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Request: Infested Railjack Skins?


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4 hours ago, Revenant0713 said:

I named my Railjack the Azathoth, and I'd love to make it look like something like an actual formless space monster.

man that'd be cool to see

I named mine and colored it like the magic school bus.


its a possibility, iirc orbiters are in tennogen, but its probably a long way off with how busted, bug riddled and shallow rail jack is currently; If I were DE I'd be fixing and filling rail jack up content wise before worrying about skins.

DE could also hold off all together on tennogen skins and use their own, like if they ever get around to doing infested rail jack stuff.

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This is much less likely to become a TennoGen thing than other cosmetics. There is a complicated mix of tiling textures, trim sheets and probably the use of secondary Uvs for Curvature and Ambient Occlusion maps. So you're looking at a lot more texture memory that creates a bigger footprint and needs to be streamed (longer loads) than something like a Warframe or weapon skin that has 1 or 2 texture sets.

I have no doubt that DE would love to do it but I wouldn't expect it anytime soon.

Also, great ship names!

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