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  1. You don't recognize the universal greeting? Maybe he needed to present an energon cube snack...
  2. (it seems...) They've had one too many conversations with Grinding Gear Games. They need to stop talking to them. They're a bad influence. (at least from where I'm standing)
  3. If'n'when I choose to create a Lich, after they make a ton of the described changes from the most recent Dev Stream, I'll be going solo, or with a friend(s). I will never stab a lich before knowing all 3 runes, as long as that means insta-death for me, even after I beat the stupid thing to a pulp. I will not engage with the Lich system while the "insta-death" on failure system remains in place. (this is something they said they're removing.) I will always endeavor to keep my Lich's level as low as possible, so the grind isn't made into a more of a slog than it already seems to be, by making the enemies even harder in future murmur hunts, whereby I couldn't just bring weapons to level as I'm accomplishing other tasks, rather than being fully geared up and ready for a mini wolf of saturn six. Yeah, don't need that trouble. At least until they make a reason for higher level liches being beneficial to a player. (like the converted lich helper being stronger, or having a function that is influenced by their level, that I want to manipulate to my benefit.) You can harp all you like about how efficient your method is, or how deaths don't mean anything, but it won't change how I play. Good for you, you'll never have to play with me, and I never have to deal with your unreasonable expectations of others' choices.
  4. Removing the 24hr wait between them is the least I'd do to change the Mastery Rank nonsense. I'm MR23, and I don't think the Mastery Rank tests really tested anything relevant about the game. In the REAL game, you use SPY frames for stealthy missions, just for 1 instance. Tests with disappearing floors, or timed parkour gauntlets where you also have to shoot targets to maintain the timer... really? That's not mastering anything remotely like the real game's content. They might be considered personal challenges that one can impose upon themselves, but that's about as far as it goes. It's not Mastering the game of Warframe as I've seen in all my time playing. At least without a wait, one could get into a "groove" "in the zone", or whathaveyou, that eventually, you'll just flow through a challenge. The way the tests are broken up when practicing with all the load in times and repeating "cinematic" intros just add to the tedium of retrying until you get it. At no point do I feel any of the tests added to my Warframe experience or gave me an essential skill to take forward into the rest of the game. There's no "getting good" at Warframe involved with the mastery tests... it's "getting good" at ... mastery tests... and I fail to see how that's good for the game in general. It reminds me a LOT of another game's idea of a "test" for advancing in their class system... I'm sure people on these forums would be familiar with it ... and it drove me out of that game. Happily, they're removing it from their 2nd campaign... so I'll give it another chance then. Not that that helps Warframe any, with its insistence on having these tests.
  5. On PS4@4, Danielle said they were waiting to bundle all the fixes in with the new PC content that was going to be released soon(tm). So, instead of just having a hotfix go to cert, it'll be the hotfixes + the new content. For them to be waiting like this seems to me like that content is soon to drop... but not too soon. (like there would be a week wait betweent the hotfix and the new content, so they'd have back to back certs or something. - obvious speculating) Given the next content drop will likely be Nightwave Season 3, it would make sense that they're synching up all the code for that multi-console simultaneous release (like Nightwave has been. And they generally give at least a week's notice, if not more, of when a Nightwave series or intermission is ending.) That's likely the "tricky" part about giving a timeframe for this, since that Nightwave is said to still be in development, and they have to get it working on all the platforms. (and they said they're introducing Lich and Railjack Nightwave acts... *rolls eyes* ... but there's more of the tricky stuff, I guess.)
