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  1. As a F2P player early on, getting those boosters felt more like a slap in the face, than a help of any kind. Now that I've got over 1250 logins, my boosters last like 47 hrs or something... but I still don't let them influence when I play, because I don't need credits, affinity, or resources anymore... They'll never have to worry about booster sales with me... I won't spend on temporary things. Having the boosters run out of time while I'm offline is like overkill on making something I'll never spend my real money on. Those super short timers early on are something I think they should look at reconsidering, IMO.
  2. Yep, removing the Murmur bonus to party members would be a great change, given the attitude at work here.
  3. This is what I was gonna suggest, just to make all this bickering go away. DE was trying to be nice and give people a little bonus, but then people started demanding it like it was their due. A lich is a PERSONAL nemesis. What you do with dealing with your own nemesis is up to you. SOME players cannot handle a leveled up Lich, so "always stabbing" is NEVER going to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Forcing those people who can't deal with the power of a lich to now solo them because they're not stabbing them to not level them up, but they still need to farm murmurs (in a co-op game everyone keeps claiming is so important of a feature that everyone should always want to play in a group)... is kinda backwards thinking there guys. Always downing a Lich/Sister is reasonable to expect for people who have kept up with all the changes to the system, but there are plenty of people who don't read the message boards and don't read patch notes, and don't watch dev streams, and just know how it worked when the system launched. It's going to be a long educational campaign every time you encounter people who haven't kept up. I don't expect everyone who's ever played, and stopped for a while if they hated liches when they first launched, to come back and research it, expecting some sort of change to the system. (things go untouched for years, there's no reason to expect that would have changed.) And if someone isn't downing their Lich... YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF... and most of the people claiming this is a problem are people who say they can handle a level 5 nemesis solo, no problem anyway... no issue here. If someone misses their lich because the team downs it too fast... oh well, shoulda solo'd it? Be civil people. Play nice. Let people play how they want. Don't expect things to go your way.
  4. Josh Strife Hayes clearly exaggerates often in his reviews. He makes mountains out of molehills. He doesn't get a complete picture of the games in question. I don't agree with everything he criticized. However, his experience with Warframe overall, matches up with nearly 99% of all "first impression" playthroughs I've watched of people without a guide who has played Warframe and can explain things to them. The disconnect I see, between the Devs and this reality, is that DE's "metrics" are giving them bad information, OR they're fine taking the loss of players who experience their game for the first time without a guide. They have gone on the record on Dev streams or interviews saying things like 'changes to the new player experience doesn't lead to higher retention rates'... but what changes are they talking about? Just to the beginner tutorial up to Vor's Prize? Are they talking about graphic improvements? I don't think they're looking at the right information. I know I'm personally an outlier. I solo everything, I research everything in depth, I don't mind a grind - to a point. I personally didn't need an actual player to walk me through by the hand; but I did have Youtube guides instead, practically doing the same thing. I did have wiki pages explaining everything that the game totally leaves out. I "pushed past" the rough spots, because the core gameplay itself was fun enough. "Pushing through" bad patches of the game is not something you can rely on everyone who might otherwise like the game, to do reliably. People who aren't invested in the story, or friends, or the customization and build options available to them (because they just don't understand all the systems in play), COULD be kept in the game with several improvements to the "New Player Experience", which I'd define as the story up to Natah, understanding modding, understanding where they get everything and how they get the components (purchasing blueprints for credits instead of plat, where you get resources, how you open planets, how you get new quests, what their goals should be - step by step...)... The "New Player Experience" doesn't end at Vor's Prize. To me, DE fits the meme where there's a dog sitting at a table in a room on fire, saying "This is fine"... when talking about the New Player Experience... because they're being held aloft by players who are assuming the bulk of the "on boarding" phase of the game. The game itself is doing its best to push players away in the early game. Veterans walking new players through this are essentially giving them an oxygen mask and clearing the way with a firehose, telling people that it's just the lobby that's on fire... the rest of the place is great. Whether or not the number of players who they lose to this is significant enough to invest time in making a polished experience is "worth it"... seems pretty clear cut to me. Sure, go ahead and call me an armchair dev who doesn't have all the data... but I think you're ignoring reality. (I am currently a hobbyist game developer, programming and creating games of my own, though none are near publishing as of now, given my part time job and other realities of life, and working as a team of 1)
