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So, interesting thing came across my mind this guy we first saw at the war within at the mirror  the red eye guy "us" lets call him mr creepy 

now  who is this mr creepy? My theory is that is the kuva "drill" when the queen tries to take over the tenno mind messes up our mind and left a side effect to see "mr creepy"

we saw him once again if we drink the kuva (lemme know what happen those who did not)  

then again another time where we complete the harrow quest probally the time where the man in the wall was released after finishing the quest we get our op sitting to ur left or right and 


there is a few stuff that can prove my theory (i hope ) after the sacrifice quest (i dont know what proc the dialog) but MR creepy is asking us about our  "route"

we met him again at the chimera prologue so... MR CREEPY wears the lotus mask and plays around just  perhaps its the side effects of the kuva "drill"?


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vor 3 Minuten schrieb GnarlsDarkley:

Why not "Man in the Wall" or "Rell"?

Because the Man in the Wall is not Rell.

MitW = Void entitiy

Rell = poor soul who had an even poorer fate and went mad (not only) due to MitW.


OP i recommend chrcking out lore videos or similar. The identity of MitW is pretty much cleared up based on various checkpoints in the established lore. There isnt too much to speculate about.

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