  6. The term "Auction House" misrepresents the intended mechanic: an asynchronous trade system that lets items be listed for buy-out prices, with an in-game searchable method to be found by buyers, and be transfered to buyers for that price, while the seller is busy playing or out working or at school. Items could be listed with a Ducat Tax that would simultaneously become a supply-sink (prime parts would have to be traded in for ducats for this "auction house" to be used by people) and set a "minimum" value on trades, since it cost that person who listed the item something of value to them (Ducats., which means Prime Parts, which could have been traded for plat.) This gets around the issue of a "Plat Tax" while simultaneously being a Plat tax by proxy. The number of items listed could be limited to 5 per day. (your normal limit of trades per day would still exist, but the "Auction House" could only be used for 5 of them, and then your item would no longer appear in people's searches, as the trade would not be available.) All listed items for sale would have to be sold for their listed prices, which would eliminate the biggest issue with 3rd party listings... where you don't have to actually go through with a sale, manipulating the market without even owning the item that you've listed. No ghost listings will exist in an in-game "Auction House", which will create a realistic view of the actual market. A price history with buyers/sellers listed, the date, and amount the sale went for, could be provided, giving people an idea of what an item is really worth, and if shady shenanigans are going on with people buying/selling in a group to manipulate prices. (with the limited number of daily trades within this system, it would require a large network of people, and to mask their intentional cross-trading to manipulate prices would be much harder to orchestrate. And they'd be wasting tons of Ducats and the plat those could translate into with buying Prime mods from Baro to sell later, or other such things.) The people citing real-world economics issues of supply and demand don't really understand all the precautions that could be implemented into the system to curb the negative aspects that they foresee going into a wild downward spiral. In any case, a more accessible method of trade in-game, without standing around doing nothing with your hand held over your head, would promote more fun gameplay, and less tedious stuff. Currently, people who don't trade have 0 value in anything they own. With such a system in place, even if it's only worth 1 plat, that's an infinite increase in value, and they'd suddenly be able to make *SOME* plat, rather than none, and stay totally free to play. It may take a lot more trades than the current system, because the current system is cumbersome and annoying and is only used by a fraction of the playerbase (creating false scarcity that benefits those who DO use the system, but only them... a beneficial contained loop that keeps out normal players.) Edit: The "5" limit per day may have to be a little higher to match the trade slots, since I think they changed that to allow the trading of the full sets of certain things that needed all those slots. I don't recall exactly. The limitation stands, though, a low number that limits the impact of the "Auction House" so it's not opening up the floodgates of everybody's entire inventory that they choose to list. The limited number of slots also works as a "minimum value" for trades, since you'll only really want to sell what's really valuable, and not "waste" a slot on a 1 plat item. And it'll limit stupidly high asking prices, since an item that sits there taking up a slot isn't selling... and potentially limits your per day profits.
  7. They are similar in "what you do" comparisons. You run around shooting things and collecting loot, in space. They have similar options for weaponry. They have both open worlds and "strikes". Both have a range of classes with special powers to choose from (9 when I left D2, 40+ in Warframe) Both have their pros and cons. Both focus on different audiences: One is a horde shooter, the other is a tactical shooter (huge difference, and huge point of contention in WF discussions about difficulty). One lets you use your powers freely, the other limits their use to a trickle (in most cases, with outliers like sun grenades and dark vampire, using Exotics to facilitate special ability interactions to regain energy faster) One lets you run free with melee, the other treats melee like another heavy weapon with ammo... One has a slow, plodding pace where cover matters, and has really high regeneration time on health/shields (so the cover provides a chance to restore health), whereas the other is fast paced, and movement is cover, with no early-game methods of fast health restoration, but many late-game options.