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Umbra Warframe's


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As we've been told by DE that we are getting more several more Umbra Warframe variants. But I have a question for all my fellow Tenno, given the chance in having the chance of choosing a Umbra Warframe...

Which current Warframe would you choose to become a Umbra? And which ability would you change to make it more of a threat to Sentients?

Personally? I'd choose Valkyr. Just imagine it, unbridled rage and destruction. And the ability I'd change would be her ability paralysis as similarly to Excalibur Umbra it stuns the enemies and resets the Sentients absorbed attack types. 

Now have fun Tenno, you never know... DE may take notes of our ideas!

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His one would be more if a multiple elemental charge attack afterwards granting invisibility for 7-15 seconds or next attack. 

I had a nice Umbra Chroma thread that appears may have archived... To be honest though I would rather him be a Character that has stood the test of time and is nearly unkillable. Not an actual warframe for use. 

In the story he essentially remains completely conscious after becoming Umbra Chroma and has to kill his brother who goes into insane rage destroying most of Lua just within an arena.  He is the dragon hide that Chroma adorns over himself. 

Edit: Found it sad I let it Archive.. 



So..  A little indifferent if I had to chose someone else. 

Umbra Wukong. Instead of forming into mist, he is a smoldering fire causing everything to catch fire while assassinating enemies caught in the direct cloud one by one. :3

3 hours ago, Tal-Duran said:

well if DE is following the same process as they did with primes, next one should be frost. (excal prime was the first prime as exal umbra was the first umbra).

If DE sticks to their word about there being no direct correlation of who gets to be Umbra, umbrafying the originals specifically would go directly against that. 

And that statement even allows for there to be a Umbra warframe that there is no normal variant of. 

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I'd like the Acolytes to be the Umbras. So that'd be Valkyr, Mesa, Nekros, Limbo, Frost and Loki. 

Along with Excal, that's seven, which is a big number in Warframe. The honoured seven of the council and from there seven trials + seven drift mods and the seven polarities Madurai, Zenurik, Unariu, Vazarin, Naramon, Penjaga and Umbra/Koneksi. Koneksi was removed in the Silver Grove update, as it was the fusion core polarity. Its removal probably involves striking it from the canon, but since this theory used it before Umbra Polarities were known about I thought it best to include it here.

So, yeah, seven Umbras would fit. And we DO have a group of seven frames waiting and ready to go.

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I'd personally prefer Nidus, primarily because I have the thought of the anti-Sentient capability not being a matter of ignoring the adaptation, but counteracting it with their own. Essentially, the most effective Toxin combination element and most effective IPS damage type getting a 50/50 split, including damage modifiers like Ancients... Or Sentient adaptation, meaning that the infantry Sentients cap out at a 50% damage reduction if they've used all five adaptations on the available types. Given this is Nidus, Mr "10,000% effective power strength", we're talking about, they're very unlikely to last that long.

The thought is taking the "flesh blossomed into sword-steel" exceedingly literally, with Nidus Umbra being a pure and simple semi-rampant Frame of War, ending up made of swords. Quest-wise, a thought that comes to mind is watching someone becoming Nidus Umbra by willingly infecting themself with the Helminth of a ruined Orbiter in a suicide-protector sort of thing, emphasis on the "suicide". Then, at the end, you make the choice to either take control of them when they completely lose it (Moon), getting them to stop being suicidal and accept their now-inevitable fate (Neutral) or have them fight on until they completely lose it anyways (Sun), resulting in a different final mission for each choice.

A Defection-based town defense mission where you protect civvies from and use enemies to weaken the rampaging high-stack Umbral Nidus for Moon, a Defense-based mission where you keep them from being downed before they finish turning for Neutral and a Survival setup where you kill as much as possible before they turn for Sun, and a different reward mod/set being pre-leveled to an extent based on how you did during the mission based on which one you did. You get all the mods/sets anyways, but your choice defines the one you skip some grind for and how the mission went decides by how much.

The mods themselves could be either a single extra Sacrificial, Umbral and Strain mod, or one new set to handle the Toxin or Physical adaptive damage (with the other being baseline), one new set to handle a secondary survivability property (probably related to the Hirudo) and one set for the Helminth Charger. The last bit could just be an Umbral alternative/supplement to Strain mods, possibly mimicking Mutation stacks instead of adding more Maggots to get the thing Sortei-capable survivibility and endurance-capable scaling.

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