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Excalibur Umber's Howl (sound) [Spoiler]


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I'm sorry but this really needs to be redone. I'm not talking about the ability itself, it's the sound. It does not fit the character and the torment he went through (story wise). It does not sound like a tormented Scream, Yell, or Howl of someone having killed there own son.

It sounds, sadly, weak and I dare say like someone giving a joyful scream at a party. Completely out of place.

I know you folks at DE have a lot on your plate right now, but can this please get looked into. I personally want to hear the cry of a tormented soul, and maybe change the name to Tormented Howl.

Thanks for reading

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15 hours ago, XanSteel said:

the cry of a tormented soul

... but, isn't that what we helped Umbralibur (at least partially) overcome in The Sacrifice?

That one painful memory is no longer everything he's got, he's more than that now.

Thus, standard-battle-use Radial Howl not sounding like someone's soul getting ripped apart seems justified to me. *shrug*

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