| One has banked on highly randomized layouts of areas and enemy encounters, while the other is heavily scripted. One has immediately usable drops and a large on-the-fly-arsenal system that lets you be quite adaptable to the situation you find yourself in, and makes loot interesting on the way up (not so much once you hit the top, and has its own problems with the light levels associated with it.) while the other drops blueprints that you have to take back to craft as well as the ingredients to craft them, and your arsenal is quite limited in the field to what you prepare to bring ahead of time. I'm more biased to how Warframe has been designed, but D1/2 have some good points as well that I wouldn't mind seeing more of in Warframe. Most features from either game would be out of place in the other, and are not good comparisons, however. (reducing the hordes and making warframe more of a tactical shooter with stronger enemies, limited energy, and using cover... kinda makes it a totally different game... for instance.) I don't know why D2 would be compared with Warframe more NOW than before... the only thing changing is D2 going F2P-ish. (I don't see myself ever going back to D1/2)
  8. MR23 here, and I don't think the "mastery tests" denote anything special about me. Most of them were easy. Some were frustrating. They ALL encouraged finding a way to cheese them, due to the 24wait nonsense... so getting through the most reliable way possible, with least chance of failure due to wierd quirky behavior of the tests, was favored - EVEN IF one could easily do them the way they were intended to be done. (the 24hr "penalty" is garbage for more than one reason.) MR 9 and 19 being particularly atrocious, because in the ACTUAL GAME, you use spy frames... they test a self-imposed condition that we can take on as a personal challenge, and call it a mastery test? Sorry, no. If you play the rest of the game like those supposed mastery tests... you're doing it wrong. (The relatively recent - after I already passed them - change to the detection sensitivity of enemies changed the conditions of the original tests' difficulty factors by a large margin, IMO. They need to tweak those tests to take into account how it works now. That may be as simple as changing their patrol routes, length of their pauses, which direction they're facing while paused, etc... but they NEED tweaking.) I consider the easy Mastery Rank tests to be mandatory speed bumps... and the worst to be sadistic situations made to be recorded and watched by their makers for them to laugh at all the failures. As a game developer, I don't take kindly to devs who like to torture players. (and while I don't know the motivations behind the selection "tests" they devised, it sure feels like they were doing it on purpose. Othe games do have devs who actively say they like to watch players fail... like it's their job to kill players, or whatever fail condition exists, and they derive great pleasure in that... while I feel games should be FUN for the players, not the game makers...)
  9. This assumes they intend players to continue from node to node to node... when they've said they want Warframe gameplay to be in bite-sized amounts, not extended "endurance runs" like more-than-an-hour-long survivals. With how long it takes to complete nodes without avionics like Void Hole, even on Saturn Proxima, combined with the extended "scavenging" portion of the mission taking close to 30min (10min at least just to collect fighter/crewship drops), and longer for strip mining of an asteroid chain... even solo, I find myself spending close to an hour on a single mission. With my friend joining the crew, he hates mining/collecting after a mission (and hasn't upgraded his own Railjack a single time), he still insists on returning to the dry dock after each mission to spend his intrinsics. I also want to return to dry dock after each mission, just to bank all the resources we just got. (too many potential bugs to lose everything if we don't.) So, even with a bonus from mission to mission, I'd still want to return to dry dock between each one, and so would my friend. Plus, for a random group, returning to Dry Dock is the only really good time to leave squad and get on with other activities, without potentially losing some stuff. They need a better solo extraction method than "abort mission"... and I haven't done PUGing, so I don't know how the system handles adding new members to squads already in missions to replace people who leave like that. Overall, there needs to be a better "between missions" "mode" of some sort to let people handle their business (like inventory management, intrinsic spending, upgrading ships, all while on the host's railjack, without returning to dry dock, to make your request seem viable, at least from my point of view.
