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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Hi! I'm Eddie, full names' Eddie Chroma Thompson. I'm a 27 years old, living breathing, fire breathing dragon warframe from Odense, Germany, working as an engineer at universal robots. I would say that despite my intimidating exterior, I have a surprisingly sensitive side too. Moreover, I believe that one of my more prominent traits in my relationships is that I tend to look out for my partner more often than myself sometimes. But no matter what, I hope that whoever I meet, he/she will be the right person for me! 🙂


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Ash, 32

Being an assassin for many years there’s one thing I found out. Assassin life is a lonely life. Though there were times I have to be with other people of groups still most of the time I have to go on missions alone. And as a healthy young man of marriage age, it seems I really can’t deny that I am in need of comfort and……warmth. 

I like spending my time reading books, classic music and looking at the cosmos.

Though I am inexperienced in relationships like this I hope I can meet up with your expectations.

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Mesa Prime, 1805

My life is like a gun, spontaneous, full of energy, and made to protect loved ones.
But I'd like to share this life with someone who can keep up with my shenanigans. 
Like popping a few heads of Grineer and some Corpus schmucks and Having a dance party with my clan mates and Purri (CUTEST KAVAT EVER BTW) while waiting for that damned mod to drop off a Grineer Butcher 
Drop a text to join me in my wild journey through the origin system while doing something crazy which The Lotus wouldn't approve of 😉

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latest?cb=20170408211619"Felt cute in this pic, might delete later~"


Feel free to call me "Big Daddy" or "Honey-how".

I'm just another sentient looking for love in the origin system~

If you like long walks on the Plains of Eidolon or romps around the Cephalon Weave, hit me up

DO NOT contact if you hate kids - I have a lot of them

Relationship Status: It's Complicated
Favorite Musician: Keith Power 
Current location: Deep within Uranus
Best Friend: Ballas 
Favorite Author: Alan Turing


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Age:Death knows no time


Food:The souls of my enemies

Music:Death metal

Movie:Dawn of the dead 

Greetings mortal,I am the master of life and death,I possess the battlefield,I will desecrate your body just to have your heart

As long as you are not a pink Rhino we will get along 

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(Hello my friends,

I am here, to bring you an ABOMINATION:)




Greetings, you MAGGOT. I‘m VayHek

and I'm looking for LOVE.

I'm one BEAUTIFUL Grineer, with a burning


Some filthy TENNO MAGGOTS say that I'm a

bit loud.








- and Love


Interested? DON'T YOU DARE


Because you have to pm me first.



(The actual submission "screenshot" features 99 words - please point out if I made any mistakes before it's too late O_o)

(the 2 main pics unedited in high rez)





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Image result for eidolon teralyst

Eidolon Teralyst (Terry), ???? years old

My name is Teralyst, my friends call me Terry.  I'm just looking to put myself out there and allow someone to lure in me and capture me.  I often spend my nights taking long strolls around the lake, where my friends say I turn heads.   The person I'm looking for needs to be someone who can make me weak in the knees.  I need someone to fill the void and make me lower my shields. 

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Mag Prime

Being the first female prime is hard-work but I have prevailed thus far. I have a certain 'pull' on people owing to my magnetic personality, but I can be a polarizing person. People are torn between whether they like me or not, but so far the people who have liked me have fallen head over heals in love with my many talents. I am a very social and charismatic person and can 'control a crowd' with ease. I would love to meet a good support who would shield me from harm and let me flaunt my abilities without interruption. But be warned, if you cross me or make me mad, I will 'crush' you.

LikesShields, Magnets, Tech (projectile accelerators in particular), Bows, Sniper Rifles... and long bullet jumps on the beach.

DislikesNightmares, Alad V, Broccoli (reminds me of the Boiler)

Favorite Quote: "I think I have kind of a natural magnetism" - Wesley Snipes 


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Nekros, 30


Hi! Many people think that I like dabbling in the dark arts and have seen a bunch of reanimated corpses (I mean uh mannequins). But in reality, I just like to farm resources. Join me and we can acquire all the rare items without trouble. Need Orokin cells? You got it! Want more of the uncommon resources like polymer bundles and oxium? I got you covered! With you, me and desecrate, we can get any resources we want. So don’t hesitate! Message me and together we can slay our enemies and farm the resources of our dreams!!

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Profit Taker Orb



Corpus, Orokin, Sentient, these are what runs in my vein

Big and tough though I appear, yet soft longing heart within


Stumping dolly is my game, Destruction, raiding is my name.

Made to be feared I want not, Longing one who understand


sitting on a research lab, it is how my days are spent

I come with entourage of friends, yet I feel lonely inside

Shielded, guarded, monitored, Chained and Bonded to my lord

Beyond orbit of Venus, Can any one hear my cry?

Sending my voice across, To anyone who receives

If you find this calling card, Will you fill this lonesome heart?

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Hi, I’m Gara, but my friends call me Ruby.

They think I have a heart of glass that makes me afraid to get hurt. My New Year’s resolution is to be ADVENTUROUS.

I’m shy but confident, honest and respectful. Being transparent is the basis of a relationship with me. I’m a fighter-protector. I’ll surround you with love when needed, but never overwhelm you.

Respect me and I will respect you. Interested in a strong confident person who understands that a heart of glass can be broken, but then the shards become deadly. Can you navigate through my splinter storm?

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Limbo Prime, 34


Hello reader, it would seem that you are interested in me, considering you are reading this.

I mostly like reading in a quiet place, not being distributed. Except that I also like the occasional cup of tea. Other than that there is not much to tell, excluding the fact that I would make exquisite company.

Now onto what would be expected of you.

I am into females and I expect you to have a certain degree elegance and self-control. I like cultured people, so if you live like an animal don't waste my time.



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Don't adjust your optics, you're not seeing double.
Tis I, Mirage, looking for trouble!
Fans of rhymes, riddles and mayhem I seek, I'm also fond of protecting the weak.
Hordes of enemies giving you a scare? Don't dare despair, I've ammo to spare.
Taxmen and Sentients won't tear us apart! I'll take you to date across the starchart.
Squishy or tanky, damage or CC. All that matters is a place in your heart.
So tell me, stranger! When shall we start?

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NazzyTheNazgul, 30

I love stomping things, I love stomping the GROUND!! (mostly the Ground^^) By my picture you can tell I'm a Prime, Not just any Prime, a Rhino Prime! I'm a fun, loving, enthusiastic Piece of living machinery that loves to STOMP, but when I'm not stomping I like to spend my days above the Vallis (Via Archwing), watching the innocent bystanders trying to catch Servofish, hopefully my Servofish is down there waiting for me to swoop her off her feet with a Stomp... I mean Archwing and take her on a romantic date on Ordis. 

At Maroo For You! 

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WaveTogether, 26



You can find me in Fortuna, I stay near the Tenno's entrance to help them in case they get hurt from the fall. It never happens though, so I usualy just wave at them =P

It makes me really happy when one of them waves back 😃

I'm a little shy and sometimes I get nervous around other people. But if you are nice and patient, I can open up to you.

So what about we #LeaveThisAppTogether? Hahaha sorry

See you around!

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