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  1. I'd be happy if Random groups disbanded immediately after each mission, but if you pre-made a group (invited/joined a pre-set before a mission), those members would stick together. I often find myself playing with either 1 or 2 friends only, and we pick up a random 1 or 2 people... but have to disband and reform after each mission to move on quickly. I don't "meet" new friends in online games, I only play with people I already know (or, ideally, solo)
  2. I was always under the impression that it was tied to the Duviri Paradox update, when they address the focus system overhaul they've talked about. (this could be a connection I've personally made, but I'm fairly confident they've mentioned them in this context in dev stream in the past.) My imagination paints it as achieving full synchronicity with your warframe and having a direct connection to the void (similar to the previous transcendence wild beam shooting out of our chests that felt so epic compared to anything the operator can do currently), supercharging your power strength stat,
  3. I disagree with the Flow chart on a fundamental level. My engagement with games is not determined by challenge level and skill level. Other things drive me and impact my enjoyment of a game. Your scenarios would not make me mad or unsatisfied with the game. I'm delighted when the objective is completed before I reach a boss, for instance, because it means I have competent party members, rather than lifeless rocks that just sit at the start and wait for me to do everything. (not that that matters to me either, because I came to complete the mission anyway.)
  4. Commenting on the post topic, not the resulting thread: Given DE's history of nerfing, I am extremely concerned about how they're gonna sledgehammer it, in the name of "balance." When they changed all the stances and ruined quick melee for polearms, I barely played the game for an entire year, aside from just logging in for the daily reward thing. No amount of nerfing melee will make me use guns. (I use the Cedo to have the glaive thingy, and my secondary weapon is mostly just for show; I barely use it.) Guns have been "underpowered" in the game since I started playing, not due to th
  5. I'm 44, first game system was a Colecovision/Atari2600 combo (and a Commodore 64 computer about the same time, with games that took over 10 minutes to load off floppy disks). I've played games long before there were guides and FAQs and internet message boards... I played and helped run a MUD (text based MMO's that you played through a Telnet client, with all commands like "west" to go west one room, "look" to see descriptions and stuff.) I beta tested Ultima Online. I no longer want to stand idly by while game developers squander the potential of what could be fun systems, when they put o
  6. Happily, I've only had to deal with 1 Lich (that I got by accident stabbing a Larvling instead of capturing a target.) I do not ever intend to interact with the Lich system ever again, neither will I be attempting any of the Sisters of Parvos, at least until they change how it all works. (unlikely, to the point of never, as is the chance of my ever touching them.)
  7. Encourage was the wrong word: benefit would fit better. It was entirely to benefit low shield frames, yes. See that as encouragement if that's your perspective. I still never use it... so meh.
  8. The whole point of shield gating, as I saw it, was in part, to say "as long as you have shields, one shot won't take you down (or even a rapid amount in a short time, because burst damage like that doesn't always happen in 1 hit, which is why there is an invulnerable period to take into account all the smaller hits in a small window, otherwise shield gating might as well not exist.) ... it was NOT to make high shield frames even stronger, or even to encourage high shields. It wasn't the intent of the feature. I see no problem with the existing shield gating feature. The Dragon Key interac
  9. I'd be annoyed to no end getting nagging messages like that. I think it's mandatory in European countries to have warnings like that in online games, but I'm glad it's not where I live. Thanks, but no thanks. Really. (personal opt-in / opt-out, would be the only option I'd accept, if it had to go in.)
  10. For something that is just too powerful to ignore, I sure do ignore this enough that it didn't even register as a "thing" to consider until I read this post, and I will go right back to ignoring it and letting people have their fun.
  11. IMO, this is a much bigger issue than making enemies stronger/give them more tools ... or even make warframes weaker/nerf everything. I've posted in several other topics of this sort, trying to bring up this point: For all its appearances, Warframe is not a game about killing enemies. It is a game about opening mobile loot crates and pinatas, some of which also shoot back. Our primary objective through it all is to gather loot, not to kill enemies, regardless of the objective type. We're running missions for the loot. There is no bonus for how we kill enemies, the skill involved in not tr
  12. My ideal Lich System: To initiate having a Lich, you activate a new Lich Quest from the orbiter. This (skippable dialog) quest will fill you in on the lore behind them, and reveal that the Queens are trying to create immortal super troops that only you can permanently kill with your Parazon and the Requiem Mods. We're no longer the creators of these blights, we're the solution. (although failing to kill a Lich allows them to drain/assimilate an ability from you during the Parazon connection.) Larvlings will not appear on any node unless this quest is active. Possible nodes now appear
  13. @GrayArchon and @AuroraSonicBoom The sense I've gotten since the Second Dream, (when it was revealed by the Lotus, that the Tenno established several schools of training for focusing the void) was that the Tenno are several decades (at least, if not centuries) old. They remain children, not because of cryo sleep, but because they're not really real bodies. Their immortality revealed upon in-game "deaths" and immediate rebirths from the void continue this idea. They're FAR from child soldiers in my mind (it's a nice controversial, and "at-first-glance" type of topic that makes for good co
  14. I have a wild speculatory theory that the Tenno weren't kids when they left on the Zariman 10-0. I think they were soldiers/colonists, and they came back as kids... their "parents" being members of the crew that were not able to assimilate the void power into themselves and went mad, killing each other. Thus, the Duviri Paradox may well be an alternate same-time-line, where we see grown versions of us that don't have void powers... not being "reborn" from the void as our hundred-year-old child self-projections - the real us. I know, sounds crazy, and I'm not sure how the Rell situati
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