left. There will be people in groups doing it, but there won't be any random groups willing to leave the core experience. Read: Archwing, K-Drives, Defections, Disruptions, Exploiter Orb, PoE with the exception of Eidolon hunts, grove specters, and any low level mission on the star chart. The stuff that people burn through, identify as tacked on but not integral content, play as needed, and forget for 99% of the rest of the time. 5) Despite already having a year (since playing a highly scripted demo, so who knows how long actually), we're still 3-6 months out. Alternatively it's "Soon" and we're going to suddenly have something too buggy and that some group learns to cheese in the first few hours. I can see Railjack being a pseudo-endgame, with 50% of the content at low level and 50% at high level (with the gap being a grind that is difficult to justify for new players). This'll be another roll of the dice as to whether it's broken, late, both. My bet is both, with a sprinkling of artificial wait that will get patched our 2-3 years later, so that new players don't have to sit through the grind of old content. Read: Mutalist Alad V nav coordinates and Excalibur Umbra being constructed in second rather than 84 hours. In short, our last content drop was a prime. Before that, it was 6 new items (Komorex, Cyanex, Fulmin, Wisp, a boss and game mode with ultra rare meh mods). We're talking multiple months delivering virtually nothing. Can we please figure this out? You've stolen Nightwave from Fortnite (seasons), without reviewing the constant stream of content they require to work. 2 modes, a few slots, some resources, another gate to artificially give us choice while rewarding less, and cosmetics are...less than impressive for a 10 week period. Maybe instead of Nightwave, another highly experimental tangent game mode, and chasing the latest trends we can get a revision of our looter/shooter space ninja game....You know, that thing that you use Nightwave to remind people of because there's no reason to go back and do certain stuff once the grind is over unless it serves some other grind...
  2. So...that was a thing. Let me be one of the first to provide feedback....given all of the things to cover in your presentation and how many people are still drooling over everything. 1) Changes to the Nightwave are generally good thus far. Less grind, more rewards, and the increase in credits is a huge plus. 2) The Riven rebalance is pretty crappy. Let me put this into numbers, so it isn't an opinion about primaries. Sum(start) = 26.45. Sum(change) = 27. You've added a total of 0.55 disposition, with the greatest delta being the Tonkor at +0.2, If the balance was for usage, as stated, the delta should be zero...but the difference actually seems to just be meta nerfs and garbage uplifts without actually making things better. Read: Tonkor being trashed and now Riven buffed, while the common as all heck Ignis gets another nerf. Tell us again, what are Rivens actually for this week? It most assuredly isn't making all items useful in endgame scenarios. 3) The presentation this year was...underwhelming. You've functionally sold us railjack two years in a row. More frustratingly, nothing about the Duviri (Paradox now) or the third orb. If I wanted to be underwhelmed I'd have sat through the EA E3 presentation. 4) Pets 2.0. Melee 3.0. You know what, just call this everything not "...it's mother f***ing Endor..." I enjoy greatly that you said that in your presentation, thinking that everything else is functionally going to be glossed over. As a hint, Star Wars nostalgia has waned in the last couple of years due to under delivering. Maybe don't try to hide your own lackluster delivery behind that.... As a whole...Tennocon is largely useless to me. I'm sad that I wasted the time watching and hope that the next two months bring something of value. Nightwave came out, and it was at best half baked. Disruptions are great....if you've got a high damage weapon and are capable of playing the single node it currently exists on (read: didn't Harrow, Nidus, and Archwing teach us non-integrated one-off game modes or types die once rewards are harvested). The most interesting thing to see was a cinematic devoid or gameplay, and a game mode that was introduced as a scripted demo last year and 360+ days later is a slightly better fleshed out scripted demo. Please, do better. It won't take a lot. Give us a drop-in with some content, don't make your two new warframes literally placeholders who show none of their abilities (yeah, running across the water is a power, but it's not exactly showing anything fun), and let's spend less time on the visuals. New lighting technology is great....and then you play with the Sonicor, Excalibur, Revenant, etc.... which make lighting useless. Or perhaps you walk out of Cephalon Simaris's room too quickly and get a drunken swirl and lighting going nuts. I can look past the bugs, but I won't if your presentations are content free and pitching us on the next generation of hardware while bugs in your game can literally be present years after release. As a side not, do you not get how bad of a look the deluxe skins are? You're pouring time into deluxe skins for frames that already have deluxe skins, while others get nothing. I am unabashedly a Zephyr main, and Nyx has gotten more love. A single rework, after a nerf brought on by the prime coming, and that's it. Even Vauban has had more love...and he's effectively a meme about useless frames. None of this even touches on the feeling of Warframe becoming a cash grab...especially when "fashion frame is endgame" isn't a joke.