  10. This is not a "Priority" topic at the moment (but will be once Railjack begins to grow beyond tech demo.) I understand a barebones system was put out to get it out "on schedule", so more is obviously coming. The vision for Railjack is to connect the entire game world together like glue. From comments on Devstreams, etc, it is my impression that you want us to be able to fly to a planet and engage in the nodes there, (without needing to open the original star chart,) through a combination of Railjack support and away team infiltration, (even going to/from open world surfaces) and even more with Squad-Link in the future - a lone tenno operative is... -... Current Railjack nodes have RNG variety built into them. This is good and bad. They have variety, but it's hidden by RNG. What I mean by that is, they're all marked as "Skirmishes" as far as I'm aware. This hides the number of different mission types: Skirmish (all nodes) Assassination (kill galleon/base captain) Sabotage (coordinated Railjack/Away team attack on a base) Espionage (Steal prototype crewship) Just having these alternate mission types listed (guaranteed encounters), would psychologically increase the player understanding that there is more variety in Railjack missions, as well as provide locations where you know you'll encounter a certain gameplay scenario. OTHER random objectives could also appear in an "Assassination" node, like fighting past a Missile Base (Sabotage) on your way to the galleon... but the Assassination mission is the core of the node that is always there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Expanding/Trimming Mission Gameplay Objectives: Currently, they ALL require killing a small fleet of enemy ships, ramping up from 20 fighters, 2 crew ships, to stupidly high 90 fighters, 6+ crew ships, from what I gather from the wiki (I'm still on Saturn, only really progressing through nodes when I can play with 1 friend.) I'm only guessing here, but the skirmish objective (to kill a certain number of enemy fighters and crew ships) is there to set a limit to how many enemies you will encounter in the mission, creating an "end of mission" opportunity and prevents endless runs (because there has to be a good point for people to get their rewards, since there isn't a good "solo extraction" method to Railjack yet) ... but it also sets a minimum "kill this many" stipulation, that kinda dampens the fun, and makes them all feel "same-y," IMO. So, they're all like exterminate missions, with a "Just kidding! It's not just an exterminate mission..." it's also a "change of plans Tenno, go sabotage this Grineer ship/base over yonder." or "kill a captain of a galleon." (and the stupidly scheduled Sentient ship anomaly) That's the thing I dislike about Capture & Mobile Defense that suddenly become exterminate everything (I chose those nodes for a reason, thankyouverymuch.) So the missions are very random and you don't really know if you'll get the experience you want out of selecting that place to go to. The inclusion of the "exterminate" skirmish part of EVERY SINGLE NODE also gets old fast (especially as the numbers required per mission are ballooning up. The interesting side objectives that require away teams should be the focal point of certain nodes, while space combat is emphasized in others, and peaceful mining and resource gathering is the focus of others. Having certain nodes always include certain points of interest (like a Ship Killer platform, Grineer Galleon, Sentient ship), with limited enemy ships (some without any Crew Ships, just fighters.) along with a UI change of "node type" indicators, would go a long way to making them feel less monotonous. So instead of all "Skirmish" markers, you'd have nodes like: Skirmish (another name for Exterminate, really) Disable Carrier Ship (Lots of extra fighters to fight off, perhaps no Crew Ships. Destroying the hangar prevents them from launching more. - focus on railjack combat) Assassinate (Galleon Captain, base commander, lead scientist, Kuva Lich (more on this one later)) Coordinated Sabotage (Ship Killer Platform, Pulse Generator, Missile Platform - Away-team/Railjack-team cooperative base take-downs - needs a better "name") Investigate Infested Derelict (very few or no enemy ships, since they're staying far away from the infestation. Space-mining would yield more pustrels near these places.) Intercept Top-Secret Courier (disable/slingshot into ship, board, loot cache or hack computer, escape - no other fighters, crew ships, etc) Normal Mission nodes with Railjack Assistance (Remote Hacking) - entered during Railjack missions, not star chart: Sabotage Grineer Galleon (hey, that's one of our current non-railjack