  5. @quxierJust a side note, and not to dismiss your idea offhand: I think a key feature of the polarity system is the idea of the positive & negative of polarizing a slot simultaneously. If you can just swap those around to whatever you want them to be, with the cost of a single forma, I think it belittles that concept and makes it little more than a vestige of the original system. It would clearly be a clean system and would be beneficial to players, as only 1 forma would ever need to be spent per slot you want to ever polarize in any way. (I just think that would cut down on their plat sales on forma and potentially 2nd versions of some frames/weapons for the bigger whales that I've never met.) Having people spend forma for each polarity they want to use in a slot retains the original positive and negative of using the forma, at least until a person spends another forma to add the 2nd desired polarity to a specific slot (and this still retains the negative system for the 3 other polarities, still, until a person spends 4 forma and and Umbra forma all on the same slot, to remove the potential negative impact of polarizing the slot. I just think the 2nd idea there has more likelyhood of being implemented, since it retains the spirit of the original system, only adding an expensive way to mitigate the downside with a TON of player investment (and possibly a higher amount of plat being spent on forma - perhaps enough to offset the loss of sales from those people who would otherwise be re-forma-ing over existing slots when they make changes and the buying of 2nd frames/weapons to have different loadouts - plus all the time they now have to invest in playing the game to re-level the frame/weapon in question for each re-forma-ing. I think more people would be inclined to spend more forma on each piece of gear they use multiple loadouts for.) I'm just trying to figure out the most likely implemented solution to this change that would also be beneficial to DE's bottom line (since the design choice here SEEMS to me, to be monitization based, rather than a simple design issue.)
  6. Best solution: (IMO) Apply Forma to empty slot: works like now. Apply Forma to polarized slot: Add NEW polarity to list of polarities active in the slot. (Edit to clarify: Instead of replacing the polarity with the forma, it adds the new polarity to the list of simultaneously active polarities. V, D, -, = and Umbral could ALL be active in the SAME slot, if you keep putting forma into it, allowing that slot to become less restrictive for your other loadouts.) Now, all slots can be forma'd to accept all polarities, if you want to spend that much time and forma... (as long as a matching polarity exists for the Mod you're trying to install, you get the bonus, if there is a polarity that does not match in that slot, you still get the negative, until you add a forma for the negative polarity you're trying to use there.)
  7. He had a good first video as a "First Impression" only. The 2nd video about "100 hrs until it gets good", while directed at the comment itself, was paired up almost exclusively with Warframe gameplay footage, so if he didn't mean to direct it at Warframe, that was a mistake. Plus, in Warframe, it does not take 100hrs for the story to get good (you can reach the Natah Quest much sooner than that,) and the game itself is already good... he himself admitted that in his first impression video... he was having a blast. Anything added to that would only make the game better. Additionally, GOOD MMOs and other online games with RPG style progression SHOULD start out with a minimal set of options available to you, that you unlock more abilities and areas and "things" as you level up and explore the world. So, 100hrs in, it CAN, in some people's minds, "get good" at that point, compared to what it was... But, if you throw ALL that stuff at a player at the very beginning of the game, it's not good, either for story or character progression. If a reviewer doesn't want to take the time to play the game all the way into "mid game"... past the "First Impression" stage, their review is going to be surface level and not indicative of the real game they're talking about. If they don't go to past "mid game", they're not going to have a full picture of what the game turns into, after you finish the bulk of your progression. IF a reviewer wants to give a fair full review of a game (and not just a first impression), they should at least try to get a temporary "journalist boosted" character from the devs for the purpose of the review (they do this... I don't know how hard it is to get this.) The 3rd video about parasitic game elements is... dubious at best. I mean, it can only really describe a thing added to the game that, over time, is never integrated into the main systems of the game. How long do devs have to integrate a system before it can be defined as parasitic? This is hard to define. I'd say most additions to online games need to start out this way for devs to see if it works or not, and whether it's a good idea to invest time and money to further integrate it. I think Warframe has a few of these, but not as many as people have listed above. I don't expect every reviewer to level their way into midgame or late game. I also don't take the word of a reviewer to dictate whether or not I'll play a game. The only reason these Youtubers are of any concern, is because DE have, in the past, made design changes based on publicity like this. Even though many things he's saying have been said on the forums, and their own data shows some bad info about player retention, an outside voice from a youtube reviewer MIGHT get DE's attention, and MIGHT get them to think more about this topic. Overall, the New Player Experience, past the tutorial, until Natah, needs some work to keep players invested in the story. DE doesn't want to do this. This guy's first impression might help.