  3. DE, Since you seem to not be listening, I have some more screaming into the void to do here. Disregard if you'd be so inclined, or I'd be happy if you forced me to apologize for erroneous assumptions here. 1) I can fish and mine, but not scan. The two former allow quick melee to kill your wave spawns, while the later requires reselecting the scanner in the gear wheel. 2) I can scan as an operator, but instead of a quick swap I have to go back into the gear wheel to re-equip the amp. 3) Invisibility means nothing on the Plains and Orb Vallis. Cloak as Loki, and watch enemies look directly at you while running by. 4) Orb Vallis still hates the crap out of Limbo. Enemies randomly are capable of entering the Cataclysm without any influence....and unsurprisingly the spawn beacons are hard locked to standard space. To kill one you need to go operator, and shoot it with an amp if the Cataclysm is up. 5) Detections in Orb Vallis seem to be on a hair trigger. I watched a Corpus unit do a 180 degree turn as I snuck by in void mode....only to have it suddenly decide to follow me until my energy ran out. Nothing like a screen peeping spy. 6) K-Drives suck. The math is simple here. No variation based upon input components, being forced to give up mod capacity for mediocre attack potential, being slower fully tricked out than any archwing raw, now defensive boost (read: bullet magnet), and the 20-30 minutes required to power grind levels make it a bad joke. Instead of nerfing anything else, let's tick off 3 of those 4 boxes for fixes, and offer a reason to grind them beyond MR fodder. 7) Tennocon is coming. Let's review what has been promised in the last year, or even at the previous Tennocon to cover what we want to see. Railjack, Pets 2.0, Orb boss 3, planes of Duviri, the New War, Infested Heavy Blade, melee 3.0, and Zephyr custom skin. All of this has seen at least a few mentions, but seems to evaporate when any scrutiny is offered to the things in question. 8 ) The general discussion of where Nightwave is going is fuzzy at best. If we're looking at what was delivered, 11 weeks of grind, 3 weeks of awkward silence, 3 weeks of intermission with literally no reason to care once the rewards are earned (no prestige=no bueno, and no reason to do a survival or the daily challenges). Hopefully the above can be answered, though I've not taken to holding my breath. This will likely be another ignored post because I'm attacking the developers, and not wanting to feed the trolls. It's not like we're trying to communicate flaws in the game, or systems that used to work and now seem to be broken. It's always a personal attack, and DE never needs to bear responsibility. They also don't need Open Worlds clogging server space and enough Tennogen to account for a dozen AAA game releases which have zero impact on game play. It's not like DE has quietly changed practices they maintained for years to avoid gambling laws, while openly accepting praise because the Kubrow color rolls were openly predatory, or even that the price fixing and manipulations with Rivens demonstrates an unwillingness to address some things until it is literally impossible to ignore. It's not like I want to see the game get better, so I can tell the people on my friends list it's finally worth it to come back. It's all a perceived hatred, that would be better served by simply hitting that uninstall button. Yeah, that sounds right. I must hate DE, despite the fact that the only person on earth I have the energy to hate is myself. As I've grown older hate for anyone else is just too expensive, and foolish once you realize that which you hate in others is that which you despise in yourself.
