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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!


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Have you ever heard of Canadian toxicity?
It reminds me a little bit of obesity.
Don't get me wrong I'm not that big just a lil chunky here and there.
I'm no Khora but I'll take my leash to anywhere.
Im a death bringing blossom with a killer bossom,
and a tiny pedicel. 
To be fair I don't mind if you stare.
To be true I'm not about the thrill of the kill all the time,
but some say that my body is a crime against nature anyway.
Well honey, all I do is Slay.
I'd gladly surround someone with my leafs,
Someone with whom I could eternally live.
If you got some health problems I'll take good care of you too,
As I got some aspects of Trinity, not everything I do has to be enemy mutility,
What I'm looking for is just stability because as you can see
I had someone but all I got from them was this lousy Tee.
They couldn't keep up with such a brat like me,
But trying doesn't hurt so come on and together let's be free.


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People call me clingy, but you can call me Rick. 
A full commitment's what I'm thinking of,
you wouldn't get this from any other Grineer. 
I'm looking for a long-term relationship,
one where I would never:

  • Give you up
  • Let you down
  • Roll around and desert you
  • Make you cry
  • Say goodbye
  • Tell a lie and hurt you

Don't be shy to DM me. We both know the game,
and want to play it. 😉


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7 hours ago, Dethorock said:

РезÑлÑÐ°Ñ Ñ Ð¸Ð·Ð¾Ð±Ñажение за warframe clem


Age: 25

[Translated from Clem to Tenno(from Clem personally)]

The name's Clem. People would describe me as a man of few words and it is true.

However, I'm more than that and I would like to share my passion and love with someone.

I love doing weekly runs struggling for survival on random ships

with random strangers assisting me. I love living dangerously.

My favorite weapon is the Twin Grakata.

As two Grakatas are better than one, so do I, a lonely Grakata would like to meet my soulmate,

to become together Twin Grakatas, to be one with each other.

So, will you be my Grakata for Clementine and past this day till we die together?

This exceeds 100 words 😬

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Image result for stalker warframe

Fierce. Fatal. Father of five.
Would kill for an 'open-minded' partner -figuratively, I promise.
Will always be by your side, even if you "really don't need it, right now"
Loves to keep in touch; active inbox user.
NOT an actual 'stalker'.

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I hope you all had a splendid Valentine's Day! With dating profiles like these, I'm certain the lonely hearts of Warframe won't be lonely much longer. Thank you for participating!

Here are the winners of the Plenty of Servofish contest:

Here are the honorable mentions of the Plenty of Servofish contest:


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