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  1. Also, figure I'd answer the actual thread title, instead of just say why I like melee more... I don't like guns, because they don't feel ninja-y, and this is a game about being a space ninja. I want to zip around with melee weapons, not guns. You can get guns in almost all the other games out there, and they bore me. They're the safest weapon you can think of (ranged). Also, they need ammo. I hate worrying about ammo. None of these concerns are really balance issues or anything that Warframe could change about guns to make me want to use them. I just don't like guns.
  2. Melee is in a good place with its current power level, because it puts you in harm's way while closing the distance with enemy units, and puts in in range of a variety of already-in-existence melee counters, such as the ground punch knockback, flame walls, grapples (oh, the horrible grapples), and Ghoul/Nox type toxic clouds (and I'm sure I'm leaving out some, as I'm getting ready to leave for work). The only time I feel comfortable using melee against difficult content, is while playing a tanky frame like Inaros or Nekros (there are others, but this is just for examples' sake.) Without t
  3. I'd like the OPTION for 1 10 100 1,000 10,000 100,000 1,000,000 PERSONALLY I would NOT want 1K, 1M, 1B type minimalizing, because for some testing of the exact effect of some mods, you need to know the exact values. Letting them linger on screen slightly longer would also be a good option (perhaps allow us to set the delay, customized if we want to).
  4. (all they need to change here, is a 2nd price in "credits" along side a "blueprint" icon, as well as the plat price, perhaps with a slash between the two, on 1 line instead, showing it's either/or, or something to that effect... not a tutorial on how to spend your money.)
  5. Another thought I had: Fomorian Fleet events from the Invasion system could really become a Railjack encounter, or even Optional Railjack encounter... if you want to do it one way or the other (for people without railjacks, or still like doing it the old way.) Similarly, the Jordas Golem boss fight could include the Railjack (optional). And, I always thought it would be neat to fly around in the Sentient Anomaly ship in Archwings, with similar mechanics to open world, using the launcher in the ring menu.
  6. I originally posted this Jan 15, 2020. I understand a barebones system was put out to get it out "on schedule", so more is obviously coming. The vision for Railjack is to connect the entire game world together like glue. From comments on Devstreams, etc, it is my impression that you want us to be able to fly to a planet and engage in the nodes there, (without needing to open the original star chart,) through a combination of Railjack support and away team infiltration, (even going to/from open world surfaces) and even more with Squad-Link in the future - a lone tenno operati
  7. Transparent: If you go to the Arsenal right now, and look at weapons you don't have, they almost all (some are pure credits, fully built), only have a Plat price in the upper left hand corner. While a new player may have clicked on the ones with a credit price, and found the 2nd screen to purchase them, why would someone click on a weapon with a plat price? I know I wouldn't. Until I watched Youtube videos about how you go about getting weapon blueprints from the arsenal, I thought they were all plat-only purchases in there... (and from past RPG experience, I thought I just didn't kn
  8. Nobody is suggesting otherwise here... They're suggesting that the Marketplace be more transparent and not drive players off before they even get a foothold in the game... because once players get hooked, they're more likely to spend money in the future. If they're driven off by a Pay2Win vibe (not even necessarily true), it can spoil their taste for the game before they even know they like it.
  9. This room in the void tileset almost always breaks the extraction waypoint.
  10. They need to make it CLEAR that you can buy weapon/frame blueprints for credits, not plat... but also have the option to buy the fully built, upgraded (with a catalyst/reactor) weapon/frame with Plat. Right now, when you go to "buy frame" one could easily assume it's going to immediately cost you Plat, not bring you to a second purchase screen that shows all the options. (They also need to make a hover-over tooltip for Plat, indicating: trade-able plat and un-trade-able plat, but that's a side point.)
  11. that included requiem relic/mod farming - probably the longest period there. Anyway, not giving speedrun tips, just my "get it gone with little hassle" experience.
  12. As a solo player who didn't want to bother with Liches at all, and randomly created one while running stealthy adaro missions, performing stealth finishers on all my targets, without noticing the Larvling (this was before they changed the hold-to-create, instead of murmur-gain style creation, and I had been helping my friend murmur farm for his Lich, so I was kinda in the mode of "see red, stab red", even though it was the worst thing for me to do)... my preference to hunting the Lich was to ignore all the OP's advice. I farmed all my murmurs to know exactly what parazon mods I'd need (wh
  13. Worst thing was the glassed enemies. They interrupt everything, and they were not worth it. (Same with the Wolf, but he was worse, same with the firebomb throwers, same with the infested hunters ... stop, just stop with the invaders all season long!) They need to be relegated to specific areas that we can CHOOSE to interact with them, only if we want to - with another optional thing we could do/set that would enable them to appear outside of those specific areas, IF we want to engage with that mechanic in the rest of the game. They feel like a bad implementation of Path of Exile's "magic packs
  14. @ZeroX4 I think you're replying to the wrong person, or misinterpret what was said, because Teljaxx is on your side :)
  15. This last string of 3 comments is why I just shake my head and sigh whenever this topic comes up. It's like when people hear "bring alerts back" they think "without any changes exactly like they were!"... when most (if not all) suggestions to bring Alerts back include logical changes to address their obvious flaws.
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