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Remove The Roll Mechanic. Now.


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I love playing Warframe. I love to run around as quickly as I can to finish a mission or do a lot of run and gun to clear a room. One thing always ends up happening though and ruining the flow of the game, rolling.

Does anyone like it when they are in a frantic and fast paced firefight for their life and are sprinting for a better spot while reloading and they happen to hit a pebble that makes their character roll? Effectively forcing you to commit to a direction, and canceling your precious 4 second reload on your Supra that was almost finished.

Does anyone even roll on purpose? It does not help you to move faster nor does it provide you with any benefits. The only thing the roll mechanic does is to penalize you for using it. But you don't even have the choice of not using it, seeing as how you are forced to roll if you are sprinting and perform a jump without choosing to slide when you hit the ground.


Does it make sense at all that because you are aiming while jumping, you are then force to roll once you hit the ground? If you want stand in place and jump and fire a shot off at something, why are you forced to roll? Why are you forced to roll for shooting in the air in general? This mechanic is idiotic.

I don't think that rolling has to be the bane of Warframe, as it is acceptable to have your character roll after falling from an extreme height. It might even make sense to use in combat or other situations supposing it did something useful such as propelling you much further and faster than landing with a slide by comparison, but it doesn't do that.

The roll mechanic in it's current state is a festering cancer that kills your momentum and turns your "fun" into "frustration"

I wish people read the content of what I said. Yes, it is overly dramatic. No, I do not use sprint/roll hotkeys so stop bringing that up. Yes, it makes sense to roll after dropping from extreme heights I already said it once... learn to read. Yes, the roll mechanic could be a good thing but only if it were fixed, and I also illuded to this already. Yes, I know how to slide and use it all of the time.

Auto rolling when you drop one centimeter in height is still unacceptable, I'd rather they remove rolling from the game and reimplement it after it's fixed than to suffer until they figure out what to do.

Getting over objects is another problem in this game that deserves attention since it slows you down and is a nuissance much the same as rolling. This thread perfectly adresses it and deserves your eyeballs: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/103868-suggestion-add-vaulting-maneuvers-warning-lots-of-images/

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I actually use the roll to dodge Ancient Disrupter melee attacks and avoid the disruption effect. Its really handy once you get it down to avoid a lot of those melee attacks like that.

Especially since Ancient melee attacks stagger/knock down most of the time, a roll is *really* useful to avoid those.

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Roll is a good idea.

It just needs things like invinci frames and better fluidity to make it more appealing.


Moves like this should be expanded on and made better, not got rid of. One of the main reasons this game attracted me is the promise of its moment system, so let's invest in that promise not break it!

PS - I use both rolls and backflips to move away from slow moving projectiles and heavy stomps/hits. They both work, but like most of the movement need refining.

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change shift to the hold to sprint option in keybinding, this should remove the roll mechanic for you, not sure what else it would effect though.


edit; obviously you will no longer be able to dodge roll, unless you rebind the roll key again :)

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Remember, the default keybindings for sprint is "sprint/roll". meaning you double tap sprint and you will roll. You can change this binding to only sprint and use another key for only roll if you find yourself rolling by accident.

I like roll. I use it to move a set distance in an arbitrary direction, like to dodge behind a crate.

And you can prevent rolls on landing by sliding while you are landing. I like this amount of control, sometimes I want to roll on landing in order to change direction instantly (you roll the direction your cursor is pointing, not the direction of momentum).

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I can't even say how many times the auto roll after jumping has rolled me off a cliff.  I would love to see an option to turn it off.


Rolling on purpose and fully controlled to avoid stuff = awesome ninja move


Rolling out of control off a cliff because the game made me = not so awesome ninja move

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you do realize you can just let go of your sprint button....slow down for less than a second and then you probably wouldnt auto roll

i never really have a problem with auto rolling since i learned a bit of the physics for the game.

the auto roll function actually makes sense in terms of realism because if you are running so fast...you cant just make an immediate stop....you kind of have to roll to slow your momentum down

^^^^^another way to doing this is to let yourself walk and then you wont auto roll.....im not saying walk through the whole thing but sometimes let go of the sprint function from time to time

obviously if you do a sprint and long jump....thats a different story because it would make sense that the momentum requires you to roll

otherwise hit crouch and just slide.....you wont "roll" while youre sliding

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Even though it doesn't have any invul-frames during its animation you can still dodge ancients attacks, even J3 Golem's, with a properly timed roll.

Yes, that has already been mentioned in the thread and is also rather common knowledge. It doesn't make roll a viable dodge tool tough, cause it's only useful in dodging one attack by a single enemy type used by one of three factions. So unless dodge gets a boost in usefulness it's just a way to slow you down or interrupt your reload, cause I can also slide/jump away from those attacks, which is also faster and allows me to still retaliate and/or reload during the whole movement animation.

Atm it's realy just a way to get rid of stuff sticking to your frame or to look cool.

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Roll should stay but it needs a buff. Invulnerability frames would be nice as enemies were never made with dodging in mind. There is no "gap" in the ancients wind up where you can dodge without him hitting you.


The roll mechanic in it's current state is a festering cancer that kills your momentum and turns your "fun" into "frustration"


A bit hyperbolic, yes it needs another pass over just like almost ALL the other mechanics in Warframe.


Edit: and if you fall 100 meters you better be rolling or something when you hit the ground or there will be a nice splat (game logic at it's finest).

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It never shook off Nervos.

All it shakes off is Leeches and sticky bombs.

The nervos were thankfully removed quite a while ago...the only way to remove them was either die, or to have an ally shoot them off.

Ah right, the bombs were called Latchers, either way :P

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