  4. No, it isn't. The entire point of Nightwave is to replace the Alert system with something else...because. The because ranges from wanting "better" rewards, to a disappointing RNG based drop system, to supposedly thinking it would increase engagement. All of the above has been suggested by DE at one point or another, but let's be real. The point of Nightwave is to copy the systems and mechanics of a more successful game that attempts to create an F2P economy which is profitable. If you missed that, it's Fortnite. DE copied the seasons from Fortnite, without understanding why it mattered. Let's look. 1) Fortnite pumps out content at a blistering pace. 2) Fortnite, at least Battle Royal, has a single focus and a few game modes. 3) Players and streamers create Fortnite's content and marketing. 4) Seasons bouy content by having a reason for people to experience all of the mechanics of Fortnite. Content churn is therefore minimized by having rewards for everything. Where DE and Epic differ most are points 1 and 4. DE has tried to leverage point 4, but failed. They forced us to acknowledge the grind and frustrating nature of the game, instead of showing us something we might have been overlooking. They did a better job of this with the sorties, where game modes and challenges rotate daily and there's an immediate reward for investment. Point 1 is mind boggling. When DE didn't even have nullifiers yet they understood point 1. Content in a live service is the game. They supported mediocre content drops by having regular events, and there was rarely a month without something new to play with. We're half way through 2019, and there have been a couple of frames and less than a dozen new weapons. The promise is bigger content bites...but that's led to Fortuna and PoE. Buggy messes that might as well be Warframe giving up the Space Ninja angle and becoming a farming simulator for fish and rocks. The boss battles...mostly work. But the amount of patches to just get a functional mining laser was comically depressing. Content that was required for Operator gear, that took more than a year before they gave us a means of earning besides non-core mini-games. Imagine if you were playing a sport game and to access the best players you suddenly had to play plinko (game show game). Theoretically the games were different content, but they were not fun when they aren't what you want to play. Sigh, I could continue on. The problem here is that DE forgot how to have an original idea, and they're now chasing trends. PvP was a bust. Open Worlds have proven to be largely bug fiestas. Bizarro mini-games as core mechanics mean after getting rewards you never engage again, because they are not why you started in the first place. All of this adds up to EA levels of just following trends and losing your identity. Nightwave is emblematic of that, and hopefully DE is smart enough to shelve it after season 2. Lord knows this intermission basically highlights that they can't get 10 weeks of content done in 10 weeks....so why even pretend?
  5. If you're bent on the slow, then why not use Zenurik? The ability to blast it and slow is fine, then literally any warframe will work. I've done about 4 runs now, 2-4 Hemocytes. Nothing has really changed, except that the rewards pool is not less awesome. Let me elaborate. Last time Plague Star was a thing, the choice was Forma or materials. This is the third run, so anybody not new has the one and done rewards (read: snipetron, ether daggers, mods, and cosmetics). This leaves Zaws, which are largely not rewarding enough to grind, Exodias, a thing that has been nerfed to meh status, and Formas. Right now the only reason I am looking at this with any joy is the Forma grind being decreased. Maybe DE can start expanding upon PoE with this event going forward. A new Zaw part every 6 months isn't a lot to ask for. Additionally, lets consider that right now Baro is a thing, and the only new item this week is a piece of vector art somebody scrawled on the back of a notebook in highsch...ahem, I mean a glyph. Isn't it a bit silly that the community seems to want to kill off momma Lotus.... Thanks for finally getting this out. It highlights what I keep saying, new content breaks the old and it only gets fixed if there's been too much promising. You've got three weeks until Tennocon, the largest topic thus far is Empyrean. This was a game mode announced a year ago with a first half of 2019 release date. We're literally asking for old content, because the last time we got more than 5 items at once was November 2018 (and that's still being patched so that it doesn't lie fallow like Archwing did...K-drives...). DE, please do better. I mean this as someone who has seen the arch of things, and your suicidal adherence to following trends month or years too late. For the love of all that's holy, if you announce a digital store I'm going to punch out now. Yes, I'm comparing you to Epic Mega Games, no I won't forget that name, yes, you deserve every single dig unless you start to not do stupid things (rather than do them, and spent dozens of patches getting back to where you started).
