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We should be able to purchase different idle animations for melee weapons.


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Ok, so one of my favorite features about warframe is the customizability allowed in the game. I've probably spent 99.9% of all my time playing in Fashion Frame mode. There is just something about getting your frames and weapons to look just right that feels great and I think most of the community agrees with me on this. Now I was playing around in Fortuna when this happened.unknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.png?width=841&height=473

For those of you not in the know, this is a bug I stumble upon wail in Fortuna were the Paracesis a heavy weapon mind you, has the idle animation of a sword or a machete weapon. when I stumble upon this bug my first thought was Omg this is awesome why isn't this a feature in the game. I would absolutely pay plat for this. It could be a feature like a weapon holster which we already have in the game.

Image result for warframe weapon holster

I can't be the only person that has thought to themselves man wish I could just hold my Nikana or Skijati in an unsheathed state it would look cool on my capturas. or just regular gameplay its just something I think the community would enjoy.Image result for warframe nikana]

though I do understand that diverting precious resources into a purely cosmetic feature when the developers could be doing other more important changes to the game is kind of a dumb thing to ask for. I just thought maybe it would be something nice everyone may like. but that's just me, please by all means If you have any other points you would like to add or if you think I miss something important just mention it. Criticism is always welcome.

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Crossing weapon types would probably create a lot of problems (e.g. clipping, holding the weapon in the wrong spot, etc.), but I've long felt like there should be different idle poses/animations for different stances. Allows for some variety without creating the same kind of workload as doing them by warframe, and also makes stances feel more...well, like actual stances.

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