  8. The biggest problem I see, is that early on in Warframe's history, they were releasing Live Events to introduce new mechanics and bosses and enemies... however, once those events were over, the quests were never hard-coded into the actual game's story. Anyone starting after those events (and now even after Scarlet Spear - they haven't learned anything), won't know what happened. They're confronted with boss dialog as they're running through assassination missions on these planets without any context, and they're being accused of doing things in the live event that they never took part in. What I like about the placement of the Natah quest, is that it lets players get into a certain mindset about themselves and the world before having it all turned on its head. Suddenly, with that quest, you're questioning the person you're taking orders from, and then the first cinematic quest makes you question who you are. We just need the connecting dots put in there, instead of just telling people to clear planets and junctions to progress without any real reason.
  9. This sounds all cute and "why not"-ish at first glance... but I see it as a bad idea. It blatantly triggers the gambling alarms that the random relics already sneak by just under the wire. It also leads to more potential anger and toxicity from those already trying to find groups to rad share the same relics... they already deal with people not actually equipping the right relic, or not having a radiant relic... and now you want to have a system that requires people bringing the same relics (or relics that drop the same items), to trigger some random special reward. I just don't see this ending well. (not to be a killjoy, just extrapolating out the results in my head, based on past experience.)
  10. I log in every day, and I still missed the in-game notice. I watched Tennocon, and spent my creds soon after, so this didn't impact me, but plenty of people don't watch stuff like that. I have an overseas friend who was taking a break from Warframe to go back to Elder Scrolls Online, and he missed everything from a month before Tennocon until... still hasn't returned to the game, so he certainly missed it. (his first Nightwave, and he really needs the stuff he missed.) Creds simply shouldn't expire. The In-game Cred Store's "refresh" timer should become a count-down to the event closing. The in-game event dashboard should create a new entry for the end of Nightwave with a countdown clock. An in-game email should be sent to all accounts as soon as they know the event is ending. Any one of these changes would be great... there's plenty of room for improvement here. (I'd like to see all of them, of course. I don't care how many people miss Baro, this would at least help with some who miss the current Nightwave ending stuff... I'm sure some people will still miss it... doesn't mean they shouldn't try to make this better.)
  11. Doesn't matter either way to me, it's their choice. Doing anything for my personal immediate benefit that will end up making their life harder in the future (in the case of someone who just doesn't want to level up their nemesis), is something I'd never expect or ask of anyone else.
  12. It was an abnormally short warning period. The warning was arguably not placed in a prominent location (as much as people like to say it was... it really wasn't... from my point of view. I mean... an in-game email, and an actual change to the timer in the shop interface - since it says the shop will just refresh all the way up til the end, never that it will just end - are both reasonable suggestions to help alleviate this sort of thing in the future. For such a limited currency, being able to be spent on things that otherwise cost plat (reactors/catalysts), deciding which to spend them on can be something that one deliberates on right up to the end. (I didn't spend them until a few days ago myself, because I didn't know which I'd need more.) Having them go poof has always been a bad design decision, IMO. (it defeats at least one stated design goal of Nightwave, trying to relieve the FOMO of alerts, allowing you to slowly work your way up to certain rewards over time, without worry of missing out on limited time availability. Oops, yeah, not working out there.) The "sucks to be you" attitude on display from some people here is disheartening to see in an otherwise mostly supportive community, especially when reasonable suggestions have been made to make the situation suck less.
