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SUGGESTION: Kuva from Ayatan sculptures


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My suggested concept is pretty simple:

It would be nice to have a vendor in the Relay who changes Ayatan sculptures for Kuva.

The amount of Kuva received could be the same as the Endo reward, so the system remained simple.

It could be some kind of defector from the Queens' army, who stole a Siphon and modified it to be able to convert Ayatan sculptures' energy to Kuva. Even cooler would be if we got a mini-quest to rescue the dude or dudette 🙂

This would give Ayatans a lot more utility and a definite reason to keep a close eye for them in missions. And a lot more trading value too!

Although, I can now see one potential pitfall with this:

  • Kuva is used for Riven-rolling.
  • Kuva could be extracted from Ayatans.
  • Ayatans are tradeable for plat.
  • Plat is purchased with real cash.

Sooo... some might consider it a form of gambling.

Damn, it all seemed so innocent before I started typing this thread.

Do you guys think it would be a 'bad' kind of gambling though? After all, Rivens can't be used in PvP and 'having an edge' doesn't really mean much in a cooperative game. The only exception to the rule are the (all too rare) competitive events, but even in those the benefit is probably gonna be marginal compared to having the right team-composition.

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37 minutes ago, lukinu_u said:

Honestly, I don't see the difference between people buy Rivens for 10k platinums or people buying 10k platinum of Kuva.
The second case is somewhat random but that's same as people buying relics with plats.

True. Relics already enable using cash to gamble for Primed rewards. And DE itself sells those (IMO scammy) mod packs for plat, which can theoretically once in a blue moon give a plat-worthy mod.

So in that sense converting Ayatans to Kuva would not break existing boundaries.

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2 hours ago, Caduzeus said:

It would be nice to have a vendor in the Relay who changes Ayatan sculptures for Kuva.

Why not instead have [DE] implement an item called "Queen Effigy" which would be some sculptures with the shape of the queens or their heads. Each Grineer boss would have a chance to drop one when killed and also have them be scattered around the map like Ayatan Scuptures? Kuva missions would have a higher chance of spawning them than normal missions, giving players more reasons to explore the whole map instead of rushing to the end.

"Queen Effigies: A vessel used by the high ranks of the Grineer empires to store the most refined Kuva they could acquire to be given to the Queens as tribute or used as bribe within their own ranks."

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That actually sounds really practical. If one takes the time to loot you can actually find a good bit of Ayatan Treasures lying around. Before you know it, you have more potential Endo than you can think to use. Being able to get a bit of Kuva (and cut out some tedious grind) by trading in that extra Endo would definitely bring some value back to the Ayatan Treasures.

Also, it was stated by Teshin that Ayatan Treasures were made to be a symbol Orokin Continuity; giving Endo and Kuva a clear correlation.

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I'd like this. I still need the endo too, but that's better gotten from Vodyanoi. So yeah. And I don't think it'd break the game, the only real differences would be that you'd get some kuva from arbitrations, and those incredibly lucky people could take good advantage of this.

In before "but riven market would be filled with god rolls and prices would drop and DE would lose money". Not gonna go that way if it's implemented, because it won't change the power of the rivens, just makes it easier to acquire a powerful riven. Thus ayatan and trash roll riven price will rise so you can make platinum more easily without getting that god roll. It's a balance.

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