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Prime Vault: Hotfix 25.7.4 +


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On 2019-09-05 at 11:02 PM, [DE]Megan said:


Universal Syndicate Medallion Change:

 After some internal discussion and player feedback, we decided against allowing the Universal Medallion to apply to Conclave. It didn’t feel right to add a PvE path for a PvP gamemode, especially towards those you have actively played Conclave to get their Standing. Apologies for the chain yank!


I mean for god sake who has the time to grind  in this crappy mode . 95% OF US all doesnt play or bother playing this mode because its legit boring and out of context.This mode been for almost since the game started and nothing ever changed in it , it was the same and it will staythe same. and speaking of active conclave players, what is the percent ?  5% out of 95% of people who play the game lol . Such a disappointing thing to see actually and I am certainly sure  nothing will change in this mode and it will stay empty and no one would bother to play it  or even bother to grind until you guys do something about it or even remove the whole mode itself and move the rewards syndicate and I bet  conclave sweaties surely are busting out of happiness now that you guys agreed with them . 

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10 hours ago, DivadLegor said:

Neato burrito. I noticed something that got borked, though: Executioner Harkonar's Codex page. unknown.png

Another thing: Would it be possible to set something up that allows players to preview Operator hoods both open and closed? Because that'd be pretty great.

What you can see in the description (Lotus/Language/...) also happened when dismantling fish in Fortuna and the result window pops up.

Many textures are still low-res, with my most prominent example being the big stranded shark in PoE south-west of Cetus at the coast (not Mer-Sah bay).
It is near the last H of "hf and don't leech" from the wiki map: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/b/ba/Remastered_PlainsMap.png/revision/latest?cb=20190405084050

The game in general still looks too dark and too bright at the same time. Haven't touched my settings for months and since this update I can't seem to get it right no matter what. Back when the new weaponFX and particles came, it was annoying too, but could be remedied with reducing effects intensity. But this currently is not pleasant for the eyes. At least to mine. So I reduced my playtime to a bare minimum and hope this get's a proper fix. Opinions may vary, but maybe more folks with migraines feel the same. And I fully agree with @Cryssoberyl . Happy you posted a comparison!
Many objects still look flat and without depth to them. Inaros' Vessel would be one example of the many. Is this a shaders thing? Heck, even standing in my quartes and looking towards the window makes me notice just how flat n plastic everything has become.

While some objects still got the matte finish (Liset, Ayatans and other stuff), my Loki Prime suddenly has overly glossy metal parts/ornaments. They are so prominent now, they almost seem detached n floaty, when compared to his body's textures.
In short: Graphically there is still A LOT messed up.

Sidenote: The Emmissary suit for our operator's is the most rad thing I've ever seen. When I put it on, I noticed one thing though... As soon as you wear the chest piece, the transition from your neck to the shoulders into your arms, will look like a ball-joint from a doll. And it looks rather--- detached? Halfway plugged in?


If it wouldn't be such a pain to upload my screens to the net first, then generate a link to post here and keep the pics small to not clutter the thread, I would provide a more visual approach... Advice welcome, Tenno.

Edit: I still want an Old Combat Mode / Melee / Manual-Block toggle and a disable for the auto-switch to my primary in many already mentioned situations -.- Man, at the start of the year I had nothing to complain about or making me want to bite into my desk on a daily basis. Sweet nostalgia

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On 2019-09-05 at 9:02 PM, [DE]Megan said:

i would like to  know if it only happens to me that my game deinstalls from itself.

I had already to install 7 times my game in under 2 weeks, I dont know if this is a bug I already contacted the Support but didnt got any answer and im getting really tilted.


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On 2019-09-05 at 3:02 PM, [DE]Megan said:

Please keep in mind that even though rendering is more accurate/consistent now, some legacy materials could suffer. Let us know if you spot something funky! 

The metal bits (Tertiary and Accents) of the Cycuta Prime Syandana still look a bit dull. I hope it gets fixed soon, because when I try to use it on my Warframe but the dull gold paired next to the "newer" gold on the frame looks strange and out of place. I'm using Nyx Prime by the way, if you need a visual example.

Column 5, Row 12 of Classic is the gold I use. Start both numbers at the top. (The darkest red)

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On 2019-09-05 at 8:55 PM, DeathshotSE said:

There will obviously be several players that will whine about not being able to use it for Conclave.

Then don't call it universal. Also don't be inflamatory by catagorizing literally the majority of the playerbase as 'whiney and entitled.'

Also You're also insulting other conclave players and founders.



See, even some of the other founders and vets think this is stupid.

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On 2019-09-05 at 3:05 PM, Gabbynaru said:

Oh come on, no one plays and no one wants to play Conclave, let people get those rewards without having to go through that terrible game mode that shouldn't even be in the game to begin with.

This.  It's not like players haven't cheated to get standing anyway.  Have any of you actually tried getting that much conclave standing legit?  It's a nightmare especially if you use s controller.  Oh but suddenly DE gives a crap about Conclave.  As for "Player feedback"?  Go right to hell Conclave players.  I hope they remove your garbage mode like you deserve.  All 3 of you.

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On 2019-09-06 at 6:12 AM, TheCrazedEB said:

Why is getting Atmos Systems the hardest thing to get in this game? 

Im trying to get Baruuk but Atmos Systems drops are like non existent still??? 

Every player that has Baruuk told me they just brought him through Plat, DE can we get fix on this? 

I farmed Baruuk if that gives you hope, 🙂

Sounds like you're having a bad run on Atmos Systems, do runs of the second mission of Profit Taker if you are able, I got quite a few from that mission after a few runs they start dropping.

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are pistol firing animations and mag's bubble ever gonna be fixed? they've been broken for a while now.

a lot of pistols like the lex prime and lato don't have firing animations (broken since fortuna IIRC) and mag's bubble doesn't get dual tone energy (broken since emissives/energy colors being put in separate categories)

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