nodes... yeah, exactly. Wouldn't take much to port this one over. This is not the coordinated version above, it just works like the normal node.) Rescue (Just like the regular rescue nodes - objective-wise) Spy (I know limited versions of the tilesets were implemented, likely due to memory concerns, since it's dealing with all the Railjack stuff simultaneously, so it may take some fancy tricks to make some of the old mission types work within the framework of a railjack mission going on simultaneously - not that all of them need to be simultaneous... some nodes could just have a quick railjack skirmish on the way in with a few fighters followed by cloaking the ship and the whole team infiltrating the location like any other mission node while Cy moves the Railjack to the extraction point.) Really "random" occurrences could be: (these are not "objectives" but random things that you can encounter.) These do not appear in the objectives list, as it's not an objective required to clear the mission. Loot Supply Convoy (lots of boardable non-crew-ships with chests filled with planetary materials rather than Railjack materials) (not farmable, since you'll never know if it'll appear in your mission, but a pleasant surprise.) Void Storm (Void energy "pockets" appear in space that can be collected as void traces. Hitting these pockets has random extra results. Randomly changing flux energy and warframe energy. Higher variance in damage and falloff ranges as the void twists space. Nova-like tunnels appear randomly. Enemies drop void traces but are not corrupted - it's not a fissure and doesn't open relics - although, it could enable a planetary node to become a temporary one-time fissure through squad-link or something. The railjack team members would each be able to select a reward from the relics that the ground team open - and the ground team would earn a ton more void traces from the Railjack team's actions.) Abandoned Mining Facility (Low fighter presence - it's ABANDONED; higher concentration of Titanium, Asterite, etc.) more... just brainstorming for now... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kuva Lich related nodes could be: Treasure Ship (they're stealing all those resources... and they're going somewhere... this is where. Raid their treasure ships and get some stuff back, before you actually kill your Lich. Beware, your Lich may be personally inspecting his/her shiny collection.) Research Facility (Spy vault style mission where you hack their weapons-design-files and have an opportunity to obtain "Kuva Weapons", without killing Liches. Various activities during the mission could be used to influence the resulting weapon, from which type it is (gathering the parts), to its element (the power core you put in it) and bonus roll % (materials used to construct it). A Mobile Defense portion could be initiated at certain points where the Grineer try to stop you from using their equipment to fabricate the weapon and you have to protect it while it does its job. This could/should result in your Lich appearing at the end like an assassination target to prevent you from leaving with the weapon you create with their tech. The gathering of the parts, power core, and materials to construct the Kuva Weapon could be done in other mission types, but it all comes together in these R&D labs with much faster construction tech than our orbiters - they do have to outfit cloned armies really fast.. stands to reason they got fast at producing weapons too. Liches will still drop their Kuva Weapon on death, but it's not the only way to get one, now.) Massing Thralls (For some reason, many thralls have amassed in a certain location, perhaps to perform a special task for their Lich master. Looks like a good opportunity. They may drop nav coordinates to the Lich Fortress Ship) Taking on these missions could reduce Lich influence over an area, since you take out so many thralls, or prevent a Lich from taking over new areas of the star chart. Lich Fortress Ship (Create a LIch Fortress Ship "Key" from nav coordinates gathered from Thralls. This mission is only undertaken when you want to finally kill off your Lich or convert them into allies. Ideally, it's only when you want to switch to a different type of Nemesis, like Grineer to Corpus to Infested. The mission would progress as seen in the Railjack Demo, with opportunity for Squad-Link objectives.) Suddenly, the Liches don't have to be quickly farmed bosses... they can become a Nemesis that you are battling, with ways to obtain the Kuva Weapons and stolen goods without killing them off real fast. There's more to this last point, but I'm just trying to keep it to Railjack Mission Node Variety. Hope this inspires more variety.