  13. Yeah, it was a really short warning period... I don't even recall the end date, just that it would be soon after Tennocon, announced at Tennocon... (I seem to recall it being less than 2weeks... I have friends who haven't played within that period, and I know one didn't spend all his cred, so no way for them to even see the warning period.) It's not on the warframe.com news feed area, not even in the Tennocon recap (without watching the video).
  14. It's been made clear in the game, at least to me, that the Tenno are good guys. The Tenno have a history that we're still learning about their origins, but we do know that they eventually couldn't stand the corruption of the Orokin any longer, and turned on them. (The Orokin were very evil, from all I've seen of them.) After they finish this act of heroism, freeing the Sol system from the oppressive thumbs (the massive ones on their right arms), the Tenno appear to have gone into self-imposed exile, entering Cryo-stasis - becoming something like Ronin (I use this in reference to a samurai without a shogun as the Orokin would have been the shoguns) - they don't take over in place of the Orokin. It is implied, if not directly stated - bad memory on my part: because the Grineer were finding and destroying Warframes that still had Tenno connected via transference, and could do harm to the Tenno themselves through this, the Lotus begins searching for Tenno to rescue them and recruit them into her network of operatives who were acting to maintain a balance between the warring factions so neither of them would gain dominance and attain total control of the Sol system. As long as the Grineer and Corpus are fighting each other, they're not able to direct their entire forces at the remaining civilian populations. Tenno activities, directed by the Lotus, were said to have the goal of maintaining this balance (I'd bring in the quotes here if I could remember the sources) and not to entirely destroy either warring faction, simply acting in the shadows in key locations to prevent dominance of either. At first, the Tenno start out taking missions from the Lotus (sorta like Ninja contracts, if we're going with the "ninja's play free" theme, and can make a Naruto-style connection), because she saved our lives (waking us in time for us to escape from Vor), and has shown us the horrors that the different warring factions are inflicting upon the innocent citizens of the Sol system. As the story progresses, we begin to just help where there is a need, such as responding to distress calls from various civilian populations. We don't get to see enough of these civilian populations in Warframe, IMO... and it would help to see all the good we're doing in who we're protecting, outside of the 3 open world hub cities, and the Myconians. The ONLY enemy units I question the morality of killing, are the human corpus crews, since they're mainly brainwashed, apparently... (I could have sworn there was lore, that they were purpose-bred and essentially programmed meat machines - clones like the Grineer, but not suffering from clone rot.) as far as we've seen of Veso, which breaks what I knew of the existing lore. However, if an enemy is shooting at me, they're hostile in my book, and the enemy factions are always acting in some manner that is aggressive, and the Tenno are acting in defense of either those who cannot defend themselves (the reason we take on the mission contract for them), or even self-defense. You can RP being some evil murdering killbot mercenary devil child all you like, but I'm RPing a hero, and the story is aligning with my view, so I'll stand by it.
  15. I think the more advanced features of the Lich fights are still yet to come with the Squad Link feature... which is what the Endor scene thing was about, taking down the shield generator on the planet weakened the Lich in the demo. So, so far, they've added the Liches (Part 1) being on the Railjacks (part 2). Weakening Liches through Squad Link objectives (Part 3) is future. (if they decide to keep that feature, given the glitchy nature of Squad Link, and the fact that they had to release "quasi-squad-link" in Scarlet Spear - it didn't directly link one ground and one space team, but all the collective ground and space teams into 2 groups helping each other. It's a start.
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