  6. So, Nightwave. The rewards are a bit wonky here. Not bad, but the 3 orokin cells are less a reward and more of a drop from a hidden cache (I got multiple x2 orokin cells as part of the Nightwave requirement). The Aura forma is....depressing. Your game penalizes anything in regular play but corrosive projection, energy siphon, or steel charge. The inclusion of an insanely rare drop, with 4x the cost of simply applying a - or V polarity, is fundamentally backward. If it dropped at current cost very early, it might be a useful experimental sink for newer players but as a reward for grind is profoundly underwhelming. The Forma challenge. I get it, you want to force usage, as 6 years in people are sitting on mountains of the things. Even one a day is eventually going to add up, especially with months between substantial content drops. The issue I have here is 3. 1 is a chore. 2 is frustratingly forcing people to grind back to functional. 3 means that I have a pool of good weapons I have spent a month sitting on, and have gone unused, because plowing forma into useless mastery rank trash is getting to be an actual annoyance. Personally Ballistica Prime, Komorex, and Glaxion Vandal have all gotten V polarities. This isn't introducing people to the game and features, it's a penalty for anyone not willing to grind. The items in question have been out for weeks, so there is a serious potential that people already plowed enough forma into them, which is why this challenge gets the hate that it does. Robotics slots....please tell us that this means a new robot is coming. The three Moas are entirely outclassed by Kavats. The last new sentinel was Oxylus. It'd be nice to have more than the fisher (Oxylus), scanner (Helios), meme immortal (Djinn), ammo restocker (Carrier), and trash (Dethcube, Diriga, Shade and Wyrm may have use cases but I can't say their niche is interesting). Before I say that though, let's review the two Kavats (crit and reward) or the mutts (Kubrows base stats are from so long ago in the game that they need a no-longer available collar upgrade and are still underwhelming). I just hope that pets 2.0 drops sometime soon, as it was teased a year ago. Since then there's been only a few timer changes, and set mods to try and spice up the nothing they are. It would be disappointing if this was just a reward pulled from a hat. If it isn't clear, Nightwave 1.5 is better, but still not Alerts. It isn't constantly changing, the underlying feeling of being a chore persists, and the top tier to grind for being an ephemera is a fantastic reddit title for the "Murdered by Words" section. Ephemeral - a thing which is fleeting or existing for a very short period of time. Reward - a thing bestowed to commemorate an achievement or accomplishment. An ephemeral reward is the same thing as a phyrric victory. Maybe consider that going forward....?
  7. Can we get an official english translation for the [DE] Kanna post? Google is kind enough to translate, but choppy at best. The gist seems to be "we don't have enough time before Tennocon to release the thing proper, so we're doing an abbreviated version with additional rewards to make up for the fact that alerts are still not back." It seems like you've adopted a more broken system to replace alerts, and from there are bent on not admitting the issue. From consumer to supplier, how about just tossing in some long form (24-48 hour) alerts with reward packs that are substantial? No new programming or listening to Nora for another painful grind, just activities to bring players back to the game each day.
  8. Please, slow down on the anger. For a moment, let's look back at the status of Garuda. It released with the Bathory secondary helmet. Said helmet was literally available within two weeks twice, courtesy of the alert system. Now let's look at Hildryn. Two months pass until a gift of the lotus provided the BP drop, without any real indication that this was going to be the case. You're looking at 4 times longer (and I say two weeks because there were at least two drops in those two weeks). Hildryn's helmet was confirmed as a rotation 2 drop, but we still don't have a concrete date for the second season to drop (sometime soontm means anything from today to November). I can understand why people would be frustrated, especially when we're looking down the barrel of Wisp's helmet having 0 chances of showing up despite having enough chance to build multiple Wisps and level them up to "Umbral" levels of forma (everything but two slots forma'd to have 2/3 umbra mods). I understand the anger....and just wish that DE was clearer. My friends list is testament to the fact that communication has been an issues constantly, and that lots of people feel like the communication (and lack thereof) is sufficient to not trust giving DE money. If you view that as somehow unreasonable...that's either blind faith or a lack of understanding about how DE has and continues to operate. Not in some shady scheming, just consistently without clear objectives and goals communicated and with lip service to the community. Read: Universal Vacuum, Raids, Archwing, Conclave, Dark Sectors, Partner Programs, Guides of the Lotus, etc... So many issues, that largely could have been prevented and solved with communication. Instead, half of the above is dead or on life support, and the other half is so underused that it could disappear tomorrow and 90% of the player base wouldn't know the difference. It's the same with Nightwave replacing Alerts, despite the fact that it has thus far been less rewarding overall than alerts.
