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How about a Cephalionic Warframe ?


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I'm sure everyone here has dreamed of creating there own Warframe, here I will tell you about my personal idea of a fun new Warframe concept. The Cephalonic-Warframe.

Backstory: There was once an Orokin, Archimedian Adelaide, that was fascinated in the assimilation of Cephalons and the astute wonder of Warframes. He Sought to make the perfect body with a perfect mind. So in secrete he kidnaped an Orokin prisoner, Maraval, that was falsely accused of a crime he didn't commit.  He stripped his consciousness and imbedded it within the Warframe that Adelaide had created from untested Orokin technology.


Alright here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for.

Name: Gnosis


Ability 1: Assimilated Conscious - Gnosis turns himself into a data stream and enters into his applied target, the Damage is increased by x2(at base). Duration 40sec(at base).

Ability 2:  Cephalon Embodiment - Temporarily create a manifestation of Cephalon Maraval. that fights along side you in battle. (Damage) & (Duration)

Ability 3: Reconstructive Data-cape - Gnosis Generates a Zone  Around him that Heals allies 110 health/s.

Ability 4: Destructive Data-scape - Gnosis Generates a Zone Around him Within this Zone Damage weapons deal 110% more damage and has + 110% more fire rate ( Ability 2 is affected                  by this ability). Enemies within this zone is slow 15%. Recast ability to strip away 30% of enemies within the zones health (distributed to allies).


Please give me honest feedback and ways this can be changed.







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Im not sure how valid this idea is lore-wise but lets put this aside for now.

Now, some ability criticsm. I really dont understand what 1st ability do. You get in a target and deal damage? is that all? the description is lacking.

2nd ability is fine just maybe add some more spice to it. Also youe should try to add synergies between abilities.

3rd and 4th abilities too plain in my opinion. Maybe combine them (switch&toggle ability) and make place for another ability. 110 hp per sec is way too much. And all the dmg and slow and hp removal as well? way over the top.

An interesting idea but needs a lot of work. Good luck!

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3 minutes ago, (PS4)BabyBoi6769 said:

If suda was curious enough about how the warframe works or if Simaris got curious I believe they'd come up with some data version of a warframe designed by each.  to my fellow tenno saying the lore wouldn't make sense...it could.  I'd love to know how garuda was designed. 

Well if they add one id expect it to be a mimic like warframe. Using other warframe abilities and stuff. 

Like i feel like thus warframe should be support based ish. Latching on to a nearby ally, buffing their abilities as it downloads data. The data will charge up the cephalons 4th ability allowing ut to use the fourth ability of the warframe it downloaded the most data from. While latched to another player the warframe cannot attack and has 100% damage evasion meaning bullets fly straight through it.

Something like that. It can also link itself to multiple enemies that increase the warframes firerate, damage, and gives it ammo regeneration. Which all increase based on the number of enemies its latched on to.

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The idea of a cephalon Warframe is quite interesting now that I think about it. While your ability concepts are a bit flawed here and there, there is plenty that is salvagable to create a more unique frame.

Passive- Enemies killed by Gnosis are scanned into the codex.

Ability 1- System Override

Gnosis assumes direct control of a target, giving him the ability to move, attack, and interact with the environment. No duration, works on enemies within 15m, and outgoing damage is multiplied by 5x (strength). Rolling cancels the ability.

Ability 2- Manifest

Gnosis summons cephalon  Maraval for 30 seconds. Maraval draws aggro heavily towards himself and is completely invulnerable to damage. Maraval will also hack terminals and open locked doors when in range. Maraval also summons enemies that have been scanned into the codex to defend Gnosis.

Maraval can be directly controlled via System Override for undetected passage through laser barriers as well as direct control over Maraval’s abilities. Maraval can be commanded to hold his position.

Ability 3- Protobarrier

Gnosis summons a barrier around himself for 20 refreshable seconds. The barrier grants him immunity to the next 4 (strength) damage types that he receives. Those same status effects are reflected back at the enemy they came from so long as they are within 20m.

Applying status effects to an enemy (or Maraval) then using System override on the target will grant immunity to the applied damage types.

Ability 4- Datascape

Gnosis creates a 20m AOE simulation of Maraval’s datascape that lasts for 40 seconds. Inside the datascape, Debuffs are applied to all enemies that enter and buffs are applied to allies.

Datascape is centered around Maraval if he is active. If not, it centers around Gnosis.

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