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Frost should not be affected by cold or cold blasts on corpus bases or ships


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Right? It makes sense... but is not the case.

The only thing is Ember would have to be unaffected by Fire, which in turn means her passive to gain more dmg wont work.
Hydroid should be able to swim instead of drowning and re-spawning.
Zephyr should be able to fall of map edges without re-spawning.
Saryn should be resistant to Toxic/ Corrosive/ Viral?
Volt should be resistant to electric procs.

But it wont happen.

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7 minutes ago, (XB1)SavvyDeath said:

Why does frost get affected by cold while he has cold as his own power?

Because being able to generate something and shoot it doesn't mean that you are magically immune to it.


After all, in real life, people with a flamethrower are not immune to fire. They burn like everyone else.

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He's only manipulating the cold. He does not embody it.

A snake still dies from a snake venom. Spiders still die from spider venom. DE has already said they will not be giving inherent resistances to frames like that. It will cause disproportionate usage in various situations. There's mods and arcanes (Insulation, Warm Coat, Warmth) you can use to work towards that end if you choose but you aren't getting it as a freebie.

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I think in this case the misconception... or idea is that the frame is itself the element.

You can't say water will harm water.
But you can say electricity can hurt electricity.
Fire hurting fire? It speeds up the use of the fuel.

Or just say a human can kill a human. We can punch ourselves and inflict pain.
We are not immune to ourselves.

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40 minutes ago, Dhrekr said:

You "can" say that electricity can hurt electricity.

 A bit nitpicky...
But that's not what I was getting at, I was hinting more about overcharging and discharging, emps and electrical equipment.
Even the EMS is a bit much to go through.

Yes it is pointless.

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