  9. So, time once again for some feedback. The positive is pretty good. Disruptions finally feel like a game mode, and not a complete mess. The score counter also appears to be working correctly, as getting 4000+ points is easy with even a slightly competent group. Likewise, being able to build all of the items that have historically been locked behind a grind wall or single drop is pretty reasonable. Now the bad. 391 Hexanon dropped during my 5300 point run of disruption. 45 from rewards at 15 per and 346 at random. The Wisp farm is a bit silly, when I'd need to run that 4 times to earn the new stuff for a single frame. The cost for BPs and parts with Simaris is just silly. Chroma costs 250,000 points to earn (100k for the BP and 150k for the parts). This is just nuts, when Baruuk is behind a faction wall for less than 100k. Likewise, this is the cost of two syndicate weapons, with no way to grind for daily affinity if our scans are completed. Either earn at 100ish points per scan manually, or acquiesce to this being weeks of daily target scans. Maybe a 20k for parts and 50k for the BP makes sense? Either way, this is taking the laziest way of reintroducing content and making it a painful grind (reminding everyone that you said this would be rectified when people brought up the issue with Mirage more than two years ago). I'd also like to highlight that you aren't effectively rebalancing the game by making enemies magically immune to area control. I get the progression. Frost was the only defensive option, because Nyx was too squishy to use until healing entered the game literally years after opening to the public. From there, Limbo entered the scene. Frost and Limbo focused on very different defensive strategies, so they co-existed until high level content. The broken enemy curves made Limbo (after a lot of tweaks and a rework) the only option for compete damage mitigation. Limbo and Frost both get beaten by nullifiers, prior to the rework that made Limbo viable. Now the nullifiers even wipe powers like stasis if they touch Limbo. Just like CC, AC has been supplanted by murder and damage exclusively. Giving you my perspective, somehow you still don't get this, and until you do the CC and AC frames will always be Grineer and Infested focused. This is why the Corpus aren't where people focus their game time, and why I personally avoid their missions if any other option exists. Please stop magic immunity, or Vauban won't be the last frame tossed into the trash by the community at large. Understand that I main Zephyr, and am saying this. I know you're gearing up for Tennocon. These words are probably too little too late, but I have to try. Last year you sold us Railjack. You sold us the Orb Mothers. You sold us on ships that would need access to our Dojos and the ability to upgrade them to solo missions. As yet only 2 of the 3 Orb mothers are out and everything else has only gotten the vague "we restarted because we weren't happy with the results" response. Maybe this year instead of promising the moon, and delivering a highly scripted barely working demonstration of what could be, you can just sell us on the next six months of content. Surprisingly enough, most people don't believe in promises a year off, when the "Soon tm" phrase is a long standing truth (and no longer just a meme). Please, stop promising what you can't deliver. Pump the brakes, get the community more involved, and demonstrate some two way communication. The last year has been rough, when even your partners have had difficulty in supporting you. Maybe it's time to stop the expansion, take stock of where you are, and start fleshing out the bones you've so rapidly snapped together regarding this game. The Komorex and Cyanex are both fantastic examples of not creeping up the power, but making content that is fun even though it isn't amazing. Please, say this is what the future holds.
  10. So, the simplest feedback I can offer at this point is the new content is acceptable. I like the boss fight, and it is acceptably buggy at this point (read: not working and instant deaths during cutscenes is still not fun). My issue now is all of the content you broke to do it. Eidolons rewards are doing the [unknown item] and named drop. The Gauntlyst can functionally instakill lures with the summoned damage columns, and now the Hydrolyst canone shot an archwing in air. After 150 runs I've earned a single Energize, a full Grace set, and 7 Barriers. This grind is now significantly less worth the effort (especially when you've only rewarded 6 Aegis drops). This is a grind to get a necessary tool for higher level play, and I'll tell you that once I have a full boat I'm not coming back. This isn't grind burn-out, but only grinding because the rewards are necessary. Likewise, where exactly are we to get an anti moa scan now? That's still listed as a Jupiter spawn...but it doesn't. I only completed Simaris because the daily sortie included a high level mission where they spawned (the regular mission didn't spawn any). Moving on, exactly what is to bring me back to Jupiter? I've cracked two of the doors, and the