  11. Even if they hate part of the game: Some people just keep logging in for the daily login reward progression. Some people feel obligated to play with their friends. Some people want everything from Nightwave, and that can require playing through content they don't like to get stuff. Some people want Mastery Rank from stuff you only get from content they don't like, so they slog through it anyway. Some people are completionists. Some people want trophies. Some people ... there are a lot of reasons... if you can stop and not play that content, it will help the situation, yes. I personally have not created a Lich, just to not skew the participation numbers in favor of the system. My friend created one accidentally, and we still haven't dealt with it... but we still crack the requiem relics once in a while (we only run Kuva Capture Floods for guaranteed relics) to see if we can find the words he still needs (not even going to attempt it before he has all of them... for now, the Lich is contained to Eris, which he never goes to anyway.) People also "complain" on forums to see stuff get fixed so they WILL like it in the future. Seems silly to stop playing a game just because you don't like a single part of it, depending on how optional it is. (Stuff like melee combat, and all you do is melee combat, and they mess up melee combat... yeah, that sort of person would stop playing the game entirely, or only slog through what they had to until it's fixed. Class progression requiring mini-games that are unrelated to the real game are sometimes deal-breakers for people. FFXI had some really annoying rank up tests for Salaheem's Sentinels' reputation system in the Treasures of Aht Urghan expansion... I slogged through those because you really needed that story completed for endgame stuff that my guild participated in. Path of Exile's Labyrinth was a game-breaker for me, because that mini-game that played by its own rules was required to "finish" a build, no matter how much people said they were optional... no, not really.) So, stuff like Mastery Rank tests here in Warframe have the potential to be just as bad of a deal breaker for some, since often you're required to do things that you really don't do in the entire rest of the game... but people will keep playing the rest of the game... (as far as they can with mastery rank lockouts on some gear)... until they're fed up with that thing and just quit - and I don't blame them, nor look down on them for such a decision.
  12. Keeping my intrinsic feedback in this thread: Intrinsic Gains The "Intrinsic gained report" at the first end-of-mission-screen not matching actual gains (and sometimes not even the 2nd end-of-mission summary screen, giving 3 separate Intrinsic numbers after each mission) has been reported. This is highly confusing/disappointing. Sometimes it even requires leaving the Dojo to see true intrinsic levels. Since others have mentioned this point: I always host, because my Railjack is upgraded to maximum clan research tech (if that matters to the bug). I know my friend has had to leave the dojo after each battle to actually receive his intrinsics (after the "end of mission" report screen that appears on his orbiter - it seems it doesn't count the mission as truly over until returning to the orbiter, as can also be seen as reflected in mission times not ending until being in the orbiter, not just the drydock in the dojo - you even noticed this time discrepancy on one of the dev streams/prime times... but I think there's more to it than the timer.) In my duo, I pilot, he boards/engineers. I walk away from most missions with 1 or 2 intrinsics... he gets 10+. I killed 60+ fighters and sealed up breaches while he was boarding crew ships... something is horribly wrong with this picture. Piloting is not fun to me, but I'm stuck with it... it should be at least as rewarding as boarding these enemy stations. Intrinsic gains need to actually be shared with the entire team, regardless of where they are (Steve said intrinsics were "infinite" share distance... I don't see evidence of that). That goes for drops as well, which is another known issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Intrinsic Perks I think the Archwing intrinsics should be part of an Archwing intrinsic tree of its own. Maybe an "Away Team" intrinsic of some sort, shuffling around the Tactical "Recall Warp" and "Join Warp", as well as the Slingshot/warhead perks to this new tree. Gunnery 10 should allow the pilot/gunner to control any unmanned guns. (in the case there is a pilot and a gunner, the pilot would take precedence. If the pilot leaves the cockpit to do engineering stuff or something, a gunner could control the pilot seat guns from a side gun position.) I'm going to actively avoid getting Gunnery10 until the current one is radically changed - it seems like an active hinderance, rather than a perk. Gunnery could also have a perk that allows the Pilot to take over the Forward Artillery fire control (as they're the ones aiming anyway - perhaps "switching weapons" like between primary and secondary weapons in normal warframe situations) Sure, this might take away from the epic-ness that was shown in the demo, but