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Is the Zekti Photor MkIII a lie?



I got a Zekti Photor MkIII that implies that it has "0 heat accretion". This would mean that it can be fired continuously with no heat build up.

Is this true? I know the UI is extremely buggy right now. I hate the heat accretion of the Zekti series but this photor has my attention. I don't want to invest into repairing it if it ends up being false.

Thank you.

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1 hour ago, SHArK-FiN said:

what are the correct heat accer for all 3 brands?

Google "warframe railjack armament".

And yeah Zekti Photors do have heat up, they even heat up fastest among 3 houses which gives us pretty bad DPS. 

I always spam shots from these RJ guns a lot, even with Cryophon, so I always stay away from Zekti guns.

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