reward for a 7-10 minute search, followed by another search, is a captura scene and an inaccessible area to peer into. You've got about a dozen new captura scenes, and I have zero reason to get them. If the buttons had to be pressed in order, without a timer, they might be worth it. Right now, I don't have any reason to hunt through poorly lit levels. Captura as a reward is largely pointless, as it doesn't give anything but fashion frame bragging....which is largely the antithesis of a space ninjas with guns co-op game. Finally, I'll parrot what others have said about match making. After this update series (25.0.x), the games have been infinitely less stable. Sometimes I get a ping of 450+ (I set mine at 300 max), other times I load in and get kicked to the multiplayer menu because the session is full. Still others I start a single player game, wait for 20 seconds, and then get kicked from a single player game. Maybe this level of shenanigans is partly to blame for everything else....but I can't tell. Mobile defense 2.0, a support frame, and 3 guns is not worth it thus far. The trade-off for making 3 headshot kills in an aimglide infinitely harder is meh content that needs at least two more patches to work is not really an improvement. If you really want to fix the churn in warframe, the solution is simple. Stop breaking the old stuff when you introduce a new patch. Your alternative is to repeat archwing, Defection, Conclave, and whatever the heck mission Nidus parts drop on. Single location mission types that people drop whenever the rewards are done. Capture for drops, Defense for leveling, and survival for Kuva is what Warframe breeds, and 2% drop rates are not fixing that. Also, kudos on reworking the loot box style mod packs into more politically acceptable direct rewards. It only took 5 years and the threat of government intervention. No, some of us aren't foolish enough to buy this as good will, and do pay attention to legislation incoming. No, we are not fooled when a game based on RNG suddenly charges the RNG which can be bought with real money. Additionally, I've spent more than three times the amount of money I would on a AAA game. It's got maybe 2 games worth of content, in a 6+ year development. I want to pay you more, but the last two years have given me no reason. They've given me hours of play, because rewards are so spaced out. It's given me tons of weapons, that largely are level and sell. It's provided updates, which often require 3-6 patches to fix things they broke. It's provided ambitious new content, that we never asked for and have delivered months late due to that ambition exceeding capabilities. I'd ask about railjack, as it was Tennocon last year that "demonstrated" this...but I know better. How about we get some love for the frames nerfed into the ground over the years, proper trailers for prime frames (hint, these are promotional material, and their absence on Steam is baffling), and some real commitment to feedback (read: vacuum debacle and fetch taking years to introduce is still nuts, when Bite is an insanely rare drop that I have 2 of after playing for all the time I have; a quantity which matches the number of legendary cores earned). Maybe I'm asking too much. All I can say is that if it costs money, Warframe isn't getting it from me until I have something worth playing. I don't want a reward shallow time sink, I have solitaire for that.
  11. To those grinding, buck up. All four components are on the drop table. DE's values on the drop table are about right, but RNG is as usual. I ran for 23 runs (11 system, 9 chassis, 3 BPs) prior to getting a single neuroptic. The 30+/-8 run calculation for 99%+ drop rate is accurate, and still better than the grind for Equinox (the non-primed variant). I think my frustration now is the mobile application. Grind for the Wisp parts, pop them into the foundry late at night, and discover the mobile app doesn't recognize them. Another 8+ hours of build time added, because the app is a secondary conclusion. It's a first world problems situation, but highlight how useless the app is for anything now that alerts don't exist. Sigh...well, that'll free up storage space.
  12. The Ropalolyst has a twin laser that is functionally an instant death, with nothing that I've seen thus far actually able to absorb a hit beyond invincibility. Sometimes the dangly bits at the bottom, which actually fire the lasers, can activate during the cutscene. I've gotten into the habit of spamming the dodge roll immediately, as the spawned amalgams and the like also have the tendency to ignore the cutscenes and do huge damage. Regarding this being a feature...it's an instant death with little warning and no ability to avoid. I would like to call this a bug, but anyone who has done an Tridolon capture has noted that 18+ months later (post PoE release), there are still instant kills in the fights which aren't telegraphed. The logic is you have "high level content," so it must be done in a team, or it must be done with a cheese capable frame. It isn't a bug....if it never gets fixed. Hopefully this is a bug, and DE fixes it.
