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Best ways to make Thumpers spawn?


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Just now, NigglesAU said:


Is best way to make them spawn is hoverboard around the map especially around the Grineer bases?. 

Is only way to spawn the Doma one to hit T5 bounty then fail it? (Bit of a problem if randoms u group with want to do the bounty though)


  1. go outside bare in mind even stealth frames will have trouble as thumpers leap around passively 
  2. pick a bounty different levels make different thumpers more common so experiment abit or google
  3. highest level bounty if you want consistent doma thumpers 
  4. you don't even have to do the bounty find a place where thumpers can spawn doma are larger so they stick out or google their spawn locations map
  5. fight the strangely agile tank personally experienced if you take too long the tank burrows and leaves or vanishes but another can be found 
  6. killing a doma counts for both thumper nightwave challenges so 2 birds one stone 

you don't even need to interact with the bounty if you find one that's away from it just kill it and leave or do the bounty if you want the rewards when i did it i just ignored the bounty killed a doma and left 

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Unfortunately with the Doma NW challenge DE didn't seem to take into account the lack of a way to scale the Plains without initiating a bounty and the fact that when people start a bounty they typically intend to complete the bounty. Not doing so is counter intuitive to the max. 

What the Plains really needs is a way to scale the level in freeroam without needing to flag it for a specific bounty tier. 


I'd kind of imagine it working like when one selects a relay and then chooses which sub-relay to enter. Except in this case it would be freeroam level ranges. Pushes you out into the freeroam at the applicable level ranges and will match you with people selecting the same range values. Alternatively they could just have like three different Plains nodes. Essentially Plains Easy, Plains Medium, Plains Hard. where the descriptor is replaced with the level range

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1 minute ago, NigglesAU said:

Thanks :). Any idea how long thumpers stay around for before burrowing back down? ( had one do that yesterday)

thumpers seem to do it of their own volition ive seen them leave after 3-4 minutes or stay around and harass me for 10 but i normally give them a 5-6 minutes window its been reported on the wiki as a bug since they sometimes just despawn in front of you 

My advice high damage single shot weapons so your opticors and lankas or something with alot of ammo and low reload down time or if you got titania you can flutter around the thing immune to its melee/stomp and most of its guns as it cannot get a bead on you and will also try to attack razor wings 

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11 minutes ago, NigglesAU said:

Is best way to make them spawn is hoverboard around the map especially around the Grineer bases?.

It's had to describe with words but I have a couple methods

There's a special hiking path that can spawn a couple Thumpers. You know where the Boil sits during Plague Star events? The hiking path starts around there (specifically it starts at a Konzu tent just to the north of there) and continues south, then turns west. You know the lake north of Hek's Stilleto? The hiking path runs alone the north bank of that lake. It dead-ends around another Konzu tent, but if you fly past that tent to the giant Grineer windmill, then up to Er-Phryah's Vigil you'll pass a couple more spawning spots

Alternatively, just take note of every single spot Dargyn Pilots spawn walking around. Those are all spots Thumpers can theoretically spawn

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