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Undo a Riven Roll

(XBOX)Avant Solace


This is a bit embarrassing, but I've accidentally made a Riven Mod exceptionally worse thinking I was getting a better roll for it. In a bid to make the Dark Sword exceptionally usable, I've been going for a Riven with DMG + Status Chance. It already had a good roll of DMG + Finisher + Heat, but I really wanted to up its status chance. I got what I thought was an excellent roll of DMG + Status + combo duration - Finisher.

The Finisher Damage for this roll is -135.8% meaning any sort of backstab or whatever does literally nothing. This is a massive problem as I was building this weapon for Excalibur, who as many know relies on blinding/finishers.

So now I'm asking if there is any way to undo this terrible roll. If there isn't, then may DE have mercy upon me.

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