  13. So, let's offer the feedback. New resource is a joke. It's simply the latest thing to have to grind, and the low drop quantities (4) mean that you'll have to grind the stuffing out of it to get what you want (1200 for wisp, 350 and 300 for the weapons). It's expected, if depressing. The new event...It really highlights that the amalgams are less a unique new enemy and more a bump up the broken level scaling. An Arctic Eximus Crewman (level 89) can take 20k radiation damage and some impact, and it was literally adjusted to 0. The Soma Prime then hit for 250-350 damage (don't remember the spread, but bleeds sure helped). Amalgams are less a quirky new faction, and more a level bump to address the slow power creep in the game. It's....not something to be enthused with. The UI changes are...frustrating. It's interesting, but thus far shows no new information (regarding syndicates) and rearranges formerly intuitive things. If I want to buy a relic pack it now requires a center screen click, right side click, left side click, and a center screen confirmation. This is extra bouncing around the screen, whereas the old interface was all in the center. Why this changed is beyond me, but hopefully that will be defined. I'm done with the anger. The Ropalolyst fight is good. Buggy, broken, frustrating, but good. Even the annoying transmissions are worth it. The gas city tileset which requires actual mobility is awesome. Finally, the Glaxion not being complete trash, thanks to the Vandal, is nice. The corpus targets still have a better one, but this doesn't feel like a joke, even without the Forma input to give it a chance to fight properly. Even the Spectra moved from unusable garbage to decent (though it definitely isn't a great beam weapon secondary). Best of all, the 26 runs required to get all the parts for Wisp weren't too bad. I'm frustrated that the next "ultra rare" mods being inserted into the game are for garbage weapons, who can't be saved with them and a god roll riven, but accumulating those rewards has largely been actual fun. Another 3 or 4 revisions and hotfixes and this will be a good update. It's frustrating that a mainline update carries so little content, and that the regular failure modes are still present here, but the good stuff is genuinely good. I even look forward to the needler (based only off the description, it is basically the Halo series needler), and sniper version 1.7 that will benefit from good rivens because it hasn't been around long enough to be nerfed.
  14. Let's look at the math that DE finds acceptable. Hopefully those of you who didn't like statistics can take this as a cheat. Any given drop event has two probabilities; it drops or it doesn't. This means 100%-Drop%= Non-Drop% and the opposite. This is necessary because you can't directly calculate a drop% after a number of runs with just the probability of drop per run. In practice; A 50% drop rate means a 50% non-drop rate So, what's the likelihood that you get a drop after a certain number of runs? You start out with the non-drop chance, to the power of the runs, subtracted from 100%. Mathematically, the drop% = 1-(1-drop%)^n. In practice; 50% drop chance with 8 runs means 1-(0.5)^8 = .996094 = 99.61% of people will have at least one of the drop. So, why is this padding from DE, and a crap rewards system? Look at the drop% from items which require 30-40 minute investments. I'm looking at you ephemeras, Aura Formas, and the Xiphos (though to be fair, the Xiphos is a middle finger to those who don't want to pay). Let's see the 2% results: 1-0.98^50 = 63.58% of people get a drop 1-0.98^100 = 86.74% of people get a drop 1-0.98^456 = 99.99% of people get a drop Let's look at the player base as 1,000,000 people. Functionally assured drops at 2% would require 99.99996% likelihood for everyone to get a drop. Being that last person, would require a total of 729 runs. So yes, there's a lucky person out there who got the drop on the first run. Statistically, 4 people in 10,0000 will get a drop twice in a row. Even better yet, if the community hit 10,000,000 people 8 of them would get 3 drops in a row. This is then weighed against the person running 729 times for a single drop. Seems a bit unfair, and like gambling. This is why the shenanigans pulled by EA are so heinous, and why the random drop components from DE are now locked to grind only rather than drop% (yeah, the dragon mod pack being removed actually is DE covering up, not an act of fairness; I would not fault them for this, as the EA taint has made the whole industry start to evaluate their actions). If this is so bad, why do it? If you put out content once a month, and the content takes 30-40 minutes to complete, then you've got the rest of the month to not play the game. By installing grind gates Warframe gets to be grindy, people get to flaunt the new stuff, and content gets stretched thin enough to be seen through while DE toils on more. This is why things like the Stalker drops are still a meme, while direct rewards are few and far between. I think DE earned my money in the past. I still enjoy the Birb, Pirate, and the few other times that I bought things. The issue is I don't want to spend money any more. DE has spent the last two years (I can't speak to before that, as a nearly 3 year hiatus was required) destroying what made Warframe. Constant smaller content patches have been eaten by open worlds, bug fixing is a joke, events are grind fiestas rather than fun (looking at you Halloween versus unseen infested), and DE seems to finally be collapsing under their own ambition as the community fights back. I want DE to succeed. Vanishingly low drop% rates, miserable content droughts, and not following through on promises (read: cinematic trailers to justify a $90 expense is just nutty) is killing the game. It won't be dying a quick death, but the death by a thousand paper cuts is no less of a death. Please DE, right the ship. I keep asking this, but continue to see no changes. Here's to you Ultima, Bethesda, Bioware, Maxis, and now DE. Customer feedback is angriest and loudest when people love you. Please, stop hurting yourself and your game.
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