right now, that cannon down there isn't very epic anyway. If someone could access the forge from the lower seat, to forge dome charges (and any other forge actions) as well as fire the cannon... it would be more of a pilot's assistant/bridge crew station, rather than simply Fire Control for a weapon that doesn't even instakill crew ships without assistance. Engineering... should be more of a super-charger, rather than a supply maker, IMO. The whole "miracle worker" trope, pushing the ship past the normal limits in a crisis, would be the goal. They could: super-charge shield regeneration flight speed increase extended boost duration fix all breaches when sealing a single breach (or just AoE, room fixing, within sections sectioned off by doors, without spending extra revolite) boost turret damage "rotate shield frequencies" to make them immune to energy weapons briefly for a brief time: allow use of avionics that normally consume flux, for no flux cost... that sort of stuff ... and this stuff would not be linked to "Flux Energy" consumption (as fully illustrated in the last perk suggestion). Tactical could provide more situational awareness, like: more information in the HUD about ship supplies remote access to the forge (less of an engineering thing, with their focus re-trained on boosts, rather than crafting) chance to not consume resources when doing things that normally expend them (like firing Ordinance could not consume munitions randomly, or the Forward Artillery getting a free dome charge use.) They could have a way to help restore flux energy to the Railjack, in more of a regen sort of way, rather than crafting flux energy in the forge. "Move-find-item" (Final Fantasy Tactics reference)... they'd have a chance to randomly generate stockpile resources as the ship moves around. (has the potential to be abused, so it would take some "refining" of the idea, just brainstorming here, for now.) This could be a gunnery trait... but fits tactical as well: When Aiming-Down-Sights, see enemy weak points. Tactical could be able to activate the Railjack's onboard defense features to help ward off boarding parties... Tactical could have access to the remote hacking stuff showcased in the demo to take over enemy turrets, open locked doors, on enemy bases etc. I would NOT tie Quality of Life improvements to Tactical (like a functional radar for enemies, greatly increased/added loot detection and vacuum... things that should be universal.) I'm still thinking about what Piloting could use... All I want from the Command tree is a way to have my crew repair the ship and "hold off" boarding parties until I can deal with them. If they can control the ship to keep it following a target that I lock on to, so I can go run to the Archwing Slingshot, board the crew ship, destroy its reactor and recall back to return to piloting... even better. I don't care about NPCs manning the turrets (though that's more than likely a feature they'll have). That's it for now... 2am...
  13. I am not a dogfighter; I am not a sharpshooter; I prefer autocannons, firing in the general area of enemy ships until *some* of my attack spray hits them. The Cryophon was never going to be in my arsenal, given its stats and style. All that said, the change as described and shown, was unnecessary and heavy-handed, given what is required to make use of it. I don't understand the "nerf it because it's popular" train that DE is on these days... because it's not anywhere in the realm of sensible from my standpoint. (and I stand to benefit on PS4 from the future changes, and I don't think this change is good. Cryphon doesn't need to be made worse, to make the other weapons be used more... it hurts my head to think someone thinks this makes sense.)
  14. I'm more and more convinced that the removal of Alerts was to slow down the acquisition of cash shop items for free. (cosmetic helmets, reactors, catalysts, etc), since they take MUCH longer to acquire now with the limited standing system. (it would take YEARS (more than 3, my last calculation) to get everything I got in my first year playing, when Alerts existed.
  15. Loot radar AND VACUUM needs to be at LEAST 1.5km. All drops from fighters should be within 1.5km on death due to weapon ranges and a little leeway for death-spirals, thus "insta-collect" of fighter drops. I'd say, flying through the center of each segment of the asteroid field as you go through an earth proxima mission from start to orokin tower should net you all the stuff around them. If you can shoot it, you should be able to collect it. That simple. (and sometimes the "physics" send things flying... so again, the lee-way of vacuum beyond weapon range.) I would extend this to Archwings as well. There's no benefit to the game to make people strain their eyes looking for things and go hunt and peck to find every little bit. That's not "neat"... that's tedious. It breaks the "flow" of the enjoyment of the game. It's like "game's over, time to go home." (or AFK on the railjack as the case may be, while the pilot collector/miner goes on a S.....L....O....W.... treasure hunt with what amounts to a metal detector on a beach.)
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