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Current melee system needs to revert back to previous version

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I want either quick-melee "stances" back, or new non-rooting, smooth-flowing, precise combos that provide consistent damage in predictable patterns that let me target where I want to hit (like old polearm quick-melee) that do not take control of my movement and fling me past enemies and over cliffs.

I want either old slam attacks back that knock enemies to the ground when I land instead of ragdolling them out of range to hunt down after I regain control from my self-stunning landing... (the directional aspect is fine) or, as a compromise, a mod that changes slam attacks from ragdoll to knock-down - clearly a reduction in my current melee power just for a QoL and strategic advantage, but one I would probably suffer with for it, in most cases.

I want to choose when I block-glide instead of getting shot at and then flying way over my intended landing position and gracefully careening over a cliff. There's a ninja-expert moment for ya.

I don't want my aim-gliding to switch me to guns.

I want people who used the unique features of blocking in combat to have those features back (involving mods and certain weapons).

I want frames with Exalted Weapons, especially Valkyr to be unbroken again...


Does all this require a full revert back to 2.0? Probably not... but I don't have any confidence that Melee 3.0 is going to fix these issues at all.
Until these issues are fixed, Melee is half-dead to me... I still use Melee 2.75's rotting corpse to beat enemies right now, but it's not fun.


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On 2019-08-14 at 3:45 PM, defcultist said:

just make it an option

This would be great.
I don't care much about the new combo or ground slam system. I'm sure I'll get used to it, even though I liked the previous version.
What I really do care about is the missing melee mode. As the original poster said the lack of a seperate mode is creating key binding conflicts for some people. Many (most?) people seem to like the new melee-quickmelee hybrid so a complete reversion wouldn't make any sense but I'd say more options is more good?


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On 2019-08-14 at 1:02 AM, Atsia said:

I must ask what you could possibly mean, cause the only thing that would possibly change is getting manual blocking back. Everything else about Melee 2.9 is pretty much a genuine upgrade from 2.0, so any revert back to 2.0 is unlikely.

And for me, everything except one aspect is a flat out downgrade.

Stances? Terrible. Quick melee never once interfered with my movement. Stances do. Now, previously I had the choice to avoid stance melee entirely and I took it. That right there is probably my biggest issue with the system. It's been a problem with melee ever since it was introduced. I keep seeing people saying "oh, but DE are going to change it".


It's been 8 months since we've had this abomination thrown at us. In that time, we have seen precisely one stance change, and it only happened for one exalted weapon and only when that frame got primed. One stance in 8 months is not promising. One stance in 3 years is even worse. Assuming that they proceed at this breakneck lightspeed pace, we can expect to have our weapons working properly (statistically, at least one of our favoured class having at least one usable stance) some time around... 2030?

Scanning, mining or fishing? Swing the sword and your tool vanishes. I don't see how this is an improvement.

Syndicate proc on your gun? Not happening any more - swing your sword and the gun vanishes, getting no more XP and not filling or emptying its meter. Less functionality = worse than more functionality.

Like using your Corinth? Well, no more airburst for you if for some weird reason you decide to sword something nearby.

Empty the magazine and then need to knife something? Happens more often than you might think. Before, your gun would automatically start reloading the moment you'd finished swinging. Not any more.

Like being able to control when you block? Unacceptable. Enjoy being stunlocked by your own weapons. Also, good luck firing your Redeemer when something's pewing at you.

Aimglide in melee mode to control your movement more precisely? INSOLENCE! I SENTENCE YOU TO NAUSEA!

The only change I like in this entire system was the ability to aim your melee slam attacks... but that obviously needed to be countered by making slam attacked enemies drift off lazily into the air. Because knocking something down and then stabbing it in the face when it's on the floor is soooo overpowered. Zero swap animation between melee and gun is also nice to have, but that could have very easily been added on its own without crapping over any of the other aspects of the game.

On 2019-08-14 at 2:45 PM, defcultist said:

nah, just make it an option, you can choose to revert back to '2.0' mode yourself, or '1.9' or whatever

what i mean is that more options are always better than less options

things have been getting worse with the advent of cell phones, smart phones; now all internet has to be for those stupid small screens instead of desktop computer, just pathetic

same thing with video game, the mentality of the stupid 'smart' phone takes over and everyone thinks it should just be the one press 'easy button', like how the apple always has the stupid one button design.


at any rate, /agree please give us the option to do things OUR way; i too want to be able to select melee only, or rifle only, so just have that AND a 'both' option, you already have the old code for it stored away somewhere

An option would be perfect. I hate the current melee system, the OP does, many others have the same view (see: the giant megathread that DE tried to hide by unpinning it). I'd gladly see it burned to the ground and never looked at again, but some others seem to like it. As you have indeed pointed out, DE absolutely do have the old code. They even had both systems coexisting, seeing as how you were still able to quick melee when you had an archgun equipped.

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Why auto blocking is a bad thing;

  • Enemies that knock you down will interrupt you attacks.
  • If enemies are shooting you in the air, you will start blocking which keep you in the air and makes you vulnerable to attacks.
  • You no longer are able to glide in the air for mobility with your melee weapon.
  • Mods like guardian derision and Electromagnetic Shielding have no reason to be used.
  • his takes away Excalibur`s 4th ability uniqueness of auto blocking and removes his ability to glide while using the 4th ability.
  • When preforming combos that has blocking involved, you end up switching weapons unnecessarily.
  • Auto blocking slows you down while trying to run.


What is the solution?

Instead of making the shoot trigger (controller) switch weapons make the reload button able for you to switch or just make the aim trigger to switch and put the block button back to the shoot button. When using melee with this, you are able to block and switch weapons.

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I'm really enjoying melee 3.0, no more melee spam, block is now usable, I just want it to end the damn spin 2 win.

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I absolutely agree that the current state of melee is a down-grade in many aspects:

  • Many stance combos are a joke now, as they have 'slams' built in that rag-doll enemies across the room, mid-combo. Both the range on slams, and their rag-doll needs to be reduced (by like 90%). This also contradicts zaw arcanes like Exodia Hunt, which requires slam attacks to pull... except you just rag-dolled them across the room...
  • The range on many weapons + the amount of locked-in movement makes it extremely hard to hit anything.

With the two points above, most weapons are not viable, or even usable (daggers and fist weapons are especially embarrassing). The only viable weapons are pole-arms (or their 2h siblings), whips, and heavy blades. And of those viable weapons, several stances contain mid-combo slam / knockdown attack (which rag-doll). It is a difficult ask to keep weapon diversity competitive, but leaving melee 2.99 in this state is pathetic. I feel sorry for the employee that implemented melee stances, because those beautiful animations are being wasted.


I won't repeat the other (numerous) issues that were implemented with the start of melee 3.0 listed above.

I want to reiterate that rag-dolling is blatantly out of control.

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